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What Is The Best Web Hosting For Affiliate Marketers?

Gone are the days when a business website was just an option. Today, you must have your own effective and efficient website if you want to make money online through affiliate marketing and I can strongly attest for its crucial importance in your journey to success. It’s important to look at the pros and cons of the web hosting providers since your choice will have a significant impact on your success, too.

What to Look For in a Web Hosting Service

Before we look at the best web hosting service for affiliate marketers, let’s first take a look at the attributes you must look for in it. You will be able to make smart comparisons between several web hosting services and, thus, make an informed decision.

  • Uptime guarantee

Look for a hosting service with reliable uptime and redundancy of at least 99%. Your customers will appreciate the fast load times whenever they type in your site’s URL. You must also ask about multiple backup locations, known as mirrored services, as a preventive measure against server outages.

  • Accessibility

Ask about the accessibility to the server. You should be able to make changes to your website, such as creating new email accounts and changing the server settings. You may also want access to checking your email even when you’re away from your computer.

  • Blog compatibility

Consider the blog compatibility of your hosted website. You will find that a blog is a must-have addition to your arsenal of affiliate marketing tools. You may not have a blog now but you must ensure that the web hosting service provides blog compatibility, when you choose to have it later.

  • Backup

Ensure that the web hosting service provides sufficient backup. You may accidentally delete all of your website’s blog directory, for example, but your provider will be able to resolve it. Your online content can be back online with just a few strokes, thanks to the host’s disaster recovery plan involving backups to backup.

  • Parking of other domain names

Find out about the ease with which you can park, so to speak, your other domain names. You needn’t purchase the other versions of your domain name to account for misspellings, for example. You will find it effective and efficient for brand management purposes to have all of your domain names in a single control panel.

  • Scalability

Consider the scalability of the hosting service. Your business will likely grow and your web hosting service should provide scalability in turn. You should be able to choose from several tiers of service according to the number of visitors each month, as well as the provider’s ability to effectively deal with unexpected spikes.

  • Support

Look for the type of support that you will require from the provider. You will obviously want a web hosting service with 24/7 support service via emails, chats, and telephone calls. Your provider should also be able to provide fast responses to your issues.

  • Add-on features

Be aware of the added costs that come with add-on features. But you shouldn’t immediately balk at the added costs since many of these add-on features will result in increased performance. You can get more value for your money from your website with many of the add-on features.

Even before you have subscribed to the web hosting service, you must ask about its exit plan. You must read the fine print lest you find yourself encountering one challenge after another in moving your domain name away from the provider.

You have to consider all of these factors before making your choice. You have to work toward getting a balance of all these aspects of a satisfactory to very satisfactory web hosting service. Your time, energy and effort spent on considering each one will ultimately be to your benefit.

What You Can Expect From Wealthy Affiliate

So what is the best web hosting for affiliate marketers? Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix seems to be the best option for affiliate marketers. Upon closer inspection of its features and functions, you will find that it meets all of the above mentioned aspects of a satisfactory web hosting service.

#1 Uptime Guarantee

Setting up your website on Wealth Affiliate is fast, easy and convenient especially as you’re not required to possess coding skills. Furthermore, you are assured of fast, reliable and optimal uptimes with the average page load time at 1.3 seconds. Your website’s ranking can be better because of the fast site speed, one of the core points of efficiency in the SiteRubix’s platform.

I must say that Wealth Affiliate’s guarantee of a load limiting process contributes to my own peace of mind in its uptime rate. Basically, the process monitors the websites and ensures their optimum operation.

#2 Double hosting feature

Also known as backups, you will love the double hosting feature wherein the web host service provides full redundancy for its clients. Even when your website crashes for one reason or another, you can rely on its “mirror” that can be instantly swapped in. Such a disaster recovery plan is among the best in the industry.

Wealthy Affiliate makes backups on a daily basis of all of its websites on board. You have the peace of mind that your website will always be present, in a manner of speaking, even during a crash.

#3 Effective security

You don’t want your website and/or blog to be hacked and compromised. Fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate implements several layers of security to prevent spamming and hacking, among other security threats.

Other features that make Wealthy Affiliate and the SiteRubix platform the best web hosting for affiliate marketers are:

  • Affordable price of $49 per month
  • Number of domains – 25
  • Number of free websites – 25
  • 500,000 visitors per month (bandwidth included)
  • Staging environment and site builder included
  • 24/7 access to the server admins
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Feedback on the website, as well as site health and site comments
  • Community access

Read Our Review of This Most Recommended Web Hosting For Online Marketers Here.

Best of all, you will get a one-on-one marketing mentorship! If you’re a newbie in the affiliate marketing industry, you will benefit from the program because of the valuable lessons you can learn. If you’re a veteran, you will also like it because of the new techniques and tools that you can also learn from your mentor.

Final Thoughts

Get on the Wealthy Affiliate bandwagon if you want to boost of finding success through affiliate marketing. I can guarantee you that none of the others hosting company provides that what Wealthy’s Affiliate SiteRubix has offered thus far.

You will find the money you pay for is far worth and valuable. And with SiteRubix you will not keep up selling you for adding features. Either you can try out for free (No Credit Card required with 2 free websites) or you can go for premium for premium service (Mentorship+Hosting+Training+Community Access+Unlimite Email Account)

If you have tried others service providers you will know what I’m saying. It’s kind of irritating! Believe it or not, I’m very happy using the current SiteRubix and never waste off my time to trying out others anymore.

If you find this article make sense to you and wanted thanks me, Join me and you will get my personal support too. Let’s do it together and achieve your goal. But provided that how much desired you have in order to success. To be very frank here, to success online is not easy. But if you follow the right path and right journey with the right people plus with you own desired effort ultimately you will achieve what you want.

It’s time for me to stop here. I believe reading this you will find out what is the best hosting suit you the most. Feel free to share with us what your current service providers you are using.

