Is LifeWave a Scam? No, But They are Not the Best Opportunity for You!

​ With each passing day, there seems like a new MLM company is being formed somewhere in the information bringing along a fresh new hope of legitimate opportunities for people wanting to make money online. The sad part here is that only a few of them delivered their promise and lived up to our expectations.

In the worst case scenario, you might find yourself dealing with a scam company. In order to protect yourself and your interest against scam organizations, it is crucial that you know exactly how to identify them.

Before you embark on joining a seemingly good MLM company like LifeWave, investigate and do some background check about them first. This LifeWave review is intending to provide you with all the necessary facts and information you need to know, starting from the company background to the product line and then down to their offered compensation plan.

With this review of the LifeWave opportunity, you will know exactly if it is indeed worth your while. And since I am not associated with their network in any way, rest assured that my analysis of this opportunity is unbiased and impartial.

In finding the right opportunity to use for building yourself an online passive income, you will realize that aside from the high-risk ​MLM opportunities, there is a ​legitimate and reliable way to earn money from the Internet. 

​LifeWave Summary Review


Founder:  David Schmidt 

Price:  ​$25 fee for you to start + Various startup packages to choose from, up to $1,499

Best For: People who are gifted in recruiting ​others to the business. 

   Lifewave Scam Claims

Summary:  Even if LifeWave is a legitimate way to make some money online, this is not the best opportunity to use to reach your most desired financial goals.  They are a typical MLM company that necessitates members to be well-versed in recruiting other people to the business itself.

Rating: 30/100

Recommended: NO. 

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The Survey Club Reviews! Should You Believe Their Positive Feedbacks Are Valid?

With each passing day, a new get-paid-to (GPT) website is being formed somewhere in the information highway, bringing along a fresh new hope of legitimate opportunities to people wanting to make some money online. The sad part here is that not every one of them will deliver their promise or will live up to our expectations.

The worst thing that can happen to anyone looking for an opportunity to make money online is to come across a scam and fall prey to their schemes. When trying to look for a platform ​to use, it is of paramount importance that we know how to distinguish a scam from a reputable online opportunity.

This is my motivation, to enlighten people like yourself on the various online money making opportunities on the Web, one-at-a-time. To educate the people on what they can expect, but best of all how they can protect their interest in the best way possible.

In light of finding ​this, I suggest you consider first affiliate marketing. Out of the manifold of online opportunities I tried before, it is only through this platform I was able to realize my financial success.

The affiliate marketing course they offer is complete and very comprehensive that even the most seasoned pros in the industry are​ learning from it also. Therefore, there is no reason at all why a newbie and the completely clueless in this industry will not learn from it.

Remember, the first step to becoming a pundit in the online money-making sphere is to learn first, and the Wealthy Affiliate course is there to see you through. After all, it is free to start!

Survey Club Summary Review


Founder:  Not disclosed

Price:     Free to join

Best For: The Owners and Survey Club team only. 

  What is Survey Club About?

Summary:  Survey Club is​ not a qualified  GPT (get-paid-to) website, but it acts like a middleman between people willing to participate in survey projects and the reputable marketing research companies. You can't earn money from their platform since they don't have a survey panel. So you need to veer away from this website as it will just waste away your time and effort. 

Rating: 15/100

Recommended:  BIG NO!

What Is Survey Club About?

Many people ask what is Survey Club about? At first glance, the very first impression you’ll have about them is that Survey Club is a GPT or a get-paid-to website. However, they are much different from the rest in such a way that they act more like a directory for other reputable survey websites.

They were known before as “Survey Club Research”​ which was launched in 2005. By this, we can safely say that they are among the pioneers in the industry with 16 million active members.

The platform though is only available in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. As for joining the site, it is free of charge and the sign-up process is pretty straightforward and simple to follow. After sign-up, you can take up survey tasks right away and with that you can immediately earn reward points on your account.

The first real exposure of many people in as far as making extra money online is concerned is ​through paid survey sites. However, when reality sets in, taking surveys for some measly amount of money can be such drudgery and can be as boring as hell.

