SociBoom Review: Is This Internet Tool Worth Buying?

What is SociBoom about? Is SociBoom worth your money? Want to generate money even while sleeping? Most probably. That’s what we call passive income, and it definitely sounds great.

Nowadays, there are numerous products that promise to make it possible. One of those products is the Internet marketing tool named SociBoom. Brett Ingram and Mo Latif are its creators.

If you are running a business and have decided to give it an online space, you certainly need the help of some tools to promote your products. Do you want to learn about SociBoom?

Will it be worth your money? We have useful details here that may truly help you. Read on and feed your mind.

SociBoom Review SnapShot

Name: SociBoom
Website: www.sociboom.com
Products: 100% free traffic on Autopilot
Founder: Brett Ingram and Mo Latif
Verdict: Ranking at 3/10
3 Lite Special at $77/month or $27.95 during the launch offer and
Unlimited version $97/month or promo price at $29.95

What is SociBoom About?

First off, SociBoom is a tool that promises to bring you traffic for free. But more than that, it claims to give you one that you would actually think is beyond possible.

It allows you to set automatic social media updates from time and again. You don’t have to manually do it. It likewise makes it possible for you to grab other posts within or related to your niche.

Speaking of social media updates, this tool may have a great chance of being effective, given the fact that most consumers use social media and rely on the Internet for the product information they need.

How does It Work?

Basically, SociBoom allows you to update your social media accounts with posts that would generate millions of followers and engagements. Once this happens, you may have a great chance of drawing numerous potential customers to the products or services you offer.

Being able to set your account to update from time and again could indeed generate passive income, should your visitors turn into customers.

First Impression

When you visit SociBoom’s website, you will immediately notice its fresh look. Soon after, you will come across an explainer video focusing on online shopping’s popularity and how it has increased recently.

It has a good layout too, which draws visitors to the benefits it promotes Unlimited free viral traffic, passive money system, automation, and being newbie-friendly.

Additionally, you will also find a well-written content. It focuses on how billions are spent online and how you can earn big through the help of SociBoom.

At first visit, you will not find anything suspicious on the website.

However, customers who would like to ask for more information might get disappointed because there are no enough contact or support details that may give answers to possible questions.

Pros/Positive Remarks

What do you get when you purchase SociBoom?

As the creators claim, it will be good when you want to fill up your Twitter feed with content. It provides automated content creation, posting, and syndication.

It also gives users a chance to gain 100 percent real buyers and passive income streams, whatever business they are running. Lastly, SociBoom comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Needless to say, this is a very promising tool that assures prospective users that it can give them their money’s worth. One look at its website and you will see that its great potential can make great changes to one’s business.

Cons/Negative Remarks

While SociBoom sounds really promising, there are some negative remarks that potential users need to think about as well. They are as follows:

(-) Lack of Support Details

As earlier mentioned, SociBoom’s website lacks contact or support details that are crucial in guiding customers. The aforementioned pros might be useless if the users will not be in the know of what to do when problems arise.

(-) Unrealistic Claims

Certain experts believe that SociBoom can really help attract visitors. However, they don’t think the earning claims are realistic. They are simply overrated and too good to be true. Sure, the tool can help increase the users’ income but not up to what it claims.

(-) Pressure Tactic

Visit the SociBoom’s website and you will probably get the chance to buy the tool at a special price. But, you will only have that chance if you make a purchase within 90 minutes. That’s what you call pressure tactic, and numerous internet marketing tools practice it too.

(-) Too Many Upsells

SociBoom comes with four Upsells: SociBoom eCom Edition, SociBoom Max, SociBoom Elite, and SociBoom Special. Each has a different offer that claims to benefit potential users. While upselling can be a good business tactic, it can also be disadvantageous for it pushes customers to spend more or buy more expensive items.

(-) Unethical

Basically, SociBoom scrapes the Internet to find content that matches your niche. For certain people, this is somehow unethical. The tool also has the follow-unfollow automation that users can set up in the member’s area.

(-) Too Many Similar Products

What SociBoom offers is actually not unique. There are many other internet marketing tools offering the same thing; hence it does not really impress some people making a review of the product.


With all the aforementioned pieces of information, it is apparent that the cons or negative comments about SociBoom outweigh the pros. In reality, the pros come from the features and claims that the tool aims to show itself.

But the analysis made by certain people suggests it is not an impressive product that customers should purchase; hence the negative comments. More than that, the unrealistic claims and unethical tactics likewise make it less deserving of the customers’ money.

As a customer, you may have your own view of the product and you may still want to purchase it. But it is important for you to know what to expect.


In hindsight, the comments above suggest that SociBoom is actually not worth every customer’s money. While big amounts of effort and thoughts surely comprised the creation of the product, its unrealistic claims simply don’t make it worth buying.

Not to mention the fact that there are numerous similar products offering the same thing. SociBoom can indeed help business owners attract customers, but it is simply not what it claims to be.

As a whole, we’re giving this tool a 3/10 rating. There are other techniques and strategies business owners can do to attract potential customers. They may want to look at them first.

Your time and money better invested elsewhere

It’s Your Turn Now

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Does Quantum Cash Machine Scam People? Unbiased Review

What is Quantum Cash Machine About? Is it a Scam Or another BS? Quantum Cash Machine is a software for binary options auto trading. It is also a trading signal generator that was created in October of 2016. It is quickly gaining popularity in the industry but is reported to be a scam.

Their website, quantumcashmachines.com assures their visitors and prospective customers of earning at least $12,000 every week. This alone may already raise some red flags for rational people. Of course, it never came through. This is where scams profit. They deceive you with promises of massive income after you invest your own hard-earned money, which will then disappear without any profit made from it.

Binary options trading can be a great investment nowadays, but there are a lot of scammers that produce low-quality software. And that software’s only goal is to drain your bank account on the first day, and then you gain nothing in return. Quantum Cash Machine is one of this software by scammers. It is made of a poor algorithm with improper technical analysis, proven by a lot of negative feedback from actual users.

Quantum Cash Machine Review SnapShot

Name: Quantum Cash Machine
Website: quantumcashmachines.com
Products: Auto Trading Software
Founder: Chris Barner
Verdict:   Scam Alert – 0/10

What is Quantum Cash Machine and how does it work?

Quantum Cash Machine is created by someone named Chris Barnes. According to him, for a starting investment of $250, you will gain a daily profit of $1,500, and a weekly profit of $12,000. (Are this all Bullshit?)

This alone will make you suspicious of the software. In reality, you can aim for 10% to 30% of profits, and that is a pretty realistic goal. This statement very much sounds like a scam.