Thank you for reading this and I wish you all the best in your online journey. Cheers.

10 Reasons Why You Should Own An Online Business?

A few years ago, I was the only one in my circle who ventured into online business. But today, half my friends are making money online. This only proves how popular the Internet has become and how more and more people have decided to quit their 9 to 5 job and work online instead.

Here are the main reasons why you should own an online business:

#1 You’re the boss

In my case, this was the only reason I made the big leap to think about of corporate life. I didn’t want to be watched like a hawk 8 hours a day or have someone calling me in the middle of my holiday for some urgent assignment I need to do. I’m not saying running an online business is less stressful than a regular job but at least I know I’m well compensated for all my hard work and it certainly beats having a nosy boss!

#2 You can follow your passion…and get paid for it

Starting your own business lets you do the things that you’ve always wanted to do. You want to travel the world and write about it? Be a writer or start a travel blog and monetize it. Do you want to paint? Create a website and sell your paintings online. Any ideas in your mind, you said it.

#3 You need minimal capital

How much does it cost to open a brick and mortar retail store these days? How about a restaurant or a mom and pop store? It will cost tens of thousands of dollars at least. But starting a business online doesn’t cost much and you can advertise to your target audience using social media. This is the power of internet nowadays. Perhaps the only things you’ll need to spend for at the beginning is a website, domain, hosting and a logo. That will cost you around $100, perhaps lower?

#4 You can work from home…or anywhere you want

I have a friend who runs a business online as he travels around the world. Right now, he is in Bali, Indonesia having the time of his life and still making money. How cool is that? As long as there’s an internet connection.

#5 You have more flexibility

You want to go to the gym in the morning and play soccer at the park with your son after his class? No problem. When you work online, you can choose your own schedule, or change it as needed. As long as you have the discipline to finish your tasks on time then it’s never going to be an issue.

#6 You’ll have less operating costs

With a brick and mortar business, you have to pay rent, employ a few people, pay for utilities, and many others. But when you run a business online, you don’t have to rent space or hire employees. You’ll make more profit due to your lower operating expenses.

#7 More people are shopping online

If you’re planning to set up an online store, then now is the best time to do it. That’s because people have more open to buying things online. There are now security measures in place to help keep online shoppers safe from hackers. In addition, with mobile browsing, people can shop for items or pay for services on the go using their mobile devices. Most people nowadays see online shopping as the convenient option. Don’t you agree? With single clicks less than few minutes the goods you bought will arrive your doorstep in a few days without stepping out from your home.

#8 Anyone can do it!

In the past, people needed to have business degrees to start managing their own businesses. They also needed a large capital. But nowadays, anyone can start a business online. Yes, ANYONE! If you have the drive and you’re willing to put in a lot of effort to this endeavor, then no one can stop you from doing it.

#9 You have lots of options

There are many kinds of businesses you can run online. For example, you can open an online store, or offer personal coaching if you have a special set of skill or knowledge that many people need today. You can also run a blog and have passive income through affiliate marketing or PPC.

Affiliate marketing is very big nowadays and some Internet marketers are earning thousands of dollars a month from affiliate offers. Check out Wealthy Affiliate, which is one of the most reputable networks with over a million products for you to choose from. Basically, you will be promoting their products on your website and for every sale that was referred by your site, you get a commission.

#10 Finally, you’ll be working for yourself

In offices, you have to jump through so many hoops to please your bosses and clients, and usually, that means agreeing to things that aren’t exactly what you believe in.

But when you run your own online business, you can forget all of that. You can work in your pajamas and no one would care.

Besides, working for yourself means that whatever amount of work you put into your business will pay off by putting more money in your bank account…not in someone else’s bank account.

As long as you discipline enough, you are able to create your own Online Business without a doubt.

Golden Rules for Running a Business Online

If you want to successfully run an online business, here are some vital tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep your website design professional and simple.
  • Be quick to respond to your visitors.
  • Always take the time to engage your visitors by replying to their comments or emails in a friendly way.
  • Give them a reason to come back. Perhaps a freebie, a discount, or simply just by providing them with great content.
  • Write for your readers. Do not fill your website with spammy content and too many keywords. This will discourage people from visiting your site.
  • Stick with ethical SEO methods.Have a mailing list. It’s one of the most effective marketing methods today.
  • Treat your customers well. Repeat customers are going to be one of the pillars of your success.

What I like about online business is that I am helping others while building up my business. As you can see I’m creating this blog helping people to find a way into a Genuine program that I’m using. In the same time, they also staying away from those online scams and saving their hard-earned money. Is a Win-win situation right?

Final Thoughts

You might hear from others that succeeding Online is a fool or scams. Yes, I do agree there are many scams out there and keep appearing every day that cons peoples. I get into those scams myself too. In fact, I lose more money than you. So if you are one of those or not that reading this article, I can assure you if you seriously wanted venture in online business Read this instead. Not only this program is 100% legitimate but also provided powerful training that brings value to your business.

Half of the businesses fail during the first year, even Internet-based businesses. But by making smart choices and working hard to achieve your objectives, you have as much chance of success as the next person. So, figure out what kind of business you want to do and do due diligence before you get started.

Now It’s your turn. What’s your reason that not stated in above list? Feel free to share with me.

Thank you

How to Find Keywords for Blogging and Generate Sales?

Every Internet marketer understands the importance of proper keyword research. Google has had numerous algorithm updates in the last 10 years but one thing has remained the same – optimizing your website with the right keywords is crucial for SEO.

So if you’re wondering how to find keywords for blogging that will help you generate sales, this guide is for you.


Understanding Keyword Research

If this is your first time to get into Internet marketing, then understandably you may not fully understand the value of keyword research. After all, aren’t keywords just a group of words bunched together in your web content to help your site appear in the search results?

Well, yes and no.

It’s true that keywords are a group of words that people use to find products or services, or any information they’re looking for. But it’s more than just a bunch of words.

