Aircraft Travel Scam: A Detailed Review

Aircraft Travel Scam: A Detailed Review

There is never a shortage of online money-making scams out there, and with cryptocurrency being more popular than ever, this is a perfect chance for crooks to use this platform to fleece people. One of the most common cryptocurrency-based scams is the aircraft travel scam.

These kinds of sites claim that people can use their cryptocurrency to conveniently book flight tickets, make hotel reservations, and find good deals, and then pay using Bitcoins. How convenient this is, right? However, does paying with Bitcoin even work or is it all just an elaborate scam?

To find answers to those questions, it only makes sense to do an in-depth review of a cryptocurrency-based aircraft travel website. What better than the Aircraft Travel Company itself! We will talk about what it is, its features, and whether this is a scam or not.

What Is Aircraft Travel?

The Aircraft Company is composed of a group of specialists and companies in the tourism industry. One of the company’s goal is to unite professionals all over the globe so that the tourism industry can fully utilize all of their expertise combined with the powerful technology called Blockchain. According to them, their platform allows users to pay not only with cryptocurrencies but also with over 30 different kinds of currencies.

Aircraft claims that they want to resolve several issues that you would normally find in the tourism industry. Their project is created by also making sure they resolve issues in the financial sector. These issues include overbooking, fraud, reservation errors, chargebacks, and providers who offer subpar services.

The Aircraft team believes that if they create a connected system for storing, gathering, and updating the varied information all over, it will help in avoiding such issues altogether. That is for clients and the network partners. They want to ensure that every single transaction for anything will remain fair without any discrepancies for the clients.

Aircraft Travel’s Mission

The Aircraft system’s primary mission is to make cryptocurrency more of a viable option for payment in the tourism industry. Like every other cryptocurrency site that claims that the Blockchain platform is the future, this site too wants to use this platform and change the face of tourism payments from traditional funds to cryptocurrencies. They want to be known amongst the first few companies that began this transition which they believe is a more relaxed and convenient form of payment and simultaneously bust all speculations about this type of currency.

Who Is Aircraft Travel For?

According to the company, this is for those folks looking for a more convenient method of buying flight tickets, booking entertainment spots, booking hotel rooms, and so on with the ability to pay all of them with the help of cryptocurrency. Let’s list what this website claims are some of its top features.

  1. Convenience

According to the website, their main motive is to make bookings quick and simple with the help of cryptocurrency. They want to cut down on those long and tiresome traditional payments and simply have a one-click checkout option for such services.

Furthermore, they believe that with this, they can offer customers a more secure money settlement which also guarantees successful operations. They also wish to offer a cash-back program upon every booking. This is similar to airlines miles, and people can use these to avail discounts on their reservations.

  1. Mobile Application

The company takes great pride in the fact that they have an Aircraft mobile app. On this, you will be able to avail services such as searching and buying flight tickets, booking hotel rooms or cars for rent, finding recommendations, reading and writing reviews, as well as depositing, using, and withdrawing funds in your personal wallet and having customers utilize their cash-back programs.

  1. Multiple Payment Methods

Along with Bitcoin, Aircraft Travels also offers other payment methods such as ZCash, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, DASH, Bitcoin Gold, Neo, Litecoin, and Stellar Lumens. The users will be allowed to purchase these with the help of their bank cards such as MasterCard or Visa.

  1. Referral Campaigns

To further boost their website, they offer their customers two types of rewards. For one, users will get a 10% bonus from the token their own referrals bought and second, a five percent bonus from the funds of their own referrals.

Aircraft Travel Scam: What Seems to be the Problem?

All of those sound great on paper and would do quite well even if cryptocurrency isn’t prohibited where you live, but there are some massive red flags with Aircraft Travel. Let’s shed some light on them.

  1. The Discussions

Upon having a conversation with the members on Telegram, we weren’t given any satisfactory answers to our questions. They constantly beat around the bush and were quite vague with their answers. They also go down to the level of saying that since they are fairly new, there could be a possibility of errors happening.

  1. Fake Members

Upon doing some research on these member’s profiles, we found that they were all fake. Starting from the pictures they use, which are images of random people you would find on Stock images or stolen from real model’s social media pages. This is just another identity theft.

  1. Fake Social Media Presence

These “members” have stretched their lie to the point that they have created fake social media accounts, all at the same time. These social media accounts are evidentially fake and only talk about Aircraft Travel and nothing else.


This is not the worst business model, especially since it allows different types of alternative currencies. Similarly, it comes with a mobile application.


While the whole business model isn’t the worst and could have great potential, all of this comes crashing down due to the simple fact that the members of this company are faking their images and their social media presence. Also, upon having a basic conversation with them, none of them seem confident about their own business model. This leads us to believe that the possibility of this being another scam on the internet is exceptionally high.


If you ask, “Is Aircraft Travel scam?“, the answer is, ‘Yes, it is definitely one that you should stay away from.” In theory, their business model and how they work would actually work out quite well in places where cryptocurrency isn’t illegal. However, faking the member’s images along with the social media presence is a giant red flag. It only goes to say that they can randomly shut shop at any point and dupe several folks of their money, so we advise you not even to give this one a try.

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