What Is Empower Network About – Does It Still Works?

Is Empower Network A Pyramid Scheme or A Scam? What exactly it is? Let’s me revealed more in this article if you have no idea what it is. In short, Empower Network is one of the more popular multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes of the past five years. It was founded by David Wood and David Sharpe. The company says it combines MLM with network marketing and internet marketing to enable its members to earn money online.


Empower Network Review

Website: www.empowernetwork.com

Product: Multi-Level Marketing(MLM)- Online Educational Products for Online Marketers

Owner: David Wood and David Sharpe

Price: There are few ranges products to choose from. Read further details below

Overall Ranking: 2 out of 10 (The #1 I hate it is High Initial Costs)

How Does Empower Network Works?

Members receive  online marketing and professional development training along with professional software and tools to become more active with their own websites. Members also receive up to 70 percent in commissions from marketing products they sell in their sphere of influence.

Unlike other MLM firms, Empower Network doesn’t offer physical products to their consumers. What they offer are training and motivational videos to teach and motivate their members. In turn, these members are expected to

Empower Network has a host of products to choose from, such as:

#1 Viral Blogging System—  for a monthly fee of $25, you can set up a high authority blog. According to Empower Network, the blog is easy to set up and can attract many visitors. It is a plug and play, ready-to-start blogging platform. Anyone can start a blog whether for personal or business use with this system. Another main selling point is the price — a $25 fee is considered low for maintaining and hosting a blog.

#2 Viral blogging Academy— this is a video course that teaches members how to monetize their viral blogging system. This one has a one-time fee of $297. It’s designed for newbies who have no knowledge at all about blogging and getting income from it.

#3 High Ticket Academy— priced at around $500, this is a series of webinars that teach members how to close customers on high ticket sales.

#4 Inner Circle— this is essentially a library of interviews and stories from some of the top performers in the company, to inspire members who also want to earn well. Access to this library entails a monthly fee of $100.

#5 Master’s Course— for a one-time payment of $3500, you can get an advanced training with courses on email marketing, niche marketing, and perpetual marketing, among others.

In the event that you join Empower Network, you’ll be taught how to set up your own blog through its Viral Blogging System. Then you will have to market their core products to other prospective members. If you are successful in convincing them to join Empower Network, they’ll be your “down lines” from which you get commissions and their future sales.

Who Is Empower Network For?

Because of the complicated compensation plan of Empower Network, the system is best suited for people who have previous experience in MLM.

Empower Network Tools & Training

Empower Network offers training and motivational audios and videos to train and motivate their members, so they can also sell the product to potential recruits or downlines.

Empower Network Support

The Empower Network’s website is where you should go if you need support.  It has an FAQ section as well as knowledge base which members can access if they need to get enlightened on a particular topic or subject. Members can also send an email to the Empower Network customer service team, with the response usually coming within 24 business hours.

The Good & the Bad

Pro #1 It offers very high commissions of up to 70 percent, higher than the usual 20 to 40 percent.

Pro #2 There are no physical products sold.

Of course there is cons for Empower Network, Let’s see

Con #1  High initial costs. With Empower Network, you stand to shell out at least $150 a month and up to $5,000 for one-time payment.

Con #2  There’s no guarantee that the blog you set up under its Viral Blogging System will rank highly by Google. For one, the blogging system makes use of themes and templates that are very similar to each other.  There are also lots of cases wherein the blogs have duplicate content.

Con #3 It has been banned by Facebook as a spammer, so it is now even harder for Empower Network members to recruit downlines on the popular social media site.

My Final Opinion of Empower Network

Empower Network had its heydays three to four years ago. Since then, recruiting new members has become a lot harder as people realized that this is basically a pyramiding scheme with the e-products used as a ploy in marketing the program to unsuspecting individuals.

Making things more difficult for members of this program is that Facebook has banned it. This further makes it harder for members to get new recruits.

Also, Google has cracked down on blogs that employ the same themes and templates that the Empower Network viral blogging system uses. This results to lower search result rankings and subsequently, traffic for blogs powered by the Empower Network.

Finally, it doesn’t help the Empower Network that it charges very high fees for its members. It may also offer high commission but the initial cost of investment is too high for most new members.

In short, Empower Network has seen its better days. It may have been a hit three to four years ago but it is no longer that viable a program for people who want to earn online. There are a lot more online business opportunities that you can get into, without having to shell out a fortune.

Take for instance, the Wealthy Affiliate.

This online affiliate marketing program has been in existence since 2005. That alone speaks loudly of how viable this program is. In this program, you’ll learn how to build a niche website. Your website will then promote affiliate products and services, from which you will get a commission.

You don’t need to be a skilled web designer to build your own website in this program. The system is designed in such a way that even newbies will be able to launch their own websites. Plus, you will get a lot of support from other the Wealthy Affiliate members.

Moreover, you don’t have to shell out a lot of money. It offers a free trial. So why don’t you try this instead of the Empower Network?

The choice is really up to you and if you trusted me and really wanted to succeed then you should Join Me instead.

It come to the end and do you have comments about Empower Network? Let’s discuss by leaving your thought below.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you make the right choice that REALLY works. CHeers


What Is MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) About?

What is Multi Level marketing business about? Is Multi Level Marketing a SCAM or legitimate? No Worries, you will find out full explanation in this post. Let's begin. 

Multi-level marketing as a business model is increasingly becoming controversial particularly in terms of allegations of pyramiding schemes resulting in large losses for its investors (i.e., distributors).

Many of these serious allegations have been proven true by federal and state authorities in the United States, such as in the case of USANA and Amway.

Yet these companies are still in operation and, thus, continuing to lure people into their fold.

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Is Multi-Level Marketing Legit Or Scam People? The Truth Revealed Here

The increasing popularity of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) cannot be denied. Many will even think that it’s the so-called wave of the business future, especially for opportunistic entrepreneurs who want to get in on the act. This impression is reinforced by the growing acceptance of MLM companies as well as their products and services, such as USANA and Amway.


But the question that should be on the mind of everybody interested in the scheme:

Is Multi-Level Marketing a Scam?

Yes, It Is Absolutely A scam! I said it!!!

But it will not seem to be a scam when MLM professionals start their sales and marketing spiels, especially when the target recruits are new to direct selling, networking, and multi-level marketing.

