Avoid The My Laptop Lifestyle SCAM, It’s 100% BS

What is My Laptop Lifestyle About? Is It another Scam?  Are you getting tired of the long working hours and the unending tasks that you have to finish on a strict deadline? Are you exhausted of not having enough time to bond with your friends and family because of work?

Do you want to finally have the financial freedom that you have been dreaming of ever since you started working? My Laptop Lifestyle might just be the answer to your prayers.

My Laptop Lifestyle will teach you how to earn money on the internet. You no longer have to wake up super early and come home late at night because of your boring 9-5 job.

All you have to do is take a few minutes a day working on your computer, and you get to earn as much money as you want. It boasts of this unique marketing strategy that you will learn about if you sign up with them.

But because of their many promises of financial freedom and fortune, it can’t be helped that it will receive a lot of criticism and suspicion. Many have come out to call My Laptop Lifestyle a scam.

But is it, really? Is My Laptop Lifestyle nothing but a scam, or is there some legitimacy to it? Keep reading to find out it this program is worth the risk.

My Laptop Lifestyle Overview

Name: My Laptop Lifestyle
Website: mylaptoplifestyle.org
Products Type: Internet Marketing Program
Founder: Brandon Lewis
Fees: $1.95 + Upsells from $97 to $199
Overall Rank: 0 out of 10 (SCAM)

What is My Laptop Lifestyle and How Does It Work?

My Laptop Lifestyle is an affiliate marketing website that claims to have a unique system that teaches you how to make money online. And not just some money, but a fortune.

By making your own website, My Laptop Lifestyle will help you generate huge income without having to work hard. You only have to spend a few minutes a day to ensure this.

Once you sign up, you will learn the exact method for getting tons of traffic on your website, which in turn will make you more money than you will ever make working a regular job. You will also be given the secret strategies to getting a massive amount of visitors that will bring in the money.

My Laptop Lifestyle claims that you can earn millions of dollars a year through this system. All you have to do is pay $1.95 to gain access to this system. Incredible, right? You will earn millions in exchange for investing $2?!

However, you will be taken to a page where you will be sold all kinds of additional packages in varying prices. From $1.95, there are upsells costing $97 to $199 if you want an even better chance at financial success.

There is also this regular coaching program where they will teach you even more “secrets” to success, which only costs $27 a month.

Who is My Laptop Lifestyle for?

My Laptop Lifestyle is open to anyone who doesn’t want to spend a day working in a regular job. If you want to stay at home and do nothing but watch as your website/s generate money, then this is the program for you.

But take some caution. The website clearly targets people who have no idea how earning money on the internet happens. Reading everything that they are claiming will bring you to the conclusion that My Laptop Lifestyle is most definitely a scam. But our review is not done yet…

My Laptop Lifestyle Tools & Training

After signing up with My Laptop Lifestyle, you will be taken to a page where they will show you the upsells. Then, in the Members Area, you will see a video that will welcome you to the program.

There are three steps to earning thousands of dollars in this system, and the first is to pay them more money for setting up your website. You will also be told to pay $97 for one-year domain registration, which is unbelievable.???

After that, you will only be sold more products once you sign up, and you are clearly being duped into thinking that you will earn money from their system. In short, there is no product, and you will just be talked into paying them more money for absolutely nothing.

My Laptop Lifestyle Support

Since there is no product, you will not be given any support from the company because there is nothing to ask for help about. The website, as of writing, is also nonexistent.

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

(+) It costs only $1.95 initially

The Bad:

Where should we start?

(-) After you pay the initial fee of $1.95, you will only be sold even more “products” that cost $100-$200

(-) They claim to be free of charge at first

(-) They are charging unbelievable amounts of money for basic services, like a website and a domain

(-) You are basically paying for nothing

(-) They convince you of setting up their “unique” system and software, but they will offer no information about what it actually is and what it does

(-) The website cannot be accessed as of writing

(-) No customer support offered


What’s now? I believe you have a better idea after reading My Laptop Lifestyle review. It’s full of crap and BS. Whether the website has been shut down or still exist I highly ask you to stay out of this SCAM. The first moment I visit their website I know Brandon Lewis just making a bunch of crappy sales claims that lure in other inexperienced customers. I sincerely that’s not going be you.

Your time, effort and money better invested somewhere else. Right? 

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