You see, you need to find the RIGHT group of words, or in most cases, the BEST terms to incorporate within your web content. And to be able to find these golden words, you need to do some proper keyword research.

In this guide, I’m going to lay out a process you can follow when doing keyword research to help you come up with a list of terms to target. By following this method,  you’ll be able to create and execute a solid keyword strategy to rank highly for these search terms.

The Strategy

The first step is to make a list of important topics based on your niche/field. Think about the topics and group them into 5 topic buckets. Use those topic buckets to help you look for specific keywords later on.

If you have a blog, then choose those topics that you write about all the time or those that come up often when you talk to your readers via the comments section of your blog post. Put yourself in the shoes of your target readers. What terms do you think they use?

Next, fill in those “topic buckets” with the specific keywords that are relevant to the topic. These keyword phrases are important to rank for in Google because your target customers or visitors are probably using these terms themselves.

Then do your research to find related search terms. This is helpful when you’re having difficulty finding keywords for specific topics. So what you need to do is go to and then type the key-word phrases you have. Then click search. And then look at the bottom of the search results where you’ll see a list of searches related to the topic/keyword you entered.

The next step is to check for a mix of long tail keywords in each topic bucket you have. Long tail keywords are excellent keywords to rank for. The search volume may be lower than shorter keywords but you get very little competition so these terms are easier to rank in Google. Long tail keywords consist of around 4 or more words.

The fifth step is to check how your competitors are ranking for the keywords you are targeting. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow what they’re doing or to use the same keywords they’re using, evaluating their keywords can help you better assess yours. For example,  if your competitor is able to rank on the same keywords as the ones in your list then you need to work harder to get your pages ranked for those keywords. If you find good keywords that your competitor missed, then you’ve found an opportunity. Don’t ignore them.

Next is to use a keyword research tool such as the Google Adwords Keyword Planner. This tool can really help you cut down your list using quantitative data. You’ll know which phrases get less/more search volume and which ones are difficult/easy to rank.

The ones that remain on your list are your final list of keywords.

What’s Next After Keyword Research

A well-researched set of keywords would not help much if you don’t use them correctly. That said, you need to create high-quality content and incorporate those keywords where they make sense within the article.

By high quality, I’m talking about articles that are full of useful information, data, statistics, research and anything else that your reader can use and appreciate, and at the same time boost your credibility online.

No matter what monetization method you use – Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, PPC, Ad Space – quality content is vital to your website’s success.

You see, the user experience is important to Google and while we don’t really know the exact algorithm it uses, we know that it puts quality content on top of its list of requirements. So, by incorporating the best keywords in a high-quality content, you are making sure Google notices your website and boost its ranking in the SERPs.

The Best Way to Monetize Your Website

In my experience, I’ve always relied on Affiliate Marketing as a reliable way to make money from my blog. I’ve been in Internet Marketing for many years, and it’s affiliate marketing that has remained a steady source of income for me.

If you’re considering of dabbling into this, I suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate. Sure there are other affiliate networks out there, but Wealthy Affiliate offers thousands of programs with around a million products to choose from. They’ve also been around since 2005 so they’re really well established. Plus, for a small investment, you will not only gain access to competitive products, but you will also be guided by their experts every step of the way.

Final Thoughts

Venturing into internet marketing is very challenging and only a few become very successful at it. But I have always believed that if you work hard and work consistently, and use methods that have been proven to work, then you can’t go wrong with your decision to make money online. I hope you’ve learned a thing or two about keyword research in this guide.

Not only I hope that you get benefits from this or articles you read on my blog but also changing your life perspective towards blogging as well as Affiliate Marketing. Join Me and others Online Entrepreneurs and let’s do this together.

Cheers and leave me your comment below.

Thank you

How to Build A Blog and Make Money With It?

Starting your own blog is quite easy. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge of coding and design because there are platforms like WordPress that makes everything easy for you.


Here’s a step by step guide to building a blog.

1. Choose a software to create and manage your blog.

I personally use WordPress but there are other options too like WIX, Text Pattern, etc. WordPress is the most popular option for bloggers.

2. Find a web hosting service that supports the software you have chosen.

There are free hosting but if you want your blog to look professional then, by all means, go with a paid hosting service. The key to finding the right web host is to find out how easy their system is to use if they have reliable customer support and of course if they offer a wide range of themes and accessories that you need for creating your website.

3. Pick a theme for your blog.

Every blog software installation always has a default theme, but you may or may not like it. If you are looking for something unique, you can choose from the numerous themes available. Some are free, some are premium.

4. Start blogging.

Now that your blog is ready, it’s time to begin blogging. Spend some times to create quality contents.

Guide to Making Money from Blogging

OK so you already have a blog set up and maybe you’ve uploaded a few articles for your site. The next step is to learn how to make money from your blog.

First of all, while many claim that blogging can give you PASSIVE INCOME, it’s not exactly as passive as you’d like to think. In my case, I still work 8 – 10 hours a day on my blog, and when I was starting out, I worked like crazy, logging in over a hundred hours a week.

But what makes this all worth my while is that it pays off well.

Here are the things you need to do to make money from your blog:

1. Write GREAT content. (Contents is King)

2. Turn your visitors into regular readers of your blog. Let them subscribe to your email list.

3. Regularly connect with the people in your list.

4. Give your readers what they want – whether it’s a product or a service – sell to them something they actually want or need. (The more you able to help your reader? The more value you will get in return)

Seems really easy right?

It isn’t. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it’s really HARD TO DO. And not everyone will succeed at it.

Important Lessons for Blogger Entrepreneurs

Can you actually make money blogging? Definitely. I know a dozen people in my circle who are making a killing at it. There are many ways you can make money from it.

  • You can make money selling products
  • You can make money offering services
  • You can make money helping others
  • Or you can make money selling someone else’s products/services.

