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Change Now Cryptocurrency Exchange Scam: Whats the Truth?

Welcome to Change Now Review and today I'm going to reveal the truth for Change Now. What is Change Now about? Is Change Now a SCAM? We are going to find out soon. 

You need to deal with the Cryptocurrency exchanges with caution, as there are genuine as well as scam exchanges out there.

This is natural whenever something gets instant popularity especially online since many scammers also want to take advantage of the rising interest of people as well as lack of knowledge.

That said, we will try to answer a similar question about Cryptocurrency exchange, and that is "Is Change Now Cryptocurrency Exchange a scam?"

Change Now, which was founded as, serves as a Cryptocurrency exchange with some unique features.

So what makes it unique? Well, it allows you to exchange the Cryptocurrencies in unlimited amount while keeping your identity anonymous, as you don't have to provide any personal information for verification purposes.

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Blockkonnect Scam: A Detailed Review

What is Blockkonnect about? Is Blockkonnect a SCAM? I am going to reveal them in this post and sit tight. 

As the name reflects, Blockkonnect is an attempt to use blockchain technology to connect people interested in Cryptocurrency and blockchain using a social network platform.

It is a blockchain technology that promises to provide users with extensive features and an opportunity to connect and share knowledge and earn money at the same time.

However, some people wonder if there is a reality in Blockkonnect scam claims.

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ATK Coin Scam or Not?

ATK Coin Scam or Not?

In the growing world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, new currencies and ideas are coming out every season. However, many are just money-grabbing schemes that do not have any truth to them except for a fancy website and a futuristic idea. ATK Coin is a cryptocurrency in the making, but before you get your hands on it, it is essential to answer the question “Is ATK Coin scam or not?” in detail.

As the website shows, ATK is in its ICO phase. The idea behind this so-called cryptocurrency is to provide a marketplace for sellers and buyers where the de facto currency for the transaction would be the cryptocurrency ATK coins. Obviously, right now, they need funding to realize this project.

What Is ATK Coin and How Does It Work?

ATK Coin is supposed to be a marketplace that is different from traditional online markets. The difference is that it uses a decentralized payment system as it is based on the blockchain. The ATK blockchain would allow clean and transparent dealings, and users will be able to create shops and sell stuff, while buyers will use cryptocurrency to buy this stuff.

There will be a reward point system as well that will add points to your account every time you buy or sell something. These points will be in the form of ATK coins which can later be used for shopping on the same marketplace.

Sellers will also be able to advertise their products, and this is how most revenue will be generated for ATK. This revenue will also determine the base value of ATK Coin Token.

In order to start, you will be required to sign up and create an account. You will be able to use the Trust Wallet App to send or receive ATK Coin Tokens. The initial price of ATK coin is 0.0001 BTC, and according to their website, there were over 310,000 ICO participants.

This is all the information on the website which may look promising but does not confirm if it is a legit cryptocurrency platform where your investment will not go to waste.

Who Is ATK Coin For?

ATK Coin like most cryptocurrencies is for those who have the know-how of how blockchain and cryptocurrencies work. It is designed for people who may want to start acquiring cryptocurrency by selling stuff. The idea is of a marketplace that uses digital currency and blockchain to record transactions.

ATK Coins will be entered in popular exchanges as well as the whitepaper states that 5% of the ICO will be kept for this purpose. Perhaps those who want to get in on trading cryptocurrencies can also start accumulating these ATK coins.

Are There Other Tools or Training?

There are no tools as such or training required, and in order to begin, all you need to sign up. Nevertheless, if you want technical information, you can take a look at the whitepaper of ATK Coin. There is also a presentation about the concept on the website.

What about Support?

For supporting access to ATK coins and buying more, the ATK Coin plans to launch an app, which is still in the development phase, that brings everything together. It will give you mobile access to the marketplace anywhere at any time. It will also act as a bank where you will be able to convert the ATK Coin into any other currency or gold.

Your dashboard will also be available on the app, and everything can be managed from there. Thus, you can sell stuff directly from your phone and handle your wallet as well.

The Good and the Bad

To help answer the question “Is ATK Coin scam or not?” let’s review what makes this cryptocurrency good or bad. This is what we have inferred:

The Good

  • Promising idea: If you just take into account its whitepaper, this system could actually work out great since it is a marketplace where the currency is digital and transactions are encrypted to provide maximum security.
  • Mobile access: The app will allow users to access their accounts on the go and exchange their ATK coins into other currencies.
  • Low ICO price: The starting price for the ATK Tokens in ICO is pretty low which makes investment very cheap. As a start, you can invest a minimal amount of money.