Another thing that you would want to know is that Chris Barnes, the CEO, and founder of Quantum Cash Machine (It Should be Founder of Scam Company), is most probably an actor who doesn’t know anything about what he is talking about in the company’s sales video. This guy is the exact same person who claimed to be someone named Douglas Ward in another scam, Profits 4 Patriot.

Speaking of fake people, here are a few more examples of them fabricating names and testimonials. On their website, you can see testimonials by fake people with fake reports.

Photos and identities were stolen to make these, and a simple investigation will reveal that these faces used on the website were from different people who probably don’t know anything about Quantum Cash Machine.

Now let’s take a look at this: the domain name registration is only valid for a year. For a company that is supposed to earn a lot of money from what they do, you would think they would have enough to register their domain name for long.

Moreover, the people talking in their sales video claim that they started their software over a year ago, but the website went up just last October of 2016. This turns out to be another one of their lies.

$100 Bonus rewards to you?

Chris Barnes also offers a welcome bonus amounting to $100 for new traders. At first, you may think, “So it isn’t a scam after all because they’re giving out $100 to newbies!” But if you think about it, this is just another classic scammer trick that they practice to make their scam look legit.

Accepting this bonus cash will add more complicated terms in your withdrawal process. You will have a much harder time withdrawing your money if you accept bonuses from the company, thus, making it a lot harder to get out of the scam.

Who is Quantum Cash Machine for?

Absolutely no one. Quantum Cash Machine is a scam itself, and I advise everyone to avoid it at all costs. It will not help you earn any money, and instead will only end up draining your bank account.

Quantum Cash Machine Tools & Training

The website doesn’t offer any instructions or free tools for training once you sign up as a trader.

Quantum Cash Machine Support

Quantum Cash Machine doesn’t have any of their contact information on their website. No addresses, contact numbers, or email address. There is a link that you can click at the bottom of the page which is supposed to take you to “live support from their team” but it only takes you to a signup form. This means you will have to sign up first before you can get any help.

The Good and the Bad

The Good:

(+) NONE of it. I simply can’t think any good for them.

The Bad:

(-) Fabricated personas and fake testimonials made with stolen pictures

(-) Not much information on their website

(-) No access to their support team

(-) No contact details so it’s impossible to communicate with them

(-) Proved to be a scam

Final Opinion of Quantum Cash Machine

If you still haven’t figured it out yet, Quantum Cash Machine is a scam. First off, the testimonials are fake, the people making the testimonials are fake, and the guy who is supposedly their CEO and founder is a fabricated persona played by an actor (Hollywood Award), or most likely the scam artist himself. If you compare it to actual binary options trading profits, there is no way that you will gain the amount advertised with realistic growth. You will only end up losing your money.

If you want to earn legit money online, try it the legitimate way. The exact formula that I followed to build my online business based on my interest or anything I’m passionate about. All you have to do is promote different products from different companies by writing about them based on your own opinions, and you will gain profit without the scam and possibly losing all your hard earned money. It’s guaranteed safe and legit.

Below are what the members achievement using the same formula I am using.

So why I am showing this. very simple. To prove that It works.

Click Here to Get Started

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My 1 Dollar Business Review – Legit Opportunity or Scam? Read here

What is My 1 Dollar Business about? Is My 1 Dollar Business a Scam or legit one? I believe that you hear most of the rumor be it via social media or approached by someone in person who trying to telling that be part of their member and make money together.

And this is the time you want to make sure your money is well spent on it and the time you invested is worth the effort.

If you are reading this and following me long enough you will have some insight that I always do my research for you so that I make sure all my readers making the right decision in choosing the right program for their online journey.

So let’s get started, shall we?

My 1 Dollar Business Overview

Name: My 1 Dollar Business
Website: my1dollarbusiness.com
Products Type: Affiliate Marketing / Networking MLM
Founder: Steve Gresham
Fees: Start at $1 and up to $181 per month for full participation
Overall Rank: 2 out of 10

What Is My 1 Dollar Business And How Does It Work?

To start with, Steve Gresham established the company. Its headquarters are in Georgia in the United States. Gresham is also the founder of Savings Highway and he appears to apply a similar business model to his My 1 Dollar Business model.

Members gain access to a wide range of services including:

  • Membership benefits programs
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Family legal plan
  • Worldwide travel program
  • 24-hour shopping concierge
  • Worldwide condo program
  • Personal development success modules
  • Vacations
  • Tax deduction software

Members also have access to a store where customers can purchase a wide variety of useful products and services. These commodities include beauty, technology and health products.

The compensation plan requires affiliates to purchase $1 per month positions within the 2×10 matrix. The matrix has 2,046 positions that can be filled by the affiliates from their downlines and uplines. The positions can be filled either directly or indirectly.

The matrix has several phases, namely:

Phase #1 at $10/month – $2.50/affiliate personally recruited plus $0.50/affiliate in the matrix

Phase #2 at $20/month with at least 10 affiliates in the matrix – $4/affiliate plus $1/affiliate (refer above)

Phase #3 at $50/month with at least 20 affiliates in the matrix – $10/affiliate and $2.50/affiliate (see above)

Phase #4 at $100/month with at least 50 affiliates in the matrix – $20/affiliate and $5/affiliate (see above)

Payment is only possible when all the qualifying conditions are met. For example, you can only be paid based on the Phase 3 matrix if you dropped from Phase 4.

Members also earn in many other ways including:

  • Direct sponsoring commissions wherein you will get paid $0.20 per member (i.e., the new member should be sponsored directly by the old member). This is paid in a residual manner provided that you’re active month to month.
  • Residual commissions wherein you will get paid 5 cents per month for paid affiliates in your matrix. These paid affiliates include personal and indirect members. There are a few conditions to get it, such as active from month to month and sponsor at least two people in your downline.
  • Vacation bonus, an incentive given to affiliates who have reached Phase 4 in the matrix. This requires personal sponsorships of 10 affiliates who also recruits others. The prize is a 7-night vacation worth $1,899 for free.
  • Profit-sharing bonus for members in the Phase 4 matrix. This requires personal sponsorship of 100 affiliates who also do the same.
  • Super Affiliate Vacation Affiliate demands personal sponsorship of 100 people/paid members with 50 of them reaching Phase 4 for at least three months.  The prize is an all-expense paid vacation worth $1,899 and $1,000 pocket money.

At first, the cost to join the business is just $1 a month. But if you want to be fully compensated, you have to shell out $181 per month.  The answer to the question of whether you can recoup it will depend on your ability to recruit more people every month, among others.  You must also encourage your downlines to recruit more and more people for a higher income as an upline.

