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What is Anovite? Is Anovite a SCAM or a Legitimate Opportunity?

Welcome to Anovite review!

First of all, I would like to say a big congratulation to you on landing my Anovite Review page. 

I know you are here to find out answer be it Anovite products or their business opportunity program. 

Let's be honest here, I am not participating or joining to promote you. 

I am here to reveal the truth that I found.

Like you, I like direct answer and move on if this is not what I want. 

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Anovite Summary Review


Founder: Anthony Kleinsmith

Products: Health supplements

Category: Network Marketing - MLM

Summary: Anovite is a company that provide health supplement that has benefits of anti aging, weight loss and fitness. They also offered a business opportunity in network marketing (Multi-level Marketing - MLM)

Rating: 30/100

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Kyani Reviews – Legit Business Opportunity or Another Scam?

Welcome onboard to my Kyani Review. I heard many of my friends mentioning about Kyani recently and was curious about it. I believe you have the same thought wanted to know whether is Kyani a scam or legitimate business opportunity? This drives me to discover more in-depth and writing this review for my readers here. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Eating healthy, while completely possible, can be a massive challenge for so many people. Even if you want to eat better, some folks might just not find it practical or convenient for their lifestyle. This is why there are now so many wellness products that promise to improve your health.

In fact, health products come a dime a dozen nowadays. Not all of them can actually do good things to your body, though. This is why finding the right product for you can be a challenge. Finding a product that you can actually stand behind is even more of an undertaking, especially if you’re well aware that going natural is the best way to go about improving your overall health.

With natural ingredients, you’re harnessing the powers of Mother Nature to help boost your body’s immunity and functionality. They’re better for your body because you won’t be consuming chemicals that are not designed to be consumed and processed by your system, making them unideal for your journey to wellness.

What is Kyäni?

Kyäni is a sales and distribution company that focuses on wellness products designed to maintain, repair, and defend the body. With a core philosophy of promoting wellness through products that can have a positive impact on the health of its customer, Kyäni has grown to become one of the best-known wellness brands in the world.

As with any good wellness company, their philosophies go well past just the products, but also to their clients and distributors. This means that the support and care required to succeed in building a business with them is always available and are of the highest quality.

Products Offered

Kyäni’s core product comes from a very special fruit found in one of the harshest environments on the planet. These are wild Alaskan Blueberries. These plants from which this fruit was were harvested were survivors of a harsh and unforgiving climate.

Generations of exposure gave us one of the nature’s hardiest plants and a source of outstanding and potent antioxidants.

According to the company, the Wild Alaskan Blueberry has over five times the effectiveness of a regular blueberry. The phytochemicals itself come from the highly-concentrated color pigment found on the skin of the fruit.

The high concentration is a result of traits gained by the plant through multiple generations, with the weaker less pigmented fruits losing ground to the highly resilient plants with richly pigmented fruits.

Though the fruit is relatively easy to overlook on the ground, the Wild Alaskan Blueberry has inspired many to succeed through innovative strategies and hard work.

Kyäni is one such company, which has already expanded its product line to accommodate and compliment wellness strategies that begin with a simple fruit.

Some of the most popular products from Kyäni include:

Kyani Wellness Products

Kyäni Sunrise – A special proprietary blend of vitamins and super foods that are balanced out to the best proportions to ensure maximum effectiveness and complimentary benefits. The superfoods found in this blend were adapted by nature to resist stress and difficult environmental conditions.

Kyäni Sunset – This product focuses on another important segment of true wellness, the proper absorption of nutrients and vitamins. It is a potent combination of Vitamin E, Omega-3s, Beta Carotene, and Vitamin D combined with lipid soluble elements. Intended for evening use, it complements the benefits provided by Kyäni Sunrise and is extremely effective while the user’s lipid processes are at their highest.

Kyäni Nitro – This product is specialized for those very demanding parts of the day in which peak physical and mental performance is highly required. It is a blend of Noni concentrate which can increase Nitric Oxide production, a highly effective situation for those that need to have the right energy, mental acuity, and body resiliency.

These three core products from Kyäni form their “Triangle of Health” which is designed with synergistic effects in mind. Each product supports the effectiveness and potential of the others while providing its own set of beneficial effects for the consumer. The three products provide an effective nutritional balance to its user’s in one easy to understand and follow the system.

How Do You Make Money From It?

Kyani Compesation Plan explanation

Kyäni, like most other similar businesses, provides multiple revenue streams to ensure that distributors get the most out of their business. Maintaining a stable and growing cash flow can be achieved through highly organized compensation packages with additional benefits that even include special rewards.

Hint: Are you realize this is similar to MLM – Multi-Level Marketing?

Most of the work involved in building a distribution business with Kyäni is centered on selling the products and growing one’s distribution network for an even more lucrative marketing result.

One of the hallmarks that separate Kyäni from other businesses of this class is that Kyäni’s compensation plan is widely and readily available to the public. This shows a wide and clear commitment to the growth of their distributors, an honest philosophy, as well as helps provide a great reference for those who are targeting a specific income range to achieve it.

How Much Do You Have to Invest to Get Started?

The initial costs of joining Kyäni can actually be based on how the new distributor intends to operate their business. Called “Starter Packs” each of these packs provides access to different kinds of marketing material as well as products that one can distribute.

In Kyäni, these packs also, deliver special access to different types of income streams or bonuses, something that veteran marketers can take advantage of if they already have the appropriate connections from other marketing businesses to leverage.

Packs start at $40 to $160 for those who wish to start simple without the additional benefits, up to $399, $699 and $1,399 for increasing your maximum potential during your initial foray into the business.

Should You Try It?

Kyäni can become a very lucrative business opportunity with the proper amount skill and innovative strategy.

Thus, this business opportunity should only be pursued by those who are willing to invest not only cash, but also the required amount of hard work and strategic thinking for success.

It is great for both experienced and novice marketers and great tools and material are made available by Kyäni itself to help new distributors.

What’s Now Maxx?

Finally, Kyäni has a great product portfolio which is at the core of the business and I do believe you can earn decent money if you spend money on promoting this.

If you have following my blog you know that I always try to recommend my reader to try on Internet Marketing rather than Multi Level Marketing. Let’s be clear I am not anti-network marketing. I just would like make the comparison.