The Bad

  • High chances of scam: There are very high chances that this is a scam as there is no authentic information available elsewhere on the internet, so you cannot be sure that the money you are investing will ever come back.
  • Unknown people: The faces and names behind the project are unknown. There are no profiles on LinkedIn or any other social media platform, which makes it even more suspicious as to whether we can trust it or not.
  • Lack of technical details: There are not many details about how the system would make all that it promises possible. It looks good as an idea but what about the implications? It seems far from possible at this point.
  • Lack of address: There is no address detail about the project which is actually common for such websites. Nevertheless, it makes it even more unsafe. You do not know who to contact for more information.
  • No tutorials: Unfortunately, tutorials are not available on the website to help users understand how to go about it. A novice person who does not know anything about cryptocurrency will have a tough time.

ATK Coin Scam or Legit: The Conclusion

From the website and further research, it seems like ATK Coin is just another scam in the cryptocurrency world, at least from the look of it, so it would be a high risk to invest in this opportunity. The address on the website is non-existent, and the profiles of the people behind the project seem fake. Even though it sounds like a very good opportunity, it is difficult to establish its authenticity.

Whenever you are buying cryptocurrency or anything for that matter on the internet, you should investigate it thoroughly. In the case of ATK Coin, just a simple search on Google revealed that this project is absolutely unknown. There are no discussions about it on popular forums as well.

Alfa Coin Scam: The Truth Revealed!

Alfa Coin Scam: The Truth Revealed!

This is the era of cryptocurrencies wherein the world finance systems slowly and somewhat reluctantly moves towards digital currencies. New digital currencies are coming out every year and not every cryptocurrency is good for investment since many are often scams. Hence, we will explore one of the new offerings this year, which is Alfa Coin, to find out what it is and more importantly, answer the question “Is Alfa Coin scam or not?”

What Is Alfa Coin and How Does It Work?

Alfa Coin, Bank of Trust is a cryptocurrency started by Group of Alfa Companies. The idea of Bank Alfa is to provide the solution for future payment systems. It will be like a regular bank but with digital currency as well as traditional currency.

The ICO of Alfa Coin started on May 19, 2018, and was carried out in three phases over the summer. It is a cryptocurrency blockchain bank designed to provide problem-less payments in the near future. This system also relies on crowdfunding, and the hard cap of Alfa is 5,000,000 USD.

The coins will be released on Ethereum platform, and it will be compatible with third-party systems and wallets. The rate of Alfa during ICO will be $0.05, and the accepted currencies for investing in Alfa are BTC, ETH, and LTC. The total number of coins for sale is 100,000,000 while the minimum transaction cap is 1000 Alfa. The coins will be available for withdrawal on most exchange platforms right after the ICO.

There are several lucrative bonuses offers as well during each ICO phase starting at 50% bonus on investment of $200 or less. The bonus for referral at the first level is 50%, and the launch rate is estimated to be $1.

By the end of 2018, they project that FASTPAY app will be launched, and the infrastructure of the app will be finalized soon. Following the idea of encryption and security, the app will use fingerprints to protect data and transactions.

The Alfa Coin System is supposed to turn into a banking system within one to two years of ICO. The idea as illustrated in the Alfa Coin whitepaper is to establish a banking system that removes the barriers to payments and transactions as currently faced by digital currencies. It will be integrated with the SWIFT system in early 2019, and for Alfa token holders, full services will be in effect by the end of 2019.

Who Is Alfa Coin For?

Alfa Coin is for anyone who is familiar with cryptocurrencies and already owns some of the popular ones like Bitcoin or Ethers. These are the digital currencies that can be used to purchase tokens in the initial phase of this new digital currency. The minimum investment is 1000 Alfa which at the initial rate of $0.05 comes at $50, which is not a very big investment.

Nevertheless, like most new cryptocurrencies, investing in such a venture is a high risk. That is why it is ideal to invest small and take it from there. There is not much information about this coin elsewhere on the internet nor is it being discussed on the cryptocurrency forums which raise the question “Is Alfa Coin scam?”

On the surface, it seems like a good opportunity for small investment for those who are tired of traditional banking systems. The idea is promising, but it still is in a very early stage to give any indication of how successful it can be in reality. Hence, at this point, it is safe to say that Alfa Coin is for someone who is willing to take the risk.

Alfa Coin Tools and Training

All the necessary information about Alfa Coin and the Alfa Bank is available on the website. For those who want to purchase and participate in the ICO, there are tutorials on the dashboard. You just need to create an account in order to find the tools and tutorials to understand further how the system works.

The project is quite nascent as it has just completed its ICO phases. As the system develops and the roadmap of the Alfa Coin is completed, more tools will be added. The most significant tool is going to be the FASTPAY app which will work similarly as your bank’s app.

Alfa Coin Support

There is ample information on the FAQ section of the website, but if you are looking for even more support, you can directly contact the team at Alfa Coin, Bank of Trust. There is not much support available elsewhere on the internet as it is not really a popular one as of yet. There is no discussion on the forums about this; neither there is any review from an authentic source. Most support is limited to the website and the contacts available there which is not a good thing.

The Good and the Bad

Everything comes down to what is good and what is bad about the new cryptocurrency.