Read on and find out about the fallacies spread by MLM professionals as well as the facts behind them. You will be glad to know about these things first before pouring your time, energy and money into the scam – a pyramiding scam, to be exact. These lies are also the proof, so to speak, that MLM is for all intents and purposes a scam!

Fallacy #1 MLM provides better business opportunities and higher incomes than other business models

The first lie made by an MLM recruiter is that MLM companies are legitimate businesses providing better entrepreneurial opportunities in comparison with other business models, such as direct selling and affiliate marketing. This is understandable as nobody will want to make financial investments in non-profitable ventures.

The fact: For virtually every person who makes an investment in an MLM venture, the results will likely be a disappointing loss. You may not believe it at first because of the high-profit figures presented by the MLM recruiter but there are notable examples from largest MLM companies.

Let’s consider the case of Amway’s distributors, of which the only ½ of one percent actually make it to the direct distributor level. The average income of non-direct distributors is approximate $40 a month, before operating expenses and taxes, which means a whopping loss. The average income for direct distributors is negative $918 – or a net loss of $918 – as is the case for Wisconsin distributors (i.e., the Wisconsin Attorney General gathered the facts upon its filing of charges against the company).

Why is this so? The reasons include:

  • More and more downlines must be recruited to sustain the uplines’ income, an unrealistic business model, to say the least
  • Majority of MLM recruits drop out within a year so the expected income dries up
  • Most of the customers stop buying the expensive products since the promised results are average, at most

Fallacy #2 Consumers prefer buying products and services on a one-on-one basis, as provided by the MLM model

This isn’t so because personally and directly retailing products and services to family, friends, and acquaintances, even strangers, is a thing of the past, marketing-wise. This is because personal retailing requires target customers to radically change their purchasing habits, particularly in the age of online shopping.

With the MLM retailing style, people are forced to restrict their choices, pay for expensive products, and buy in an inconvenient manner, especially from close relatives and friends. In a time of open marketplaces in brick-and-mortar stores and online shops, buying from a single distributor restricts the consumers’ choices.

The result: Every MLM distributor, especially the downlines, has to keep reselling and reselling in order to sign up more distributors. Indeed, large-scale door-to-door retailing has gone out of style because of the unfeasible manner in which sales can be drummed up.

Fallacy #3 Financial success in MLM is fast and easy, as well as sustainable

Making Money OFF your closed one is nothing to proud of.

This fallacy comes from the promise that recruits already have a ready market for the MLM company’s products and services – their family and friends, co-workers and neighbors, even their casual acquaintances. But this isn’t such a great thing aside for the reasons stated above.

Think about the repercussions of the commercialization of your personal and professional relationships with others in the pursuit of the so-called MLM gold. Your “warm leads” can place undue and unnecessary stress on your social foundation, especially when you have already established love, trust, and loyalty.  You will also find that your family and friends strongly dislike being solicited to buy your products.

The result: You can run out of people in your personal and professional circle that you can sell your products. Your hoped-for financial success becomes a figment of your imagination. This becomes a reality when you finally realize that only your uplines are getting rich, thanks to their commissions and rebates, while you’re shouldering the expenses and pouring in the effort.

Fallacy #4 Since products are sold in an MLM plan, it isn’t a pyramid scheme.

This isn’t true either because an MLM company can sell products via its distributors but still be considered as a possible pyramiding scheme. In recent years, the courts have been using the 70 percent rule in determining the legitimacy of MLM companies.

The rule states that at least 70 percent of all the products sold by an MLM company must actually be purchased by non-distributors – or ordinary customers. Sadly, federal authorities are discovering that most large MLM companies fall outside of the 70 percent rule, such as NuSkin, Amway, and USANA.  The largest of them even acknowledge that only 18 percent of its gross sales have been made to non-distributors.

You should also beware of many other fallacies when you’re being approached by MLM professionals including:

  • The MLM business can be done in your spare time, such as a few hours a week.  You will find that there are no off-limit people, places and times when you should sell products lest the opportunity passes by. You have to be actively involved in selling unless you’re in the upper echelons of the hierarchy.
  • The MLM environment provides a supportive and positive business environment where financial freedom can be achieved.  You will likely not find the right training program since you’re basically left on your own to learn the ropes, usually at your own expense (i.e., paid training in DVDs, classes, and books).
  • The MLM business model results in real economic independence. You’re buying into an illusion since your contract as a downtime can be terminated at any time, such as your failure to adhere to its duplication model.

What’s the Alternative?

What then is the better alternative to the scam that MLM is? You should look into Affiliate Marketing with reputable and reliable companies, such as those found in Wealthy Affiliate. If you have no idea what is Affiliate marketing about perhaps you may want to read the benefits here instead. Your venture in affiliate marketing will require reasonable time, energy and effort yet minimum money and result in respectable income – no scam here!

What your thought about this title I wrote about MLM here? Please share with us below.

Thank you for your time reading this MLM truth.


Is The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 A Scam Or Legitimate?

What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0 about? The Inbox Blueprint is the second version of AnikSingal’s highly successful internet marketing program. Launched on April 28, 2016, this program follows Singal’s original Inbox Blueprint released in January 2014 and which had trained thousands of students in building a successful email marketing business. If you subscribe to Inbox Blueprint 2.0, you’ll learn a lot of techniques on how to successfully build an email list of subscribers.is-the-inbox-blueprint-2-0-a-scam-or-legitimate

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review

Website: www.inboxblueprintjv.com

Product: Internet Marketing Program (More towards Email Marketing)

Owner: Anik Singal

Price: $1,497 or ( 3 X-Payments of $597 = $1,791) and there is Hidden charge

Overall Ranking: 7.5 out of 10 (Legit but this program is too complex for beginners)

How Does it Work?

Before you read further to understand more about Inbox Blueprint 2.0 (second version of Inbox Blueprint), Does the founder Anik Singal sounds very familiar to you? If you have read my blog recently I have just reviewed one of his another program called Profit Academy. You might want to read it here. Once you have finished the read come back to this review then.

Okay, Back to Inbox Blueprint 2.0 here. With this system, you can have the chance to earn up to $10,000 a month with a viable online business. The best part is that the system does most of the hard work for you.

