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Maxx is an experienced online marketer that would like to give a hand to those wants to achieve more in building a successful online business. He also has a strong passion for investing and spent most of his free time doing research and trading.

Turning your passion into online passive income?


What is the definition of passive income?

Day in day out, life is overwhelmed with the hectic schedules and daily routine of an office job or any other job that requires you to pull yourself out of bed and hit the shower, grab a quick breakfast and stand in the train with along a thousand’s or so just like you. Some take the car and beat the jam, but does not make you escape from the reality of life which is; to have something to look forward to every day when you wake up.

For some, it does not matter how the day is; it could be raining it could be hot, someone may be dead for all they care, what matter throughout the day is that they get their job done and rush home to lay on the couch or hitting the sack. And that’s about it. There are people, though, that organizes their day, list a few things or so, to get their tasks done and to earn the best of every day in any way possible. Sadly, many of us are in the reality of waiting to go home and hit the sack.

Now, this is where productivity stands out. Many fail to know the importance of taking note on how your mental ability is capable of withstanding even the hardest of any days to get your day going. In this, we mean being active, not passive. You see, passive is a negative word. It is just a word. So what you may ask. But how about being passive? Imagine being passive. What is passive you ask me?

Passive could be a standalone word portraying a vast meaning that simply sums up to one point
. The gutter where what goes in comes out more than you expected. You see, passive a choice of word to show that your earnings do not sync with what is being spent on. Generally, when we say earnings, its draws your attention to the doll
ar note. Of course, money plays a tremendous amount in life, but let us not forget; the other approaches that require more productivity which in this case, relates to your time, your state of being and also the outcome of what you invest

Are you spending your free time wisely? Time equals to money?

It is devastating at times, when your day does not seem to bring the best out of you and it’s really messed up at some point of time, you really feel you could jump off a cliff. For some, money does not have to be the case. It may also mean simple things such what you do on a daily routine, you head to the gym, fine; you burn calories and keep track of the pounds you carry. But for some, routines such as lazing at home doing absolutely nothing but stare at a blank wall and before you know it, it has already been a day and you catch yourself thinking, where did my time go to?

Without a doubt, we all know that time is super valuable. Take a look at how you spend your time and ask yourself as to whatever you are doing and the people or the job you’re doing is enabling you to be a productive person. Here’s an example, many of us have the liking to own expensive goods from a renowned brand. For a take, I choose to buy it, simply because I like it and it makes me feel good to carry such expensive brand and so I decide to buy it. Now weeks, later I’m running out of money, I lack savings and I have to save every penny possible because I spend a huge amount on the good that I bought which I once thought or made to believe it was important. Now, was I active or was I passive? Notice the difference of an active person. I would adore the brand, sure I’d like to own one of its good someday, but I know that my savings do not enable me to get what I’d like to have. The point is, being passive is just merely being indulged into something that really does not bring much to a great amount of time. It does for a bit, I would be lying if I would say it doesn’t at all, but what the point really is; there’s no much kick to it.

Income Sources

Now back to the main point, money that we spent may vary to our liking and what suits our interest. Without a doubt, everyone wants to have the luxury to splurge on what we want and what makes us happy and thus the list prolongs with what I need to buy and what I want to buy that before you know it, the three amount figure in your bank account degrades to a one figure account. The question is, though, are we really contented with the materialistic things that we have and forget to look at the needs of what really matters within.

On the other note, passive income may also ring to people who really just work for the sake of it. They work and work and forgetting that their passion and likings are all there deep within screaming out loud like an infant. They are the ones who keep their dreams all within, knowing and losing hope that one fine day or perhaps, their interest and passion may not reach to their expectations. And so they just choose to remain in the basics of all living that are; to do a normal basic job with eight hours of time frame and having a decent amount of paycheck.

The gets of what I’d like to say is, indulging in many activities is by far the easiest thing to do these days with social media greatly being a help to us. Be sure to know where your time and money goes to, because before you know it, living life would be so behind you that chasing it does not make much sense anymore.

Check out my #1 Recommendation on how you could turn your passion into an online business and create passive income. Feel free to drop comment below for your thought⇓⇓⇓

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I have learned how to fill in the right keywords for the search engines

Loes Knetsch was happily married as well as a mother of 6 and grandmother of 2 living in Netherlands. She is actively coaching  refugees with the Dutch language, 3 mornings per week as she got a lot of free time during the day time.

Loes joined Affiliate Marketing University about a year ago and successfully developed 5 websites which attracted thousand of visitors to her website using the skills and education she learned in online University.

Loes able to creating her positive income via her current website and she strongly believe her effort will pay off double, triple, possibility of multiple times. Its matter of time and effort.

She has 2 life motto’s: 1) Teach the children well, so we can change the future in one decade & 2)What you send out, you get back, so give everything to everyone. No doubt I agree with her motto’s. GIVING OPENS THE WAY OF RECEIVING.


