Panel Payday Reviews: Is It a Scam Or Legit? Should You Join or Look for Another?

Many people today are under impression that if you are not making any passive income from the Web these days, then you are missing out. It is surprising to know that there are increasing number of people who are feeling this way now.  

With the prevalence nowadays of the so-called online money making opportunities, one can easily get tempted  to the trap and become oblivious of the fact that there are scam programs out there melding themselves with the legit opportunities.

It is imperative that you know how to identify them. Or at least you should know the tell-tale signs of a sham opportunity.

What you are doing right now is commendable. You are researching anything you can find about Panel Payday reviews to determine whether they are legitimate opportunity to have a passive income or not. This is the most effective way to veer yourself away from scams and save your valuable time, money, and effort.

Besides helping you delving for the truth about Panel Payday, let me present to you a better way to develop another stream of income. Why don’t you consider Wealthy Affiliate marketing program? Marketing affiliate is my method of choice in reaching my financial freedom, and I don’t see any reason why you can’t be successful here as opposed to get-paid to sites like Panel payday.

The Wealthy Affiliate team will provide you with all the support and help you will  need, from building your website to finding the products and service from companies in various industries that you can promote.

Panel Payday Summary Review


Founder:  n/a

Price:  Free to join

Best For: People who can spare a fraction of their day to find other and better paid survey sites through Panel Payday platform.

Panel Payday Reviews

Summary:  Panel Payday is giving us an impression that they are a legit paid survey site. But when you get into their website, you will right away figure out that they are not. They actually serve as a portal site to other legit  survey websites they've partnered with. This means to say that instead of you earning from Panel Payday, they are going to earn commissions from the website they referred you to. In short, they are making money through you. 

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No

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Is Optavia a Scam? It Is Not But There Are Better Opportunities Than This!

First of all, let me give you a pat on the back because you are researching now about Optavia before giving this alleged online opportunity a thought or a try. This is the most effective way you can really keep scammers at bay, and eventually come across a legitimate way to earn money from the Internet.

If this company is indeed a scam, this review I am making will help you see that and understand the why. Otherwise, I will just help you understand how this company conducts its business to the core. And if getting yourself involved with them is going to work to your advantage or not.

Please be reminded that I am in no way associated with Optavia. Therefore, you can count that this review is nothing but an impartial take on this company, absolutely no bias to their business interest. This is pure, unadulterated, objective review about the company.

Optavia Summary Review


Founder:  Bradley T. Macdonald  & Dr. Wayne S. Andersen 

Price:  $199 to start +  costs for program/package 

Best For:  People who are interested in losing some weight using Optavia's meal replacement with the potential of earning some money on the side. 

Is Optavia a Scam?

Summary:  Optavia is a legitimate networking company that caters to the needs of the health industry. Considering that they have been doing this business in the industry, it is unreasonable to qualify them as a scam or as a pyramid scheme firm. Otherwise, they would been shut down long ago and ceased operations already, but no they didn't. It only goes to show that everything in this company is right and in proper order, at least with respect to how they conduct their business. The one thing that concerns me most about them is the exorbitant price tag that their products come with. 

Rating: 30/100

Recommended:  No. 

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What Is Global Test Market Scam About? (Are You the Next Victim?)

Today, we have a manifold of GPT (Get Paid To) sites on the Web, including the Global Test Market Research site. These GPT sites allow their users to participate in their various poll surveys. And in return for their participation, they are entitled to receive cash or whatever form of remuneration the site offers like swag items.  Many people are asking "Is Global Test Market a scam or what?". 

Here is the million dollar question now, do sites like the Global Test Market panel deliver their user’s expectations? Or are these sites out just to scam other people? Paramount to keeping ourselves at a safe distance from scam sites is to know the truth behind them. You will only uncover the truth about them by doing research, and you are on it now so I commend you for that.

If the purpose of your Global Test Market research is to find the best online money-making opportunity, I suggest that you consider affiliate marketing the Wealthy Affiliate way, above everything else. Affiliate marketing is far superior above any other online money-making opportunities out there, however, you need the right approach to secure success in this field.

So take the Wealthy Affiliate program to learn about the rudiments of affiliate marketing. It will provide you all the support and help you will ever need, from building your website down to finding the products and services you are most passionate about and can promote.

I am currently earning 4-figure passive online income from my affiliate marketing ventures, this helped me achieve financial freedom, too. So I see no reason why anyone would not be able to achieve the same success I am now enjoying.

Global Test Market Summary Review


Founder: N/A

Price:  Free to join and sign-up

Best For:  People who can commit to answering survey questions which runs the risk of getting paid and not getting paid. 

Is Global Test Market scam?

Summary:   Global Test Market is a global leader in online market research sphere. They are pioneer in the industry yet there are gray areas in the conduct of their business. A common issue encountered by many users has something to do with completing a survey and qualifications to surveys. This is one of the get paid to sites that is riddled with many drawbacks. 

Rating: 20/100

Recommended: No. 

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Total Life Changes Review: TLC, Total Life Changes is a scam?