I am excited to share below image as proven results that people are doing what I am doing.

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Think about it how to get started in MLM? You have to convince the one that closed to you such as your family member, friends, colleagues that you known at first. Then slowly expand to the cooler network such as people that you don’t know. This method is very old school.

But Internet Marketing works in the different approach. It makes your work more than easier and possibilities to get hundreds or thousands of prospects each of every day. If you are not joining the current trend, you are missing out tons of opportunities every day. What you need just a website and create contents that in your niche. If your works benefit audience then your website work for you 24/7. Doesn’t it sound easier 100 times?

I have already explained my points of view and the rest is your decision whether you ride on this trend. If you think my words make send and wanted to give it a try in this new online business. Then check out this Exact Formula That I Followed To Success.

The chances that you will succeed is high once you create your own funnel that converts.

Last but not least please share your story below so that we could learn from everyone, helping each other to make money online and enjoy the root together.

Thank you for reading this and I wish you all the best.

Make Genuine Money Online

Longaberger Business Opportunity Review: Legit or SCAM?

What is Longaberger About? Is this a legitimate home based business or another Pyramid Scheme? Let’s find out in this article.

While selling consumables are some of the best ways to make money nowadays, there’s no denying that those who sell them are a dime a dozen nowadays.

While selling consumables are some of the best ways to make money nowadays, there’s no denying that those who sell them are a dime a dozen nowadays.

If you want to stand out, looking for a novel product can be the best way to go. However, you still have to keep in mind that your product needs to be useful as well, so you can get more people interested in your product.

When it comes to something novel yet useful, unique housewares are some of the best categories to look into. People will always want something new to add to their home, but they should be adorable, meaningful, and of great quality.

Budget tends to vary from one household to another and depends on the usefulness of the product, so you really shouldn’t worry about that. Most of the time, if the product is made of top-notch quality, you won’t have a hard time selling it.

With so many multi-level marketing companies today, is there something that can offer such products, though?

If you want to break away from the usual skin care and health supplement trends in the industry, you should consider becoming a distributor of Longaberger.

The Longaberger Quick Review

What Is The Longaberger?

Name: Longaberger
Product:  Wooden Baskets (Multi-Level Marketing)
Founders: Dave Longaberger
Fees: $49, $89, and $269 (Read below for details)
Overall Rank: 4 out of 10
My Personal Comment: Pyramid Schemes

What is Longaberger?

The Longaberger Company is an American manufacturing company that is best known for handcrafted maple wood baskets.

They also produce a wide range of other products, but their wooden baskets are their main products that propelled them to success in the recent decades.

Founded in 1973 by Dave Longaberger, this company can trace its roots back to 1913 when the founder’s father, J.W. Longaberger, started his apprenticeship at the Dresden Basket Factory in Dresden, Ohio.

When the factory closed down during the Depression era, the older Longaberger continued to make baskets in his free time. After a while, J.W. and wife Bonnie Jean was able to purchase the factory and open their own basket manufacturing.

The company is also well known for the unique architecture of their headquarters in Newark, Ohio. Their building is actually shaped like one of their wooden baskets, complete with handles and tags. It’s a well-known landmark in the area.

While it’s not too common to find a houseware manufacturer in the Multi-Level Marketing – MLM field, Longaberger has always been sold through direct selling, making it a veteran in the industry.

Their products are exclusively available from their Home Consultants but you can purchase directly from their website as well.

Products Offered

Longaberger has a wide array of products to offer. While their primary products are high-quality wooden baskets, you can also find other housewares from their range including pottery, tableware, decors, and even gourmet food.

You can also have your basket personalized so they can be great as special gifts as well.

Their website is a great resource if you want to get to know more about what they have to offer. They also upload new flyers monthly so you can take a peek at their special offers and promos.

How Do You Make Money From It?

To make money from Longaberger’s multi-level marketing program, you first need to become a Home Consultant of the brand.

Like other MLM companies, you just need to sign up and purchase a starter kit to officially become a distributor.

With every sale, a Home Consultant will earn a whopping 25% in commission. This is a large chunk of the total price, making this opportunity relatively lucrative if you are able to sell a lot.

As you can also get people to sign up for the program as well, you can also enjoy residual earnings from the sales made by the people you’ve recruited. You can also host Longaberger parties to present the products to more people in one go, letting you earn more in just one presentation.

The best part about being a Longaberger Home Consultant is the fact that you don’t have to compete with brick and mortar stores.

As the products of this company are sold one on one through their consultants, there’s a good chance that you have a solid market cornered if there is not a lot of Home Consultants in your area. Match it with some tech savvy and you can be able to widen your reach and sell more people online!

How Much Do You Have to Invest to Get Started?

To get started in Longaberger, you have to spend at least $49 to avail of the 1) Easy Starter Kit. This will include a Home Consultant Handbook, guest order forms, adjustment form, 20 Wish Lists, 20 monthly campaign flyers, and a Monthly Campaign Notebook. You’ll also get your own personalized Longaberger website that you can share with interested buyers.

Of course, you’ll also need a few items to start making money, so purchasing your selling kit is also necessary. You can choose between the 2) Business Essentials Kit and the 3) Business Essentials Plus Kit.

2) The Business Essentials Kit has a value of $225 but sells for just $89. It includes the following:

  • Medium Market Basket in Pewter
  • Woven Traditions Mug in Pewter
  • Woven Traditions Small Mixing Bowl Eggplant
  • 16” Fabric Square Khaki Check
  • WoodCrafts Block “L”
  • Booking 8” Silicone Cover
  • Booking Extra Small Hurricane

3) The Business Essentials Plus Kit, on the other hand, has a $559 value and sells for $264. It includes:

  • Medium Market BasketPewter
  • Pencil Basket Warm Brown
  • Medium Store & Stack Basket Rich Brown
  • Medium Store & Stack WoodCrafts Lid Rich Brown
  • Large Tote Basket Pewter
  • Woven Traditions Grandma Bonnie’s™ Pie Plate Ebony
  • Woven Traditions Small Handled Casserole Sage
  • Woven Traditions Mug Pewter
  • Woven Traditions Small Mixing Bowl Eggplant
  • 16˝ Fabric Square Khaki Check
  • WoodCrafts Block “L”
  • Booking 8˝ Silicone Cover
  • Booking Extra SmallHurricane

Should You Try It?

