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Why do you need setting up your Own Website? 

I believe most of us shop/buy something online store nowadays, right? Why? I believe there is a prompt answer in your mind.

Yes..because in the online world today help us saving our Time and Money – Just a few click-aways in front of your laptop the items you bought will deliver to your comfort home.

A website gives a lot of opportunities for start-up bases on the service they wanted to provide. Such as setting an online store selling stuff like electronics gadget, fashion, household, travel gadget, books etc.

In order to bring revenue to their website, Owner will need to drive visitors to through PPC (Paid Per Click) ads program or either based on the informative content they generate. The more visitors they could bring on the more sales will generate hence generate more income.

Why you need A website?

Well..You could able to build your website base on your hobbies and interest that related to your life passion and serving thousand to million of people around the world with just an internet connection.

The main advantage of the internet is the internet never rest. Meaning to say your online business run Online 247 openand open 24/7 through all the year welcoming the different visitor from different countries around the world. Even while you sleep.

Unlike traditional business, you need to set up your physical store in specific location targeting specific area population.

You are lucky enough if the location is perfect in high traffic area but this is the time the rental rate will increase which affected your profit margin.

This gives a great reason why many people or big player companies are shutting down their offline business and venture into online business.

What requires to build a website?

1.Domain – You need A domain name that related to your niche. Ex: If you are setting up a website for selling finance ebook, consideryou could name your domain name like or etc.

As A starter member, you are entitled to 2 complimentary websites with WordPress. (You could build your website IMMEDIATELY for FREE by entering your desired domain into box below)↓↓↓
2.Nice Theme – A nice theme is like A decoration for your online store. There are over 2000+ different choices of theme for you to choose without knowing about any website knowledge or HTML code. After you name your domain the next step will bring you to choose your desired theme.



3.Reliable HostingWealthy Affiliate is the most powerful web hosting I was ever seeconsidersgood hosting? A good hosting must include such as:

  • A highly optimized and simplified hosting platform
  • The ability to MOVE websites from one domain to another
  • The Ability to fire up FREE Websites on demand
  • Full Redundancy (100% backed-up to the minute)
  • The latest and greatest hosting technology (your websites are always hosted on the highest powered servers available)
  • Automated recovery processes
  • Personal website monitoring and maintenance
  • Removal of “rogue” plugins and themes
  • Comment spam management and behavioural assessment (so you don’t even get the spam in the first place)
  • Website integrity updates the continually improve how your WordPress sites function, based on the latest version of WP

4.Training & Support – On top of your domain, hosting and nice theme you will need guidance along the way to success in your online business. Wealthy Affiliate has it all.

In Wealthy Affiliate, the community is there willing to help you every obstacle as well as the training provided for you. If you follow the training step, trust me. The success is waiting for you.

Create your own website in 30 seconds? For free

There is not complicated to build a website and running it successful. All requires ACTION and dedication. The most amazing part is you could build your website less than 5 minutes. In Fact, It took less than 30’s. Feel free to try by clicking below link.

Step 1: Register your 2 domain for $0 (free) at

Step 2: Choose A theme

Step 3: Boom…..Your website is done

Please feel free to comment below if you have any further doubt and I am more than willing  to help you.

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Maxx Tan

Maxx is an experienced online marketer that would like to give a hand to those wants to achieve more in building a successful online business. He also has a strong passion for investing and spent most of his free time doing research and trading.