The answer to the question of whether you can recoup it will depend on your ability to recruit more people every month, among others.  You must also encourage your downlines to recruit more and more people for a higher income as an upline.

You must also encourage your downlines to recruit more and more people for a higher income as an upline.

Who Is My 1 Dollar Business For?

If you’re willing to spend time, energy and money on recruitment activities, then this may just be the earning opportunity for you. But I clearly know that this is definitely not for me.

My 1 Dollar Business Tools & Training

Perhaps there are business tools, training, and support for the affiliates of My 1 Dollar Business but I didn’t see it on their website. I think I personally preferable training tools, as well as the support team. Without this, the business wouldn’t persist. Just my 2 cents.

The Good and The Bad

My 1 Dollar Business has the following benefits for its affiliate marketers:

(+) The possibility of earning money is present. You just have to remember that the business model heavily rests on the number of recruits made, as well as their active status. You must consider the time, energy and even money required to increase your recruitment base.

(+) The scheme offers actual products. You can have an easier time earning commissions and the like since the company offers useful products and services.

(+) The members can avail of the above-mentioned services. You at least have access to these useful services, which can recoup your investments in the program.

But there are also disadvantages to the program including:

(-) The process of signing up is more challenging than usual. You can become discouraged because of the numerous information and steps required.

(-) The compensation program demands an almost never-ending recruitment process. You should be hearing warning bells by now since pyramiding schemes are characterized by it. You and your downlines have to be active in the recruitment process if you want to earn more money.

(-) The commissions aren’t as generous as in other affiliate marketing programs. You may even consider it a waste of your time since the extra income doesn’t significantly exceed the costs if it does.

There’s also no information about the training, tools, and support provided to the members. These are important aspects to the success of any affiliate marketing business for various reasons. You may, for example, require sales and marketing training, answers to your questions, and information about new products and services.

You may, for example, require sales and marketing training, answers to your questions, and information about new products and services.

My Final Opinion of My 1 Dollar Business

With that being said, I must say that My Dollar Business isn’t a scam per se but it isn’t a highly recommended way to earn income. The products and services aren’t exactly the best but for a dollar, there is little reason to complain. But remember to look at the factors: your time is the most valuable assets.

The business model reeks of a pyramiding scheme, too, although it may or may not be so. The concern here is the emphasis on the recruitment side of the equation. This isn’t an ideal way of earning money since recruitment isn’t as easy as it seems for various reasons.

I have personally tried out networking business for several times with different company (they Still exist now) to earn some residual income, but instead of earning money I lost money.

What then do I recommend?

Click Here For My #1 Recommendation

You can sign up to the program in a fast, easy and affordable manner. You will then be able to avail of relevant services at reasonable costs including:

  1. Website creation, domain and hosting services
  2. Wide variety of products and services with recognized brands
  3. Training, tools, and support necessary your business success
  4. Personal chat with community and the founders if you facing any difficulties
  5. Live technical support team (Instant reply within few minutes)
  6. Live Webinars conductors by Weekly
  7. SiteRubix Platform (The most reliable Website Builder)

Check it out now and see what I mean when I say it works. This is the only system I trusted and found it’s really workable on step by step how to build up a profitable business with right community, tools and personal coaching by Founders.

I never look back once I found this platform.

Look below the results on members results: 

Better yet look at how member Edward build up his traffic along the way he building up his online business. It’s proven. 

Why I’m showing you all this? To prove you that it works.

Click Here to Get Started

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Thanks and see you at the top.


Real Time Pain Relief Business Opportunity Review

What is Real Time Pain Relief business opportunity? Is Real Time Pain Relief A Scam? What are the product, business model, and compensation plan? You’re probably asking many questions about this matter. Let’s take a look and get real about the answers.

What Is Real Time Pain Relief Business Opportunity And How Does It Work?

Real Time Pain Relief was founded by Tim Flatt, its current chief executive officer. The company is involved in multilevel marketing activities with topical pain relief creams as the main products. These creams are marketed as the next best thing to sliced bread – or at least, the answer to the pain issues suffered by millions of Americans.

According to the company, all its products are made with natural ingredients, as well as free from potentially harmful harsh chemicals. These chemicals include dyes, parabens, and SLS, among others.  The choice of ingredients is supposed to provide extraordinary results for the products’ users.

The products are sold across the United States. The ingredients include aloe vera, arnica, menthol, capsicum, and willow bark, to name a few. The products are touted as non-greasy, fast-absorbing creams formulated to deliver soothing pain relief just a few minutes after application.

Authorized distributors are allowed to buy the anti-pain products at wholesale before selling them at retail prices. Selling the products offline and online is allowed for this reason.

The compensation plan offered by the company is explained below. The company doesn’t actually provide interested individuals with a formal and official compensation plan. Instead, the official website offers a single-page overview coupled with several short promo videos.

This isn’t such a great point because savvy businessmen want to take calculated risks. You can’t do so when you don’t have the relevant facts on hand. You may, nonetheless, be able to get more information via the weekly webinars.

Based on my research, here are the things to know about the compensation program.  The company has four programs, namely, vendor, merchant, practitioner, and pet care professional. Again, there isn’t much information about these programs.

But we can surmise a few things. For example, the vendor program is suitable for people who want to sell in the local markets. The merchant program is best for businessmen with a physical location to sell the products.

You can also become an affiliate, also known as a sampler. You have three choices in becoming one, namely:

  • Sampler package costs $99.95
  • Gold Vendor priced at $250
  • Platinum Vendor is at $499.95

We can only surmise that the difference in prices is in the type and number of products included in the package. Such an assumption is made because the company doesn’t provide sufficient information in this matter.

But there’s also a few good things about the company’s business model. There is no auto-shipping requirement to meet and no quotas to fill. You just have to pay the $99 for the sampler package, for example, and you’re basically set for an entire year.

You will also get products that can be sold at retail for a profit. You then have higher chances of recouping your investment, a good thing considering that there are dozens of scams in the market.

The company also offers a few income streams.  Based on limited information from the website and a few reviews, these income streams include:

  • Unilevel retail commissions

Retail commissions can be earned from both customers and recruited persons using a 7-level tiered payout structure. This means that every customer and recruited person will go into your single downline. From a retail viewpoint, this is such a cool thing because you’re earning commissions from both your direct customers and on your customers’ customers, too.

This is known as the Unilevel MLM downline structure. You’re on top of your organization, which is 7 levels deep although its width is as large as it can be.  Your commissions on product sales can range from 1% to 6.25% depending on the level.

  • Matching bonuses

Whatever the monthly income of your recruited affiliates, you will get a cut. This can range from 25 t0 100% commission based on your downlines’ total sales volume.