With a range of unique products, handsome compensation plan, and an established company, being a Home Consultant for Longaberger can be a great opportunity for making money.

If you’re a big fan of these crafts and you believe that you can reach out to a lot of people who will enjoy them, you really shouldn’t let this chance pass you by. Besides, joining is very easy and affordable and they even offer payment plans so there’s nothing to worry about in terms of your upfront costs.

But if you would like to skip those unnecessary troubles to find people under you-recruiting and wanted to start your own online business instead, please try Affiliate Marketing. With affiliate marketing, you are able to choose the niche that your passion the most and start building your own voice within the audience.

Not sure where to start? No worries. Read below comparison chart on the program that able to provide all the education and support in building your online business.

Now I want to hear from you: If you’ve any experience with Longaberger Business or any others similar MLM schemes before, please share and review with us. It is glad to hear more views and experiences to make this review more even better.

Thank you for sticking this post till the end and I wish you enjoy the read.

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My Novae Life Review – Is It a Scam?

What is Novae Life About? Are they Reliable or just another Scam? We are going to find out in this review. If you are looking for additional sources of income, then the likely scenario is that you want to improve your financial status.

However, improving one’s finances require more than just additional income.

It requires managing all aspects of a person’s financial life as well as properly planning out your future financial moves to ensure that the maximum potential of all your efforts is met.

This is where Novae Life comes in, they help their members attain financial security and stability using effective financial strategies that not only generates income but also allows for the better management of that income and the total finances of the member. These strategies focus on 3 things, Cashflow Management, Business Income, and Passive Income.

Novae Life MLM Quick Review

What Is Novae Life?

Name: Novae Life
Products: Self Improvement and Financial Education Training
Founders: Reco McDaniel, Justin Owens and Carlton Calhoun
Fees: Basic, Plus, and Premium. (Prices Mentioned below)
Overall Rank: 6 out of 10
Status: Multi Level Marketing / Pyramid Scheme

What is Novae Life?

Novae Life is more than just a business, it is a community of people that want to transform their financial lives. They move and assist each other to attain their own financial targets and create value through each interaction and activity.

Novae life also provides a variety of potential income streams for the member to potentially take advantage of as well to share with others in their own personal network. It can also provide the platform for the marketing of a wide variety of products and services.

Products Offered

More than just products, Novae life markets the opportunity for developing one’s personal growth and self-development while improving your financial literacy, providing motivation, and creating confidence.

Although there are a lot of products and services available, the core services are focused on providing the training and the tools for total financial success.

One of the best services they provide is the highly motivational nature of their training and events. These activities provide a fresh new perspective to the members that can help them get the proper motivation to act on their financial situation.

Combined with the financial education that you can get from the company, it becomes a powerful tool that can transform the lives of anyone.

Novae Life focuses on three major factors that affect the overall financial situation of a member, these factors are:

#1 Cashflow Management:

The ability to manage a person’s past, current, and future access to cash and assets. By improving how you deal with your income, as well as your liabilities such as debt, payments, and taxes, you can vastly improve your own financial situation. For example, lower taxes can create and immediate and effective alternate cash source.

Effectively eliminating debt can create a snowball effect on your finances by removing an expensive and constant drain on your finances while freeing up cash to use as capital. Removing unnecessary expenses while identifying important ones is often difficult to do on your own as “wants” are commonly miscategorized as “needs” in many cases.

By relying on outside experience and advice, one is able to see through this confusing situation and reduce spending by a large degree.

Finally, the effective use of credit as a financial tool is a core focus of cash flow management. Effectively using credit as both an investment aid and a creative way to manage your expenses will reap big rewards in the future. Members can learn all about improving their credit score and getting access to bigger loans that can be used for new business opportunities or lifestyle improvement.

#2 Business Income

The second major factor is business income which teaches the members to gain a new perspective on income, as well as the sources of it.

The majority of people focus on maintaining a single, stable source of income. However, looking for additional income in different forms can not only improve your overall financial situation but also gradually reduce dependence on that formerly single source.

Novae Life provides training and support as well as business systems that can help in the growth and development of the members.

#3 Passive income

The final factor that can be learned in Novae Life is the generation and maintenance of passive income.

Passive income sources are some of the most complicated to set up, but if done well in can mean the difference between financial stability and poverty, especially for those going into retirement.

Passive income sources like residual income, dividends, capital gains, and other tax-deferred investments can make life a lot easier in the future.

How Do You Make Money From It?

After joining Novae Life, the greatest benefit in itself is not direct income, but the ability to manage that income as well as all of one’s assets for financial security.

There is, however, a very good independent business owner program that provides a competitive compensation plan that can become a reliable and stable income source for the member.

It is actually quite possible to make money from the Novae Life program, but the key factor in this is the member’s capability as well as ensuring that the member is actually fully taking advantage of the aforementioned resources.

The positive effects personal development can definitely offset most of the costs associated with the program and, as such, make any compensation even more profitable.

How Much Do You Have to Invest to Get Started?

Novae Life offers several different packages to get started, starting from the basic packs at $49.95 and $99.95/month as well as Plus and Premium packages at $249.95+ 99.95 / month and $499.95 + $99.95/month.

Each of these packages includes specific contents and access capabilities which will widen your resources and can even contain products for distribution.

Choosing an independent business owner packages should depend on your plans for developing the business. One should choose only the package that they can maximize to ensure that no tools will get wasted.

Should You Try It?

If you are looking for a way to educate yourself financially while expanding your capability to create different types of income, then Novae Life can be the opportunity for you.

In this opportunity, you only need to identify all of the positive effects the program can have on your overall financial situation to see if it can truly be fully profitable for your case.

You can also check out the variety of experience other people have had in the program to keep you informed. Just remember that all investments require hard work and innovative action to succeed. The choice is totally up to the individual.

Perhaps if you would like to know more about what’s the reason why so many people failed in Multi Level Marketing. Read this: The Truth Of Multi Level Marketing (MLM).

What’s now Maxx?

I did not take part nor take any affiliate from this product and purely writing this review base on my in-depth research. Hence, I highly recommend you consider all the point that I mentioned above.

If you would ask my opinion on whether should you join this. I can confidently give you an answer: NO.