Nothing can be more disappointing and frustrating than joining a business venture and spending our valuable time and hard earned money to it, only to realize eventually that it is a scam or a sham organization. If you suddenly realize that you are in this kind of difficult situation, you may not be able to accept the reality right away, that you have just wasted your valuable time and money to it for nothing.

This is what we are trying to veer away from, to fall as one of the victims of scam organizations. It is always best to know what the tell-tale signs are, so we can keep a safe distance from them. And what you are doing now, to know the truth and educate yourself about Total Life Changes is the first step to that.

It seems to me that we really have an endless supply of opportunities catering to the health and wellness industry. Besides the promise they are making of creating a positive impact, they always make an assertion they can become instrumental in improving our financial well-being.

If your primary reason here is to find an opportunity to have another stream of income, my best recommendation is to consider becoming a marketing affiliate first, the Wealthy Affiliate way. This is the opportunity that paved way for me to reach my own financial freedom. And there is no reason I can see why you won’t be able to replicate my own success, which I am now sharing to you here.

Total Life Changes Summary Review


Founder:  Jack Fallon

Price: $99.95 + $49.95 monthly sales volume

Best For:   For people with exceptional flair in recruiting others to the business and are also well-versed in selling products to others. 

Total Life Changes is a Scam?

Summary:  Several aspect of Total Life Changes is in fact very good. They even have very  good range of product offerings. The TLC opportunity is great and also positive one. It is good enough to set the  right example for any new networking business that is just in its inception phase. 

Rating: 30/100

Recommended: No. 

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Is YouGov a Scam? Find Out If This is Another Survey Site to Waste Your Time With

Maybe you are among those many people out there, who at one point in time, gave survey sites a try in the hope of earning a few bucks on the side. It is not actually a bad idea, most especially when you have some spare time every day to spend on these ventures. After all, sign-up with most of the survey platforms are free of charge. Nothing for you to lose, and seems all for you to gain. And perhaps, you have come across YouGov platform before, right?

If you don’t have any prior experience or background about survey sites, with the prevalence of sham and shady online money making opportunities, your natural tendency is to qualify survey sites like as something shady and dubious.

If you are under impression that can provide you with the elusive online money-making opportunity, then may I suggest a better alternative. You might want to consider becoming a marketing affiliate. This platform offered by Wealthy Affiliate helped me achieve my own financial independence. 

YouGov Summary Review


Founder:   Stephan Shakespeare and
Nadhim Zahawi

Price: Free sign-up

Best For:  People who likes to use their spare time answering surveys about current events and social issues. 

What Is YouGov About?

Symbol of YouGov.

Summary:  YouGov strove hard to try to deliver online survey opportunity that everyone will love in terms of timeliness, easy to accomplish poll questions. Unfortunately, this online money-making opportunity will not get your utilities covered. 

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No. 

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Is Primerica a Scam? This Review Will Expose The Hidden Truths!

There are varying opinions when it comes to Primerica. While it is considered by many as an established company, many people are not certain if they should see this company as a pyramid scheme they should veer away from or not. To set the record straight, I am making this review now. 

In line with this, we will also try to delve deeper into the business opportunity that this multilevel marketing company have on offer and figure out really if it is worth venturing into or if you should stay away from.

Primerica Summary Review


Founder:   Arthur L. Williams Jr. in 1977

Price:  $99 +  $25 a month for access to company training tools and resources

Best For: Ideal for people with flair for recruiting, selling, and networking. People with prior experience to finance, insurance and similar fields are at a more advantageous position here. 

Summary: It is such a relief to know for anyone concerned that Primerica is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme since they have real product offerings to give to their market. This review shows you that the company is not solely reliant on recruitment to gain profit. But since they are making use of the typical MLM approach, making money from this company is challenging.

Rating: 50 /100

Recommended: No. 

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Is Zurvita a Scam? You Better Read This Now or You Will Regret You Joined This Company!

Is Zurvita a scam or not?  Are they a pyramid scheme or something else? Zurvita is yet another company in the MLM sphere. They are marketing health and wellness products and distributes them via networking method.

If Zurvita is yet another player in the health and wellness niche, how are they any better than all the others? If you think that Zurvita is offering you the best opportunity to have another source of income, the important question is can you really earn from this company as a product distributor.

Chances are high that you have heard about Zurvita from your own circle. It could be your friend, a relative, or a neighbor. They may want you to try out the Zuvita product line or they want to invite to come and try the business opportunity yourself and, thus, eventually become part of their downline networks.

Let us set the record straight now, Zurvita is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme company. This business entity is a legitimate company selling nutritional drinks.

So, if Zurvita is a legitimate business, should you give this opportunity a shot or should you look for something else?

Zurvita Summary Review


Founder: Mark & Tracy Jarvis 

Price: $35 enrollment + $25 annual renewal fee. 

Best For: Ideal venture for anyone who is a health buff and would like to earn some extra money on the side. 