The process has eight parts/steps, to wit:

#1 Addiction Meter –   Anik discusses the strategies in finding a profitable niche online. Niches can range from weight loss, health and fitness, dog training, gardening, golf, or any other subject that is popular with the masses online.

#2 The Bait – in this process, you will learn how to create an opt-in page or the web page where you’ll collect emails and build your list. You’ll learn, among others, how to word your opt-in pages and how to entice someone to give up their email address in exchange for a free gift.

#3 Thank You Page (TYP) method – this is where you will learn how to create thank you pages and how you can incorporate Click back with the intention of generating profits.

#4 The Email Machine – this is where you’ll get introduced to email auto responders which streamline your emails. These emails will be sent out on particular days so you don’t need to manually send them. However, you’ll have to pay an extra for your email auto responder service which means an additional expense on top of the fee you’ll be paying for Anik’s program and the domain name and hosting for your web page.

#5 List Relationship – this is where you will learn how to build and sequence your emails.



#6 Payday secrets – this teaches you how to monetize your list with affiliate products

#7 Easy Traffic – as the name indicates, this will teach you how to generate traffic for your site, from commenting on social media channels like Facebook as well as relevant blogs.

#8 Unlimited Success – you’ll focus on important metrics that can increase conversion rate and hike profits in your business.

Who is the Inbox Blueprint 2.0 For?

This is a program that’s designed for people who have experience in

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Machine Tools & Training

If you subscribe to this program, you’ll get the following:

  • Online training course that teaches you every aspect of online marketing.
  • A software package that lets you perform all actions in one page, from creating opt-in messages, follow-up messages, thank you messages, and even tracking results.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Support

One of the inherent weaknesses of this program is the lack of support. Unlike other income generating online schemes, there’s no online community where you can get inputs or tips from other members. You’ll have to learn things by yourself.

There’s a FAQ section where you can go to if you have problems with some of the concepts of the program. You can’t personally contact Anik unless you are in his inner circle. You may try to submit a support ticket although it would take days for you to get any sort of response.

The Good & the Bad


Pro #1 – It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Thus if you are dissatisfied with the service, you can terminate your subscription and get your money back with no questions asked.

Pro #2 – Minimal effort needed in writing effective emails

Pro #3 –  The use of videos and webinars allow subscribers to better understand the course.

Pro #4 –    the first ten days of the program are free.

Con #1 – It’s not designed for beginners. The training is too complex and overwhelming for people who have no knowledge of online marketing.

Con #2 – The initial investment may prove costly for most people

Con #3 – Too many hidden charges or expenses such as the auto email responder service and domain name and hosting for the web page. You’ll also have to pay an extra fee (about $77 a month) if you want to be part of the Inner Circle of Anik, which gives you access to support/tips from the man who came up with this scheme.

My Final Opinion of the Inbox Blueprint 2.0

While there’s no doubting the legitimacy of the Inbox Blueprint, the program just has too many hidden expenses that could shock or surprise those who are interested in availing this online scheme. Aside from the payment for the service itself, you’ll have to pay for the cost of the domains, web hosting, and auto responder service. You may even have to shell out $77 a month for the Inner Circle membership. Incurring an expense of $500 or so a month isn’t a long shot when you hook up with this scheme.

Moreover, this is an online moneymaking scheme that isn’t really built for newcomers. If you have no idea about online marketing, then I suggest that you look for Other Ways to Make Money on the Internet.

You might as well try Wealth Affiliate instead. This program is getting a lot of rave reviews online because one, it has taught a lot of budding entrepreneurs how to make money on the Internet. Two, you don’t  need to spend a lot of money for this program unlike in the Inbox Blueprint 2.0.

Moreover, the program lets you choose an interest that you can make money off online.  Whether you are into pets or gardening or sports, you can generate profits from your interest by building a website and attracting visitors. You would then be promoting affiliate products and services from which you can make money. See how Stefan Achieve this by utilizing the platform training and support all the time.

No BS, All is about results and follow the training. Have a question, ask. You will impress with the support and community are there helping you all the time. wa-income-proof-5

More importantly, Wealthy Affiliate has a very active online community where you can get a lot of support online, something that cannot be said of the Inbox Blueprint 2.0. Join Me today. Trust me, you will never regret this decision. I make the decision an never make a turning back.

So instead of wasting your time and money on the Inbox Blueprint 2.0, why don’t you just focus on the Wealthy Affiliate?

So…It’s your turn now to share your thought about this Inbox Blueprint 2.0 instead.

Thank you your time reading this review and I wish you grab the right opportunity.


Is Copy Paste Commissions A Scam – Does It Really Work?

What is Copy Paste Commissions about? Copy Paste Commissions is one of the many affiliate marketing programs available on the Internet today. Created and promoted by Omar Martin and Martin Cheney, the program is said to have made the two self-made online millionaires. With Copy Paste Commissions, members who pay the premium of $19.95 will be able to learn how they can promote affiliate products through email marketing.


Copy Paste Commissions Review

Website: www.copypastecommissions.net

Product: Affiliate Marketing Program

Owner: Omar Martin and Martin Cheney

Price: $19.95 and Several Upsells

Overall Ranking: 4.5 out of 10 (It works for newbies)

How Does it Work?

Once you sign up for the program and pay the fee, you’ll get an e-book and several videos that will teach you how Copy Paste Commissions work.


The e-book consists of several chapters, with the following the most note-worthy:

  • The Crush campaign—this talks about the strategy that Martin and Cheney tested several years ago, and which have enabled them to make money online. It details how mailing frequency as well as creating bonus materials can improve one’s bottom line.
  • The Fence Shaker Strategy—as the name suggests, this is a strategy that aims to get people off the fence. By employing this strategy, the creators say you will be able to persuade people on the Internet to get the offer or product you are promoting on your website. This section also includes FAQs with principles that you can employ in promoting your own affiliate products.
  • Traffic—this part of the e-book will teach you how you can increase traffic to your website using Facebook.  It features both free and paid methods for generating traffic through the popular social media site.
  • Email strategy—this will teach you how to do email marketing the right way so you can generate massive commissions and earn more money in the process. You’ll learn how to make emails more interesting, so that your emails will be opened by your readers and won’t end up in the trash can.

Copy Paste Commissions may strike you as having phrases and sentences that you can copy and paste into your campaigns and promotions. However, what you are really copying and pasting are the strategies.