I did not pay the subscription to get myself motivated in self-growth or increase my financial literacy. Instead, I follow what my mentor path in achieving my own goals. Such as financial freedom and built my own assets. The first two books I read was “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and CashFlow Quadrants” by Robert Kiyosaki.

If you would like to build your own successful online business and pursue the freedom lifestyle income, please check out #1 recommendation Online Business Course. A very legitimate way to earn a living and existed since 2005 helping thousands of entrepreneur to succeed on their online dream. Now it’s your turn.

I hope you enjoy the reading. If you have your own thought and personal experience, feel free to share below.

Last but not lease I would like to thanks your time in finishing this and stick till the end.

Take Care My friend and have a good day.


Vantel Pearls Review: Legit MLM or Another Scam?

What is Vantel Pearls About? Is it a scam or another MLM? Finding a business opportunity nowadays has been made easy, all thanks to the different multi-level marketing companies available.

These programs will help you get started in selling a product right away, making the whole business planning process a lot easier and faster. Without any need to look for your own products and get your brand’s name more recognizable, you can focus on what matters most: selling the products for a profit.

One good example of these MLM programs is Vantel Pearls. Founded by Joan Hartel Cabral, Vantel Pearls is considered as the largest home party pearl company in the United States. What started out as a small sea-side business in the early nineties have fully evolved into a large enterprise with distributors all over the country.

Vantel Pearls Quick Review

What Is Vantel Pearls?

Name: Vantel Pearls
Products: Jewelry Products – Natural Pearls
Founders: Joan Hartel Cabral
Fees: Details can be found below
Overall Rank: 5 out of 10
Status: Multi-Level Marketing

What is Vantel Pearls?

To put it simply, Vantel Pearls is a retail and direct selling company that allows memberships. It’s a lot like the many direct selling companies in the days of old, but instead of selling housewares and cosmetics, they sell pearl jewelry.

The company traces their roots back to 1987 when Cabral visited Hawaii and discovered the marvels of actual pearls. She learned about how oysters produced these beautiful and valuable curiosities, which made her want to make them more easily available to more people.

She then proceeded to open her own shop in her home state of Massachusetts and grew Vantel Pearls to the marvelous company that it is today.

Products Offered

The primary product of Vantel Pearls is, as the name suggests, pearls. They will let you purchase your very own oysters with pearls inside that you can then mount on the jewelry pieces available from the company’s collection.

As their pearls come straight out of oysters, you can find a variety of pearls in their range. There are six colors, ranging from the most common and popular white pearls to the rare black pearls, that you can find from the oysters available from the company.

You just have to try your luck with what will be available to you.

They also host pearl parties where you can view oysters being opened to see the pearls they contain inside. These gatherings are quite exciting, really, and serve as opportunities to sell pearl jewelry and even recruit new consultants.

How Do You Make Money From It?

There are a few methods how you can make money from Vantel Pearls. The first method is by selling their primary product: the Pearl Discovery Kit.

This product is composed of a canned oyster that contains the real pearl inside and a sterling silver cage necklace. The can is an easy-open variety so you can easily access the oyster inside. You will then need a butter knife to pry the oyster open and find your pearl inside.

Once your Pearl is washed, you can now mount it on the cage necklace provided in the kit. The pendant is basically a cage locket that you can easily open and close so you can easily mount your pearl inside. It’s a fuss-free way of DIYing your pearl jewelry, making it a more than just an ordinary accessory.

Each kit sells for $49, but there are other products available as well so you don’t have to worry about your options. A consultant can get 25% of the earnings if they sell $1-$3,999 monthly. Those who can sell more than that can earn up to 30% in commissions.

You can also make money from hosting pearl parties and making at least $250 worth of sales from it. The host can earn 10% to 20% of the total sales, depending on the amount you’ve sold. You can also get free gifts, which is a nice plus if you are particularly fond of the items in Vantel Pearls’ collection.

Vantel Pearls members can also make money from recruiting others. Creating a downline will help you climb up the ranks and earn residual commissions from the sales your recruits have made.

This affiliate system makes this program an attractive earning opportunity for a lot of people as this can help you make money even without having to do much. All you need to do is to make sure you’ve built a solid downline with members that are willing to sell the product, and you’re all set.

However, you should note that there are commission qualifications in place. You have to make $500 worth of retail sales in two consecutive months before you can be eligible to earn commissions as an affiliate. This won’t include personal purchases, so you have to be ready to sell if you want to really make money from Vantel Pearls.

How Much Do You Have to Invest to Get Started?

Getting started in Vantel Pearls isn’t exactly cheap as membership costs $99 plus a $100 oyster deposit. However, with the quality of the products you’ll be selling, the amount can be easily justified.

The potential for earning is also very promising, so this can be a small amount if you know a lot of people who will be interested in the products you’ll be carrying.

Final Conclusion: Should You Try It?

Earning with Vantel Pearls is all a matter of whether it’s the right program for you to join. To determine if it will suit you, you should, at the very least be interested in the products. Pearl jewelry is undeniably gorgeous, but if it doesn’t suit your taste and you’re not particularly fond of them, you might find it hard to sell.

Why? Because you’ll need to be ready to stand behind your products. This will guarantee your buyers that the quality of your wares is good and that they can trust you when you say they are amazing.

Being interested in pearls will also allow you to find others who feel the same way about these precious items. This will make selling lots of Vantel Pearls products a lot easier and will ensure a profitable business opportunity for you.

In the end, it’s really up to you whether you think Vantel Pearls is the right MLM program to join or not. It is, however, a certifiable solid and reliable earning strategy, so you shouldn’t hesitate to join if you know that it’s the right opportunity for you.

What’s Next Maxx

Although Vantel Pearl offer a good way to start an MLM business but this is not for me. I personally would prefer Affiliate Marketing instead. Why?

I don’t like to organize parties with the purpose of selling intention to my friends or relative. Vantel Pearls required you to organize 3 parties in a month in order to sell off the pearl requirement. Not to mentioned you can’t buy the products yourself and counted as target sales. This is how MLM nowadays work and the recent I wrote is Touchstone Crystal.

After being started in Affiliate Marketing few years back I really glad that I know it early days. In fact Affiliate marketing operate much more simpler compare with MLM that having a complex system and complaints.