Normally panel members (or registered survey participants) of GPT websites will need to commit a significant amount of time taking surveys so they can get their survey profile accounts to get anywhere close to at least making $5 a day. 

The Mechanics of Online Surveys

In order for business organizations, industries, and companies to find innovative ways to improve their offered products and services, they need to gather relevant feedback about​ consumer preferences.

This measure will help them develop effective marketing campaigns and ways to make their brand stand out in a stiff competition. This is also the very reason we have market research companies. They help​ bridge ​the ​business organizations to their market.

These market research teams carry out this function by virtue of their survey projects. They pay individual panelists (this can be anyone who wants to make some money online and are willing to do surveys) so they can obtain the statistical information their client companies require of them to produce.

The following video will explain to you in full detail how online surveys really work:

​How Survey Club Works?

First and foremost, Survey Club is not a qualified market research company. They are also not associated with any company under that category.  

Based on their structure, they are a qualified survey directory. What they do actually is consolidate various online survey panels in one place.  

This works to the advantage of interested parties like yourself because it somehow promotes greater convenience in finding paid survey opportunities.

Survey Club Mechanics:

  1. Sign-up for an account. 
  2. Create your demographic profile. You may be necessitated to provide here your personal details such as income level, employment status, etc. Such info is relevant to Survey Club as they will be used to determine the type of survey projects their system will assign your account with.
  3. Supply your account with an email address.
  4. Confirm ownership of the said email address you provided.
  5. Participate in the panel by taking surveys you are most qualified in.
The Survey Club Reviews

After account creation, the ​system will then show you various panels you can sign-up for and join (kind of redundant? absolutely!): 

Survey Club Reviews

Before you decide to join this "online survey platform",​ here are some key points that you need to keep in mind. 

  • Survey Club panel can only accommodate people in US, Canada, UK & Australia
  • You must be of legal age to join, at least 13 years old or above
  • The payout threshold for Survey  $20
  • The only payment instrument they accept here is Paypal.

​The Ugly Truths About Survey Club Revealed 

​Very Low Income Potential

Generally speaking, this is a common concern among online money-making opportunities, particularly in GPT websites like Survey Club Reviews.

Usually, you can earn from a few cents to a few dollars with every survey task. The sad part here is that you may need to allot some 30 minutes or so of your time to fully accomplish a singular survey task.

The general notion ​of many is that the longer the survey task is, the higher pay they would get. On the contrary, GPT websites often have predetermined the earning potential of each survey task they have.

And always, the time you’d spend on answering surveys will never be worth it.

Remember, there is a threshold amount you need to reach first before you can cash-out your “earnings”. The amount of time it will take for you to reach that level will be highly dependent on the frequency of survey tasks the platform will send your way.


This is another issue most complained about in paid survey websites. The email address you supplied their system during the sign-up process will run the risk of receiving too many, unnecessary email messages. The vast majority of which are marketing emails.

​Even if there are occasions that these GPT websites made a disclaimer right before your account sign-up that they are not likely to sell, offer or distribute your details, including email address to third party entities they still find clever ways to flood your email with spam marketing messages.

​You can never say that you really hate spam email until you have a first-hand experience of what survey websites can do with your provided email to them.

Survey Club is a Middleman

Survey Club is not a qualified market research company. They ​can't provide us with survey tasks since they are not a survey panel. They are pretty much the same as BigSpot and SurveySay.

What Survey Club does exactly is to ​show you those places on the information highway where you could possibly get survey assignments, and subsequently get paid.

The silver lining question we have here now is, are we going to waste away our time on a website that does not bring any value?

Perhaps, the only good thing I can say about Survey Club is that account sign-up is free of charge. Other than that, there is nothing else really.

​Is Survey Club a Scam? 

We don’t qualify Survey Club as a scam. But on the basis of the merits this website have, it is a very low-quality website. 

To label a website like Survey Club as a scam website, it is very subjective in nature.  There are many people out there who, due to lack of knowledge, would have a tendency to look at every work at home opportunity as something unscrupulous or a scam.