  • Customer acquisition bonus

You can receive up to $500 a month depending on the number of customers who buy your products. You can get a $25 bonus for 10 new customers and $250 for 200 new customers, for example.

  • Sampler kit bonus

For every recruited affiliate, you will receive a $10 commission. You can make dozens of $10 commissions per year since the company applies a free sample business model.

If the compensation plan is what it says it is, then you can make good money provided the right time, energy and money are poured into it.

Who Is Real Time Pain Relief Business Opportunity For?

This is obviously geared toward men and women who want to enjoy higher income aside from their 9-to-5 salaries and/or other home businesses.

Real Time Pain Relief Business Opportunity Tools & Training

You can only have vendor training online via videos only. This is such a bummer considering that sales and marketing in the digital world have more challenges and complications.

The Good and The Bad

  • I like these aspects about the business opportunity:
  • Good product reviews online

  • Affordable sign-up costs
  • Tiered retail commissions seem generous
  • In business for the past 20 years
  • Compensation plan focuses more on products and less on recruitment

But there are also several aspects that didn’t click for me:

  • Insufficient detail on compensation plan
  • Products have the same prices on the website and Amazon, which will likely lessen the market for affiliate marketers
  • No “About the Company” section on website
  • More focus on offline methods than on online tactics (i.e., known as the warm market technique)

My Final Opinion of Real Time Pain Relief Business Opportunity

The Real Time Pain Relief business opportunity is also a good one. You have a useful product to sell and promote, as well as an apparently good compensation plan. You may even be able to make a good income from it.

But why settle for “good” when you can enjoy “great”? You must check out here the exact formula I followed, an affiliate marketing company with dozens of well-known products and services. You can also avail of the best training, tools, and support for your business success. I personally have tried Multi Level Marketing and Affiliate Marketing and found out works best for me. See picture above for further clarification.

It’s Your Turn Now

I hope you enjoy reading my RTPR review and gain some sight about this company. Now I would like to ask your favor to provide your some feedback if you happens tried this company before be it their products or their business plan before.

Of course, if you need a hand from me for your online journey feel free to reach out to me. I am more than willing to help you out. Thank you for sticking this post till the ending part.


Real Freedom Inc Review – Is It A Scam or BS?

What is Real Freedom Inc about? Is Real Freedom A Scam or Legitimate? If you haven’t heard of Real Freedom Inc., it is a company owned by a person named Preston Ely, who through this company, offers different courses for various fields and niches. It can be accessed on the website RealFreedomInc.com.

Launched in 2004, Ely had a mission of “glorifying God by helping others become financially free.” Through what the company like to call their “projects”, they target various niches with one goal in mind: to earn wealth.

Ely is also a wholesaler and is sharing his knowledge to gain success in that field to his clients.

If you are skeptical, don’t worry, a lot of people are. But let’s take a deeper look into Real Freedom Inc. and what they have to offer before passing any judgment.

Real Freedom Inc Review Snapshot

Name: Real Freedom Inc
Website: ww.realfreedominc.com
Products: Business Products in Different Niches (More into Real Estate)
Founder: Preston Ely
Price: Various from $30 – $200 per month depending on the course (Read products below for more description)
Verdict: Legit and Rank at 7/10

What is Real Freedom Inc. and how does it work?

Real Freedom Inc. is a company that offers primarily 6 products, of projects, as they like to call them, that centers around attaining wealth through different ways. It doesn’t matter which business you are in, they can help you learn how to financially succeed in that field with almost zero effort.

According to the company’s website, Preston Ely started the company back in 2004 using all the money he had earned from his real estate success. He wanted to share the secret keys to success with other people through different courses that he was going to create. He wanted people to like him to experience the same level of success that he had.

And so he built his company from scratch, and from that, it has grown and branched off. Real Freedom Inc. started to cater to several niches aside from real estate investment. A few of the niches the company is specializing in are self-improvement, IT services, and of course, an educational course on real estate investment.

The educational courses offered by the company are mostly video courses, with some even containing more material like eBooks and audio files for further learning.

Who is Real Freedom Inc. for?

Real Freedom Inc. is for anyone who wants to improve themselves and wants to succeed in any niche, especially in real estate.

Real Freedom Inc. is looking for people with a vision and a mission. You have to have a plan – something that you want so bad to execute – and build on it by learning the simple keys to success which Preston Ely has unlocked.

And of course, passion. Real Freedom Inc. is for anyone out there who possesses the right mix of passion and determination to execute their excellent plans.

Real Freedom Inc. Tools & Training


Real Freedom Inc. offers 6 core products, their so called projects, aside from their educational video courses on real estate investment. Here is the list:

  1. Deeds from the Dead
  2. How to Get Rich in Real Estate
  3. Instant Guru
  4. Gold Rush
  5. Real Estate Mogul
  6. REO Rockstar

As you can see, most of the courses they offer cater to the real estate investment niche. Now, let us dig further into these projects.

#1 Deeds from the Dead

Deeds from the Dead is a video instructional course on probate contributing. It will teach you how to find leads and good deals from people who has just recently acquired properties. If you are looking to get into the field of real estate, this is a great way to start learning about it. This is one of the best, if not the best, educational materials for beginners in real estate investments.

However, the sales video is a bit of a turn-off because of its clickbait-y qualities, which may make you think that the whole thing is a scam, which it isn’t. That particular video just isn’t that well made.

#2 How to Get Rich in Real Estate

How to Get Rich in Real Estate is a book written by the owner, Preston Ely, where his strategies for earning income from his real estate investments are documented.

The book is available on Amazon and costs $19.95. While it doesn’t seem very popular because of the very few reviews, it may surprise you greatly because of how helpful it is. If you want more for this course, you can purchase it through Real Freedom Inc.’s official website to get further learning materials such as the video courses and audio files.

#3 Instant Guru

With articles, eBooks, and video files, this course is supposed to teach you how to become the best version of yourself, as it is mainly for self-improvement. However, when you click on the link provided, it takes you to the (presumably) wrong website. It actually links to an IT services website and not a self-improvement course page. This may either be a mistake on their part, or a case of false advertising.

#4 Gold Rush

This is one of the courses that sound very much like a scam. The sales video is made to dupe people into buying gold and resell it for profit. If you are still interested, though, you can browse the materials included for your further education.

#5 Real Estate Mogul and REO Rockstar

Both of these products are centered around real estate investments and are very similar, so we won’t discuss them further.

The Good and the Bad

The Good:

●        Inspirational

●        Offers different educational courses

●        Offers various instructional materials such as videos, eBooks, and audio files

The Bad:

●        Can often seem like a scam because of their clickbait-y sales videos

●        Most of the “projects” are very similar

Final Opinion on Real Freedom Inc.