The most conventional way of making money from your blog is selling advertising, so you basically allow companies to promote their brand to your audience and they will pay you for it. Or you can form a partnership with a company who will allow you to promote their products and services in exchange for a commission on every sale.

Which one should you pick? This is for you to decide, but remember, the moment you decide to monetize your blog, you’re no longer merely a blogger. You are now an entrepreneur, and so you should treat your blog as a business.

If your goal is to make money, your blog is the way by which you generate leads. Here are lessons to remember before you start blogging to make money:

#1 Don’t Sell Advertising

When you sell ad space, you’ll get paid a pittance. Even the biggest blogs on the Internet are only paid a few thousand dollars per month for advertising space. If you already have a sizeable audience that trusts you, you’ll also be turning them away when they see all those annoying ads on your site. You’re better off endorsing products or selling your own products.

#2 Start with Affiliate Marketing

I always tell anyone who come to me for advice about how to monetize their blog to start with affiliate marketing. It’s an excellent strategy where you endorse someone else’s products or services and you get a commission for every successful referral/sale. With software products, you can make as much as 50% in commission. With tangible products, you can make anywhere from 4-10%.

#3 Promote High-End Products

If you promote products that are priced $10 each, then even you sell 100 of these a month, you’ll only make $100 with a 10% commission. If you pick a $1,000 product, even if you sell only 10 of these a month, you’d still be making $1,000 with a 10% commission rate. That’s why in Affiliate Marketing the is not limit in earning. The sky is the limit.

The effort you exert for selling both products will probably be the same, but the difference is that you will make more money promoting expensive products.

#4 Evolve

As you get better with affiliate marketing, you may eventually want to make your own products so you can get all the profits, not just commissions. That’s usually the path taken by successful Internet marketers and a handful of them are now millionaires.

But while you’re still starting out, learn as much as you can about monetizing your blog by growing your audience, building their trust and giving them the products and services they want.

Final Thoughts

If you want to know which Affiliate Network to try, I fully recommend Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been with them for a while now and even now that I already have created my own digital products, some of my websites still promote their affiliate products and they continue to give me steady income month after month. What you’ll also like about this network is that for a minimal fee, you get one-on-one coaching and effective lessons to boost your chances of success in affiliate marketing.

What is your thought? I would like to hear from you. Feel free to drop your comment below.

Thank you for your time in reading this.




How to Find the Best Affiliate Program?

Choosing the best affiliate program is not just about picking products that are relevant to your website. Many successful internet marketers advise newbies to first find a good niche before they build a website. But if you already have one set up, don’t worry, there are other factors to consider to help you find the right affiliate program that will help you rake in thousands of dollars a month.

But let me just warn you – your success as an Internet marketer does not happen overnight. In my case, it didn’t even happen until a year after I set up my blog. So, you got to be prepared to deal with frustration, disappointment, and empty pockets and never, ever stop moving forward.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about how YOU can find the best affiliate program.


What are the Major Affiliate Networks?

The major affiliate networks are those that offer programs for the biggest brands online, many of which are household names. I prefer sticking with programs run by major networks because they have a track record of paying their affiliates reliably and they also have the best products you can promote.

Here’s a list of major affiliate networks I recommend:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate
  2. CJ Affiliate

Affiliate Networks for Digital Products

If you’re leaning towards selling digital products, there are also networks specifically for this. You can promote ebooks, plugins, software, online services and others. The commissions are really high with digital products, some are upwards of 70% but you have to be careful which program you go with because finding good digital products is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Networks I recommend include:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate
  3. Clickbank
  4. E-Junkie
  5. OneNetworkDirect

CPA Networks

There are also affiliate networks that focus on CPA or cost per action. They run lead generation offers from advertisers. Payouts usually range from $.15 to as much as a hundred dollars or more. But be wary with CPA networks because they have received some bad rap. Do due diligence when choosing a network and pick one that is established and ethical in the way they do business.

Exclusive Affiliate Programs

You’re probably very familiar with Amazon Associates.  Amazon is an independent program and it acts sort of like a central platform for many smaller brands. They use 3rd party tracking software and design their own tracking systems. Before you choose an independent program, make sure you do your research and choose a program owned by a reputable company.

How to Choose an Affiliate Program

Now that you know where you can find affiliate networks and exclusive programs, the next step is to learn how to pick the right program for you. It’s not just about finding a program with popular products, or products that are related to your website. There are other important factors you need to consider as well.

#1 Reputation

Associate yourself with affiliate programs that are reputable and highly ethical. Stay away from companies that use spyware or turns a blind eye to unscrupulous affiliate marketing methods.

#2 Earnings/Commissions

It’s not just about percentages. You should also evaluate the merchant’s conversion rates. They may promise you a commission of 30% for each sale but if the product has a 1% conversion rate then you’ll likely make less than a product with a 15% commission but a conversion rate of 7%.

#3 Website and Support

It’s not just the brand you’re promoting that you should consider. You should also check the website your readers will be taken to when they decide to buy. The website should be clean, professional and well designed. If it looks like it was built by an amateur, then your visitor will likely be discouraged to make a purchase.

Moreover, you should choose an affiliate program that can provide you with the tools that will help make your affiliation more profitable. Tools like informational videos, customized ads, phone order tracking, search boxes, and coupon feed always come in handy.

#4 Acceptance

An important thing you should understand about affiliate programs is that not everyone is accepted. Your application to the program does NOT guarantee that you will be accepted. The best ones can be quite discerning about who they’ll accept, so some newbies with barely any traffic on their website can get rejected.

The Best Affiliate Programs for 2017

I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for over years now and I’ve always had a positive experience promoting the products under the various affiliate programs in their network.

One of the things I like about their platform is that it’s easy to use to beginners should not have any problems. They also have tutorials and personalized coaching for those who want to learn the basics or to enhance their marketing skills online. If you’re looking for a reputable and reliable network, I recommend them wholeheartedly.

