Business at Home Lifestyle Scam Review

Business at Home Lifestyle Scam Review

Business at Home Lifestyle is developed by Amy Jensen and, at first sight, appears to be a legitimate business. It has a simple concept of making money from advertisements and posting links. It is a verified method that is used by many businesses, but it is also one used by many scam websites and platforms. That is why it is advisable that you do your research and read a lot of Business at Home Lifestyle scam reviews.

Nonetheless, easy money sounds like an exciting prospect no matter the circumstances. This is why many people, against their better judgment, get lured into opportunities like that. Unfortunately, this is especially true for those who are desperate and struggling financially.

We have investigated the Business at Home Lifestyle concept and have highlighted our findings below. Of course, in the end, it is up to you to decide for yourself whether or not to try the website.

What Is Business at Home Lifestyle and How Does It Work?

Upon visiting the Business at Home Lifestyle website, it becomes clear that it is a well-designed affiliate website. The user is compelled to go towards the My Millionaire Mentor platform, which is a proven scam that has been revealed by many people.

Nonetheless, Amy Jensen herself tells you the story of how she started to earn $7197 a month using the Millionaire Mentor website. In case the story seems interesting, or you want to verify it further, you can perform a Google check and see that there is absolutely no evidence to support Jensen’s story.

There are widgets to Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo on her website, yet they seem to go nowhere, and they are not clickable. So, in essence, if you go for the Business at Home Lifestyle website, you are really going for the My Millionaire Mentor platform. In fact, multiple links on the same page led to that website, which in turn led to a paid survey website.

While it might appear strange to have several links in the same page, it is clear that the creators of the website were simply ensuring that you end up in the bigger scam. This is why we will be addressing where the links lead in the next segment.

How It Works in Practice

As mentioned earlier, once you click the link, you are redirected to a website for paid surveys. The new website is supported with a live chat screen that offers robotic answers.

They reveal that the paid surveys promise that you will be able to do up to three surveys a day and get up to $45 and there are a lot of boasting and obviously false reviews, comments, and appraisals through which you have to go before signing your name and e-mail address. For such websites, we recommend using secondary ones in order to avoid spam or further problems.

A suspicious aspect is that when a user registers, they end up in the Members area wherein there is no information what being a member entails and how much you can be charged. Speaking of payments, it also appears that there is a controversy. According to the Business at Home Lifestyle page, you will get paid through a check or a direct deposit, but the survey website offers PayPal alternatives and deposits to your bank account (which you have to provide early on).

Who Is Business at Home Lifestyle For?

The name sounds specifically designed to attract those who are looking for ways to make money online. The website actually has claimed that everyone, including a single mother with no experience or skills, can effortlessly make thousands of dollars a month by simply staying at home behind the computer.

The Good and the Bad

Although Business At Home Lifestyle sounds like a painfully familiar and foolproof scam, unfortunately, after a careful Business at Home Lifestyle scam review, we haven’t found any pros, and we believe that it is one that still yields fruit and preys on those who are new to the internet marketing industry. This is mainly done by using meaningless certifications and job titles like Search Engine Agent or Data Cruncher that give people a sense of responsibility and value.

  • Fake comments, pictures, stories and news releases

If you go deeper into the website, you will see several fictional characters of single mothers who claim to have become rich (or outright millionaires) with income statements and checks that are obviously edited in Photoshop. We even found some registered as stock photos!

There are a lot of comments and news network logos that are used in the advertisement and also appeared to be fake. One does not need to look too close to identify that because simply reading the disclaimers on the website shows that news corporations are exempt from any involvement with the platform.

  • Suspicious advertising technique

A very suspicious aspect is that the website first claims the service to be $200, but if you go through all the windows that offer discounts (and there is a lot) you get a price of $47, which is a classic advertising technique used to trick people into getting meaningless products (or such of little value). The website also offers $500 to the first 50 people that sign up with the platform.

  • No information or support page

There is no email address on the Business At Home Lifestyle page, so the user is not able to contact anyone. While the chart support is an option, you will only get to it if you go to the click bait for the paid surveys page.

Business at Home Lifestyle Scam Review: The Verdict

It is clear by all the information presented that we have found the Business at Home Lifestyle to be an outright scam and a waste of time and effort. There is not a single thing to point towards the platform being a legitimate business, especially since it leads to a proven scam website. Our advice would be to seek out other platforms that offer a similar business model or to try to develop something yourself, in case you are interested in the concept.

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