Despite its clickbait-y video materials and some mistakes here and there, Real Freedom Inc. is a pretty decent company that offers several educational courses for earning financial success in niches like real estate and IT.

However, if you really want to start your own business in any field that interests you, Join me in this business awesome community that always my #1 recommendation, you can choose any interest that you are passionate about and connect with people who are willing to help you start your own website to earn income. In this way, not only making your online business more fun but interesting. Success is just within your reach.

Below is proof that how we make money using the method has been taught. Simply join me and discover more about the system.

It’s Your Turn Now

First of all, thank you for your time sticking this post till the end. I hope you find this review useful for you and please share with us if you have any thought of RFI products. Or if you are the one who bought the products/program feel free to share with us your results.

Of course, if you need any help from me feel free to reach out to me. I am more than willing to help you out your online journey.


24 Paying Investment Review: Is 24 Paying A Scam or Not?

What is 24 Paying Investment about? Is it just another HYIP? Whether you’re talking about Bitcoin mining, stocks, options, or Forex, a lot of people are looking to make money online through investment opportunities. We’ve had a lot of people sending us emails and social media messages lately about a site called 24Paying. Now 24 Paying isn’t a stock market trading or affiliate marketing system, it supposedly involves itself in ‘strategic Bitcoin mining.’

Now we knew people who made money mining Bitcoins themselves in the past before it basically got too tuff to do it yourself unless you for some reason have a low-cost or free source of power. The only real way to make money with Bitcoin these days is to possibly trade it as a speculator, or possibly get involved in a large-scale mining operation.

24Paying seems to claim to be one of these types of Bitcoin mining operations.

But is 24Paying a good way to make money, or is it just an Internet scam?

In this article, we’ll talk about the history of bitcoin mining, where the Bitcoin scene is at the moment, and whether 24Pay has a legitimate business model or not.

History of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining

Back in 2008, a guy named Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper called ‘’bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.’’ Obviously, the guy’s real name probably isn’t Satoshi Nakamoto, but the idea makes a lot of sense; that there should be a way of paying people and things on the internet anonymously, with no record of who or where the money goes. Basically, how cash works…just online.

Bitcoin gained a lot of legitimacy when WikiLeaks began accepting Bitcoins as donations. However, Bitcoin still fluctuates more greatly than legitimate, earthly currencies. This, of course, is due to security breaches, the creation of more bitcoins, and speculators buying and selling bitcoins for various reasons.

In one day back in March 2013, Bitcoin dropped in value by 23%, only to bounce back up again in a few hours. In April 2013, two big online payment processors basically quit working for awhile due to high trading volume/a hack (depending on who you believe.) When that happened, the Bitcoin exchange rate dropped from $266 to $76 before jumping back up to around $160 six hours later!

Whiplash trading and volatility, right?

And of course where whiplash trading numbers go, speculators and people looking to make big cash in short periods of time follow! Some people call these investors just ‘gamblers’ while others call them ‘day traders’ etc. There’s even a whole segment of investing that centers around this concept; ‘high yield investments.’

In 2014, TeraExchange was approved by the US Commodity Futures Trading Organization to basically list a financial product called an ‘over the counter swap’ product that’s pegged to the price of Bitcoin aka BTC. Basically, this was the first time a worldwide and legitimate financial regulatory agency decided to legitimize and track a financial product based on Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Well, as Bitcoin was created, something very interesting and unique occurred. With regular money, obviously, a government decides when and how it will print more money or less money. It is this idea and ‘’balance’’ that basically gives money its value.

With Bitcoin, special software ‘’taxes’’ computers by making them solve a bunch of very complicated math problems. As the problems get solved, little fractions of Bitcoin are ‘produced’ or made by the program. When Bitcoin was first starting out, you could use your desktop or laptop to run a small program in the background, ‘mining’ Bitcoins for you.

The problem with that now is that Bitcoin has been around for a while, and it now takes a whole roomful of computers stuffed with graphics cards etc. to mine a worthwhile amount of Bitcoins. In effect, it takes longer now and it’s ‘harder’ to mine Bitcoins that it was before. Maybe it’s a good idea just for fun to have a small passive program mining in the background of your laptop…but the days of making money from mining are pretty much gone.

What 24Paying Claims to do to Make Money

24Paying claims to have an automated program or ‘bot’ that automatically trades bitcoins based on prices, and always buys or sells at optimum times. The problem with this is that such a ‘bot’ doesn’t really exist. If it did, and it made so much money every day…they would not be soliciting donations from investors!

They would have enough money even just after a few days of running the bot that putting more money in the pool would never be something they would need. If anything, they wouldn’t want their position in the market to be made larger, because then their (larger) trades would effectively start swinging the market back the other way every time they made trades!

Another big red flag is that 24Paying try to get you with a bait-and-switch. They say to start with $5, and that after that ‘trade’ with them you can put more money in their pot in order to earn more. In reality, this is probably a Ponzi scheme, aka a Bernie Madoff scheme. We don’t recommend you invest with 24Paying or any online service that claims constant profits or some sort of ‘magic bullet’ solution.

On the 24Paying website, they even have stats! Because they know how much people interested in financial products like data…there are some fairly satisfying numbers on their site.  They say they have something like 275 running days at the point of this article writing, with the bot as of right now, and $4.5 million dollars in their account with another $7.9 million withdrawn.

Perhaps I think they need to retake their math classes as I think they having an issue in calculation even trying to cons people money. Their deposited money is lesser than in the account yet still able to withdraw more than that?? I am curious, though? Yet for some reason, their site still reads in broken English and has a very basic user interface and theme?

You’d think a multimillion dollar, extremely profitable website and investment group would have a few extra dollars to spruce up the website, huh? Or even just the idea that an investment opportunity is so good…but for some reason has to try and convince you to put your money in? This smells fishy. 24Paying is definitely a SCAM.

The Real Way to Make Money Online

If you really want to build money, you have to invest prudently and save.

If you want to build up something online and get paid without getting involved in financial products, maybe get some websites going and make money with affiliate marketing. Google AdSense and Amazon, as well as many smaller companies, pay out pretty well when it comes to Pay-Per-Click and traditional sales/commission-based models.

If you want to learn legitimate money online please read my #1 honest recommendation review.

Learn more about website building and affiliate marketing, and stay clear of scams like 24Paying.

It’s Your Turn Now

What is your thought regard to 24 paying and do if you have any experience with 24 paying or others similar program, feel free to share it with us? We would like to hear from you.