There are also individual programs you can consider:

Amazon Associates

Amazon has the largest affiliate program of them all, with products from over 1.6 million vendors. Amazon’s mechanism for its affiliate program is very user-friendly making it ideal for non-tech people looking to earn money online.

Commission Junction

CJ Affiliate is an expansive network and most major merchants have offers listed on CJ, so it’s like a one-stop shop for affiliates.


This network is for those who want to promote digital products and it has over 12 thousand vendors. The commission rates are also higher.


LinkShare been around for a long time now. Even though there are already other bigger networks, LinkShare has some distinct features that marketers ought to consider. First of all, it automatically banner ads for a specific product, and allows the rotation of multiple versions using only a single code snippet.

Final Thoughts

I hope that through this guide, you have learned how to find the best affiliate program for you. Don’t forget to take into consideration those factors that have been discussed earlier so all your efforts won’t go to waste.

If you are seriously wanted to learn while building up your online business, Join me here. I have seen many people succeed follow the amazing training including myself. It’s proven. It’s a real business that helping you to reach your goal. So Don’t try this alone. Let’s do it together.

How to Write Articles and Earn Money from Home?

Making money online is possible through writing. But what if you don’t know a thing about the written word? Well, the good news is, writing IS a skill which means that with constant practice you can be a good writer.


How to Write an Article

Here’s a simple and easy to understand guide to writing an article.

First, choose your topic. As much as possible, pick one that interests you. The topic should also be specific so you don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of information during your research. So instead of writing about how to lose weight, try covering how to lose weight with yoga. That’s more specific and less difficult to tackle.

Next, create a draft. It can be a very rough draft at first so don’t worry if it’s too loose and messy.

Then, know your audience and address them accordingly. Imagine you’re the reader. Pick a few words to describe your audience (single, young, busy).

Do your research. This is a very important part of article writing. Your research will give substance to your article and make it credible. Include:

  • Statistics
  • Definitions
  • Anecdotes
  • Media references
  • Videos
  • Helpful tools
  • Etc.

Fix your draft. Remember the messy draft you created in step 2? Now that you’ve done your research, you will be able to create a better one. So put together useful info you have gathered from your research and start to create a better framework for your article, using headings and subheadings.

Then try to keep your content specific. If you are writing a how-to article, check if you have included every relevant step. You want your reader to have all the information they need on the subject they’re trying to know more about. So if it’s about how to lose weight with Yoga then you have to tackle all the aspects involved as thoroughly as possible such as which poses work for weight loss, which ones to avoid etc.

Finally, re-check your article. Read your how-to article slowly. You can even let someone else read it then afterward ask them questions so you can check if they actually understood your tutorial. If they can’t answer the questions then it means your how-to article is probably not clear enough for them to understand. So polish it where necessary, or make modifications to boost reader comprehension.

And voila! You’re done!

Making Money from Article Writing

There are thousands of online writing opportunities available, and quite a few of them actually pay well. You just need to know how to find potential markets, pitch your skills and aim to build an ongoing relationship with your clients.

So how will you know which among the many lucrative markets are in need of writers like yourself? Here are some tips:

  • Check out online resources, specifically those that give you free access to listings of writing opportunities on the Internet.
  • As you go through the many job listings, simplify your search by avoiding those that do not mention how much the pay is, what their payment terms are, as well as those who ask writers to submit new work as samples.
  • Look for posts that include a reasonable pay rate. Competitive Web-based clients pay anywhere from $20 to about $200 for a blog post and $0.1 to $1/word for articles. Larger websites tend to pay more.
  • Don’t agree to a contract based on pay alone. Some articles may pay a high rate but require endless hours of research for creating a 1,000-word article. Others may pay you a little lower but the requirements are not as stringent.
  • Consider networking to find clients. You can join writer networking groups who will prove very useful for referring you to their clients.

How Much Do Freelance Writers Make?

Freelance writers like everyone else need to make money to support themselves and their families. So for anyone who’s just starting their foray into writing, you are probably interested to know how much freelance article writers make, right? It’s important to get a sense of whether this occupation can yield you enough income to pay the bills.

The truth is, it depends on how well you sell yourself. You can make a few hundred dollars or several thousand dollars every month.

Many writers dream of becoming their own boss, set their own schedule and making money doing what they love. Sadly, not every writer achieves their dreams. In fact, only a few do. So you have to play your cards right.

If becoming a successful writer requires learning new skills, do it. If an editor criticizes your work, learn from it.

Freelance writing is not an easy life but if you do it right, you can reap a lot of benefits. You need a great amount of self-discipline and you really have to hustle for gigs, deal with rejection, and rewrite your work to suit your clients’ taste.

A Good Way to Make Money From Writing Articles

Have you ever heard of Affiliate Marketing? It’s one of the most popular ways of monetizing a website. So if you have a website or a blog, you can actually make money from it as an affiliate marketer.

So what exactly is affiliate marketing? What is So Good about Affiliate Marketing?  Basically, you will be promoting a product or service and for every sale, you get a commission. You can use your writing skills to give as much information about a product to your readers. If they find your articles useful and credible, they won’t hesitate to listen to your opinions and thoughts, and they may even click your affiliate links to get to the brand’s website.

An important consideration when you opt to become an affiliate is you have to pick the right affiliate program.

Established networks like Wealthy Affiliate offer thousands of products you can choose from, and with a company that has been around since 2005, you know that they are legit.

Final Thoughts

Writing is not for everyone. But if you’re willing to learn and hone your skills as a writer, you can use it as a great way to make money online, while working from home.

Are you A Writer? So what is your thought after reading this? Let me know your thought below and share this article to let others benefit from it.

Thank you

How to Promote Affiliate Products and Make Money?

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn a hundred dollars a day? If you can have this steady stream of income from your online ventures, then you can quit your day job and be your own boss. Well, what if I tell you it’s possible? With affiliate marketing, the sky’s the limit to how much you can earn from your website.