Going back to the question on whether Copy Paste Commissions is a scam, the answer is a resounding no.  The authors, Martin and Cheney, have their photos prominently displayed on their website.  Both also have blogs, with  Martin even listing the products that he has created or promoted.


Who is Copy Paste Commissions For?

This is definitely a program that is suited for bloggers and website owners who want to increase traffic to their sites. With Copy Paste Commissions, bloggers and website owners will learn techniques that can increase traffic to their website and subsequently increase their chances of earning from commissions and pay per clicks.


Copy Paste Commissions Tools & Training

Training is provided through the ebook and complimentary videos that you can access once you pay the $19.95 premium.

Copy Paste Commissions Support

Members who are confused and would like to seek clarifications can go to the Support page of the Copy Paste Commissions website. The page offers answers to Frequently Asked Questions of members. They can also send a message to the customer support desk of the website, with the response coming in within 24 to 48 business hours.

The Good & the Bad


Pro #1—It’s relatively cheap compared to other affiliate marketing products.

Pro #2—It offers a 60-day money back guarantee; so in case you are not impressed with the results you can return the product and get your money back.

Pro #3—Its tips and techniques are straightforward and easy to follow.

However, there are glaring weaknesses or drawbacks of this program such as:

Con #1—There’s no free trial.

Con #2—It offers upsells and bonus materials that can cost you as much as $37 per title.

Con #3—The Facebook tips can get your account blocked because the techniques encourage you to spam your links. It would be better to post your links to Facebook groups that cater to your niche.

My Final Opinion of Copy Paste Commissions

There are several things to like about this program.

One is that Copy Paste Commissions is cheaper compared to the other affiliate marketing programs that you can find on the Internet. The fee of $19.95 is peanuts compared to the other affiliate marketing programs that charge customers hundreds of dollars.

It is also easy to follow. The e-book is very easy to understand, while the video tutorials further make learning quickly.

Perhaps the most important thing is that this one isn’t a scam at all. While there are some exaggerated claims, the program is generally accepted as legit.

The question, however, is whether this is enough to generate traffic and more importantly increase the income of a blog or website.  For one, there aren’t enough reviews or testimonials from bloggers indicating that the techniques really worked to improve traffic and income of their websites.

If you are looking for a program that can really help your online business take off, I suggest you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate.  It beats Copy Paste Commissions in many aspects.  It has better customer support, with daily classes that are easy to follow, and a group of internet marketing gurus who are all willing to help members.

Furthermore, the Wealthy Affiliate can teach you more than email marketing. You’ll learn other details like search engine optimization, keyword research, creating landing pages, and jumpstarting your affiliate marketing business.  Thus you’ll learn more about making money online when you sign up with the Wealthy Affiliate than purchasing the e-book and video tutorials of the Copy Paste Commissions.

Look at what below images WA member – Colton have been doing follow the training in the platform. He makes a goal achieving $10,000 A month and he did it finally. Of course, the success did not achieve overnight and however, Colton make every moment count to strive forward. By the time of writing this Colton already quit his job and fully venture into online business. So if you still doubt whether there is a legitimate program out there, I will tell  you honestly- Yes, Definitely. One of the highest score I has Rank so far at 10 out of 10.


Think of the Wealthy Affiliate as a one-stop shop for online business. It has everything you need to know if you want to be successful in this field.

If you’re hesitant in trying the Wealthy Affiliate, you should know that it offers a free trial. Yes, this means that you can check out what many successful online marketers have been raving about for the past decade.

Feel free to share with us your thought on this program by Omar Martin and Martin Cheney. Are the program benefits you?

Thank you and I wish you make the right choice towards your online success. and Avoid all the scams out there.


What Is Countdown To Profits About – Is This Another Scam?

Is Countdown to Profits a Scam? In this review, I will explain why you should avoid this program and stay far away despite the promising speech. So, What is Countdown to Profits about? Countdown to Profits is a membership-based program that promises people to earn at least a dollar in the first 30 days after following or completing its 21-step process. If not, the person will be paid $500.  It’s one of the absurd promises that this program makes to unsuspecting individuals online.


Countdown To Profits Review

Website: www.countdowntoprofits.com/start.php

Product: So-called “Online Training Program”

Owner: Richard Paul

Price: $97

Overall Ranking: 0 out of 10 (SCAM) Read further before you hit the buy button.

How Does Countdown to Profits Work?

After reading the first paragraph seems tempted. Yes, I do lol!! Of course, you’ll have to pay $97 to be a member of this program. Basing on reviews online, though, there’s no chance in hell that you will be able to get the $500 even if you didn’t earn at all after completing the program.


Countdown to Profits was created by a certain Richard Paul. The name has been associated with several binary options scams, which certainly makes CTP very fishy, to say the least.

In a video for Countdown to Profits, Paul says the familiar line “I used to be exactly where you are right now” in a bid to empathize with Internet users looking for a way to make money online.

Countdown to Profits is promoted as being designed for people with no previous experience in online business. It also entices people with promises like ‘start making money from the comfort of your own home’  and ‘choose your own working hours.’ Moreover, a potential member doesn’t have to be skilled at something in order to become successful at this program.

Once you give up your email address, the website browser will redirect you to a video presentation which lasts for around 8 to 9 minutes. The video has Paul sharing stories of how he has been able to build up wealth thanks to an algorithm that enables him to make lots of commissions.

The video is your typical advertorial that promises a lot of things, but little information on how Countdown to Profits works. It’s only when you go to the Terms of Service section of the website that you will have an idea of how this entire thing works.


Basically, it teaches members how to set up websites that sell digital products.

There are actually Three levels of membership. In the Gold membership, members are taught how to  set up websites and sell digital products online even if they have no technical skills.

Platinum members, on the other hand, have the benefit of working with a mentor on the phone. The mentor is supposedly there to help members with their goal settings. Members are also trained to through webinars.  Lastly, Platinum Plus members have access to mentors who will guide them in setting up their websites as well as building blogs.

Who is Countdown to Profits For?

People who are willing to part with their hard-earned money for the opportunity to ‘earn’ online may want to try Countdown to Profits. However, as you would learn from reading this article, all signs point to this program being bogus or a scam.

Countdown to Profits Tools & Training

The program claims to offers webinars and online training tools. However, you’ll have to be a member to get access to these tools.