I agree that this has earned the online money-making industry​ notoriety in this area.

The only basis they use for ​labeling an online opportunity as a scam is if you will lose money from that platform or not. On that premise, Survey Club will not also qualify as a scam.

But given all the not so pleasing points about Survey Club, this is one online money making opportunity that I will not encourage anyone to join.

The reasons I have for doing so is due to the high risk of spam messages, but most importantly it is due to the absence of real survey opportunities from their platform.

​How I Make Money Online? 

​If you are seriously looking for the best online money making-opportunity, I suggest that you try ​​affiliate marketing instead. As an individual who’s already tried both the MLM and affiliate marketing worlds, I know that I am in the position to really tell which one is the far better option.

  • You don’t need to recruit to get ahead    
  • A chance to earn bigger money    
  • No complicated compensation plans    
  • Commissions can get as high as 100%    
  • You are not required to buy starter kits
  • No joining fees    
  • Work at your own pace
  • Promote any product or brand you like to a global audience    
  • A chance to promote products or brand you are passionate about
  • Make money while you sleep    
  • A chance to earn passive and residual income    

My purpose in enumerating some of the good points you get from the Wealthy Affiliate marketing opportunity is for you to get the whole picture -- the system is designed to work in your best interest. 

The Wealthy Affiliate is a community of dreamers, but these people are in touch with the real world. They understand how the world works. It is made better in the sense that you kick it off with no strings attached as it gives you an option to have a free trial.

This program helped me and others Make A living Online and some of it even quit their Full Time Job. You will learn how to build a Thriving Online Business step by step so stop making excuses and Join Me Now

​I am certain that you have tried your luck at Survey Club before or from any other get-paid-to websites. How was the experience like? Were you able to earn a decent money out of it? ​If what they say is true that their platforms help you earn good money, then how come that not everybody is not into it yet, right? Please share your insights in the comment section below. 

Is BigSpot a SCAM? (Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You!)

​One look at their website and the first impression you’ll have about BigSpot is that it could be a great website to earn some money from by answering their survey tasks, right in the comfort of your home.

You might be among the many people who are being lured into it courtesy of its TV commercials, making a huge claim about ​the possible income potential ​in answering their survey tasks.

But like many other online money-generating opportunities out there, many people are asking “Is BigSpot a SCAM?“. Many people are also wondering if this site is legit or if they can really get paid for their opinion.

Well, let us try to delve deeper into it and find out. But before we do that, I just want to remind you that get-paid-to websites like BigSpot are not the best way you can make for yourself another stream of passive online income.

There are far better money-making opportunities out there, just waiting to be discovered and taken advantage of. I suggest that you consider affiliate marketing if you are seriously looking for ways to earn online.

Unlike many other platforms I tried before but to no avail, the marketing affiliate courses offered by Wealthy Affiliate team helped me reach my own financial goals. It is a comprehensive and in-depth training program that covers everything you need to know about marketing affiliate.

Best of all, this course is free to get started. So you can get a good feel about the program first until you are ready to hop in on the opportunity.

​BigSpot Summary Review


Founder:  Not Disclosed

Price:  Free to Join

Best For:  The BigSpot team and the owner/s. 

Is BigSpot a SCAM

Summary:  It is not so much of a relief to know that BigSpot is not at all a scam. ​Nevertheless, you are  still up for an even bigger disappointment with them because they are just another survey affiliate website. This means to say this website will just direct you to other get-paid-to (GPT) websites where you can possibly earn some money. It just so happen also that BigSpot is also exactly the same as SurveySay. 

Rating:     10/100

Recommended:  NO!

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Is Essante Organics a SCAM? Can They Help You Reach Your Financial Goals or No?

With each passing day, there seems like a new MLM company is being formed in one corner of the globe bringing along a fresh new hope for those people wanting to earn extra money on the side. The sad part here is that only a few of these networking companies delivered their promise and lived up to our expectations. 