What I like about affiliate marketing is everyone is able to start with very low cost and you are able to promote wider range of products and not tied to just one company. You are allow to choose which companies you want to work for and promote it globally at you comfort of home with your laptop.

Since I have started in Affiliate Marketing I have never looked back and the things is what you need is one time effort lifetime income if you do it right. If you want to know more read this the Exact formula I followed to success.

Last but not least, please let me know your though or do you have any experience from it? If yes please leave your comment below and share with us your story.


Zrii Review – Legit Business Opportunity or Scam?

What is Zrii About? Is Zrii Another Scam Or Pyramid Scheme? How is Zrii Compensation plan works? Let’s discover more about this promising earning opportunity in this review.

You can find lots of natural products offering a myriad of health benefits in the market today and a lot of them can even help you earn by just advocating it and offering it to those who are in need. However, not all of them are worth your good name and reputation.

Some are not just as effective as others, so you might want to find something that guarantees great results if you want to promote and earn from it.

Zrii is an excellent option if you’re looking for a great health product that you can also make money from. This program offers high-quality products and an attractive earning opportunity that can help you earn cash with ease.

Zrii MLM Quick Review

What Is Zrii?

Name: Zrii
Products: Wellness and Skincare Products
Founders: William Farley
Fees: Basic-$29.95, Executive-$499 and Premium Excutive-$999
Overall Rank: 7 out of 10
Status: Multi Level Marketing / Pyramid Scheme

What is Zrii?

Zrii is a health product manufacturer and MLM program that is operating in the US, Australia, Canada, Latin America, and Asia. It has been around since 2008 after its founder, William Farley, decided that his passion for wellness can also help others who are in need.

Zrii is best known for its health beverages that are designed to boost your immune system and improve your body’s functioning so you can get more out of your diet and workout routines. They have also recently launched their skincare line so you can now approach wellness from the inside to the outside.

Products Offered

Today, Zrii produces a series of wellness products made with natural ingredients that include the following:


Amalaki is the most popular product in the range and can be said to be the success of Zrii. This is a liquid dietary supplement that is designed to boost your healthy digestion, energy, and immunity. As the name suggests, it features the super ingredient Amalaki so you can take advantage of the many health benefits this plant has to offer.


Dubbed as a High-Performance Coffee, Rise isn’t your regular cup of joe. It also features Amalaki in combination with green coffee bean extract, offering a drink that’s packed with antioxidants with a rich, gourmet taste.


This weight management shake has 18g of protein and a bunch of natural ingredients to ensure that you’re only consuming the finest ingredients. Achieve is designed to assist in muscle building, fat burning, and even curb your cravings.


For a quick and healthy pick-me-up, Accell has been created. This powdered juice drink has 135 mg of caffeine and a lot of other healthy ingredients so you can get the energy boost you need without having to reach for junk food.

Daily AM & PM

These dietary supplements are created to help you function more effectively throughout the day. Take the Daily AM supplements in the morning to be more alert and energetic and take the Daily PM supplements at night to have a more relaxing sleep. They also help in boosting your immunity, helping you stay in top shape.

Smart Omega-3

Omega-3 is good for your heart health and overall wellness so it’s essential to get a good load of it. Zrii’s Smart Omega-3 offers 1300mg of this fatty acid which is a good dose for your everyday needs.


Designed to help boost your digestion and assist your weight loss regime, Purify is a dietary supplement that is meant to cleanse your body from the impurities that may have accumulated from unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

Zrii Z+

When in dire need of an energy boost, the Zrii Z+ will help you get a healthy one. It only has 20 calories and 2g of sugar and has natural ingredients so it’s a healthier alternative to other energy drinks in the market.

ZriiNew Skin Care System

Composed of a facial serum, a night cream, a day cream, and a facial exfoliator, the ZriiNew skin care system is designed to nourish, protect, and, of course, renew your skin’s beauty and health. Made of natural ingredients like aloe vera, starflower extract, coffee, and Amalaki among many others, they can help fight signs of aging, brighten, tighten, clarify, plump, smoother, hydrate, and protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. The best part is that you can easily mix these products to your daily skin care regime and you’ll find even better results in the long run.

How Do You Make Money From It?

With an excellent product range, it’s very likely that you’ll be more interested in trying out what they have to offer than be a part of their family. However, you should know that this company offers a pretty handsome earning opportunity.

If you sign up with Zrii, you’ll become an Independent Executive. This will allow you to earn 10% to 20% commissions from every sale that you make. You can also earn from recruiting new Independent Executives and get commissions from their sales. There are also loads of other bonuses that you can enjoy from your first sale and initial recruitments.

They also have Lifestyle and Leadership bonuses that you can enjoy if you can maintain a 4-star status for two solid months. These bonuses will let you enjoy larger commissions and additional earnings that can really boost your lifestyle in a flash.

As the company is very transparent with how you can make money from their program, a quick search will give you their Zrii Prosperity Plan. This details how their payouts work so you can better understand its great potential.

How Much Do You Have to Invest to Get Started?

To get started, you only have to purchase one of their starter kits. You can choose among the Basic Executive Z-Pack that costs $29.95, the Executive Z- Pack that sells for $499, or the Premier Executive Z-Pack for $999. As you can see, the price range varies wildly, so it’s up to you how you want to get started. Experts say that the more you buy upfront, the higher your chances are in making more money.

Should You Try It?

With its solid compensation plan and great products, Zrii can be a great earning opportunity for someone who likes to stay in top shape. They offer lots of ways to earn, making it a very promising investment if you’re a social butterfly who can be a great spokesperson for the product. The starting price is also very reasonable, so there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t give it a shot if you’re confident that this program is a great match for your skills and interests.


Before ending this review, I wanted to say that you are able to make money with this company and you could able to gain more understanding from my above review. You might able to read more even details on their website and there is, even more, explanation on their compensation plan.

You see, these are all about classic MLM deficiencies and the sign of Pyramid Schemes. They just seem complicated on their compensation plan. If you have no time spent in this MLM scheme, then most likely you will fail in this business which I realized they are increased number of failures.

Your time and money better invested elsewhere. 

In fact, Zrii is not legally a scam but I personally won’t join their program due to I would rather gain some credible training to build my own online business as an online entrepreneur.