Summary:  There is no denying Zurvita is offering us a great array of health-promoting products in juice form. But one aspect we need to get concerned about is the income opportunity for its members. The health and wellness industry is known for its tough competition, getting yourself involved here means you are going to try to go against the major players. Moreover, their current stock price is valued at 20 cents per point. This indicates that the company is not really doing well in the market.

Rating: 20/100

Recommended: NO. 

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Is Kannaway a Scam? Can They Take Away Your Money?

Finally, the use of hemp, the same family of botanicals where marijuana is belonging, is now being made legal in some states in the USA and the Kannaway team is out to take advantage and seize this opportunity.  

Are you wondering what is Kannaway about? If someone from your circle introduced you to this company and you are trying to figure out if this business opportunity they have on offer is a good one for you to dive into, then you are in the right place to find your answers.

I know for sure that one of the reasons why you are here is because you are trying to look for an opportunity for an extra income. If you think that Kannaway is the right opportunity for you to take, I beg to disagree that you are terribly mistaken. You will understand this as you read along this review post I made for this company.

But before that, let me share to you first the best way to make money online and have another stream of income for yourself and eventually for your family, too. While I have nothing against networking companies, these opportunities are not at par with what affiliate marketing can do for you in terms of elevating your financial well-being something awesome and exciting. 

Kannaway Summary Review


Founder:  Christopher Hussey and Jeff Rogers

Price:  $9.99  monthly or $49.99 yearly fee.

Best For:  Individuals with flair for marketing  Hemp-infused products. 

What is Kannaway about?

Summary:  Kannaway is a unique networking company since they may be the only one in the MLM sphere that offer hemp or CBD-oil or Cannabidiol infused products to the market. Despite the fact that they are unique in this aspect, how they are conducting their business is not primarily designed for the best interest of their member but more so for the welfare of the company. I can't imagine myself to rely mainly on commissions and sell products that are pretty expensive. Everything is going against you in this company. So, I won't encourage anyone to try this opportunity. 

Rating: 30/100

Recommended:  No

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Is Advocare a Scam? Are They Really Advocating for Your Financial Wellness?

If someone from your own circle approached you recently and introduced you to look into and try the Advocare system. But you are kind of having reservations about it  and at the back of your mind you’re wondering “Is Advocare a scam?”, then you can find in this review I am making all the answers that you’re looking for.

With this Advocare review we are going to look into its brief history, the compensation plan it offers, the array of products it is trying to sell, and if there are any controversies it got itself involved in, we will also delve into those as well. All in an effort for us to determine if it is worth investing our time and money in this networking company.

At the end of this review, you can surely make your own informed decision and determine to yourself if Advocare is indeed the golden money making opportunity you are looking for or not.  While I am not a huge fan of multilevel marketing firms, my best recommendation for you is to consider affiliate marketing instead. This is the only opportunity that will help you secure the financial wellness you are looking for.

Most importantly, it’s the platform that enabled me to become financially independent at just 21 years old without. Now I am not saying that a College degree or working experience is not important, but you don’t need any of those just to take advantage of affiliate marketing.  Currently, I am earning a 4 figure passive income per month which you can also replicate on your own. I can show you how.

Advocare Summary Review


Founder:  Charles Ragus

Price: $79 + $50 annual renewal fee 

Best For: Nobody

Summary:  Advocare has earned notoriety in the MLM industry due to its faulty product lines that are also riddled with controversy. This networking company is also known to have a history of shady practices.  

Rating:   45/100

Recommended: No. 

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Is Ariix a Scam? What Does this “Opportunity Company” Really Hold For You?

Welcome to My Ariix Review!

I assume that the primary reason why you are here is because you are trying to look for an opportunity to have another source of income, right? And for some reason, you came across Ariix or someone from your circle introduced you to it.

Now you are thinking, ‘Is Ariix a Scam?’ Perhaps this is the very first thing you have in mind about this company. It is very likely also that this thoughts you are having is exactly what is trying to hold you back from joining them. Otherwise, you would have already hopped in on this opportunity they have on offer.

But I must commend you on that. Finding relevant information is essential if you want to veer away from trouble and save yourself from falling prey in scam or pyramid scheme companies.

When it comes to making a passive income off the Internet, my best recommendation is to try affiliate marketing first.  It is way better than multilevel marketing opportunities because:

  • You will not recruit or refer people to the business
  • You can start right away for free
  • You can promote any product you want and you are most passionate about

As of today, when it comes to making good amounts of passive income from the Internet, affiliate marketing is second to none.

Ariix Summary Review


Founder: Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson, Jeff Yates, Riley Timmer, Deanna Latson, Harry Zhang, Ian Chandler

Price:  $294.95 all the way to $2,098 and other fees.

Best For:  Those who have patience in  recruiting people to the business and doing cold calls to their prospects. 

Is Ariix a Scam

Summary: Ariix is  your typical MLM organization. Compared to many other networking companies, this MLM business is offering its aspiring members a higher earning potential, which can be generous compensation plan. One drawback that is pulling me back from giving them a good thumbs-up sign is their expensive startup costs and their heavy reliance on traditional way of recruiting new members. 

 Rating: 45/100

Recommended:  No. 

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