Without caution and care, and the proliferation of these networking companies here and there, you might just find yourself end up with a scam company if you will join a random group in a haphazard fashion.

Before you join a seemingly good MLM company, your first assignment is to initially investigate the business opportunity and do some background check about them first. Ask probing questions and try to know if they are legitimate.  Make some research to find the answers.

With this review I have for the the Essante Organics business opportunity I am intending to provide to you all the necessary facts and information you need to know, from the company background to their offered product line and then down to their compensation plan.

By giving to you the most relevant information about Essante Organics and present them to you as for how they really are, I am empowering you to decide for yourself whether this business opportunity is good for you to take or not.

In the process of finding the right opportunity to use for building yourself an online passive income, you will realize that even if MLMs are high-risk opportunities, there would still be a legitimate way to earn money from the Internet.

​Essante Organics Summary Review

​Website:  ​​

Founder:  Michael Wenniger

Price:   $29.95 joining fee and optional $199 & $499 upsells 

Best For: People who don't mind recruiting other people to become part of their business. 

What is Essante Organics?

Summary:  Essante Organics almost passed for as a commendable MLM opportunity. They're almost there as they are providing newbies good training and support, but there is an overturn  here.  Their seasoned network members are in the habit of making high claims that are far fetched from reality. Aside from this, it also works to the disadvantage ​of people aspiring to join the business opportunity to the exorbitant startup cost. 

Rating:   35/100

Recommended: No.

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Is Immunotec a SCAM? No, But There is a Better Way For You to Earn Online!

​With each passing day, there seems like a new MLM company is being formed in one corner of the globe and always brings along that fresh new hope of legitimate opportunities for everyone wanting to make money online. The sad part here is that only a few of them delivered their promise and lived up to our expectations.

In the worst case scenario, you might find yourself dealing with a scam company. The only way to protect your​self and interests against such scheming organizations is to equip yourself with the right knowledge​ and identify them right away.

Before you embark on joining a seemingly good MLM company,​ investigate first and do some background check​ about the business. This review for the ​Immunotec business opportunity is intending to provide you with all the necessary facts and information you need to know, from the company background to the product line and down to their offered compensation plans.

By presenting to you the most relevant information about Immunotec​ exactly they really are, I am empowering you to decide for yourself whether this opportunity is good to take or not.

In finding the right opportunity, you will also come across a legitimate way to earn money from the Internet.  

​Immunotec Summary Review


Founder:  Chuck Roberts

Price:   $24.95 which is good for 1 full year.

Best For:  People who are exceptionally good in recruiting other people to join the business. 

Is Immunotec a SCAM

Summary:  Immunotec is a successful multilevel marketing firm highly reputed for their Immunocal product offerings. The company is a typical MLM company ​and relies so much on the help of their network members in distributing and selling their products. But in terms of money making opportunity, this company may not have on offer the best opportunity you are hoping for. Check out​ what I have found out about the Immunotec opportunity with this review.

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No

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Is Nerium International a SCAM? (Smells Like a Pyramid Scheme, too or NO?)

What we have on the table today is another MLM company, Nerium International. This company is quite popular in the beauty and anti-aging industry. However, it is quite controversial also in the sense that it has been debated upon by many people whether they are a scam company or not.

Before anything else, let me commend you for taking the time to know more about what Nerium International first is all about. Everyone should get into this habit and not to jump  right away into a seemingly good business opportunity.

Educating yourself about a particular business opportunity and learning a great deal about it first will help you make an informed decision. This is one way to avoid scam companies and, eventually will help you find the legitimate way to make money online.

Chances are high also that someone from your circle introduced you to this company, so now you need to know more about the company itself and what they really are. But you will realize also that not all the online reviews found on the Internet about Nerium International can be relied on.

Watch out for some Nerium skin care reviews because a handful of them are biased and prejudicial, obviously trying to protect an interest or another, either their interest or the company's.

Please know that I am not in any way associated with Nerium International, therefore you can expect that my analysis and review of their offered business opportunity is impartial and fair.