Countdown to Profits Support

You’ll have to sign up as a member to get support from Countdown to Profits. The level of membership will also have a bearing on the kind of online support that you can get. Platinum and Platinum Plus members, for instance, have access to ‘mentors’  who can supposedly help them in their goal setting.

The Good & the Bad

Pro #1: It is designed for people who have no experience whatsoever in online business.

Con #1:  If you read the terms of service, the company says that they are only providing information and not any sort of business opportunity. It’s a far cry from the claims made in the video by Mr. Paul, who says he can help you earn a lot without having to leave the comforts of home.

Con #2:  You’ll have to pay $97 to be part of the program.

Con #3:  When you visit its website, you’ll notice various signs that basically tell you this is a scam—from photos of cars and mansions that entice you to sign up.  Then there are recurring photos of individuals who supposedly got rich after trying the program. These tell-tale signs all but confirm what most people suspect about Countdown to Profits—that this is a scam you should avoid.

My Final Opinion of Countdown to Profits

It’s hard not to label Countdown to Profits as a Scam. The signs, after all, are there the moment you visit its website. From displaying photos of cars to houses to the use of pressure tactics (“there are only a few spots left in your region”) to the promise of giving you $500 if you don’t earn a single dollar; all these signs point to Countdown to Profits as being a scam.

It also doesn’t help that the proponent of the program, Richard Paul, has been implicated with several online scams in the past. You just can’t risk your money, even if it’s only $97, for a program that very much looks like a scam.

If you still desire to have an online business that can help augment your income, then you might want to check out the Wealthy Affiliate. Unlike Countdown to Profits, this program won’t ask you to shell out $97 to become a member. In fact, you can get a free trial to see what you will be doing. Unlike Countdown to Profits, the business model is tried and tested with nearly a million online entrepreneurs having benefited from it. And there’s no deceitful promise of getting back $500 in case it doesn’t work because as many of those who have tried it, the Wealthy Affiliate does work. This is the only program that

This is the only program that I rated full score because they (the founder) care about your success. Here I have screenshot one of the success story from the member.


The Wealthy Affiliate always in My #1 recommendation list because its has been helping independent-minded individuals earn online for the past decade, which speaks of the credibility and the reputation of this program. Simply put, you’d rather join a tried-and-tested online business program such as the Wealth Affiliate instead of a bogus one like Countdown to Profits, right?

Have you try this before or almost wanted to? So now it’s your turn to share your thought here?

Thank you for your time reading this scam review. Lol^-^. I wish you can avoid this kind of scams as much as possible.


What Is Profit Academy About – Is It A Legit Program? Read My Honest Review Here

Is Profit Academy a Scam or legitimate program out there?  Well, what is it all about? Profit Academy is a membership-based online training program that is designed to teach its members a popular and profitable affiliate marketing system. It is created by Anik Singal, the same guy who created other online marketing programs such as the Inbox Blueprint.


Profit Academy Review

Website: www.vssmind.com

Product: Online Marketing Training Course

Owner: Anik Singal (Author of Circle Of Profit)

Price: $2,997 (one-time payment) or $3,188 (4 times payment of $797)

Overall Ranking: 7 out of 10 (Legit but just too Overpriced)

Profit Academy Overview

The premise is simple— in the Profit Academy, Singal will teach you how to create a landing web page that offers a free product or service. The web page is designed to entice an Internet visitor to give up his/her email address in exchange for a free gift. You’ll make money from the commissions the website gets from affiliate products promoted or advertised on your email list.


Profit Academy has two phases. In the first phase, it teaches its members how to find their passion or area expertise. This would serve as the focus of their online business. For example, if you love gardening, then it makes a lot of sense for you to come up with a website that’s all about this hobby.  The website about gardening will then be the foundation of your online business, as you will attempt to generate substantial online traffic for your website in the hopes of getting more affiliate products and services promoted on your site.

Aside from finding your niche, the first phase of the Profit Academy teaches you how to build your email list.  It also shares the necessary resources such as tools and software for you to get as many subscribers or visitors to your website.

In the second phase, Singal teaches subscribers to Profit Academy the nitty-gritty of building a digital online business. It focuses on how to start product development, creating sales funnels, and creating, copywriting, and capturing video sales letters. You’ll also learn how to create a full sales strategy in this phase.

And oh, you have to pay $3,000 for all of these—which isn’t a joke in this economy.

Who Is Profit Academy For?

Profit Academy is a program that is catered to people who have little experience in online marketing but determined to make a handsome profit off it. The course, which is fully based on email marketing, teaches members how to create their own websites, attract visitors, and then promote affiliate products and services from which they get commissions.

However, the fact is that you’ll have to pay a handsome amount to become a member or subscriber of this program.  Thus it can be said that this program isn’t for everyone. It’s for people who have enough money to pay Singal’s exorbitant membership fee.

Profit Academy Tools & Training

As a member of this program, you’ll be entitled to 9 weeks of weekly webinars. You will also be able  to participate in two live virtual weekends with the program’s creator, Anik, as well as other coaches. You’ll also get access to a private, members-only forum.

In previous years, Anik has also extended members an invitation to their Live Profit Academy event in Las Vegas. It has become a major selling point for the program. However, it should be noted that the event is nothing but a live workshop conducted by Singal himself. And members have to pay for their own airfare and hotel accommodations, which add up to the initial $3,000 they have to make to become part of Singal’s program.


Product Academy Support

Singal offers a 90-day support to subscribers of the Profit Academy. This is another inherent weakness of the program, as it can make anyone scratch his or her head in disbelief. After all, if you’re paying $3,000 for a program, shouldn’t you get the support that’s more than 90 days?

While Profit Academy has a members-only online forum, reviews indicate that the community isn’t that active as other online programs.

The Good & the Bad

Pro #1—  It allows members to choose their niche which would be the focus of their website.

Pro #2—  People who don’t even have an idea on how email marketing works will be able to understand the concepts discussed or employed in this program.

Con #1—You’ll have to pay $3,000 to become a member of this program. On top of that, you’ll have to shell out money if you want to take part in the live workshop conducted by Singal in Las Vegas.


Con #2—  It doesn’t have a vibrant or active online community.

Con #3—  It only offers support for 90 days. So after the 90 day period, you are basically on your own.