How It Works

If you want to learn how to promote affiliate products and make money, then you first need to familiarize yourself with Affiliate Marketing. This type of marketing is basically used by companies as a way to generate revenue. It’s a blogger’s marketing of a particular product (not their own) with a specific link containing a tracking code. So if you’re promoting Product A, for example, and then someone buys it because of your recommendation, by clicking the affiliate link, then you will be paid a commission on that sale.

Building a Website

Before anything else, you need to know that this is the very same method I used when I first started out. Right now, I’m using Wealthy Affiliate which is a really good network for anyone who’s serious about making money promoting affiliate products.

Step 1: You need to decide what kind of products you want to promote. A good way to start is by thinking about what interests you – your hobbies, passion, etc. Once you’ve figured that out, then it’s time to create a blog. Initially, you’ll have to spend around $50 to pay for your domain name and hosting, but that’s basically all you need for your initial investment.

Step 2: Do your research. You have to know more about the topic/niche that you’re going to enter into. What do people talk about under this niche? What products are popular? Once you’ve gotten a list of products and related information, you can start creating content.

Step 3: Creating content. A crucial requirement for creating content is keyword research. You have to know which keywords to rank for, which keywords your competitors are using (other bloggers) and which keywords are getting a lot of search volume. You’ll then need to incorporate these keywords into your articles.

Step 4: Building traffic. The amount of money you’ll make from affiliate marketing depends largely on how much traffic your website receives. Ideally, you should have at least a thousand visitors a day to make any decent income from affiliate marketing. But if you have just established your blog then this is going to take a while and you’ll need to use certain methods that can help boost your traffic.

One such method is Search Engine Optimization. Neil Patel has explained in detail how you can implement OFF PAGE SEO here. You should also ON PAGE SEO which is still important for ranking your pages. Take a look at Brian Dean’s newbie-friendly guide here.

So let’s assume you’ve implemented a few of these SEO strategies and now you’re getting a good amount of traffic to your website… What’s next?

Promoting Affiliate Products

There are many ways you can promote affiliate products on your website. In fact, you can even promote them without a website, but that’s something I’ll talk about in another post. For now, let’s focus more on website affiliate marketing strategies.

Product Reviews

Your first option is to write product reviews. The key here is to make your reviews as comprehensive as possible and do not be afraid to be honest. In fact, I would fully recommend that you make your review as objective as possible because, frankly, your readers can see through the lies.

You want to build trust, and you want to make them feel that you’re not just doing this for the commission – you actually want to help them. So list down all the good points and bad points of the product, and then write a recommendation. If it’s a great product, say it. If it’s not, then let them know why you think so.


You can write an eBook and offer your readers a great deal of information about your niche. It can be a how-to guide or an informational article about a particular topic, and within that ebook you can then highlight some affiliate products that you think is relevant or best suited to the topic.


If you’re interested to buy a new smartphone then you’ve probably been comparing two or three products like the Samsung S7 Edge and the iPhone 7. So why not make it easier for your readers by providing them a comparison article of your affiliate products? You have to be as in-depth as possible when comparing two products and just like with reviews, you also need to be objective.

Other Ways to Promote Affiliate Products

I can think of a dozen other ways to promote products but I will just focus on a couple of them. First, you can tap social media. This is a tricky one because people can easily get annoyed by marketing tactics implemented on Facebook and Instagram. So a rule of thumb to follow is to make your content fun 80% of the time and keep your promotional messages to just 20% of your posts.

Then, you can also do email marketing. It’s basically sending promotional emails to people in your mailing list. You can offer a freebie to entice people to subscribe to your list.  You can also send out a broadcast every month promoting a great product that you’re using. Tell them why you think it’s great. If they want to be part of your email list then they’ll be more receptive to your suggestions. Just make sure you don’t spam them with offers frequently.

Final Thoughts

If you want to try your luck with affiliate marketing but feel stuck and no idea where to learn? Then I highly recommend you Wealthy Affiliate– The best affiliate training out there.

You can use several ways to promote the products and make a commission for every sale. The key is to find a good affiliate network with a wide range of products, and then test various marketing strategies until you can find one that suits you. Read this how Sarah succeed working Full-Time on her online career.

It’s your turn now, feel share your thought and ideas below.

Thank you



How to Make Money by Helping Others?

Do you want to make money online? Well, what if I tell you that you can actually make money and help other people at the same time? Yes, it’s definitely possible. In this guide, I will reveal to you how I did it.


How Helping Others Translate to Earnings?

When you provide someone the help they need, they are more likely to trust you. You don’t even have to be a subject-matter expert. If it’s something you are passionate about (such as a hobby), you can share your knowledge to others.

For example, if you know how to use WordPress then you can help others understand how to build a website. And so, by establishing your credibility online, your website visitors are more apt to trust you if you promote products or services related to website building, such as a hosting service, software or a plugin.

Step By Step Guide on How to Make Money Helping Others?

Some of the things you will need before you get started are:

  • Your time. At least 2-3 hours per day.
  • Patience. Making money doesn’t happen overnight.
  • Computer and Internet connection. To be able to reach out to people of course!

So if you have all of the above requirements and you’re now ready to get the ball rolling, here’s a guide you can follow:

Step 1: Build Your Blog or Website

Your blog is your virtual presence on the Internet and you can put anything you want here. You have the option to set up a small online store where you can showcase products you want to sell, or you can simply put up a blog where you can write product reviews, comparisons and any useful information.

Having your own website will only cost you very little amount of money around $10-$50 per month depending on what kind of hosting plan you get, and with WordPress, you can setup your website easily.

Step 2: Creating Content

When you already have a hosting service, a domain name and a platform for your site, it’s time to create your content.

Writing is all about communicating with your target audience. So write as you’re talking to a person you know. It’s nothing to be intimidated of. And writing 2-5 articles a week would really help drive more traffic to your website. If you don’t have the time or inclination to write, you can always find freelance writers to create your web content.

