Cash Crate Review: Is the Crate Honestly Filled with Cash?

Cash Crate Review: Is the Crate Honestly Filled with Cash?

Have you ever been tricked into downloading free apps, taking surveys, giving your email address to spammers only to end up realizing that you were scammed? This almost always happens on sites that promise you that you can make money online. One such website is Cash Crate, and in this Cash Crate review, we will find out the truth behind their claims.

Whenever you take surveys or download free apps from such websites, you are often rewarded with points. This makes things rather confusing. Will a thousand points be enough to buy an iPhone or will it just suffice to buy a pack of chips?

Cash Crate simplifies this whole process for you by disclosing the exact amount you get for each activity you performed from these websites. After trying it out for a while, we can say that although there is clarity around the compensation, our overall experience was a bit perplexing.

Cash Crate Review: What Is It?

Cash Crate is a website that allows users to take surveys, play games, complete paid offers, and do so much more. Each of them will have a payout between a couple of cents to a dollar. The site has been on the internet since 2006.

Ever since then, it has paid out over three million dollars to more than five million members. Instantly, it becomes evident that the average amount a member earns is even lesser than a dollar. This very statistic sums up how we feel about this website.

Then again, that does not mean that no one has earned substantially through this site. There are some members who have cashed in thousands on this site. So, it does have some potential to make money. However, isn’t it better spending all this time and effort into doing something more productive?

What Their Website Is Like

When you reach the Cash Crate’s homepage, you will notice that it is filled with toolbars and tabs along with links to multiple other opportunities that will help you make money on this site. These include testing products and watching videos.

There are tabs with columns of survey links that carry details on how much each of them pays you. We personally like these over other similar sites that display a point system instead of the actual cent or dollar.

What we did not like is the presentation of the surveys. These surveys had names like “Pulley Surveys”, “Live Sample”, “SSI Surveys”, and so on. For a newbie who just wants to take surveys to make a quick buck, all of these seemed very confusing as you will not understand what it all means. We would have liked if there was a description of each of them mentioned somewhere.

When you click on these links, it will take you to the survey page, which is a whole different website. They start off with the same questions such as gender, age, and ZIP code. What follows is a loop of queries that don’t earn you points. All these queries are just to check whether you qualify for the survey. If you do qualify, which is quite rare, you head to the survey page.

Who Is Cash Crate For?

Cash Crate is absolutely for anybody who wishes to earn some quick cash. If you are looking to make a substantial amount of money, then you need a lot of time on your hands along with an active internet connection.

What Is the Rate of Success?

The rate of success can only be determined by how many times you are qualified for a survey, which is very tough. Unlike other similar sites that show all the surveys you applied for and even the ones you were disqualified from, Cash Crate does not show the total number of attempted surveys. This site will only show the ones that you get successfully paid for.

What makes things worse is that Cash Crate, along with all the third-party survey sites, will constantly send you into a rabbit hole of questions that will just constantly redirect you to newer sets of queries instead of just declaring that you have been disqualified.

We spent roughly six hours on this site, and we only got qualified for and managed to complete nine surveys. We roughly estimated that our success rate was no more than 33%. These surveys earned us anywhere between 50¢ to a dollar.

Everyone has a different experience when it comes to being qualified for these surveys. They look for people with specific demographics, behaviors, and possessions.

The Payoff

Playing games or downloading apps may definitely be the easiest but it does not make you much money. Just a couple cents, that’s all. Surveys definitely had a better payout. For the surveys that you will see on the site’s homepage, they will tell you exactly how much you will earn. Links to surveys on other pages, however, work on points and determining the value of these points involves some math.

You get a one dollar bonus when you confirm your email address. All the time we spend trying out the surveys on this site, we manage to accumulate a little under eight dollars. There were some couple of cents pending as well, which we assume meant that Cash Crate is still waiting for confirmation from these third-party survey sites.

So, when we calculated we figured that we roughly earned about a dollar and fifty cents per hour for being on the site for six hours. Also, in order to cash out, you will have to accumulate at least $20. That’s many more hours of surveys. Is it honestly worth it?

The Good

  • There is no joining fee
  • Definitely possible to make money
  • Available outside the United States too

The Bad

  • Reaching $20 will take you forever
  • You will most likely get disqualified from most of their surveys
  • Be ready to get spam calls and spam emails if you have to share your personal details
  • Your account gets terminated if there is no activity for 90 days
  • You can have only one account per household


We are sure that this in-depth Cash Crate review has given you enough insight about this site. Is this a scam? Absolutely not. The site is 100% legit, and it is possible to make money out of it.

However, for the amount of time and effort you spend on it and then compare it to your payout, does it make it worth it? We don’t think so. Then again, if you have ample time on your hands and are looking to make some pocket change, then go nuts!

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  • M. Tidbury says:

    This is the first time I have heard of Cash Crate. I have heard of other survey sites. They all seem to do the same thing as Cash Crate. They take up much of your time before you see a sum of money or a prize. Cash Crate does not sound like something you should quit your job over. In fact, it seems worse than other survey sites I have seen. Personally, I think I would avoid it all together.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi M Tidbury, Thanks for your comment here and Cash Crate able to generate you some quick cash. But you have to put in extraordinary time and effort into the survey system. Which I will not recommend for doing so. 

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