In my opinion, If you wanted to learn how to build a legit business that able to earn a sustainable income, then click here to know the exact formula I followed. As there is no risk involve most importantly it’s Free to try out.

As above picture, I preferred Affiliate marketing over Multi-level marketing.

You are not required to recruiting and you are not tied to one company product only. You are able to build your own business and then promoting variety choices of products you wanted. This including Zrii products as well.

The awesome things are that you create multiple sources of income in this way instead of just ONE source only.

I think I am enough here, it’s time for me to stop this review and move on to another article. Quite tiring writing this but it’s worth to give you the better idea on how this business going.

If you have further doubt and thought that wanted to voice out. Feel free to leave your comment below and I would like to hear from you.

Of course, if there is any help out of this topic to help your business to another level please feel free to reach out to me and I am more than willing to help you out.

Thank you for sticking this post till the end and I know you will gain something today.

Take care, my friend, untill we meet again.


Is Touchstone Crystal A Scam? Read This Unbiased Review

What is Touchstone Crystal About? Is Touchstone Crystal an MLM Hype or another Scam? Creating additional opportunities to earn more income or to transition from being an employee to becoming a business owner can be very difficult for those with limited business experience and capital.

Luckily there are a lot of available resources and companies that offer innovative ways to earn more across various interests and industries. These businesses help you sell products and services without requiring the costly and tiring process of developing and marketing them.

Touchstone Crystal is a good example of an MLM program that leverages the name and marketing potential of a popular brand for selling products and enlarging your marketing network. Branded as Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski, it creates immediate appeal to your consumers and helps cement brand integrity and reliability to the business itself.

Touchstone Crystal Quick Review

What Is Touchstone Crystal?

Name: Touchstone Crystal
Products: Jewellery – Crystal
Founders: Backed by Swarovski
Fees: $139 Basic Starter Kit option, and a $299 enhanced starting option.
Overall Rank: 6 out of 10
Status: Multi Level Marketing / Pyramid Scheme

What is Touchstone Crystal?

Touchstone Crystal is the direct sales company for Swarovski, the world famous brand of jewelry known for its fascinating crystals. While Swarovski itself has products across the board, from figurines, couture, crystal elements, home décor, chandeliers, and even high precision optical instruments like telescopes and similar devices, Touchstone Crystal mainly focuses on ready-made jewelry for distribution to Swarovski fans and other customers.

Products Offered

The main product line in the Touchstone Crystal portfolio is jewelry. These uniquely designed items are sold only through Touchstone Crystal and are not officially sold anywhere else. This makes the products unique and marketable.

All of the accessories and jewelry sold have the Swarovski Crystal, the international standard to which all other crystal jewelry are compared.

Each jewelry piece sparkles with different sizes of Swarovski crystals and is of the highest quality and craftsmanship. These crystals are graded through four categories, the cut, clarity, color, contour, and only the best get placed in the jewelry.

The best thing about Touchstone Crystal jewelry is that the customer is sure that only true and genuine Swarovski Crystals are used for each item. The products are also surprisingly affordable with about half the catalog at under $50. The wide range and variety of options make these products a versatile option for everyone.

The key marketing tool that is central to the success of Touchstone Crystal is the Swarovski brand. With over a hundred and twenty years of good reputation as a leader in jewelry, crystal to be specific, it is a brand that is known by almost all.

These crystals are found on the most luxurious of products from the world’s foremost fashion house and brands. Their jewelry is also known for meticulous craftsmanship while leading innovation on almost all fronts of design and quality. Leveraging this brand has proven to be a potent force in creating successful businesses from Touchstone Crystal.

How Do You Make Money From It?

People interested in participating in this opportunity become what the company calls Consultants. These consultants earn a generous income as well as multiple rewards and incentives for selling the company’s products as well as expanding their sponsoring effort.

According to the company’s training and marketing material, Touchstone Crystal offers one of the best compensation plans in the direct sales market today. They have simplified their training guides to ensure that they are easy to spend, and it is relatively east to earn a significant commission of other consultants that you sponsor.

A twenty-five to forty percent commission is not unheard of and building even just a team of three can get a person into their Leader income bracket.

How Much Do You Have to Invest to Get Started?

Considering other costs and expenses in building a business, Touchstone Crystal’s has an accessible starting cost. The company offers two paths into starting with the program, $139 Basic Starter Kit option, and a $299 enhanced starting option.

They can also provide you with your own personalized website for about 9.95 a month. These kits should be able to prepare and equip their prospective consultants with the tools to succeed in the business. They come with a particular amount of Jewels along with the appropriate training material and marketing tools that will help a consultant become as productive as possible.

These kits should be able to prepare and equip their prospective consultants with the tools to succeed in the business. They come with a particular amount of Jewels along with the appropriate training material and marketing tools that will help a consultant become as productive as possible.

Another key item that can be taken advantage of by the new consultant is the training and support the company offers through its network. Free training and business coaching combined with the marketing tools, which includes online material such as a website and social media tools, can help the consultant build their business to new heights. Customer support can also be handled by the friendly and knowledgeable team from Touchstone Crystal which is very important for any sales business.

Customer support can also be handled by the friendly and knowledgeable team from Touchstone Crystal which is very important for any sales business.

The company also offers a career plan, which can show you the proper objectives and schedules that can be followed to ensure the most effective and efficient use of the consultant’s effort and create a blueprint to achieve the desired income goals as well as rewards.

Should You Try It?

If you are a person that is looking for a new income source and willing personality that can clearly understand the market for jewelry and direct selling, then Touchstone Crystal can be a great opportunity for you.

Coordinating a party or two can easily turn into an opportunity to expand the network and create new sales opportunities for the consultants.

The key to success in this type of business is the ability to create an effective network of consultant teams that can deliver the appropriate sales and sponsorships. Becoming a leader in this business is the key to ensuring a stable and productive income stream that can be depended on.

Touchstone Crystal is a unique and novel business opportunity for the savvy business person that can leverage their personal network and skills to expand their direct selling and sponsorship efforts.

Unlike other businesses with rigid frameworks and traditional hours, this opportunity can provide the freedom for fluid scheduling as well as make use of parties and social events for the promotion of the product.