Step 3: Perform SEO

Creating great content that help other people find solutions to their problem/concern is a great way to build your website’s value and help you make money but even the best content may take a while to rank in Google. For this reason, you need to do some SEO.

You may have heard that trying to improve your ranking in Google can ruin your chances of getting to the first page but this is not always the case. You just need to follow ethical methods for ranking your pages instead of using shady techniques like link cloaking, paying for links, etc.

Step 4: Making Money

The more helpful guides, reviews and articles you create on your website, the more visitors you will get. If you write quality useful content, then you’ll build your credibility among your readers and they will consider your opinions when making decisions.

For example, if your Gynecomastia-related website gets 1,000 visitors a month, and 20% of your readers consider your content useful, you can then point them to a product (such as an ebook) that can help them get rid of their Gynecomastia.

For every sale of that ebook (which can occur when the reader clicks a promotional link and is led to the company that sells the ebook), you get a commission. This is called Affiliate Marketing.

Not all affiliate marketing work this way. Some will give you a commission for every click even if the visitor doesn’t buy anything from their website

But that’s not the only way you can make money by helping others. As mentioned earlier, you can also sell your own products on your website and direct your readers to your product pages, if they want to buy the product that you mentioned in a tutorial or guide.

How much money you’ll make on the Internet is definitely up to you. I know of people making a few hundred, while I also have friends who are making a few thousand a month. But here’s the thing, if you work hard and smart, you can make this a full time income.

Should You Consider Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most sought after ways of making money on the Internet. It can provide you with a stable income. But what you can earn depends on how effective you are in turning your audience into buyers. To become an affiliate marketer, you need to:

#1 Find your niche.

#2 Learn as much as you can about this niche so you can help others, or offer solutions to their issues related to the niche.

#3 Look for affiliate programs to promote. You can sign up for affiliate networks like Wealthy Affiliate which has thousands of products that you can choose from.

#4 Read their TOS and payment guidelines before signing up.

#5 Once you’re accepted, place the affiliate links in all your webpages and make sure you have a clear call to action so your readers can easily find it.

Final Thoughts

Aside from joining affiliate marketing and setting up your own online store, there are other ways you can make money online such as by establishing a consultancy service, joining charity organizations, etc.

But in my humble opinion, affiliate marketing is really a great choice for those who want flexibility in their work hours and enjoy interacting with others online to help them solve a problem or assist them in making decisions.

If you want to help others and make money at the same time, I fully recommend affiliate marketing. I hope you found this article benefits you and changing your thought of new internet ventures.

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If you have your own opinion feel free to drop your comment below.

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What is So Good About Affiliate Marketing?

If you’ve been dabbling in the Internet marketing scene for awhile now, you’ve probably heard about how you can make money through affiliate marketing. But can a person really earn a decent income online promoting products, services and brands?


An Overview of Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, businesses (affiliate merchants) and salespeople (affiliates) work together to generate revenue. Affiliate marketing includes various methods including hosting of particular links and banners on your website or blog.

Writing reviews of the affiliate merchant’s products or simply providing information. You get paid a percentage of a sale whenever someone clicks on the affiliate links on your website and makes a purchase on the affiliate merchant’s website.

Affiliate Marketing Benefits

I’ve been an affiliate marketer for over years now and I’ll share with you the benefits and advantages I’ve had doing it:

#1 You don’t need much to get started. You just need a website to refer potential customers to.

#2 It’s easy to track and analyze your site’s performance with the reports provided by the affiliate program or merchant.

#3 There is no limit to how much you can earn with affiliate marketing. Some people make a hundred dollars a month doing affiliate marketing, while others make tens of thousands of dollars monthly.

#4 There is no need to design or develop products. You will simply promote a brand’s products and you can even pick which ones to market.

#5 You can work as much or as little as you like. You can work an hour a day, or 8 hours a day – it’s really up to you. Take note however that to succeed in affiliate marketing, you have to put in hours working on your website and developing your strategies.

#6 Signing up for a program has no financial risks. When you choose a time tested network or program, you really do not have to worry that you’re getting scammed. A lot of affiliate offers out there do not even cost anything for you to join, while others offer free trial periods.

Can You Really Make Money with It?


There are programs being offered by major networks like Wealthy Affiliate that are giving bloggers the chance to make hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month. Their annual payments given to affiliates total more than a million dollars and they have been around for more than a decade.

I’ve been using them for quite a while now and I’m steadily making close to $1,000 from one website alone using their affiliate offers.

But of course, it’s not all smooth-sailing. The main issue with this method is that, as with other online money making endeavors, there are self proclaimed gurus who would tell naïve marketers that they can start making money quickly with little to no effort. It’s not a get-rich-quick program and the sooner you understand that, the lesser your frustration will be.

In the end, it’s not really whether or not affiliate marketing is a viable source of income for you, but rather, if you can make it work for you. Here are some tips to help you get started:

#1 Before you create a blog or a website, learn as much as you can about affiliate marketing. Read up on how others became successful.

#2 Pick affiliate products and services with excellent track record and feedback from their customers. You can even buy them so you can evaluate their quality first.

#3 Do due diligence on the programs so you’ll know all about payments, and if the program is a good fit.

#4 Select products that match the niche of your website or where your interests lie.

#5 Remember that content links have higher click through rates than image links.

#6 To win your readers’ trust, disclose that you have an affiliate relationship with the brand you’re promoting.

#7 Market your website. Don’t rely solely on SEO or social media to get more visitors to your site.  Know who your target readers are, where you can find them and how you can get them to visit your website.

#8 Keep track of the performance of your affiliate programs especially if you’re using several.

Various Types of Affiliate Marketing

These programs are now more popular than ever. Why? Because this marketing method works. Merchants perceive affiliate marketing as the opportunity to advertise products at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Affiliates meanwhile see this as an opportunity to make money without the typical start-up costs.

So the question now is, which kind of affiliate marketing will be a good fit for you?

