AIZeus-Beyond Blockchain Network: An Innovative Second Job

AIZeus-Beyond Blockchain Network: An Innovative Second Job

Lately, cryptocurrency made a ton of headlines which automatically turned several heads to acquiring Bitcoin, but there is also some sort of reservations when it comes to this sort of currency. That does not mean that there is ever a shortage of cryptocurrency-based websites, and the AIZeus-Beyond Blockchain Network is amongst several of them.

For people who are aware of cryptocurrency or frequent sites like these, the blockchain technology is something that has become quite popular lately too. The questions are, “How well does this technology fare for this website?” and “Is this website legitimate or is it yet another scam that we need to be wary of?”

We decided to go to the crux of the matter and find that out. Along with that, we will also talk about what exactly the said network is and how it works.

Blockchain Technology: An Overview

The term blockchain has been thrown around a lot lately, and it is considered to be an emerging technology that can disrupt almost every industry. The blockchain technology has an improved speed as well as transparency when compared to the other technologies, and this comparison is proven with the impact this new technology has already in the financial sector.  This is also one of the biggest reasons why you may have noticed several of the world’s top financial institutions are heavily hiring computer scientists as compared to the traditional analysts and investment analysts.

At present, blockchain remains the main technology for cryptocurrency websites. It is constantly disrupting every industry and researchers are further forecasting that this will take charge of the whole financial system.

AIZeus-Beyond Blockchain Network: What Is It

Zeus by AIzeus is a decentralized platform which performs data sharing through blockchain and AI integration. This platform aims to solve the inefficiencies by providing users with a system that helps in sharing data.

It further prevents the possibility of a dispute through the smart contract technology. This also helps in creating a healthy and transparent investment and an environment that is based on artificial intelligence smart contracts.

The Zeus technology also offers data control, and there are countless benefits enjoyed in a decentralized system holding a vast amount of data in comparison to a centralized system. To top it off, natural disasters do not affect the Zeus platform in any manner as the data are not stored in a single location.

This is a fairly new public blockchain that is built to satisfy the needs of applications with thousands to millions of users. The Zeus blockchain is designed, keeping in mind the mass market B2C and P2P applications, which need a wealth of consumer end features. As such, the AIzeus has been created to be a complete and one-stop solution for all mass-market consumer applications.

Who Is This For?

To give you a straightforward answer, the network is for people who are truly interested in cryptocurrency and have adequate knowledge about it. So, let us list you some of its top features.

  • Accuracy: The Zeus platform helps keep accurate records which include the execution and the authentication of the AI. This helps in assessing the information and also making essential decisions by understanding the data pattern’s nature, which further helps in facilitating autonomous interactions.
  • Control over the use of models and data: As mentioned earlier, a great benefit from the Zeus platform is the ability to control data. To give you an example of how beneficial this would be, imagine a scenario wherein you log in into your social media and have to relinquish all the right to the content you have uploaded onto that platform.
  • Trust: For the promotion of machine-to-machine communication, there needs to be a level of trust that needs to be reached. In addition, to execute all major operations on this platform. Trust is also necessary which is what the AIzeus claims to provide.
  • Security: The machine’s autonomous nature requires a level of security that is very high so that it can prevent any fatal occurrence.
  • Low cost: With an increase in block size, you will be left with a huge space to do more transactions, and the network charges a fee of $0.001 and $0.005 along with a $0.01 P2P transaction fee.


  • An excellent platform which efficiently helps in providing a stable system for the sharing data.
  • The platform and technology allow maximum control over the execution and authentication of data.
  • The AIzeus’ P2P platform allows data to be easily accessible to everyone on the network, which in turn enables the era of free data to be welcomed.
  • Having a ton of data stored in a decentralized system over a centralized system offers a ton of benefits
  • Amidst crisis or natural calamities, the data does not get affected as it is not stored in a single location.
  • There is excellent transparency of the investment which leads to a healthy environment.


  • Blockchain technology is fairly new which makes it a bit complex. While it may have made cryptocurrency more mainstream, the technology could potentially be a chock-full of jargon for certain individuals.
  • It is a fairly new site, and blockchains require a vast network of users to fully reap its benefits, which it still hasn’t reached.


To sum it all up, the AIZeus-Beyond Blockchain Network is a system you can potentially earn some extra bucks from, provided you have a decent understanding of what cryptocurrency is. This decentralized platform will perform data sharing through the blockchain and AI integration.

The whole aim of the platform is to solve the inefficiency by providing its user a system that aids in the sharing of the data. It also prevents any possibility of any dispute through their smart contract technology.

What we liked a lot about the AIzeus Network is that there is clear transparency with all the investments. The blockchain network works quite well which is needed, and that is what the site’s P2P platform will offer.

Lastly, we liked the data control on this platform too because there is a ton of it stored on the decentralized system. This offer numerous benefits, but the icing on the cake is no natural disaster affect the data.

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