My Final Opinion of Profit Academy

While Profit Academy may have helped individuals in becoming successful at online marketing, the fact remains that you will have to shell out $3 grand to be part of this program.  The amount alone is enough reason for you to find other online programs that can help you make a living on the Internet.

One program that you might as well try is Wealthy Affiliate. Like Profit Academy, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to build your own niche website and promote niche products or services. But unlike Profit Academy, you don’t have to shell out an exorbitant amount of money just to be successful. With Wealthy Affiliate, you also get the support of an active online community composed of other successful online entrepreneurs.

Wealthy Affiliate has been helping nearly a million online entrepreneurs  around the world to become more productive with their respective websites. What also separates this program from Profit Academy and other similar membership-only websites is that you don’t have to pay to become part of it. You also don’t have to download a software or app to be able to join this program. Join this Awesome Program today and be part of my team. It’s Risk-Free anyways.

See below what the member achievement using this program. Trust me you will not regret if you join this. Perhaps you will be loyalty to this instead. Which is what happened to me. I never looked back since then.


With Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn the ins and outs of affiliate online marketing. You will be able to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who want to achieve their financial goals while not leaving the comforts of home. Moreover, Wealthy Affiliate is 100 percent legit program. You don’t have to worry about getting duped when you join Wealthy Affiliate. That’s the reason why I ranked this program 10 out of 10- full score.

It’s come to the end and what your opinion towards Anik Singal Profit Academy Program? Let’s us hear you by leaving your comment below.

Thank you for reading and Good luck


What Is Dealspotr About – Is It A Scam? Let’s find out here

What is Dealspotr about? Many people on the Internet are looking for deals, whether it’s a discount to their favorite pet shop or discounts to a product that they always use. These are the people that Dealspotr is targeting. As a coupon based online program, Dealspotr is promoted as the easiest and fastest way of finding deals on the Internet. It also serves as a social network like Facebook, where consumers can connect with each other and share deals and products they find on the Internet.


Dealspotr Review

Website: www.dealspotr.com

Product: World First Crowdsourced saving site (Made for Deal Hunters)

Owner: Michael Quoc (Founder & CEO of ZipfWorks)

Price: Free to Join

Overall Ranking: 8 out of 10 (Legitimate & Genuine)

How Does Dealspotr Work? 

Dealspotr offers a wide range of coupons to its members. If you sign up with Dealspotr, expect to find coupons that offer as low as 5 percent off to 60 percent off. If you’re lucky, you can even find coupons that give you as much as 80 percent off on products or services.

There’s a wide range of coupon categories found on Dealspotr. These includes:

  • Automotive
  • Babies
  • Business
  • Department stores
  • Electronics
  • Fashion
  • Health and Beauty
  • Home and Garden
  • Food/Drinks
  • Services
  • Sports
  • Travel/Events

Dealspotr has a lot of coupons for popular brands or stores like Walmart, Target, Starbucks, and Best Buy.

Aside from posting deals, members can earn points on Dealspotr. These are the so-called Karma points which can be accumulated by posting deals or sharing information about ongoing sales. Members can also get karma points by commenting to clarify coupons/deals, and even connecting with friends. These points are saved, and would enable members to move through various tier levels. The rewards for these points are paid in e-gift cards.

The idea behind karma points is simple— it would serve as an incentive to members of Dealspotr to continue posting deals and making the online community bigger with each passing day.

Finding deals on Dealspotr is easy. There’s a drop down menu where members can search for coupons. Aside from coupons, members can look deals, sales links, free shipping, and rebates in the said website section. This makes it a lot easier and convenient for members to find deals on Dealspotr.


Bloggers can also join Dealspotr as an Influencer. But now everyone can qualify as an Influencer. Dealspotr has its criteria for traffic and engagement in determining influencers. You must also have a website and social channels to be able to qualify as an influencer.

There are three levels of being an Influencer on Dealspotr—bronze, silver, and gold.  To be able to reach bronze status, you simply have to register with Dealspotr and confirm your email. You’ll get a 5,000 point bonus, a $5 access code for your followers, and inclusion in the Influencer directory.

To reach silver status, you will have to place a Dealspotr badge on your website and have your site validated.

To reach gold status, you will have to complete your profile by posting five deals on Dealspotr. You should also promote Dealspotr on your website by posting an informative article. The article will also have to be reviewed and approved by Dealspotr.

As a gold member you are entitled to a 25,000 point bonus and you can even redeem your points for cash thru PayPal.

Who is Dealspotr For?

Dealspotr is for people who want to save by getting the best deals on the Internet. It is also for bloggers with a substantial number of followers and traffic who want to earn some extra cash.

Dealspotr Tools & Training

You can access Dealspotr’s Help and FAQ page if you want to get started. There’s also a Blog section where you can get lots of information about the site.

Dealspotr Support

There’s very limited support in Dealspotr. Member can only message Dealspotr on Facebook if they encounter any problems.

The Good & the Bad

Pro #1— It’s free.

Pro #2—  Members can make some cash while helping others to save.

Pro #3—   It is relatively easy to understand.

However, there are several drawbacks of signing up with Dealspotr.

Con #1—  It mostly caters to national deals. Most of the coupons available are retailers or brands that are known nationally. You can’t find local deals on Dealspotr.

Con #2— There’s very minimal support offered to members.

Con #3—  It can’t earn you a lot of money. If you’re a blogger, then Dealspotr won’t really be your top source of income.

My Final Opinion of Dealspotr

Dealspotr is a relatively new company so you can understand most of its shortcomings, like the lack of local deals and the minimal support offered to its members. Still, it is a fun site to sign up with especially if you’re a budget-conscious individual who wants to get the best deals in town. The fact that it is also easy to post deals and earn points makes it even more enticing for many people on the Internet.

But if you’re a blogger who wants to maximize your website’s earnings online, Dealspotr shouldn’t be on the top of the list of sites or programs that you would tap. Yes, it can give you some gift cards but those won’t be enough to pay the bills, so to speak.

If you’re looking for a program that can maximize your earnings online, then you should Read this instead.