There are different classes of affiliate marketing. The most basic fall under 2 groups: pay per performance (PPP) and pay per click (PPC). There are also tier-level programs

  • Pay for Performance (PPP)

This is the most popular and is also the most profitable for marketers or affiliates. In this kind of program, you’re paid only when your referral results into an action, such as a purchase of the merchant’s product. Commissions usually range from 5% to 20% or more of the price of the product.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

If you have a small website then PPC is probably the easiest way for you to make money online. You’re paid whenever a visitor clicks on the banner ads and text ads and visits the merchant’s site, even they do not buy anything from their site. Typical payments (fees) are small, usually less than a dollar per click.

Final Thoughts

Before jumping into Affiliate Marketing, you should first get to know all that is needed for you to succeed in this venture. More importantly, understand that it’s not easy, fast or automatic. You will need a strategy and daily involvement for this to work.

The good news is, if you are willing to work hard on your blog and market it day in and day out, then there is no doubt in my mind that you can make money with affiliate marketing.

The choice is really up to you and what I really like about afiliate marketing is I’m able to choose the niche I’m passion into it. Meaning said that, you’re not only helping people that into your niche but also generating income while doing so.

Let me know your thought by leaving your comments below.

Thank you for your time in reading this.

What is Niche Marketing All About?

If you’ve been thinking of joining the internet marketing bandwagon, then you’ve probably heard quite a few experts mention niche marketing. What’s niche marketing all about? How does it work? Is it even important? I’ve made this post to help you understand the basics of this specialized field of marketing.


What is a Niche?

A niche is essentially a part of a market and as a rule of thumb, there is less competition when you pick a narrow niche. To illustrate, competition is intense in the diet niche, and you’ll have to work doubly hard to rank your website search engines. However, when you are an affiliate marketer in narrower niches like Paleo diet, you’ll be able to make good money because there are fewer affiliates in that particular niche.

The Importance of Niche Marketing

Niche marketing concentrates on segments that are inadequately targeted, or in some cases, not targeted at all. When you capitalize on the opportunities that may be available in the untapped segment, you have a better chance of success than if you compete with a broader market.

You’re probably wondering, how does one identify a niche market? Experts do this by determining the needs and desires of consumers in specific areas and then tailoring a marketing campaign to target these people. Those who create a clearly defined niche can create a customized campaign with a greater appeal to the intended audience. And if it’s properly executed, then there’s a greater ROI to be had.

Benefits of Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is beneficial for businesses, as well as for affiliate marketers. Both are given a leg up on the competition because you’ll stand apart from the crowd by specializing in a niche and targeting a specific group of people/audience.

Here are the key benefits of niche marketing:

  • Less competition: The smaller your market, the lesser competition you will be dealing with. So as much as possible, narrow down your niche so that you’ll have an easier time reaching out and connecting with your audience.
  • Affordable marketing: How much do big companies spend marketing their products/services? With niche marketing, you can save money on marketing campaigns because with fewer and smaller competition to worry about, you won’t have to spend as much.
  • Loyal followers: Companies focusing on niche marketing get loyal customers. Internet marketers who make a living through affiliate marketing, Adsense or other similar monetization methods, on the other hand, get more loyal website visitors. And these people will comprise the backbone of your business.

Creating an Effective Niche Marketing Campaign

A very common misconception that is being spread in internet circles is that to create a niche marketing campaign, all you need to do is to find a very specialized audience and then create a strategy that addresses that audience alone.

But the real secret to creating a great niche marketing campaign is finding a UNDERSERVED market and then building a strategy that makes everybody want to be part of that market.

What that means is, you need to create a vision of the ideal customer and then inspiring everyone to take ownership of that identity.

Here are some strategies you can use:

#1 Exclusivity

Provide an audience with a sense of belonging and identity. Target, as much as possible, those who might feel undervalued or ignored. It’s like making them feel good about themselves for choosing a particular brand over others. Consider the Social Identity Theory or the “Us vs. Them” mentality as an element in your campaign.

#2 Sell a Lifestyle

If you want your campaign to be successful, then you need to tell a compelling story about the brand and why it is the perfect fit for the customer.

Building a Niche Website in 9 Steps

Many new internet marketers aspire of making thousands of dollars a month in passive income. But take it one step at a time. To make $1000 a month, you first need to aim for $100 a month until your earnings grow over time.

Let me share with you the steps I used to make money online with my niche website:

Step 1: Jot down as many niche ideas you can think of. Not sure where to start? Think about your interests.

Step 2: Try to select the best niches by crossing out those who don’t meet the following criteria:

  • Many products you can write about or review
  • Low volume, high price
  • Affiliate programs with reasonable commissions
  • Other affiliate marketers making money from these products

Step 3: Create a website/blog. Make it look clean and professional.

Step 4: Start creating content.  Make sure that you put the affiliate links in key places for each post and there should be a visible link people can click if they want to purchase the product you’re promoting.

Step 5: Do keyword research and find the best key terms you can rank for.

Step 6: Do on-site SEO for all your blog posts and pages. Here’s a guide you can check out for this.

Step 7: Set up your social media pages. These include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You should post on your social media pages regularly so you’ll get lots of followers

Step 8: Do content marketing. You can contact established blogs to see if you can write a guest post on their site in exchange for a link back to your website. You can also contact publications for press releases and features.

Step 9: Create more content on your website. You can also consider writing an ebook or do email marketing.

Final Thoughts

If you are serious about becoming an affiliate marketer, check out excellent programs from Wealthy Affiliate. You can pick from thousands of products that cater to narrow niches and they can also guide you on how to drive more traffic to your website, boost your conversion rates, and other techniques to help you succeed online as a marketer.

Many Others Online Entrepreneurs has used This Platform to learn to achieve what they want in their life. There is no bullshit or whatsoever with this platform. What their purpose is mainly helping others to succeed in their Niche and generating income.