The Good

  • Small investment
  • Promising idea
  • Uses Ethereum based system

The Bad

  • High risk of scam
  • Project owners are not very popular
  • Long way to go for implementation of the plan
  • High risk of cryptocurrencies failing lately
  • Not available in the USA

Alfa Coin Scam or Legit?

It seems though Alfa Coin, Bank of Trust is yet another cryptocurrency venture that has its pros and cons. If it lives up to the claims, then it can be a very successful digital currency and help transform the banking and payment system. However, only time can tell since right now, only the period of ICO has been completed.

Although they offer a lot of bonus opportunities, this is a risky investment as the chances of it being a scam are high given that there is not much information about it on the internet. If you are not a risk taker, it is not worth spending your Bitcoins, Lite coins, or Ethers on this as it may turn out to be another failed project. Nevertheless, it seems like a good idea to have a digital currency bank that aligns with traditional banking since it will make the transition we are all hoping for rather easy.

AIZeus-Beyond Blockchain Network: An Innovative Second Job

AIZeus-Beyond Blockchain Network: An Innovative Second Job

Lately, cryptocurrency made a ton of headlines which automatically turned several heads to acquiring Bitcoin, but there is also some sort of reservations when it comes to this sort of currency. That does not mean that there is ever a shortage of cryptocurrency-based websites, and the AIZeus-Beyond Blockchain Network is amongst several of them.

For people who are aware of cryptocurrency or frequent sites like these, the blockchain technology is something that has become quite popular lately too. The questions are, “How well does this technology fare for this website?” and “Is this website legitimate or is it yet another scam that we need to be wary of?”

We decided to go to the crux of the matter and find that out. Along with that, we will also talk about what exactly the said network is and how it works.

Blockchain Technology: An Overview

The term blockchain has been thrown around a lot lately, and it is considered to be an emerging technology that can disrupt almost every industry. The blockchain technology has an improved speed as well as transparency when compared to the other technologies, and this comparison is proven with the impact this new technology has already in the financial sector.  This is also one of the biggest reasons why you may have noticed several of the world’s top financial institutions are heavily hiring computer scientists as compared to the traditional analysts and investment analysts.

At present, blockchain remains the main technology for cryptocurrency websites. It is constantly disrupting every industry and researchers are further forecasting that this will take charge of the whole financial system.

AIZeus-Beyond Blockchain Network: What Is It

Zeus by AIzeus is a decentralized platform which performs data sharing through blockchain and AI integration. This platform aims to solve the inefficiencies by providing users with a system that helps in sharing data.

It further prevents the possibility of a dispute through the smart contract technology. This also helps in creating a healthy and transparent investment and an environment that is based on artificial intelligence smart contracts.

The Zeus technology also offers data control, and there are countless benefits enjoyed in a decentralized system holding a vast amount of data in comparison to a centralized system. To top it off, natural disasters do not affect the Zeus platform in any manner as the data are not stored in a single location.

This is a fairly new public blockchain that is built to satisfy the needs of applications with thousands to millions of users. The Zeus blockchain is designed, keeping in mind the mass market B2C and P2P applications, which need a wealth of consumer end features. As such, the AIzeus has been created to be a complete and one-stop solution for all mass-market consumer applications.

Who Is This For?

To give you a straightforward answer, the network is for people who are truly interested in cryptocurrency and have adequate knowledge about it. So, let us list you some of its top features.

  • Accuracy: The Zeus platform helps keep accurate records which include the execution and the authentication of the AI. This helps in assessing the information and also making essential decisions by understanding the data pattern’s nature, which further helps in facilitating autonomous interactions.
  • Control over the use of models and data: As mentioned earlier, a great benefit from the Zeus platform is the ability to control data. To give you an example of how beneficial this would be, imagine a scenario wherein you log in into your social media and have to relinquish all the right to the content you have uploaded onto that platform.
  • Trust: For the promotion of machine-to-machine communication, there needs to be a level of trust that needs to be reached. In addition, to execute all major operations on this platform. Trust is also necessary which is what the AIzeus claims to provide.
  • Security: The machine’s autonomous nature requires a level of security that is very high so that it can prevent any fatal occurrence.
  • Low cost: With an increase in block size, you will be left with a huge space to do more transactions, and the network charges a fee of $0.001 and $0.005 along with a $0.01 P2P transaction fee.


  • An excellent platform which efficiently helps in providing a stable system for the sharing data.
  • The platform and technology allow maximum control over the execution and authentication of data.
  • The AIzeus’ P2P platform allows data to be easily accessible to everyone on the network, which in turn enables the era of free data to be welcomed.
  • Having a ton of data stored in a decentralized system over a centralized system offers a ton of benefits
  • Amidst crisis or natural calamities, the data does not get affected as it is not stored in a single location.
  • There is excellent transparency of the investment which leads to a healthy environment.