The Wealthy Affiliate has been in the business for more than a decade. It has helped countless of individuals to earn a lot of money online. What’s even more intriguing with the Wealthy Affiliate is that you can start your own online business even if you don’t have any knowledge on affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate offers complete tools and a hosting suite so you can build your own niche website. Your website will cater to a specific audience, and it will promote various products and services. You can earn from those ads, especially when your visitors purchase the said products promoted on your website. Don’t take my words. Look at what below one of the member said instead.



So If you are still looking for the best deal and wanted to save your hard-earned money. I highly recommend you consider a program that earns my rating at 10 out of 10 which I’m using and applies it.

You can test drive the Wealthy Affiliate, so to speak, without shelling out a dollar. These are the good features that make the Wealthy Affiliate highly recommended to any individual looking to earn online. As well as build your Online Business. SO are ready to venture in Internet-Business? If yes, then Join Me

Feel free to leave your comment below and I’m happy to hear from it.

Thank you

Is Easy Tube Commissions A Scam? Unbiased review

What is Easy Tube Commissions about? Do you want to make money online? If so, you have to understand that there are 2 ways to go about it. You can do it in a straightforward manner, and offer a product or a service for money.

So you can sell the stuff you have or make on Amazon and eBay, or you can be an Internet skill provider, like a programmer, a writer, or a graphics artist who can provide services online. But you can also be a marketer and make money, and you can use Easy Tube Commissions to do just that.


Easy Tube Commissions

Website: www.easytubecommissions.com

Product: Internet Marketing Training

Owners: Gerald Soh & Dean Henry

Price: $247

Overall Ranking: 4 out of 10 (Outdated)

What is Easy Tube Commissions and How Does It Work?

Marketing is a different type of method of making money online. You’re a seller, but you help offer to sell the stuff of other people. When others do buy the stuff because of your efforts, you earn a commission. So when you can launch a campaign for various items online and people buy the product, you get a percentage of each sale.

It’s like when you recommend to your friends to eat at a certain restaurant, buy a certain laundry detergent, or watch a certain movie. It’s just that when they do follow your suggestions, you make money.

With Easy Tube Commissions, you’re taught about the various steps you need to take to become a very efficient marketer. It’s an educational program designed to help you make your commissions without too much effort and time.


This whole thing started with the Internet marketing guru Gerald Soh, who offers marketing educational programs online. One of the programs he offered was a way to use review websites to promote new product launches, and one of the students named Dean Henry was getting decent enough results.

But Dean then managed to update the things he learned into an entirely new marketing method that produced more spectacular results. Simple campaigns led to a few hundred dollars in commissions per day. Dean called this method Easy Tube Commissions. Gerald Soh learned of it and was impressed, and they became partners in promoting the method.

It’s an online educational program. You know how med school trains you to be a doctor and law school teaches you to be a lawyer? Here Easy Tube Commissions teaches you to be an Internet marketer, except it’s a much easier program than med school or a law program. It’s filled with lots of shortcuts that help even newbies become effective masters in a very short while.

The gist of Easy Tube Commissions is very simple


#1 First you have to choose the product. It can be in any niche you want, but there are certain guidelines in choosing the most appropriate products to promote.

#2 Then you can build your campaign for this product. This is the part where you learn how to plan and launch your strategy of promoting this particular item. It teaches you about making reviews and promotional videos.

#3 Once you’ve set up your campaign, you then learn how to optimize it. You’ll find out just how your promotional materials can effectively reach thousands of your potential customers.

And that’s it. It’s like building a fishing net and then setting it up in the right place in the ocean or river. You can sit back and relax while the fishing nets catch fish for you. Here, the campaigns are your fishing nets. Since it doesn’t take all that long to build and launch a campaign, you can just continue to follow these steps every day, choosing and promoting new products each time.

That’s like building lots of fishing nets that catch fish for you without the need to monitor each one of them closely. All that really matters, in the end, is that you catch a lot of customers with your campaigns, and that’s how you make money.

Right now, the Soh and Henry partnership is offering a slot in the course program for just $9.50. That’s right; it’s less than ten dollars or the price of 3 cups of gourmet coffee. The cost for your Easy Tube Commissions education is normally set at $247.

Who is Easy Tube Commissions For?

This is a great tool for newbies who don’t know much about Internet marketing. Also, it offers a viable alternative for those who have tried other methods and have failed to make much headway with them.

Easy Tube Commissions Tools & Training

Easy Tube Commissions includes a private interview with a marketing master and a webinar for 7 days. But there are additional courses available for member that can really make things easier for you:

  • Over-The-Shoulder Coaching. Here you can watch each step of how Dean Henry sets up a marketing campaign. Every step in the process is right here, so it’s like you’re really watching over his shoulder.
  • Done-For-You Moneymaking Campaigns. This is the shortcut on how to build a list of email subscribers. With this list, you don’t just wait for your potential buyers to find your marketing materials. You can send them directly to the subscribers on your list.
  • VIP Marketing Group. This is a private network of people who are like you and some of them have already succeeded. You’ll learn from others what to do and what not to do, you can be inspired with new ideas, and many of them can offer encouraging words.
  • Funnel License Rights. You can get the licensing rights to an effective sales funnel that can get you commissions for life.

Easy Tube Commissions Support

This is an educational program, so naturally, you have lots of support you can count on.

  1. You become a lifetime member to the Clicking Profits University created by Gerald Soh, where lots of marketing topics are discussed. These include product launches, marketing on YouTube, email marketing, and affiliate marketing.
  2. You also become a member of the Secret Mastermind Group. This is the new video syndication group founded by Dean Henry.

The Good & the Bad

So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Easy Tube Commissions.

The Good:

  • The price is very inexpensive, and you don’t risk too much of your money. There’s even a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It’s very understandable. There’s no complicated or confusing step here. You don’t have to be a programmer or anything. Everything’s laid out simply.
  • It doesn’t take too much effort. You don’t have to tinker too much for too long on a single campaign. You just set it up properly, launch it, and you’re done with it. It’ll make you money while you continue to make other campaigns.

The Bad:

  • The entire presentation can be a bit hyperbolic in terms of the money you can make. So don’t quit your day job just yet. You’ll start slow and then after a while, you can earn enough. It makes for a nice supplementary income.
  • You also need more time to set up and optimize a campaign. This is especially true at first. Forget about how you can be done with a campaign in just “9 minutes”. That’s not going to happen, although you’ll be able to do these campaigns faster the more you become familiar with the process. (That’s why I said this is BS)

My Final Opinion of Easy Tube Commissions

In the end, this is a very worthwhile option, especially for newbies. You can get the basic concepts, practice what you need to do, and you get shortcuts to make things easier for you. The cost is very low, But with Easy Tube Commissions your income might make you A sales or TWO at first, definitely NOT for long term sustainable income.

