Cash Tracking System Scam Review

Cash Tracking System Scam Review

The so-called Cash Tracking System is yet another online platform that promises wealth and success for those with some free time, access to the internet, and willingness to get rich. It is a six-year-old website based on a gifted program with levels of participation going from $500 all the way to $2000. This is actually what attracts many people—the ability to climb a ladder or immediately jump the steps by paying more.

Our research revealed that your level not only has to do with how much you spend and earn, but also whether you earn at all. This is why we have decided to do this detailed Cash Tracking System scam review. Is it worth your time and money? Is it a legitimate business? All that and more are answered below, so stay tuned.

What Is the Cash Tracking System and How Does It Work?

It is normal to be somewhat suspicious at what they claim, given how you have stumbled on this review. Lucky for you, we have already taken the steps and done the research. So let’s dig in!

What They Claim

The Cash Tracking System is a series of sales videos; seven to be exact. They serve as a sort of a ladder, with each step buttering you up in order to put you in the right mindset for spending money.

The main pitch has to do with wealth inequality, mainly that 3% of the population holds 97% of the wealth. It is a familiar concept of how the rich have everything and are free to do as they please, while the majority of us are bound and limited. They claim that this inequality is due to a secret that rich people know and the majority of us doesn’t.

Naturally, the course of the Cash Tracking System promises to fix this problem. Their solution, of course, involves you buying the right to learn the secret—a truly good investment, given that it is how that 3% of the world managed to get so rich.

What It Truly Is

It is, in essence, a cash-gifting program. A cash-gifting design is simple: members buy into the program and make a “gift” (a very monetary one) to the person who has recruited them, and this is where all the money in the program comes from. It is a good, old pyramid scheme, wherein the whole cash flow is about more and more members buying in the program and distributing cash gifts.

To make matters a bit more complicated, you can choose from different amounts of cash gifts that correspond to varying levels in the system. The higher the level, the more privileges you get and the more money you can make. Allegedly.

A fair question to ask yourself at this point is “Is this legal?” Well, in most places it is very, very illegal. This kind of program has been able to get around legal issues, and one of the main reasons is because it is in the disguise of an MLM; they actually do have a product to sell to you.

When you get in the scheme, you pay £34.95 per month for the hosting plus $25 for your own website set up. By the way, this is in addition to the cash gift you give to your recruiter.

Since they provide this product, both customers and authorities can see it as a legitimate opportunity or at least a legally sound business. The truth is that this product is aimed to recruit more people into the program and attract more cash gifts, which, while defining it as a product offering is just an elaborate extension to the illegal pyramid scheme scam.

How Is Money Distributed?

As we mentioned before, there are levels at which you can buy in. They are what determines the amount of cash that you pay and earn.

Keep in mind that you can only earn money from your recruits if they buy in at your level. This is perceived to be an incentive for people to spend more money in order to be able to earn from virtually anyone.

There are four levels that go like this:

  • Level 1: $250
  • Level 2: $500
  • Level 3: $1,000
  • Level 4: $2,000

Who Is Cash Tracking System For?

As it is with most such schemes, the main target is people with a lot of free time, those looking to make extra money and, unfortunately, those in financial distress but still with some savings to waste.

Nowadays, most of the online scams at least offer some sort of semi-practicable product or training. For example, many of them have to do with advertising and social media. They offer training and coverage of the basics that can be found for free, but at least you are getting something for your money, and you have the opportunity to learn. With the Cash Tracking System, you get nothing but a personalized website for the platform, which is very limited value for what you are spending.

That said, it might actually suit people who consider themselves convincing and good marketers. As we have established, the main and only way to make money is to recruit other people, just as you were recruited, to join the program and give out cash gifts. The website even provides materials and ways to track other people and pitch the idea.

The Good and The Bad

To complete this Cash Tracking System Scam Review, here are some of the pros and cons that we have tallied.


  • Easy sign-up procedure
  • Provides multiple levels


  • Expensive
  • No practical value for money
  • Pyramid structure
  • Cash only comes from new members

Cash Tracking System Scam Review: Our Final Advice

Programs like this may be alluring at first, but the allure lies only with the charm of the person presenting, and there is no gain to be made in such a program. The only people who get rich are the ones on the top of the pyramid who control the distribution of money and are able to cash out whenever they want.

Furthermore, you are not getting any value for your investment. One might argue that the website is worth something, but a simple google search will show you that you can make it independently for less than the $25 you will be giving out. Hence, our final verdict is that this is a scam that is best to be avoided.

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  • Leah says:

    Now, this is a review I can get behind!
    Thank you so much for doing the legwork behind this company/ ‘get rich quick’ scheme, pyramid schemes are illegal in the UK, and trying to cover it up as something else is wrong in my book.
    With the number of people these days looking to work from home or for themselves increasing, companies like this think they can take advantage, and people like you doing these reviews really help others to sort the wheat from the chaff!
    Keep up the good work

    • Maxx Tan says:

      I will Leah, I hope by writing more review like this able to help people make the right choice to achieve their business goal as well as stay away from scams out there. 

      Thanks again

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