Last but not least if you need any help from me in your online journey do not hesitate to reach out to me and I’m more than willing to help you out.

I wish you all the success in you online journey and stay out of those crap and scams out there ^^.


What Is Ponzi Scheme About? Is Ponzi Scheme A Scam?

It must have been nice. Sitting in his custom-built 88-foot yacht, with a bridge so high it required an elevator to access it, Bernie Madoff enjoyed fishing. When he wasn’t on water, however, he enjoyed fishing for something else; new investors needed to keep his business interests afloat.

Once he got his hook in someone, it usually meant that unless they were lucky to get away early, their investments usually went belly up or got filleted by Bernie himself. This is because Bernie Madoff is the most recent famous person to get caught using a Ponzi scheme to get rich…and in his case, he milked investors and friends out of something like $50 billion in US money.

The thing about a Ponzi scheme is that the biggest red flag about them is that at first, it’s just too good to be true. Positive returns in situations where other intelligent and credible investors break even or even take a loss. Even bigger returns in good times. Consistency. In some cases, positive investment returns that are so good, they double or triple the initial investment.

Sounds like something you would want to get involved with, right?

Before the Fall

Sadly, Ponzi schemes never turn out well. Like Bernie Madoff’s scam, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of websites and small businesses that don’t really look to invest money from customers into things like stocks and securities. Instead, they’re like large carnivores like dinosaurs or great white sharks. Meaning; they have to keep moving and keep eating, or they die.

See, the Ponzi scheme can also turn into a pyramid scheme pretty easily. The story is actually pretty simple: find someone to give you money. Then find someone else to give you some money. Take the money you get from person #2, and give it to person #1. Then, you have to start looking for a person #3…because #2 will probably be ready for some money pretty soon!

A classic ‘pyramid scheme’ means that only ‘tier 1’ people get paid from ‘tier 2’ etc., meaning that for people to get paid they have to enlist others into the scheme. A Ponzi scheme usually doesn’t get that involved; it just tries to pay everyone. Either way, all of these types of situations only really end up falling apart. Sometimes the leader or leaders of the organization decide to vanish into thin air. Which I believe we hear most of the time and not strange about it.

Other times, it’s simply the tenuous nature of the arrangement that does in the whole thing; basically, it’s hard to keep something running forever when it essentially doesn’t provide any sort of service to anyone. Companies can stay alive as long as they are useful; it’s why Coca-Cola and Chevrolet and Levi’s blue jeans still exist in the 21st century; people still have a need or a want for those products. But Ponzi schemes, again, don’t really do anything. Unless, of course, you consider constantly trying to get new people involved in the scam a ‘thing.’

Ponzi Schemes Online

A lot of these online investment sites are basically Ponzi schemes. They try to confuse and impress people with talk of ‘trading bots’ or amazing stories of big money in foreign exchanges and startup companies. However, most of them are simply empty web pages.  For a while, some of them even tried to sell investors the idea of creating a new sort of cryptocurrency or payment method.

Some of these still exist, and most of them have these pseudo-corporate names like Standard Reserve, OSGold, EvoCash, INTGold, or V-Money.

Now that it’s so easy to send payments to others online, it’s opened up a whole new world for scammers. Depending on what country they’re in, they may not even be breaking any laws. And what’s worse is that once your money turns into some sort of electronic currency…or if that money goes overseas, it’s usually hard to get that money back.

We say all this to remind all of our readers to be extremely careful when looking online for investment opportunities. It (Ponzi Schemes) takes all of one day to buy a domain name, put up some fake stats on a slick-looking website, and start accepting payments in what is basically untraceable Bitcoin. Once that money goes out, it’s hard to get it back…and depending on the country, if that money was sent off as an ‘investment,’ the people you send it to might not even be liable for setting up the whole thing.

The REAL Way to Make Money Online

If you really want to make money online, go to any website on the internet. ANY site.

What do you see? Videos? Pictures? Articles? Yes, usually you get some of that. But what else do you see? Ads. And it’s these ads…and companies like Google and Amazon, those pay websites if people access their sites through ads posted in other places. The professional term for this is ‘Affiliate Marketing,’ and it’s really where the money is online.

Don’t give your cash to scammers. If you want to make money online, do some work and build some pages people like…then make your money legitimately without being scammed or the other way round. I have listed out the benefits of Affiliate Marketing which I highly recommend you spend some time to read it.

In layman terms, you build a niche website and using proper ways to bring in traffic.If your reader decided to trust you and decided to buy the products you recommended and you earn a commission, Simple as that. The potential is huge and the more traffic you able to attract the more you will gain.

Although it sounds easy in affiliate marketing but you need a proper education to get started. Read here the platform I am using to build up my website from scratch.

It’s your turn now

Do you have any experience in Ponzi Schemes? Do you have any thought that can share with us your opinion regarding this title?

Last but not least if you find that this article beneficial to you, please do share to your network so that they are aware of it.

Of course, if there is any question out of this topic please contact me and I am more than willing to help you out in guiding you to success in your online journey.


What is High-Yield Investment Program About?

A high yield investment program, according to Wikipedia, is a particular type of investment fraud. Basically, it just means paying old investors with ‘new money’ sucked out of newer initiates to the program. As soon as the program quits or slows down in acquiring new investors (or fresh meat) the system collapses in on itself.

Most of these scams don’t last very long, and unsurprisingly usually emanate from offshore and international areas where it’s hard to track down either the perpetrators or the money.

These are better known to some people as Ponzi Schemes or Pyramid Schemes, and most of these ‘investment opportunities’ are at least one of these things if not both of them.

Warning Signs

The first thing you need to look for when you think you may have come up with a Ponzi scheme is to find their claims about returns. For some reason, they’re almost always insanely, exceedingly high, like 1% per day or something insane like that. Just do the math for a second…1% per day is 365% per year, aka a tripling of the initial investment. This sort of thing almost never happens in real life. Unless your friend growing up was named Steve or Bill and started a computer company in Silicon Valley in the 80s…most people don’t get returns like this on their investments.

Basically, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

The second thing worth looking at is that with such big returns, you might wonder why they’re needing new investors. If your money is tripling every year, you probably don’t want to screw anything about that formula up.

And if gains were that good, you’d better believe that people would be actively looking to get their money involved in a project with those kinds of returns…not vice versa.

Another pretty important thing to think about is that if a company was doing that well, they’d probably have a pretty well thought out plan when it comes to where the money goes and why. This sort of investment plan is called a prospectus, and basically, every legal investment and the financial instrument have one.

The thing is, a lot of these websites literally only have a couple very vague paragraphs written about ‘Forex’ or ‘trading bots’ or Bitcoin fluctuations…and then usually on the same page ask for ‘investments’ of up to ten thousand dollars!