  • Blockchain technology is fairly new which makes it a bit complex. While it may have made cryptocurrency more mainstream, the technology could potentially be a chock-full of jargon for certain individuals.
  • It is a fairly new site, and blockchains require a vast network of users to fully reap its benefits, which it still hasn’t reached.


To sum it all up, the AIZeus-Beyond Blockchain Network is a system you can potentially earn some extra bucks from, provided you have a decent understanding of what cryptocurrency is. This decentralized platform will perform data sharing through the blockchain and AI integration.

The whole aim of the platform is to solve the inefficiency by providing its user a system that aids in the sharing of the data. It also prevents any possibility of any dispute through their smart contract technology.

What we liked a lot about the AIzeus Network is that there is clear transparency with all the investments. The blockchain network works quite well which is needed, and that is what the site’s P2P platform will offer.

Lastly, we liked the data control on this platform too because there is a ton of it stored on the decentralized system. This offer numerous benefits, but the icing on the cake is no natural disaster affect the data.

Aircraft Travel Scam: A Detailed Review

Aircraft Travel Scam: A Detailed Review

There is never a shortage of online money-making scams out there, and with cryptocurrency being more popular than ever, this is a perfect chance for crooks to use this platform to fleece people. One of the most common cryptocurrency-based scams is the aircraft travel scam.

These kinds of sites claim that people can use their cryptocurrency to conveniently book flight tickets, make hotel reservations, and find good deals, and then pay using Bitcoins. How convenient this is, right? However, does paying with Bitcoin even work or is it all just an elaborate scam?

To find answers to those questions, it only makes sense to do an in-depth review of a cryptocurrency-based aircraft travel website. What better than the Aircraft Travel Company itself! We will talk about what it is, its features, and whether this is a scam or not.

What Is Aircraft Travel?

The Aircraft Company is composed of a group of specialists and companies in the tourism industry. One of the company’s goal is to unite professionals all over the globe so that the tourism industry can fully utilize all of their expertise combined with the powerful technology called Blockchain. According to them, their platform allows users to pay not only with cryptocurrencies but also with over 30 different kinds of currencies.

Aircraft claims that they want to resolve several issues that you would normally find in the tourism industry. Their project is created by also making sure they resolve issues in the financial sector. These issues include overbooking, fraud, reservation errors, chargebacks, and providers who offer subpar services.

The Aircraft team believes that if they create a connected system for storing, gathering, and updating the varied information all over, it will help in avoiding such issues altogether. That is for clients and the network partners. They want to ensure that every single transaction for anything will remain fair without any discrepancies for the clients.

Aircraft Travel’s Mission

The Aircraft system’s primary mission is to make cryptocurrency more of a viable option for payment in the tourism industry. Like every other cryptocurrency site that claims that the Blockchain platform is the future, this site too wants to use this platform and change the face of tourism payments from traditional funds to cryptocurrencies. They want to be known amongst the first few companies that began this transition which they believe is a more relaxed and convenient form of payment and simultaneously bust all speculations about this type of currency.

Who Is Aircraft Travel For?

According to the company, this is for those folks looking for a more convenient method of buying flight tickets, booking entertainment spots, booking hotel rooms, and so on with the ability to pay all of them with the help of cryptocurrency. Let’s list what this website claims are some of its top features.

  1. Convenience

According to the website, their main motive is to make bookings quick and simple with the help of cryptocurrency. They want to cut down on those long and tiresome traditional payments and simply have a one-click checkout option for such services.

Furthermore, they believe that with this, they can offer customers a more secure money settlement which also guarantees successful operations. They also wish to offer a cash-back program upon every booking. This is similar to airlines miles, and people can use these to avail discounts on their reservations.

  1. Mobile Application

The company takes great pride in the fact that they have an Aircraft mobile app. On this, you will be able to avail services such as searching and buying flight tickets, booking hotel rooms or cars for rent, finding recommendations, reading and writing reviews, as well as depositing, using, and withdrawing funds in your personal wallet and having customers utilize their cash-back programs.

  1. Multiple Payment Methods

Along with Bitcoin, Aircraft Travels also offers other payment methods such as ZCash, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, DASH, Bitcoin Gold, Neo, Litecoin, and Stellar Lumens. The users will be allowed to purchase these with the help of their bank cards such as MasterCard or Visa.

  1. Referral Campaigns

To further boost their website, they offer their customers two types of rewards. For one, users will get a 10% bonus from the token their own referrals bought and second, a five percent bonus from the funds of their own referrals.

Aircraft Travel Scam: What Seems to be the Problem?

All of those sound great on paper and would do quite well even if cryptocurrency isn’t prohibited where you live, but there are some massive red flags with Aircraft Travel. Let’s shed some light on them.

  1. The Discussions

Upon having a conversation with the members on Telegram, we weren’t given any satisfactory answers to our questions. They constantly beat around the bush and were quite vague with their answers. They also go down to the level of saying that since they are fairly new, there could be a possibility of errors happening.