Creating an enjoyable atmosphere as well as a personable outlook can be the key to ensuring that a consultant’s personal direct selling network can deliver a profitable experience for all those participating.


Touchstone Crystal is not a scam due to backed by Swarovski which is very strong in reputation as well as history. This makes Touchstone Crystal very unique and easier to promote to your closed one. You would not need to spend much time explaining about the brand since everyone will know about it.

The things is MLM business model always scared people of. You organize parties and invite relatives or friends to your house but with selling purpose, with certain intention. Think about it! How many times will you organize. Will this action scared people and step back from you?

Let me tell you the answer. I personally would’t join this house parties and participate on it to expect people buy from me. I like to work hard but I would rather people comes to me instead.

So What’s Next Maxx?

If you like to own an business without organizing house parties and recruiting people. Then you might want to consider the alternative ways to build your income. How about building an online business? Here’s on 10 reason why you should own an online  business.

Your time and money better invested elsewhere. 

I build my income from my online business and generate traffic from around the global. In this way, my online business operates 24/7 without limitation and the earning potential is infinite. Click here to know the exact formula I followed.

You can even use this formula to promote Touchstone Crystal to your online customers. The potential is more even higher compare to targeting your geographic location. You are also not limiting yourself into one company and works with multiple income sources. Ultimately your business “die” by depending only one source.

So enough yelling from me and I think should stop here. What do you think about this MLM Pyramid Scheme? Does it give you a different point of view? Feel free to leave your comment below and chime in together.

Thank again for sticking this post till the end.

I hope you have an success online journey and stay in touch. Let me know if you need a hand from me and I am more than willing to help you out of this circle.

Take care, my friend.


Is Rodan and Fields A Pyramid Scheme? Read This Unbiased Review

What is Rodan and Fields about? Is Rodan and Fields a Scam? Is it safe to use? Will “changing skin” change your life? Learn more about this MLM review of Rodan and Fields here.

Skin care products are some of the best things to make money out of because people believe that they’re investments. Not a lot of folks bat an eyelash on the hefty price tags some brands have because they know that it takes expertise and the finest ingredients to create an effective beauty product.

This is precisely why you might want to consider becoming a part of the growing beauty industry if you’re looking for ways to make more money. Rodan and Fields offers a promising MLM opportunity that you can take advantage of. The best part? You’ll actually sell products that are proven to be effective and highly valuable, so even if you’re not too keen on the networking part, you can still help people out.

Rodan and Fields Quick Review

What Is Rodan and Fields?

Name: Rodan + Fields
Products: Skin Care and Anti Aging Products
Founders: Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields
Fee: Pay $45 to become business portfolio (requirement to becoming a consultant)
UpSells: Yes – sophisticated kits at $395, $695 and $995
Overall Rank: 6 out of 10
Status: Multi Level Marketing / Pyramid Scheme

What is Rodan and Fields?

Rodan and Fields is a skin care company created by doctors Kathy Fields and Katie Rodan. These two have already previously proven their genius by creating ProActiv which is probably the most popular anti-acne treatment program in the world today. Rodan and Fields was founded in 2002.

Initially sold in high-end department stores as an upscale brand for mature skin, Rodan and Fields decided to change their marketing strategy in 2009 and became a direct selling and MLM company. So today, you can easily purchase their products through their consultants.

The most notable thing about this company is the fact that it is making waves in so many circles. While it really shouldn’t come as a surprise since the creators have changed the skin care industry with ProActiv, it’s still notable as it is proving to be a more glamorous version of door-to-door beauty salesladies of the olden days.

Today, the beauty consultants of Rodan and Fields aren’t peddling cheap skin care and cosmetics to unsuspecting housewives but they’re composed of posh, entrepreneurial ladies who just happened to be able to sell you some of the best and most exclusive skincare products around. These are modern, tech-savvy individuals who won’t just knock on your door to offer you something nice. They have a dermatologist-developed product that you can trust so they’re more confident and ready to lend a hand.

You can even find features about this product in well-established beauty magazines, which is not a common thing among so many MLM programs. Rodan and Fields is definitely a different breed of a direct selling and MLM program, which really says something about the earning potential that it can offer.

Products Offered

Unlike other MLM programs that have beefy compensation plans, Rodan and Fields is pretty product-centric. You can sell their stuff anywhere and still make money off it. The quality alone of their dermatologist-developed items can make you a successful entrepreneur on its own.

Why? Because they’re very effective. The range of their offerings is very wide as well. They have four major product categories namely Redefine, Reverse, Unblemish, and Soothe. They also have a few additional categories known as Enhancements, Essentials, items for men, and exclusive products for their consultants. Each is loaded with a series of different products that you can incorporate into your skincare regimen.

With so many great feedback and the promise of expertly crafted products, you can expect the best results from Rodan + Fields. However, like other skincare products, their effectiveness still depends on what the user’s skin needs.

How Do You Make Money From It?

Earning with Rodan and Fields is pretty simple. All you have to do is become one of their consultants. To do this, you need to have a sponsor and purchase their Jumpstart Kit. A sponsor is basically your trainer when it comes to learning the ropes of navigating the Rodan and Fields playing field. They will teach you what you need to know and in exchange, you will be their downline.

It must be noted that it pays to have a good sponsor when it comes to this MLM program. You’ll want someone who will walk you through the initial foray into selling the products and won’t pressure you to upgrade right away. A lot of sponsors may feel the urge to push too hard in getting new recruits, so it’s important to not get too stressed so you won’t lose your excitement about this new opportunity.

As a consultant, you can earn from your sales. You can also make residual earnings through your sponsored consultants, personal team and generation commissions. Performance bonuses are also provided by Rodan + Fields to consultants who have reached certain milestones.

Aside from the opportunities to make money, you can also enjoy several perks, rewards, and benefits for being a part of the Rodan + Fields team. There are incentive trips, bonuses, and training that you can receive, which can all benefit you in different ways.

How Much Do You Have to Invest to Get Started?

To get started, you only have to spend $45 to purchase the Jumpstart Kit. This kit is an introduction to the company and its products, so it’s really a necessity to have. It also comes with a few basic products like the Anti-Age Multi-function Eye Cream and Night Renewing Serum, Enhancements Microdermabrasion Paste, and Essentials Gauze Pads so you can also try the products to more effectively sell it to others.