As a writer, I love the idea of writers getting paid extremely well for writing a few murky paragraphs. However, all kidding aside, if you plan to invest with a company, check them out. Read everything there is to read about them, and hope that they have a really good plan for safeguarding and growing your money.

Not having those sorts of things is a red flag for sure.

Finally, there’s one other thing these scammers have up their sleeves; fake reviews. Some of the worst, scummiest websites around have ‘great reviews’ on other websites…because usually the same person or company that owns the investment website also owns the review website!

Sometimes websites pay workers to simply bombard legitimate review sites with bogus reviews, making the legit reviews that tell the truth about the scam to look silly or at the minimum in the minority.

Finally, a lot of these sites only last for a very short time; at some point, they just fold up and turn into ‘’404 Error’’ sites. Maybe if you’re lucky you might catch up with the former owner scuba diving in Thailand or something.

The Real Answer

Seriously, do yourself a favor and be careful when investing online! Don’t just give your money to anyone. Actually, don’t give your money to anyone at all. You know how the Internet really works, right?

People visit websites because they like them. Because there are stories on them that they want to read, or videos on them they want to watch.

What’s usually also on those websites are small advertisements. People aren’t annoyed by them as long as they’re not intrusive, and advertisements have been a part of society now for hundreds of years.

Companies like Google and Amazon take care of their partners, and they actually pay pretty well when it comes to paying affiliates money if they make sales or get traffic from other websites.

The professional term fo this type of work is called ‘’affiliate marketing’’ and it’s really the best way to make money online. I have written the benefits of affiliate marketing and how you could make money by helping others?  Please take the time to read if you are new to affiliate marketing. Sadly, it’ll never generate the excitement that these scam sites do, because of two things:

One, it doesn’t double or triple your initial investment in a week, like those scammer sites, claims to do.

Two, it’s because becoming an efficient and money making affiliate marketer requires a fair amount of work.

But if you can build up a site that people like, even if it’s just a small subset of the population of Earth, you can do well for yourself. Indeed you are able to build your legitimate income on your comfort zone as long as there is connection to wifi. What you need is right education and right platform that able to guide in reaching your goal.

Read this #1 recommendation if you wanted to succeed in your online journey. I have never look back since thenI found this platform.

Work and apply yourself, don’t give your money to scammers!

It’s Your Turn Now

What is your thought after reading this article? Do you experience in HYIP before Or anyone of your closed one being scammed by this High Yield Investment Program in their life? Feel free to share it with us and we would like to hear from you.

Last but not least I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for spending the time read this and I really wish beneficial to you. Please share your social network so that they can benefits from it too.

Do let me know if you need any help from me and I am more than willing help you out in your online journey. Together we make the internet scam free which I think is possible if everyone of is doing our part to warn each other.


What Is Pyramid Schemes About? Read Full Explanation Here

A pyramid scheme entails a business set of designs that hires members by assuring payments or services once you are able to bring other individuals into the pyramid scheme, instead of equipping either investments or trade of outputs or utilities.

With the multiplication of hiring into the pyramid scheme, the hiring process might prove to be elusive, and it might be impossible for participants of the pyramid scheme to benefit. This makes pyramid schemes untenable and unsuitable because it conflicts with state legislation.

Pyramid schemes are thought to have existed for nearly a century in varied modes and presentations that displayed various behaviors and emotions that some people thought was intended to be deceit. This made pyramid schemes become less popular as they were associated with lies between individuals, where some people benefited from other people’s hard work.

Basic pyramid scheme models

Members of an organization willing to join the pyramid scheme are at times subjected to coercion to make payments with an assurance from the organization that every member will get a share of any fund derived from the additional membership that they could hire into the pyramid scheme.

Managers of these schemes are also a part of the share of benefits derived from the new pool of recruits and the organization’s membership fee. The managers believe that they are obliged to both hire and even channel the funds received to the directors of the pyramid schemes for them to prepare finance accounts needed to maintain the scheme.

Organizations with pyramid schemes rarely involve the sale of merchandise or utilities with any value, and as such, the only strategy to keep the organization afloat and generate more revenue streams will be through recruitment of additional members. This maintains and increases the pool of funds required to both run and motivates the directors and other older members who share the profits realized.

The science behind the existence of pyramid schemes would be a mathematical exponential growth formula, whereby each level will be deduced to be much bigger than its predecessor. This means that the pyramid scheme will have to keep on expanding indefinitely for it to realize profits in the long run. Mostly, those at the top of the pyramid receive more profits, unlike those who have recently joined and are at the base of the pyramid.

Watch this on how to spot a Pyramid Schemes and get better understanding. Enjoy and Keep reading!

Shortcomings of the pyramid scheme

#1 Of concern, expanding indefinitely might not be possible as the world demographic trend is infinite, and if by any chance the pyramid scheme runs out of new hires, which means a reduction in revenue stream, it crumples since in a logical geometric progression higher values are at one end, while most individuals will be at the bottom levels of the pyramid, considering that the lower level has the highest number of recruits.

#2 Most of the pyramid schemes have individuals within the top layer benefiting at the expense of those at the bottom who might tend to lose their money because a bigger percentage of the scheme is at the bottom, making other participants not benefit at all.

Normally, with the collapse of these schemes, most of the individuals will find themselves at the bottom layer making them unable to get any profits. This gets even worse because they have already paid money to join the pyramid scheme in terms of membership and subscription fees.

#3 A pyramid scheme will normally be associated with a few individuals who earn huge profits at the expense of many others, who join the scheme and end up losing their money. The system is imbalanced since only some few people make money from others.

Models of pyramid schemes

#1 The “eight balls” model pyramid scheme

A large number of pyramid schemes prove to be complicated, rather than being simple and easy to understand. Occasionally, hiring a larger pool of individuals into the scheme becomes difficult, thus bringing the need for a simpler model.

Under this pyramid scheme model, each individual is tasked with bringing two others into the scheme, making it very easy to make profits since the vigor to get back invested funds also improves tremendously. The principle in this model is an individual who “hires” two other members who in turn do the same through bringing two new members into the scheme to get income. This recruitment process continues until there are 15 members, which is the maximum number this model can have in a single scheme.

A captain, who is normally the individual at the top of the pyramid scheme, will occasionally receive funds from his chain of recruits. However, if they intend to leave the scheme at any time, they still have the advantage and capability of re-entering the scheme once again as a “passenger.” Once they’ve re-entered, they can hire other members to enable them to enjoy a second, subsequent payout.