  1. Fake Members

Upon doing some research on these member’s profiles, we found that they were all fake. Starting from the pictures they use, which are images of random people you would find on Stock images or stolen from real model’s social media pages. This is just another identity theft.

  1. Fake Social Media Presence

These “members” have stretched their lie to the point that they have created fake social media accounts, all at the same time. These social media accounts are evidentially fake and only talk about Aircraft Travel and nothing else.


This is not the worst business model, especially since it allows different types of alternative currencies. Similarly, it comes with a mobile application.


While the whole business model isn’t the worst and could have great potential, all of this comes crashing down due to the simple fact that the members of this company are faking their images and their social media presence. Also, upon having a basic conversation with them, none of them seem confident about their own business model. This leads us to believe that the possibility of this being another scam on the internet is exceptionally high.


If you ask, “Is Aircraft Travel scam?“, the answer is, ‘Yes, it is definitely one that you should stay away from.” In theory, their business model and how they work would actually work out quite well in places where cryptocurrency isn’t illegal. However, faking the member’s images along with the social media presence is a giant red flag. It only goes to say that they can randomly shut shop at any point and dupe several folks of their money, so we advise you not even to give this one a try.

Ponzi Scheme: Is AirBit Club a Classic Example?

Ponzi Scheme: Is AirBit Club a Classic Example?

If you are an active visitor of our website, you very well know how much we like to talk about all the different kinds of Ponzi schemes on the internet and how you should avoid them. Today, we found yet another one, which is the AirBit Club.

What Is AirBit Club: A Detailed Look

The AirBit Club is an expansive cryptocurrency related site which is based on an affiliate tier. The interested applicants for this program can turn into affiliates through the BitBackOffice site, and they can enroll by opting for one of the three memberships they offer.

The Business Goal

When you visit their website, you will find that it was founded with a mission in mind, which is to provide the users with a new and fantastic technology that utilizes innovative tools that can help ensure that the trading potential is fully maximized and can help increase the distributions of the Bitcoin to every affiliate. In simple words, the company’s alleged goal of their whole operation is to provide their investors with an opportunity to get more earnings through Bitcoin.

When you dig a bit further into the website, this is evidently a partial business model. The only disclosed income source which is verifiable would be by those who invest their money on this platform in order to get started with it. The site claims that 50% of the Bitcoins is split amongst the club members while the other 50% is used to solidify business relationships with companies that are dedicated to growing the technology to trade cryptocurrency and to increase the power of trading.

While there is some reference to the investment of the funds you do on this site, the consumer feedback reveals the opposite. It goes on to show that when the company is confronted, it refuses to provide any transparent evidence.

The Operational Model

When you choose to sign up for the AirBit Club, it offers affiliates unrewarding investment packages which fail even to have break-even returns, unless the affiliate can successfully draw in new members. As mentioned earlier, there are three membership packages on this site, and their cost varies anywhere between $250 and $1000. It is also important to note that while the site mentions that they accept USD, in reality, it can only accept Bitcoins through their platform.

The three different plans AirBit Club offer include:

  • Executive Plan: This requires a minimum deposit of $250 in BTC with a 200 level supported volume. The duration of membership is two cycles of 75 business days, and there is one renewal fee.
  • Corporate Plan: The minimum deposit required is at $500 in BTC with a 400 level supported volume. The duration of membership is three cycles of 75 business days, and there are two renewal fees.
  • Pro Plan: A minimum deposit of $1000 in BTC with a 900 level supported volume is required for this plan. The duration of membership is four cycles of 75 business days, and there are three renewal fees.

Upon researching the site further for the compensation plan, we found that they offer the affiliates a daily return ranging anywhere between 0.2% and 1.2% of the amount they invested.  Of course, it is simple enough to guess that these daily returns are not even remotely close enough to break even with the first investment. That is why the affiliates are encouraged to find new and different sources of traffic in order to earn a commission.

Upon further digging in about the site, they claim to employ a matrix based commission tier. That’s just fancy talk for yet another pyramid scheme when you break it down. The number of levels supported through the site’s commission tier is dictated by the investment package the affiliate opts for. The executive plan can support about three levels, corporate supports about seven levels and the pro package supports all the 18 levels.

There is also something called the Retirement Plan that the affiliates can opt for through the platform. There is not much information that is disclosed regarding this plan until you opt to invest on this site. All we know is that there is an additional fee between $150 and $300 that the affiliate needs to shell out.

Ponzi Scheme: Why AirBit Club Is One

By now, even you have a laundry list of questions that you can’t find answers to and some obvious red flags. For starters, taking half of the initial investment of every new member and disbursing them to the previously established members is Ponzi Scheme 101.

For the other 50% of the investment from the new members, the company claims to invest it to smooth over connections with several other cryptocurrency companies. However, we are pretty sure that’s not true. There is an obvious lack of transparency with regards to these funds, so it is safe to assume that the website’s creators are keeping all of these deposits for themselves.