If you want to learn long term income and learn sustainable income, you don’t have to devote all that much time and effort to try all those programs that don’t work. You can join this training Rating at full score 10/10. It’s 100% free without risking you a single penny. The one I’m to built this site and my others site as well. It’s one of the Genuine and high quality that I will advise you for considering if you want to venture your internet-based business. Below is one of the proven student that applied the training and achieve the results.


So here I have finished my easy tube commissions (earn my rating at 4/10) review and pointed you the exact Genuine program and show you the proof. No lie, No BS. Read this and be part of it. In fact, you will impress with the community and the learning tools. On top of that, there’s also full of internet entrepreneurs and helping people to success their internet dream. You will get the community support and the co-owners too. Of course mine as well. So what are you waiting for? Don’t do it alone. Let’s do it together.

It’s come to ending part and it’s your turn to share your story or thought below about easy tube commissions.

Thank you your time reading this and I wish you achieve your goal in life.



What Is HitLeap About – How Does It Work? Read this review

What is HitLeap about and how does it work? HitLeap is a traffic exchange service designed to deliver traffic to websites of its members. It was launched in 2008 with a simple idea— you visit other member’s website in exchange for traffic to your own website.


HitLeap Review

Website: www.hitleap.com

Product: Traffic Exchange Service

Owner: Hitleap Ltd

Price: Free and Premium (Paid), Read further for varies price explanation

Overall Ranking: 2/10

How Does HitLeap Work? 

It  can be explained in three simple steps:

#1 A member submits his/her website URL.

#2 He/she watches other websites.

#3 Other members watch his/her website.

To do so, you will have to download and install the HitLeap viewer. This is software that runs on a computer, browsing through links in the background and consequently earns you minutes.  These minutes are then used to exchange for a certain number of hits to your website.

If you’re not comfortable having an alien software installed on your PC, then you can just buy traffic packages from HitLeap.

How Much Does It Cost? 

The traffic packages differ in terms of prices and duration. To give you an idea, 10,000 minutes or 30,000 hits would amount to $9. Three million hits or 1 million minutes would amount to $625.


HitLeap offers two types of membership—free and premium.

Members who don’t pay any fee to HitLeap are entitled to two viewer slots or the number of HitLeap viewer instances that can be run at one time. Of course, you can buy more slots if you want to get more minutes that can translate to higher hits for your website.  You’ll have to pay $9 a month for 10 extra slots; $21 for 25 extra slots; $39 for 50 extra slots; and $69 for 100 extra slots.

Free members are entitled to a traffic exchange ratio of 70 percent. If you want to increase it to 100 percent, you should opt for the premium membership.

Aside from that benefit, premium members are entitled to 15 website slots, 5 HitLeap viewer slots, 5,000 minutes monthly bonus, and 30 percent for minute commissions. You’ll have to pay $8 a month for a premium membership.


Who is HitLeap For?

HitLeap is primarily for website owners who want to increase traffic to their sites. By doing so, they can increase their earnings as well as more people will be clicking on the links of products advertised on their sites.

It is also ideal for internet marketers who are on a tight budget and thus looking for free traffic.

HitLeap Tools & Training

HitLeap’s main tool is its HitLeap viewer which you have to install on your PC.


HitLeap though offers very minimal support to its members. The Support page on the website is basically where members can go to if they want to clarify something about their accounts.  The said page lists down frequently asked questions and the respective answers. Alternatively, members can send an email to the HitLeap customer support team.

The Good & the Bad

Pro #1:  It can deliver traffic to your website.

Pro #2:  The website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Pro #3:  It offers free and premium membership, so you can choose one that suits your needs and budget.

However, there are a lot of questions on HitLeap such as:

Con #1:  The quality of the traffic is questionable. Running the HitLeap viewer may save you time as you can just let it run in the background and view other members’ websites. But it also speaks a lot of the type of visitor that your website will likely get.

Most likely, the visitors that your website will have are passive visitors with no intent whatsoever of reading what you have on your blog or site. Moreover, your visitors have no intention at all of buying the products that you are promoting on your website, and from which you get your income.

Thus it can be said that the traffic that is coming to your website registered with HitLeap is a computer or bot-generated. This is not the type of traffic that you would want your website to get especially if you want your customers to be buying the products that your website is promoting.

Con #2:  The need to download and install the HitLeap viewer. You don’t need to be a computer expert to understand the risks of installing alien software into your PC. If you are to take this route, be sure that you have good anti-virus software running in the background.

My Final Opinion of HitLeap

There’s no question that HitLeap works if you’re looking to increase traffic to your website.  It may improve traffic to your website, increase the number of clicks, and potentially improve your earnings albeit in the short term only.

The main issue has always been the quality of the traffic. As mentioned earlier, it is very likely that the traffic you could get from HitLeap mainly comes from bots.

Your website could earn from the number of clicks, but the income is a lot lower compared to the commission that you could earn if people buy the products advertised on your website.

If you are looking to generate quality traffic to your niche website, I highly suggest that you check out Wealthy Affiliate first.  This is one of the few highly successful programs that can help you build your own online business even if you have zero knowledge on affiliate marketing and generating traffic.

With the Wealthy Affiliate, you will understand how to increase traffic to your niche website so you can increase the number of clicks and moreover, the number of people who buy the products advertised on your site. This should translate to a higher commission or income for you.

You don’t even have to shell out a certain amount to check out the fuss about the Wealthy Affiliate. It comes with a free trial. It’s a very enticing offer that you should not turn down. Look at one of the Wealthy Affiliate Member learned and apply what he learned from the WA training.


With the Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn to attract quality traffic to your website, increase the number of clicks and more importantly get people to buy the products that are being promoted on your site. If you want traffic, go for the quality traffic. Building traffic indeed is not easy but if you do it the right way, the effort you put in is well worth. And that’s for Long term traffic.

So have you thought of buying Hitleap as increasing your traffic or you have experienced using it? Please share with us.

Thank you for reading this review.

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