Nerium International Summary Review


Founder: Jeff Olson

Price: From $49.95 Basic Starter Kit all the way to  $1,749.95 Gold Starter Pack.

Best For:  People with exceptional talent in networking and recruiting. 

Nerium Skin care reviews

Summary:  This MLM review established the fact that Nerium International is a legitimate networking company. It gives its members a fair chance to earn money, inspiring them even to work harder so they can stand a chance to earn iPads or achieve the Lexus car bonus which the company will lease for them for 1 full year. But Nerium International is an MLM company, where you need to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars just so you can get started. Aside from this, the most pressing part is,  network members need to focus primarily on recruiting new members every now and then.

Rating: 15/100

Recommended: No. 

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Is SurveySay a Scam? (No, But There is a Better Way To Earn Money from the Internet Than This)

For as long as we have the Internet around and we have it as our trove of valuable information, it will also provide us a manifold of opportunities to make money online. And most of us are already aware of the fact that among these opportunities are the paid survey sites.

It is very likely that someone you know introduced you to this paid survey site, or perhaps you came across over this website by chance. And now you want to know if joining this get-paid-to website is worth your while. Well, you came to the right place.

It is a good practice to investigate first a seemingly good opportunity before making any decision to venture into them right away. Haphazard decisions always lead to disappointments and frustrations in the end.

But if your main goal really is to find an online money-making opportunity that will help you build another stream of online income that is stable and highly reliable, then why don’t you consider affiliate marketing instead.

There is a sundry of affiliate marketing programs on the Web, but the Wealthy Affiliate course is indeed second to none. Most importantly, this is the platform that helped pave the way for me to reach financial wellness.

With this now, I believe that the difference between your own financial freedom will depend upon the decision you will have to make. If you will give the Wealthy Affiliate course a try, you are taking a step closer to your financial goals.

SurveySay Summary Review


Founder: Not disclosed

Price:  Free to join

Best For:  Nobody

Is Surveysay legit

Summary:  Don't hope against hope that SurveySay will provide you paid survey tasks. This "GPT" website is bound to waste your time as they will just refer you to a number legit paid survey websites. In the process of referring you to these reliable get-paid-to websites, they earn a commission from you joining these platforms they are endorsing to you to try.  

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No, please don't even think about it. 

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Is PrizeRebel a Scam? Can They Offer Us Decent Rewards from Answering Surveys?

To the unaware and the inexperienced, the prospect of earning some money on the side by taking online surveys is an attractive and an enticing opportunity. Who wouldn’t like the idea that by just answering random survey questions you’ll soon be compensated for your efforts and honest answers?

Ideally, that is how things should work, right?

Before anything else, I must commend you for trying to know the truth first about Prizerebel. Educating oneself about a seemingly good way to earn money online is an effective way to keep yourself from getting victimized by scam companies and programs.

I also want to add that I am not in any way associated to Prizerebel or any other similar money-generating opportunities. Therefore, you can expect that my analysis and review of the Prizerebel opportunity is impartial and not biased.

My reviews are always devoid of any prejudicial notions. It is because there is no conflict of interest on my part, as I am not associated with any of the online money-making opportunities I am evaluating. What you are bound to get is just pure, unadulterated review and analysis of the subject at hand.

If you are seriously looking for another stream of passive income online, I suggest that you consider becoming a marketing affiliate first. Out of the various strategies I tried before, it is only this platform that helped pave the way for me to become financially independent today.

PrizeRebel Summary Review


Founder: Not disclosed

Price: Free to sign-up

Best For: People who are amenable to carry out simple tasks such as taking surveys for a small amount of cash incentive. 

what is PrizeRebel about

Summary:  I have concluded that PrizeRebel is indeed a reputable GPT (get-paid-to) website. From the mouths of those who tried this platform and are still engaged with it, and from many people on the Web, they only have good words to say about them than bad. But like many other online money-making opportunities, your income potential here is not at all that impressive. Perhaps what this platform need to improve on, which will benefit many interested parties, is if they will give more opportunities to members outside US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. 