While on paper the AirBit Club’s binary matrix compensation plan sounds all great, let’s face it: this is a living and breathing embodiment of nothing more than a classic pyramid scheme. To make matters worse, even if you try to find any relevant information about the operators, creators, or the corporate entity that is responsible for AirBit Club, you are going to find nothing which makes this whole operation entirely anonymous.


  • None


  • No money-back guarantee: Even assuming this worked, it’s close to impossible to make your money back without finding other sources of generating income, which is getting more people on board on this pyramid scheme. This is an almost impossible feat and ultimately your money will go wasted. Furthermore, there are way too many obvious red flags such as no clarity where the investment goes and who are the creators of this site.


The AirBit Club is nothing more than a pyramid scheme and a Ponzi scheme hybrid. There are just countless red flags with this site. There is no clarity with the money invested in it, and there is some form or another of financial discrepancy with it. Lastly, operating with total anonymity is yet another massive red flag.

We advise you to avoid this investment altogether as it is unstable and has no future.

Abeona Coin Pre Sales Scam: A Closer Look

Abeona Coin Pre Sales Scam: A Closer Look

When it comes to making money online, most of us are well aware of how many different ways you can find one online. But let’s face it: only a handful of them can seriously help make you money. So, it’s time to put on our detective hats again and find everything about Abeona Coin Pre Sales Scam to see whether there is some possibility of making money out of it or none at all.

Abeona Coin Pre Sales: An Overview

Abeona is a cryptocurrency, which is Adiona blockchain platform’s settlement unit. This platform includes a decentralized system for buying tickets and booking hotels, and claims to help business owners make more revenue and for customers to have lesser expenses than usual.

This is an ERC20 token which gets released on the Ethereum platform. The company claims that at present, there are about two billion tokens issued and distributed, and after any token sale event, the unallocated token or the remaining unsold token get removed from the system, and no more are generated.

This provides the Abeona Coin a “simple and stable” platform to work on, and the money collected gets evenly distributed across the system to maintain it. To be specific, 38%, which is the most significant part of it, gets allocated to the engineering and design, while 31% goes towards equipment and service so that the system stays sound and perfect.

On the other hand, 22% of it is taken up by platform integration to provide adequate support to ensure that everything on this platform works appropriately and smoothly. The remaining nine percent then gets used up for development and expansion which oversees the efforts to improve and expand this service and offers.

Different Platforms of Abeona

The different platforms that Abeona Coin offer its customers are:

  • Trading
  • Everyday payments
  • Booking
  • P2P platform
  • Travel
  • Applications for desktop and mobile users

According to the company, their decentralized exchange system offers enhanced security and flexibility which makes them a secure kind of cryptocurrency. Even though it can be used for the several other things we mentioned, it works best when it is used for travel.

The company claims that the cryptocurrency platform provides versatility and security when users visit other countries. So, even insufficient funds and/or a lost wallet will not stop anyone from purchasing things.

The Pre Sale

50% of the Abeona Coin is distributed during the ICO. This is a part of the cryptocurrency’s original intention. The remaining 50% gets divided into the following:

  • Remuneration for team members: 12%
  • Continued development and maintenance: 35%
  • Bonus rewards: 3%

The percentage used for the maintenance and the continued development gets frozen until the coins have stabilized and can obtain a value of a dollar or higher inside a six-month time frame. To keep this system in order, the coins that are reserved will get used.

However, those will not get sold on the stock market. These can be purchased outside of the exchange transactions by the individual investors. The pre-sale stage also offers more benefits for users looking to take advantage of the cryptocurrency.

Abeona Coin Pre Sales Scam: A Detailed Explanation

We’re sure by now even you aren’t convinced with this website and its promise. We can assure you that this site is nothing more than a big scam. Let’s break down in detail why this is such a scam and how you should run miles away from it.

Fake Images

One of the biggest warning signs of this site is the ICO team. When you head on to their website, you will notice that there are five people in the core team. Out of these five, only the CEO has relevant social media accounts.

What makes it worse is that their Communications and Content Creator Consult’s, a.k.a. Alice Bassi’s, picture was changed to the point that Alice Bassi is a whole different woman now! This most likely happened because the previous “Alice Bassi’s” picture was taken from Google Image search and was easy to spot on another site. With the current picture they are using, they have removed the background to make it harder for people to know whether it is authentic or not. Reality: It is not.

False Description

To take this scam up a notch, they did fake another core member. When you read the description for Pierre Martin, who is their blockchain engineer, it states that this man has filed a patent with the USPTO for the ICO’s encryption technology.

However, when checked with the USPTO whether Pierre Martin ever created any such patent, we didn’t find anything. What we found were patents that were related to magnets, drilling, and rods.

Fake Social Media Accounts

To make matters worse, when you do try to find the social media accounts for these “core members”, you will notice that all of these accounts were opened about the same time, which is from September to November of 2017. All of the content ever posted on their accounts were only related to cryptocurrency and everything about the site, and absolutely nothing else. This evidently is quite suspicious.