#1 What does success mean to you?WA-Loes Success Stories Profile Picture

Success has more to do for me as recognition and appreciation than it is found in luxury and money.

#2 What is your daily routine? How much time are you spending on building your business online at Wealthy Affiliate?

I am on a 7-day week schedule 🙂 You can often find me behind my desk, researching subjects, writing blogs, but also socializing on WA and preparing things for the children of the daycare I am running. As I work at home, I combine everything. Housekeeping, daycare and my online work.

#3 How long did it take you to become successful in building your online business?Can you explain how long it took you before you had your first sale?

I launched my first website in July 2014, which was also my first personal success! After that, I created successfully 4 other websites. It took me 6 months before I had my first sale.

#4 Is there any other affiliate program better than Wealthy Affiliate in your opinion?

In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is unique. There might be equal educations, but I stopped searching when I found Wealthy Affiliate.

#5 How did you overcome your Fears and Failure? What did you do?

I didn’t, I am afraid of flying in an airplane, I have to overcome this fear one day, if I ever want to visit Las Vegas.

#6 What motivates you so much to become an online entrepreneur?

There are 3 reasons:

  1. I love to work on the computer
  2. I love to be my own boss
  3. My husband wants early retirement

#7 Have you reached your Dream / Goal so far?

Not yet, 2 out of 3, my husband still has to go to his boss.

#8 Are you working FULL TIME on your online career? Does it give you freedom to achieve your mission in life?

My first mission is to spread my spiritual message, and I can reach out to 8 billion people using the internet.
My second mission is to earn enough money by the time my boys are too old for daycare.
My third mission is to earn enough money to keep the household running and give my husband his early retirement.

I am on the job now for almost 2 years, and I will accomplish my goals in 5 years from now.

One of Loes website:

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Success means setting small goals and achieving them everyday

Sarah is from French and born in Bordeaux. The world capital of red wine. I wish I could be there 1 days. Sarah own several degrees from a master’s degrees in languages (English and Mandarin) and communicationst to a 3 years post graduate degree in human resources management.

On top of education degrees she also took a course to becoming a life coach took a training to become a hypnotherapist.

Sarah started as coach & teacher and become an It works! Global independent distributor which brought her wide knowledge in investing. Before She join affiliate marketing industry and she work in regular job under a boss.

She very happy with her current online business which enjoying her lifestyle and achieving goals as well as helping others to achieving their goal. She is building others business through online and never looked back to 9-5 job anymore.


#1 What success means to you? How success help you in your life?

Success means setting small goals and achieving them everyday. Success means living by your oWA-Sarah success profile picturewn rules and being true to yourself. Success means being happy with what you do and getting to do good in this world.

Success is always a work in progress. I have achieved all kinds of successes over the years and it has helped me become more confident and find my own path. It has enabled me to meet amazing and inspiring people.

I have achieved all kinds of successes over the years and it has helped me become more confident and find my own path. It has enabled me to meet amazing and inspiring people.

#2 How/What is your daily routine? How much time you spending on building your business online with Wealthy Affiliate?

My daily routine is as follow : logging in to Wealthy Affiliate and as an ambassador within the community, helping others, welcoming them to the community, answering their questions, giving them tips and advice.

I then spend some time searching for high traffic and low competition keywords, using WA keyword research tool or Jaaxy and I start writing.

I do a lot of research online as well, to make sure my posts are as informative and useful as possible. I am always trying new products, learning new things as I want my audience to trust me.

I try to improve all my old posts… share my work on social media… talk to people, get inspiration from others, without ever copying… This is my daily routine! =)

#3 How long does it take for you to become success building your business online? Could you explain how long does it take for your first sales? Were you excited?

Hmm, that’s a tricky question. Success doesn’t happen overnight, of that I’m sure. It takes time and efforts.

If you get into this thinking it’ll be quick and easy you might get disappointed and give up before it even started to get interesting.

Some people will earn money quickly (within their first month), some will take longer (1-3 years). It really depends on many factors :

  • How much time you can spend working on your business
  • What your niche (market segment) is
  • What your knowledge is
  • The people that surround you
  • Your state of mind (are you positive or are you negative?)

I think I made my first $$ (through google Adsense) under 30 days. I made my first sale pretty quickly as well (within my first 60 days).

Sales will increase as your website gains trust and gets more traffic.

I WAS very excited yes lol… I am always very excited when I make a new referral or sale or get positive feedback on a post.

I think the sale that got me most excited was my first sale on Amazon lol… I never really liked amazon and it took me a long time to figure out how to promote products from amazon on my website.

I would procrastinate all the time and get kicked off the program a couple of times for not selling anything. And then I decided I wasn’t that dumb and was going to really give it a try. And it paid off !

