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Buyers List Blueprint











  • Easy To Follow Training
  • 2 Bonuses Report Included
  • Show You In-depth With Real Life Examples
  • 14 Days Money Back


  • Without Much Specific Into The Process
  • Too Much Of Upsells
  • Over-hype Claims
  • No Support

What is Buyers List Blueprint About? Is It another Scam or Legitimate? Buyers List Blueprint claims to hold the secrets to earning more than a million dollars in revenue. In the end, it’s barely worth the money you paid for it.

The Internet is big business nowadays. A lot of stores manage to generate a ton of revenue from online sales. Amazon alone manages to make millions of dollars on its sales. Can you imagine being able to piggyback on that success?

That’s exactly what Buyers List Blueprint wants you to imagine. This product claims to hold the secrets to helping you earn millions of dollars in revenue. For $19.95, you get a basic introduction to the process. The product has additional upsells that take the final price to nearly $200. It would be better if you stayed with the $19.95 so that you can almost get your money’s worth.

Buyers List Blueprint Review At A Glance

Name: Buyers List Blueprint
Products: Internet Marketing
Founders: Gaurab Borah
Fee: $19.95 (A few months ago it was just $9.95), Few upsells all the way up to $199
Overall Rank: 4 out of 10
Status: Not Recommended (Overhype claims)

What is Buyers List Blueprint and How Does It Work?

The basic idea behind Buyers List Blueprint is that it will give you a blueprint on how to build the ultimate buyer’s list. For those who are unaware of the term, a buyer’s list is a list of people who you sold a product to and have a positive relationship with.

In Internet marketing, a big buyer’s list can mean potentially huge profits. This is because these people know you and if they liked the product they got from you, they will more likely buy any product you recommend again.

In affiliate marketing, each sale you make contributes to your revenue. So if you sell to a 100 out of a 1000-strong buyer’s list, you’ll still be earning money.

The promise of Buyers List Blueprint is that you will be able to create a large buyer’s list quickly. The most basic product is the $19.95 basic document. Payout $19.95 and you get a PDF download that has the basics of the package.

There are three upsells though. The first one is a couple of case studies. These give you real examples of the Buyers List Blueprint strategy in action. These should be useful if you want to see concrete examples of how to do it. For one case study, you have to pay $17. For two case studies, you’ll have to pay $27.

The second upsell is a pre-made e-mail campaign system. Similar to the first upsell, it’s available in two packages. The basic one is worth $27 and gives you 10 different campaigns. The upgraded version will cost you $47 and has 20 different e-mail campaigns for you to work with.

The final upsell gives you access to the Adsnexus Profit Center with a Premium membership. This is a forum group that has further info and tips on online marketing and more. Premium membership will let you see and read everything on the site. This will cost your $197.

All in all, if you went for all the upsells, it will be near $300 to get the entire thing – and you still have to do all the work to get earn back all that money. It does offer some bonus PDFs that are further guides on Internet marketing, but they’re pretty much throwaway fluff.

Who is Buyers List Blueprint For?

As always, the Buyers List Blueprint is essentially for those who want to be part of the Internet gold rush. People starting out in affiliate marketing who want to get-rich-quick will most likely fall for this product. If they’re lucky, they will only spend $20. Spending more than that will not get them any good value.

Buyers List Blueprint Tools & Training

When you buy the Buyers List Blueprint at its basic level, you get a PDF. The upsells will give you systems, examples, and a few more tips. You’ll get the best value from the $19.95 purchase. So what do you get from it?

The PDF has got some good gems in it. For one, it tells you how to build your buyer’s list fast. I’m spoiling it now to save you that $19.95: get other people to do it for you.

Network with other affiliate marketers that match your potential target market and make friends with them. When you’ve got a stable relationship with them, hook up with them when you’ve got a product launch. In that way, you don’t only have your buyer’s list – but all of your friend’s buyer’s list working for you as they course traffic to you.

Buyers List Blueprint also tells you how to do your market research. This isn’t some vague point-in-that-direction advice though. These are solid tips with real-world examples. You’ll get your $19.95 back with this advice.

However, the further components are a bit doubtful. The e-mail strategies are a good boost, but if you want to be successful in this business, you’ll learn to make them from scratch. As for the Adsnexus Profit Center, you can learn a lot of those from other sources and your own experience.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

(+) Solid Foundation. If you’re starting out you can do worse than the basic package. It gives you a good idea of how to go about building your buyer’s list, with real examples and direct tips.

(+) Cheap. Okay, the final total is more than $200. However, if you limit yourself to the basic package, the $19.95 is cheaper than most other packages. Of course, you can get some of this advice for free, but it does give solid examples of what to do and real-world incidents that back up the advice.

The Bad:

(-) Value. However, if you pay for everything, you aren’t getting the full value of your investment. All of this is advice from hard-earned experience, but you can learn all of it on your own for the price of zero dollars. All you need to do is to do your homework and research right. Even with some of the “bonuses” given, you are not getting your money’s worth.

(-) No Tools. You get zero tools or software from this package. Most other internet marketing packages have at least a PDF maker to help create download content. You only get advice and tips with this Buyers List Blueprint package.


Indeed Gaurab Borah created Buyers List Blueprint which I personally think is good products but somehow Not The Great Products. Why do I say so? Great products will go through much in-depth every single detail with you. But I can’t complain much as the cost is reasonable at $20?

Great products will go through much in-depth every single detail with you. But I can’t complain much as the cost is reasonable at $20? This is why I just Rank them at 4 out of 10. Simply Not Recommended for you.

Your time, money and effort better invested somewhere more valuable. 

What’s Now?

If you really want to learn and be the success in your online journey? Click here to learn the exact formula that I followed. I learned everything I need to learn and today I could say I gain much knowledge without paying an expensive price. This is also how I built this website here. What I like about them are their support and their system training. You will get the personal advice from the owners too.  Where could you find their features in other programs out there?

I dare to challenge no one to provide the support like them. Don’t believe? I prove it.

This is not a sales pitch. This is what the success stories Dougney share with the platform members to inspire all of us. To inspire everyone that it works if you follow the training here.

It’s Your Turn Now

Last but not least I will say it again I will NOT recommend you to spend your hard earned money into Buyers List Blueprint because I will only recommend to you the best out of the best one.

If you have thought and question after reading this review, please share with us by leaving your comments below. I will try my best to help you out.

Thank you for your time sticking till the end.


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