Rating:    55/100

Recommended: No. 

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Skinny Body Care Reviews: Making Difference in the Weight Loss Industry?

I’d like to assume that the main reason you are here is because someone you know introduced you to Skinny Body Care and the seemingly good business opportunity it has for you. And now you wanted to make sure if venturing into this would be worth your while, right?

Well, you are doing it right. Making some research about a seemingly good business opportunity will help keep you from becoming the next victim of scam companies. This is the best way to keep their clutches at bay and off of you.

We know that there is a sundry of online money making opportunities, but not every one of them is legitimate and reliable. This is the reason why doing some research first is paramount to your safety and security when looking for the best online money-making opportunity.

Don’t let yourself get into the habit of grabbing every online business opportunity you will come across with. I am certain that most of them are not legit and don’t have your best financial interest at heart.

My review and analysis of the  Skinny Body Care opportunity is not biased and impartial. Simply because I am not associated with this MLM program or any other networking company for that matter. This signifies that I am not bound to protect any side or interest, and with that I can honestly say that I am delivering nothing but a truthful and honest to goodness review of their business and structure.

If you are seriously looking for ways to develop your online passive income, I suggest you consider becoming a ​affiliate marketing first before anything else. Although I have come and tried before a lot of money-generating opportunities off the Web, I can vouch that this is the only platform that works.                                                                                                                                                                          

Skinny Care Body Summary Review

Website: ​

Founder: Ben Glinsky

Price:  $10 (activation fee) + your choice of starter pack  ( $59.95, $119.85, or $179.70 )

Best For:  For people who has flair for recruiting others into the business while using the products themselves. 

What is Skinny Body Care

Summary:  While we consider this networking company as legitimate, not a scam and not a pyramid scheme business. They have tangible products in offer. But that will encourage us to endorse this opportunity to anyone. First of all, their product offerings are way too common in the beauty niche. They need to come up with a more dramatic distinction among competing brands. This way they can really outshine the others. 

Rating: 20/100

Recommended: No. 

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A Mannatech Review: Is Mannatech a SCAM? (Be Ready for the Truth!)

 “Advance your wellness!”.
“Changing Lives”.
“Your Opportunity”.

These are some of the catch-phrases they are using on their website. Their purpose is to grab your attention and to keep you glued on what they have to say, and eventually offer.

This is Mannatech. A seemingly promising networking company. If someone from your circle recently introduced you to this networking company and now you want to know if embarking to this allegedly profitable opportunity is worth your while, I can help provide to you the valuable answers you are looking for.

This company may be listed on NASDAQ and may have been among the pioneers in the industry with their 25 years of experience, but this will not take away the fact that there are a few things you need to consider first before making any decision to join them. This measure is for your own good and an effective way to keep scam companies at bay.
Let me add this also that I am not in any way associated with Mannatech or with any other networking companies. Therefore, you can trust that this review and analysis of the Mannatech opportunity is impartial and not biased, with the intention of steering you in the right direction you need to take.

My Mannatech review is completely devoid of any prejudicial notions. I intend to present to you every piece of valuable information that I find as they are, so you can judge for yourself if this networking company’s business opportunity for you is worth your time, money, and effort.

If your main goal is to find a better online money-making opportunity, I suggest that you consider marketing affiliate by Wealthy Affiliate. This platform helped me reach my own financial wellness and you can become like me too on this aspect. 

Mannatech Summary Review


Founder:   Samuel Caster

Price:  $49.99/year to join the network as an independent distributor

Best For:  People with exceptional talent in recruiting people and networking. 

What is Mannatech Ambrotose

Summary:  This networking company knows exactly what it is doing, otherwise, they wouldn't survive the industry for 25 long years. They are a legitimate networking company and thus can earn from here real, good money -- that is if you know how. Everything about this networking firm is good, except that they are still typical MLM company heavily relying on recruiting. If you don't have any flair or penchant in talking out people to join you in this opportunity and become part of your downline network, you may not want to sign-up with their program. 

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No. 

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