And it paid off !

#4 For your opinion is there any others affiliate program better than Wealthy Affiliate? Why?

Honestly, I am always reviewing new programs out there and I haven’t, to this day, found any program that’s better than Wealthy Affiliate.

WA has everything you need all in one place : a free membership, a community of like-minded people and entrepreneur, support, cutting edge tools, updated training, WordPress, web hosting, weekly webinars, live chat, email, affiliate program… You can directly contact the owners… it’s simply amazing!!

#5 How did you overcome your Fears and Failure? What did you do?

Hmmmmmm the moment I decided to go premium on WA I knew this was it! I simply thought “only the ones who give up will fail” and I realized that “what the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve” (Walt Disney).

I am not scared failing anymore.

I accepted that my goals would take the time to achieve and that was ok.

Being part of a community such as WA has helped me a lot as well, for there is always someone out there ready to help you when you’re stuck or lost or even a bit discouraged.

It is essential to surround yourself with positive and helpful people. You can’t succeed alone, you need help, feedback, and advice. You need to see things from another perspective.

#6 What motivates you so much to become an online entrepreneur?

I never liked working for someone else. I’ve had all types of jobs (teacher, coach, manager…) but the 9-5 routine would make me feel trapped and depressed, sooner or later.

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart although it took me years to accept that I wasn’t going to do things the “easy way”.

What motivates me is simply being able to do the things I love, being free and independent, being creative… things like that!

#7 Have you reached your Dream / Goal so far?

  • I have achieved many many goals so far…
  • I have created several websites that I’m very fond and proud of.
  • I got many of my posts ranked very well on google
  • I have learned about keyword research, SEO, plugins, widget, PPC, social media, authoring… and much much more
  • I have earned money online, proving myself it was possible to build an online business without getting scammed or ripping people off ^^
  • I have met tons of awesome people and learned from them.
  • I haven’t reached all my goals yet (such as building my dream wooden house or having horses) but I’m on it! It’s only a matter of time until I achieve it, I just know it. =)

#8 Did you work/spend FULL TIME for your online career? Does it give you freedom to achieve your mission in life?

I am working full time for my online career… I wake up thinking about my business and very often go to bed thinking about it as well… You have to be kind of obsessed to achieve success lol.

I always have new ideas, my brain won’t rest much lol.

You know, working from home is a luxury… I can work the hours I want, work with whoever I want… I decide what do to, how I do it and so on.

So yes I still have time for others things, spiritual things or spending time with my family or working out.
I wouldn’t trade my life for all the money in the world, believe me! 🙂

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I can work from anywhere as long as I can access the internet

Katie joined affiliate marketing networks since a year ago and was putting effort building up her online business from one to another website creation.

Katie started her current affiliate marketing career without any technical knowledge but she didn’t step back neither giving up at all.  She learned everything steps by step as she could from those internet experienced marketers from the training provided.

The most inspiring quotes I heard from Katie in her profile ” There is often the question do you earn any money from this and the answer is Yes it does work and the only limits you can impose is those you set yourself”.


#1 What success means to you? How success help you in your life?WA-Katie success stories profile picture

Success for me means freedom to work in the way that suits the issues of my health. Successes I have had along my journey so far have developed new skills, made new friends, and able to be with my family when needed.

#2 How/What is your daily routine? How much time you spending on building your business online with Wealthy Affiliate?

I get up each morning to get ready for work, have my breakfast go through my emails, set out the tasks I want to complete each day, and put a time limit on them.

#3 How long does it take for you to become success building your business online? Could you explain how long does it take for your first sales? Were you excited?

I got my first sale within three months, however you cannot put a time on success, since it means many things to different people and it is not just about the money , we all want to earn a living however it is more important to offer a good service, information and help others along the way.

#4 For your opinion is there any others affiliate program better than Wealthy Affiliate? Why?

As yet I have not come across an affiliate program as good as Wealthy Affiliate.

#5 How did you overcome your Fears and Failure? What did you do?

I just followed the training and kept focused on what I wanted to achieve.

#6 What motivates you so much to become an online entrepreneur?

Due to some health issues and struggling to get back into work I felt I still had something to contribute to life in general and this gives me the flexibility to do this.

#7 Have you reached your Dream / Goal so far?

I have not reached my ultimate dream yet, however, I have achieved many goals and continue to do so.

#8 Did you work/spend FULL TIME for your online career? Does it give you freedom to achieve your mission in life?

I started out working part time, however, this last few month I have been doing more hours, I think for me personally it is work and I know I can still keep progressing, and the best thing is I can work from anywhere so long as I can access the internet.

one of Katie Website: . Click how’s her website. Proud of her.

