37 Clicks Scam Review: The Scam of All Scams?

37 Clicks Scam Review: The Scam of All Scams?

Affiliate marketing took over the internet when social media influencers proved to be worth the buck. Almost everyone wants in into this so-called “easy money-making scheme.” Most of the time, you have to use an external source to set up the affiliate links. But the problem is, there can also be a lot of scam sites out there. You might just find out the scam of all scams in this 37 Clicks Scam Review.

Before we delve deeper into the world of scam sites, let us first discuss the fuss about affiliate marketing. It is actually very simple. You get a link, and once a person uses your link to buy something, you get a portion from that sale. Easy, right? The catch is having people to click that link.

The truth of the matter is, only successful influencers maximize profits from affiliate links. For those who do not really have a huge following, they treat it as a passive income and instead of being approached by big and legitimate companies in order to have an affiliate link, they turn to sites like 37 Clicks. This is where the danger resides.

In this 37 Clicks Scam Review, we will talk about how it generally works, and if it does work, we will also discuss the people that will benefit from it. Lastly, and probably the most important of all, we will determine if it is really a scam.

What Is 37 Clicks and How Does It Work?

37 Clicks advertises their service in such a way that you get money with the links provided by them. However, this is far from the truth. What you would actually be doing is signing up in their site along with a fee. Afterward, they will recommend products after products to you, which are obviously upsold already.

You have to buy these products first before you get a link. If you look at it, this process is actually normal. For bloggers out there, they still have to buy products before recommending it to others. So, in a sense, purchasing products from 37 Clicks before getting the affiliate link sounds legitimate, right?

Actually, no. The truth is you are lucky if you ever receive the product. There are some people who have received theirs, but the number of people who complained about being duped into buying a non-existent product is definitely a lot.

What About the Affiliate Link?

A lot of people fall prey to this scheme due to their advertisement of earning money with just posting links. This is far from the truth. In fact, if ever a link is to be provided to you, that link will not be working. The worst case scenario is that link is just a landing page to a connecting site of 37 Clicks.

What Is the Price of the Membership?

The 37 Clicks Site rely heavily on membership. In fact, when you open their site, the first thing that you will see is a sign-up page, and you will be asked for your email address.

After giving them your email address, you are then taken to the next page where you will be asked for your credit card information. After completing this step, only then you can see what they can offer you. Do you see the problem here? It is as if you are blindly signing a contract in which you do not know what the contents are.

By the time you get to their main landing page, you have been already charged either $37 or $85. Note that we used the word “or.” This is the case because they do not indicate the default membership fee. Scary stuff, right? You never know how much they are charging your credit card.

Who Is it for?

The 37 Clicks Site is for people who have way too much money, and are bored beyond their wits that they just want to give money away. Sarcasm aside, we really cannot say that this site will benefit people. You sign-in, and you are automatically charged for nothing.

Then, you will be given a lot of recommendations for upsold products that might just have an upselling price that is for 100%. Whether you buy the products or not, the site might just be charging you money. The scary truth is that you can never know.

Aside from that, in the event that you do buy something and receive the product, the affiliate link that they will give you may or may not work. So, why take the chance? There is absolutely no way that you can earn legitimate money from this. In fact, you are even losing money.

37 Clicks Scam Review: The Good and the Bad

The Good

  • There is no good that will come out of this.

The Bad

  • It is the scam of all scams

You go into this site expecting to earn money, but you lose money in return. Other than that, they advertise it as such, but upon closer inspection of the fine print, they are also contradicting their claims.

  • No refunds

This is in connection with this site being a scam. Once you sign-in and they get your money, you are on your own. You will never see your sign-in money ever again.

  • Spam

Not only will they scam you, but they will also spam you. You might as well change your email address because they will keep on sending you spam emails. Even if you move them to your spam folder, their sister sites (which are a lot, by the way) will keep on sending you emails.

  • Credit Card Theft

You are one of the lucky ones if they only charge you upon sign-in. Most of the time, though, they will charge $10 or $20 increments to your account without notifying you. The reason? They just want to.

  • Possible fraud

Since they know almost all of your basic information, they will use those to create more advertisements about your success story. When in fact, they are just using your information to make their advertisements look and sound credible.


As we put this review to rest, do take note never to fall prey to the schemes of this site. Truly, it is the scam of all scams, and you are way better off not signing up to this site. Why? It is because they do not only rely on their mother site to scam people. They have a lot of sister sites that might look legitimate but will eventually lead you to the main site.

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