Fake Countdown

Another warning sign is the countdown clock. Despite the fact that public sale was going to start a while back, the countdown clock will still show that the time is up, but the status above the clock still shows that the site is in the pre-sale period.


  • None


  • Everything about this site is fake: Starting right from the members who have apparently created this site. The creator has stolen people’s pictures and created a whole fake team with a fake social media presence. Whether this site even works or not, it is safe to say that nothing about it is genuine and it is best to invest your money in a safer place.


Yes, Abeona Coin Pre Sales Scam is definitely one and is something you should steer clear from. The whole site is based on a lie, so whether or not this site even works is not a question you need to have answered. Our advice: stay away from it and warn others to do the same too.

A Quick Review On What Is Appnana About: Should I Use This App?

Not a lot of people know about AppNana because it is not the most popular reward application in the market. Does that mean that it is not good? Does it really deliver on its promise? These are but a few of the questions we intend to answer in this article, “A Quick Review On What is AppNana About: Should I Use This App?”

Now, before we dive into the world of mobile rewards and points, we must first understand how this scheme works. Reward apps are applications where you get to incur reward points, which you can then use to shop in a specific store or as cash. Some apps will require you to do simple tasks, while others reward you for simply buying something.

One such application is AppNana, which we are going to review today in hopes to find out whether it is actually a legit app or not. Want to get rewards from doing simple things? Do you want to get a bit of credit out of your purchases? Well, then, keep on reading!

What Is AppNana?

AppNana is a type of mobile application that will reward you in exchange for doing simple tasks. These tasks may include liking something, posting a comment, downloading another app, completing a survey, purchasing something, or referring a friend.

Now, don’t get us wrong: you do not get money per se, but you earn points that correspond to a certain gift card. Its biggest selling point is that they offer Amazon gift cards. However, the catch is that you have to earn at least 30,000 nana points first.

How Does It Work?

Curious as to how AppNana works? Here is the process:

  1. Obviously, the first thing you need to do is to download the app and sign up using an existing social media account or email. You can then put in the referral code of the person who referred you to the app. It is best to use a referral code because by doing so, you get an instant 2500 nana points as a sign-up bonus.
  2. After that, you can browse the Homepage of the app for a list of applications you can download in order to earn points. Some of the apps are equivalent to 1,000 to 6,000 nana points, but they do have different requirements.

There are also games that are available, and you get reward points once you reach a certain level. Also, you do not need to apply for the points; they are automatically credited to your account upon completion of the task.

Who Is It For?

AppNana is actually for everyone who has enough time to spare. If you are a fan of games, then you might enjoy this app. Not only do you get to play, but you also get rewarded for it.

On the other hand, this is not for people who are expecting to have a lot of gift cards. Frankly, it is hard to accumulate large points, so just expect to get a gift card that has little worth. It is not that bad for a passive earning.

What Are the Tools Needed?

All you need is a smartphone. Obviously, you cannot download this app if you do not have an operating system in your phone that will allow you to download mobile software applications.

Is There Support?

Yes, you can file a ticket. However, these tickets are not unlimited. Do take note that they can be replenished by completing other tasks. As for the efficiency of the replies, they do tend to reply fast, and they can solve your queries.

Most problems arise from the discrepancy of credits, but they always seem to get back the credits they lose. So there are really no problems regarding some lost points.

AppNana: The Good and the Bad

The Good

  • They have good apps.

Some credit-giving apps have lame external apps, but with Appnana, you get to download an app that is enjoyable and is in line with your interests.

  • Easy to install and sign up

Using your existing social media account, such as your Facebook, you can easily create an account on this app. If you do sign up with your email, you only need to provide a few information.

  • Does not require money

It is free to use and also has no in-app purchases.

  • Ability to earn from referrals

You get to cash-in by referring the app to your friends. Actually, the corresponding points are also huge. At the same time, the person you referred will get automatic points from your code. It is a win-win situation.

  • Automatic points

You do not have to apply for credit of your points. The app itself can detect if you completed a task.

The Bad

  • You are not really learning anything.

This is not in line with how the app works, but for people who also want to get something valuable out of the app.

  • Earning capacity is low

It will take a long time before you earn enough points to avail of the lowest gift card.

  • Inconsistency in crediting points

Although they are good at keeping tabs on your points, there will still be times when the credits do not show. You do not have to worry because they have an efficient ticket filing process, but still, it would have been better if they can always credit the points.

  • Referral code sellout

Since the use of the code garners a lot of points, people tend to use their codes just to earn points, which will then lead people who are uninterested to uninstall the app eventually. They use the code as bait just to earn rewards and not benefit the one they have given or shared their code to.

A Quick Review On What Is Appnana About: Should I Use This App?

The answer to the question, “A Quick Review On What is Appnana About: Should I Use This App?” is that it depends. We already mentioned that you do not get to earn a lot from it, so you really have to be into the simple tasks they require you to do in order to enjoy using the app.

