Abeona Coin Pre Sales Scam: A Closer Look

Abeona Coin Pre Sales Scam: A Closer Look

When it comes to making money online, most of us are well aware of how many different ways you can find one online. But let’s face it: only a handful of them can seriously help make you money. So, it’s time to put on our detective hats again and find everything about Abeona Coin Pre Sales Scam to see whether there is some possibility of making money out of it or none at all.

Abeona Coin Pre Sales: An Overview

Abeona is a cryptocurrency, which is Adiona blockchain platform’s settlement unit. This platform includes a decentralized system for buying tickets and booking hotels, and claims to help business owners make more revenue and for customers to have lesser expenses than usual.

This is an ERC20 token which gets released on the Ethereum platform. The company claims that at present, there are about two billion tokens issued and distributed, and after any token sale event, the unallocated token or the remaining unsold token get removed from the system, and no more are generated.

This provides the Abeona Coin a “simple and stable” platform to work on, and the money collected gets evenly distributed across the system to maintain it. To be specific, 38%, which is the most significant part of it, gets allocated to the engineering and design, while 31% goes towards equipment and service so that the system stays sound and perfect.

On the other hand, 22% of it is taken up by platform integration to provide adequate support to ensure that everything on this platform works appropriately and smoothly. The remaining nine percent then gets used up for development and expansion which oversees the efforts to improve and expand this service and offers.

Different Platforms of Abeona

The different platforms that Abeona Coin offer its customers are:

  • Trading
  • Everyday payments
  • Booking
  • P2P platform
  • Travel
  • Applications for desktop and mobile users

According to the company, their decentralized exchange system offers enhanced security and flexibility which makes them a secure kind of cryptocurrency. Even though it can be used for the several other things we mentioned, it works best when it is used for travel.

The company claims that the cryptocurrency platform provides versatility and security when users visit other countries. So, even insufficient funds and/or a lost wallet will not stop anyone from purchasing things.

The Pre Sale

50% of the Abeona Coin is distributed during the ICO. This is a part of the cryptocurrency’s original intention. The remaining 50% gets divided into the following:

  • Remuneration for team members: 12%
  • Continued development and maintenance: 35%
  • Bonus rewards: 3%

The percentage used for the maintenance and the continued development gets frozen until the coins have stabilized and can obtain a value of a dollar or higher inside a six-month time frame. To keep this system in order, the coins that are reserved will get used.

However, those will not get sold on the stock market. These can be purchased outside of the exchange transactions by the individual investors. The pre-sale stage also offers more benefits for users looking to take advantage of the cryptocurrency.

Abeona Coin Pre Sales Scam: A Detailed Explanation

We’re sure by now even you aren’t convinced with this website and its promise. We can assure you that this site is nothing more than a big scam. Let’s break down in detail why this is such a scam and how you should run miles away from it.

Fake Images

One of the biggest warning signs of this site is the ICO team. When you head on to their website, you will notice that there are five people in the core team. Out of these five, only the CEO has relevant social media accounts.

What makes it worse is that their Communications and Content Creator Consult’s, a.k.a. Alice Bassi’s, picture was changed to the point that Alice Bassi is a whole different woman now! This most likely happened because the previous “Alice Bassi’s” picture was taken from Google Image search and was easy to spot on another site. With the current picture they are using, they have removed the background to make it harder for people to know whether it is authentic or not. Reality: It is not.

False Description

To take this scam up a notch, they did fake another core member. When you read the description for Pierre Martin, who is their blockchain engineer, it states that this man has filed a patent with the USPTO for the ICO’s encryption technology.

However, when checked with the USPTO whether Pierre Martin ever created any such patent, we didn’t find anything. What we found were patents that were related to magnets, drilling, and rods.

Fake Social Media Accounts

To make matters worse, when you do try to find the social media accounts for these “core members”, you will notice that all of these accounts were opened about the same time, which is from September to November of 2017. All of the content ever posted on their accounts were only related to cryptocurrency and everything about the site, and absolutely nothing else. This evidently is quite suspicious.

Fake Countdown

Another warning sign is the countdown clock. Despite the fact that public sale was going to start a while back, the countdown clock will still show that the time is up, but the status above the clock still shows that the site is in the pre-sale period.


  • None


  • Everything about this site is fake: Starting right from the members who have apparently created this site. The creator has stolen people’s pictures and created a whole fake team with a fake social media presence. Whether this site even works or not, it is safe to say that nothing about it is genuine and it is best to invest your money in a safer place.


Yes, Abeona Coin Pre Sales Scam is definitely one and is something you should steer clear from. The whole site is based on a lie, so whether or not this site even works is not a question you need to have answered. Our advice: stay away from it and warn others to do the same too.

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