#2 Matrix pyramid scheme

Under this pyramid scheme, members pay money to join the scheme, although the process of joining is not immediate. Before joining, one has to be on a wait list in line with a particularly desirable merchandise that only a meager percentage is paid back.

Due to their constant use of geometric analysis, there is a likelihood of them cramping easily over a period of time. Apart from that, these schemes operate through getting incomes from their new members who join at a higher figure. These pyramid schemes will often collapse when fewer people are willing to join because the chances of being in front are infinite.

Under this model, organizers are not authorized to make this a gambling scheme whatsoever by law. This has made some nations rule out these schemes as they are not allowed by their legislation.

#3 Connection to Ponzi pyramid schemes

Both pyramid schemes are related in the sense that both are financial fraudulent gimmicks, although they are totally different. Pyramid schemes are pegged network marketing that entails each section of the scheme taking a reward, while still making sure that the money gained goes to the top of the pyramid scheme. The tendency to fail often occurs due to insufficient individuals, who are part and parcel of the scheme as one central entity which solicits funds from individuals, keeps some and takes the rest to those who had initially invested.

#4 Connection to multilevel marketing (MLM) companies pyramid schemes

Companies branded as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) normally do business as pyramid schemes making their customers confuse them with some legalized multi-level marketers. In fact, there is a very strong contention that MLM schemes are legitimate pyramid schemes.

Legitimacy of pyramid schemes

Schemes are normally branded and regarded as illegal by many countries and regions all over the world. They are even termed as marketing and investment fraud since a greater emphasis is on selling distributorship than merchandise to its prospective members. This exhausts both potential the supply of investors and the final result, making it very hard for members to get a regular source of income.

So what is your thought about Pyramid Schemes and I hope article gives you the better understanding on this Schemes. If you find this article useful and give you a lot of information, do me a favor by sharing this articles to your closed one. Let’s spread this out and help people avoid losing money again.

And if you have further question, please share with us below and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

Thank you for sticking this post till the end and I wish you all the best in your online journey.

Does Dollarnize Scam People? Read My Honest Review Here

It’s a commonly known fact that even the most terrible persons and objects have some redeeming feature. Go find the most dangerous criminals in a maximum security prison and each one of them will have at least one positive trait. Maybe they loved their parents or were kind to animals, for example.

The same is true for online money-making schemes. Some are really bad, but not totally bad. But Dollarnize is an exception—it’s completely bad. Is it legit? The answer to this is an emphatic NO.

Dollarnize Product Review

Name: Dollarnize
Website: www.dollarnize.com
Products: Money-Making Membership Site – It Claims that pay member money by completing a certain task.
Founder: Unknown
Fees: “Free to Join”
Overall Rank: 0 out of 10 (It’s A SCAM, Stay out of this)

What Is Dollarnize and How Does It Work?

Dollarnize is a simple money-making membership site. It claims to have 137,000 members and the site has already paid out almost $786,000. Near to a million. As of March 2017, it claims that payout to nearly to $200 million. BS

On the face of it, it’s very simple. You sign up for free, and then you’re given $25 as a signup bonus to your account. You just need to give them your real name, email, and address.

You’re given an affiliate link, and your job is to get people who visit your site to click on that link. You see, Dollarnize is being paid to drive traffic to that site and they’re subcontracting the job to people like you. They must get paid very well since you’re getting $10 as your share for every person who clicks that link on your site.

You may also be asked to complete a task, such as a survey. You’re then paid for those tasks as well.

You have to reach at least $300 before you can withdraw your money. But here’s the real catch: before you can withdraw your money, you also have to complete even more surveys. But you have to pay for these surveys too!

It’s at this point when just about everyone realizes that it’s a scam.

The Good

Well, at least they didn’t require you to pay money up front before you can join. That’s a good thing, right? But it’s not really good since it makes it easier for the more naïve folks to sign up.

However, this site has all the signs of a scam even before you try it out.

(-) The copy comes with unprofessional misspellings and bad grammar. The people behind the site didn’t even bother to proof the damn thing.

(-) There’s no info on the people behind the website. However, some research has been made and it has been found that the same people behind this site are also responsible for some other notorious scams like Visit 2 Revenue and Fans 2 Earn.

(-) All the testimonials are fake. The people listed as giving rave reviews don’t really exist, and the pictures posted are all stock images.

(-) The claims made are simply ridiculous. They claim that they’ve paid out more than 200 million US dollars so far!

So let’s count the number of ways that Dollarize is bad for you:

#1  You waste your time. You may not have wasted your money, but your time and your efforts are all wasted.

#2You don’t get paid. Yes this is the main problem. Once you’ve tried to withdraw your money, you’re going to be asked to jump through a lot of hoops first. In addition, you also have to pay more again to jump through those hoops.

#3 You’ve given your info to scammers. You should prepare yourself, since your email address will now be bombarded with spam offers.

#4 You’ve lured other people into this mess. That’s what happens when you promote an affiliate link that you don’t do research on. This will obviously damage your credibility, and that in turn will reduce your future earning potential.

So how are these people earning money? It’s simple: they’re harvesting information and email addresses without having to pay for it. Then they just sell your information to various marketing organizations.

These sites ought to be banned, but then again the online world can be dangerous. In the end, it’s really up to you to recognize and avoid all these scams.


Basically, the Dollarnize website is a gauge on just how foolish you are. Smart people will take note of the unprofessional look of the website and obviously fake testimonials and avoid this. Also, smart people go to Google and read reviews. We’re not the only ones who say that this is a scam.

Naive folks may try it out, but then they do realize it’s a scam when they’re asked to shell out more money to get their money. The stupid ones will actually pay for the surveys, and complete the surveys too. These people won’t get their money. They’ll just be asked to pay for even more surveys until they quit.

Nowadays its new name is MyCashTable, but it’s the same thing. (Enter dollarnize.com on your browser address bar and it will take you to mycashtable.com.)

The same premise holds, however. It’s a SCAM with no redeeming features. By whatever name it uses, its task is to fleece you of your info and your money. It gets a score of 0/10.

What a Better Alternative?

So what should you do instead to make money online? The simple answer is to avoid all these get rich quick schemes and realize that you have to properly invest time, money, and a lot of effort.

You can sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, for example. Read here My Full Details Review of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the very opposite of Dollarnize. It’s an educational training tool that gives clear and concise directions on what you need to do. The steps cover how you create a website, how you can find products to promote, how you can gain traffic for your site, and how you can convince people to buy what you’re promoting.

It’s extremely comprehensive, and that’s what you really need so you don’t have to shell out more money for more guides and tools. You also get lots of support, with live chat, personal coaching, and a very active forum where you can engage with other members.

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