At the same time, you really should not abuse the referral code just to earn points. You will look like a sell-out, and people might get annoyed that you are baiting them into downloading something they do not like. Enjoy the app and reap the small rewards!

7 Figure Franchise: Will It Help You Earn Seven Figures?

Is 7 Figure Franchising a Scam? Is it really works? The 7 Figure Franchise is booming these days. You do not only get to see their advertisements, but a lot of people are also recommending them. So, what is this fuss all about really? Surely, the name of the site itself attracts attention. Accordingly, one will think that when they join, they can easily earn seven figures. Is it true, though? Or is it just another elaborate scam?

We all have heard this before that when a site promises huge amounts of money, it is usually a scam. If that’s the case, then why are a lot of people raving about this specific site? This is what we are going to find out today. Are you looking for a unique strategy to earn money? Then keep on reading because this site might just be for you!

What Is 7 Figure Franchise?

The 7 Figure Franchise is the brainchild of Michael Cheney. Now, his name might sound familiar to you because he is. This person has a lot of websites that give people the opportunity to earn money by following a unique sales funnel.

How Does It Work?

Basically, if you join this site, you get to be a franchise or an affiliate. It is not really clear if it is offering a franchise or an affiliate program, but the idea is that you buy something, sell them, then earn a profit from it. Their promise is that you will earn $1.1M in just a matter if 12 months.

The catch, however, is that you have to pay or avail their installment plan first, which is actually just two gives. If you go all out, all you have to pay is $1997, but when you go the other route, you will need to pay $2200.

Here is an overview of the package:

  • $1000 in Commission

When people buy high-ticket products that stemmed from your turnkey promotion, you automatically get this commission.

  • $7000 Worth of Materials for Affiliate Promotions

This gives you access to a collection of digital products that will help with your sales.

  • Instant Payout and 100% Commission on Products

You are automatically an affiliate, which allows you to get commissions.

  • Live Events

You get to join exclusive events wherein you will listen to Michael talk about the secrets of having a multi-million dollar business.

  • More Digital Products and Upsells

This grants you access to a variety of products that you can sell on your own platform.

  • 1000 Visitors

Once you join the program, it promises to help you gain massive traffic.

  • Consult with Michael Himself

Lastly, you also have the opportunity to have a one-on-one session with Michael Cheney for 30 days. There is, however, a charge for this amounting to $1000 per hour.

Who Is It For?

The 7 Figure Franchise is best for people who want to devote time and money on building a successful sales funnel. The strategy, in a way, can provide its promises, but not without hard work. Accordingly, it is best for people who already have a defined list of prospects who actually engage in that sales funnel.

For people who are looking to start their online business, this is not for you. This site is too high-scale, and the money you initially pay may not easily earn revenue. Aside from that, there are certain features on the website that needs to be unlocked with more payments. So, if you really want to be a part of this, be prepared to pay.

Are There Tools and Training?

The suggested tools are provided for you with direct download links. However, it is still up to you if you are going to make use of these tools. On the other hand, for training, there are options for that from time to time.

Similar to other options though, you also have to shell out money to gain access to those. Surely, a multi-million dollar business does not come from luck; it comes from the pockets of the members.

The training, however, can be rather enriching. Thus, if you do have the money to get them or to even chat with Michael, it is worth every penny.

Is There Support?

You can reach customer service with the use of their email, but the reply is not instant. The absence of a stable community does not help this case. Some members created their own Facebook groups, but most of them are inactive.

If ever you hit a roadblock, you are really just on your own. Or, you can refer back to the training (which will cost you a lot)

7 Figure Franchise: The Good and the Bad

The Good

  • Has a lot of bonus credits

Through this site, you are given the chances to gain active and passive income. The site rewards certain activities, which are immediately credited to your Paypal.

  • 100% commission

When it comes to your commission, there are no hidden fees. When you sell, you directly earn from it.

  • Access to products

The digital products of the site are really good and helpful, so you are able to sell high-quality products.

  • Potential to grow business

The site is constantly evolving, and with it, its members. A single member can expand his or her business into a multilevel marketing scheme

The Bad

  • Huge fee

The membership fee is not for everyone. At the same time, it is hard to earn the fee back purely from sales and commissions

  • Have to pay to unlock features

It can be a site that keeps on giving, just as long as you can afford it

  • Relies too much on self-promotion

Just like other sales funnel of digital products, you have to promote the site non-stop

  • Not so different from other sites of Michael Cheney

The strategy is mostly the same with other sister sites. The only difference is that you pay more and waste more on this site.


To be honest, the promise of having a seven-figure revenue is not as easy as it sounds, compared to how this site advertises it. It is still a site that needs you to upsell something in order to earn. In a way, you will arrive at seven figures if you do well, and just as long you are willing to shell out money. All in all, we think that Click 4 Surveys is not worth its high-membership fee.

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