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Is Internet Income Intensive a scam? Let’s find out

Is Internet Income Intensive a scam? What’s Internet Income Intensive and Work from No Home are all about? Why this program so popular recently? Is the program worth the education what you paying for. If Internet Income Intensive and Work from no Home are real why there are still people claims there are not success and tons of bad comment.

I personally have friends joining this program and didn’t do it very well.   Read below why my review to this program is above average and why I do not recommend to you if you want to make money through online business. is-internet-income-intensive-a-scam-2

Internet Income Intensive Review

Program Name: Internet Income Intensive


Price: $1K-$1.5K

Owners: PengJoon

Overall Ranking: 7 out of 10 Star (Above average)

What is Internet Income Intensive?

I came across internet income intensive by Peng Joon during attending National Achiever Congress 2015 held in Singapore.

An 3 Days sold out event which also held in many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Norway, India, Netherlands, and others.

During the event, he covered his story from student debt to multi-million dollar business through his online empire. After his first online sale and sick of working as an employee, he decided to quit his full-time job and never look back anymore

He explained together with his 2 buddies renting a Campervan, then traveling around the world as well as building his business by just a laptop work with as long as there internet connection.

PengJoon Certificate

He was awarded by ClickBank as 1 of their top vendors and given a certificate as Premier Elite Program. During the event, he shows off his Certificate as a proof on his websites. As what I know many of affiliate marketer have this certificate in their home.

Given those achievements in his career at the young age he then decided to pass on what he knowledge to people. Hence, there is Internet Income Intensive was born, so-called Work from No Home.

What will you learn for this 3 days event?

Day 1 You”ll learn from searching your own niche and buying domain via hosting by the last part link to your PayPal account.

Day 2 mostly teaching Affiliate Marketing on how you going to make money through Clickbank and Amazon with/without your own niche digital products or Physical products.

Day 3 Using the system again and again. As you could see how he duplicate his system.

Module 1: Creating your own world-class information products
Module 2: Find your passion and built on it
Module 3: Searching on hot buyers and hungry buyer
Module 4: Creating your first niche website
Module 5: Marketing strategies to global audience
Module 6: Spreading Your Message Through Different Mediums
Module 7: Generating A Solid Income Without A Product
Module 8: Drive traffic to your website
Module 9: Dominate Your Niche With Video Marketing
Module 10: Repeating The System To Make MORE Money!

PengJoon has created nearly to 600 websites under his control and this sounds incredible. Amazing guys dedicated guys. Below picture is what I dig and found out why he so success along the way.

How could he build 600 websites? How he do it? Well, He started his first website in a gaming niche as he spent his time playing WarCraft game and found the niche very popular during the period of that time. By the time u read this I guess his websites grew to 1000’s probably.

Trust me if you join here, you could also learn how to built your affiliate website too? Without paying the high price tags. Plus you still can full support from the owner and the excellent team. This will definitely you mind and thanks me later.  After that, I’m glad I never signing up during attending the event. Thanks god

Back to here, So He decided published an Ebook regards to WarCraft and his first sales were sold after several months.

He then decided focus and manipulate what he learned over the years and duplicate those knowledge creating many affiliates sites as much as he can. As well as others niches like forex, gaming and dating.

Those 3 days cover module as listed above. On top of that, you will receive his Harddisk as long as you grab 3 days live event if you subscribe his program on that day itself. The hard disk gave as first come first serve basis as told.

By the way, the event was held in Hard Rock Hotel Singapore. (Seriously?)



  • Useful information for beginners
  • Proven Strategies provided during the 3 days event as well as building your first website from domain to marketing to setting up your payment gateway.
  • Access to the lifetime training website after the 3 days live event course


  • The price is just too high personally I thought. Are you paying for the location venue-Hard Rock Hotel?
  • No live support whenever you having difficulties (You have to figure out yourself and sometimes wait for a period for those reply (There is no community for doing this) They should improve on this- IMPORTANT
  • There is no trial for this
  • The outdated program, The method is similar since few years back and still the same for current. The internet has transformed rapidly, it works in the past for someone when thousand and thousand people are using the same method, I have doubt on this.
  • Missing information regards to internet marketing strategy.
  • There is up-sell during the event, and this is a BIG no no

My Final Word on Internet Income Intensive program (Work from No Home)

Program Name: Internet Income Intensive
Overall Ranking: 7 out of 10 Star (Above average)
Price: $1K-$1.5K
Owners: PengJoon

VERDICT: Genuine program, outdated program, and just Overprice + there is still upsells

This is definitely a LEGIT program and PengJoon built his empire from scratch as well as helping more people. However, there is missing information and outdated and I will advise reconsidering before spending your hard earned money.

Please make sure you check on >>#1 recommendation ranked 10/10 Star<< affiliate marketing product opportunity if you are looking A Genuine Way to make money online, to make money on your comfort zone.

At last, if you have more thought and question please comment below and I would like to hear from you.↓↓↓

Thank you for reading

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