Of course, you can also opt to buy more items from their range. As a consultant, you can take advantage of their discounted prices so that’s a great plus.

After a while, upgrading to more sophisticated kits can be a good move. There are three to choose from: the Personal Results Kit which sells for $395, the Big Business Launch Kit at $695, and the RF Business Express Kit with a $995 price tag. They may seem quite expensive, but since they come with a lot of products that you can sell, you’ll surely be able to earn the money back in no time.

Should You Try It?

If you have a passion for skincare and you believe in the great effects of the Rodan + Fields products, then this program might just be the perfect fit for you. The earning opportunity this company presents is a solid one as they’re not just relying on a hyped product to make money. The fact that they develop serious products that can really be life changing for many is a good backbone for a successful MLM company, so investing in their program can pave the way for your wealth.


Coming to Conclusion I would say that Rodan and Fields is not a scam but Pyramid schemes because it ties to Multi-level marketing concept. Although the skin care products are very popular nowadays and reputable but when it comes to business opportunities, the chances are very slim base on their income disclosure. Watch below image for better understanding how MLM marketing works.

Like many others, Multi-level Marketing programs the money flows upward to top executive’s making you have a hard time of earning your full-time or even part-time income.

Can’t denied that the products works for some people but again not everyone due to natural skin issues.

What Next Maxx?

I personally won’t join this MLM Instead, I highly recommend you create your very OWN online business space to promote more than 150,000 products as an affiliate marketer/authority. This means to you are not tied to only R & F products only.

On top of that, you are able you work base at your own pace without someone (your upline or sponsors) to pressure you and giving a timeline to join an opportunity. If you want to know more click here to know the exact formula I followed to create a successful online business. I have been stopped chasing others business opportunities after I found this formula. Below image is the main reason I stick with them. No Bullshit, not shiny cars just purely education bringing your online business to another level. If I can do it, I am pretty sure you can too.

You will get 2 websites, expert training and personal support from the founders. They have since in this digital industry and keep improving the platform since 2005. All you need to create a successful online business, they have it on one platform. Awesome isn’t it?

Since it’s free I highly recommend you to explore further into this program that I’m using.

Well, I think you have enough yapping from me. And if you have any further queries and doubt about Rodan and Fields please feel free to share with me by leaving your comments below. I would like to hear your story and understand more.

Opps, One more thing to highlight before the end this review is that if you join under me, you can sure count on me if you need a hand from me to build your online business in the future. This is my promises to you.

Thanks for sticking this post till the end and I know it’s a long review but I sincerely wanted to help my readers (you).

Till we catch up again.

Take care.


Is Residual Profit Machine A Scam? – It’s 100% A Pyramid Scheme

What Residual Profit Machine? Is it a scam or legit? As anyone who has participated in an MLM scheme will tell you, part of the problem with the setup is that it’s often very difficult to recruit members. But you have to if you actually want to earn money. Now Residual Profit Machine is based on the usual multi-level marketing setup, but with a significant change—you don’t have to do your own recruiting at all. Or at least, that’s the claim. Read this for more understanding on how Multi Level Marketing works and structure?

Residual Profit Machine Product Review

Name: Residual Profit Machine
Website: OR
Products: MLM
Founders: Tony and Brandon
Cost: $25 all the way to $7,500 (+ $9.95 admin fee)
Verdict: Rank at 3/10

What Is Residual Profit Machine and How Does It Work?

The Residual Profit Machine is the sales system used by the National Wealth Center. This is the organization that offers close to 300,000 different digital products, which are mainly various online business guides in the video, audio, and PDF formats.

First, you have to pay $35 at the start so you can become a member. To remain a member, you then have to avail of some of the product packages that the National Wealth Center offers. Once you’ve purchased a product package, you can then, in turn, sell it and then you earn commission on the sales.

These packages include:

#1 Self-Development. Monthly fee of $25.

#2 Wealth Development. Monthly fee of $50.

#3 Business Development. Monthly fee of $100.

#4 Fitness Advantage. A one-time payment of $250.

#5 Wealth Advantage Elite. A one-time payment of $1,000.

#6 Network Marketing Elite. A one-time payment of $3,500.

#7 The Vault. A one-time payment of $7,500.

What’s different is that the use a rotator system for referrals. You line up, and then when it’s your turn the system allocates you the next 4 referrals. That’s because everyone donates 25% of their traffic to the traffic wheel. Also, the 2nd and 4th sales on the rotator system make money for the line above you.

You can still do some work and recruit members on your own. You still get the 4 referrals offered by the rotator system. However, you may be required to pony up for the $159 advertising campaign.

If you do recruit members on your own, they may also make you money too. Their 2nd and 4th sales on the rotator system go to you.

Who Is the Residual Profit Machine For?

It depends on how you look at it. From a newbie’s point of view, it’s almost tailor-made for people who balk at the need to recruit other new members. Now you can just sit back and relax while the system automatically makes money for you. The Residual Profit Machine even offers a 100% commission on your 1st and 3rd sales, the 2nd and 4th sales go to the line above you.

Of course, from the point of view of the National Wealth Center, it’s designed for a special kind of the newbie. It’s for those who don’t realize that this MLM scheme closely resembles a pyramid scheme. So do you think MLM a legit company or just a scam? I have also attached a video on explaining Pyramid Scheme. Here you go:

Residual Profit Machine Tools and Training

Before you can sell any of the online guide packages and make your commissions, you have to buy them yourself first. You can then use the material contained in those packages for your own education.

  • Self-development. This package includes audio files that help motivate you. It teaches about personal growth and self-discipline, and assists in helping you achieve the success in your life.
  • Business development. This package offers various guides that can help with online businesses and with brick and mortar ventures.
  • Wealth development. Here the focus is on your finances. Aside from just making money, you learn about how you can save and manage your money properly.
  • Fitness advantage. This concentrates on helping you maintain the health of your business.
  • Wealth advantage elite. Now you get videos which will train on topics such as Forex trading, real estate, and the stock market.
  • Network marketing elite. This time you get a video starring Peter Wolfing, who founded the National Wealth Center. He will disclose his secrets and steer you in the right direction to success.
  • The Vault. The entire library of the National Wealth Center will be made available to you.

The Good and the Bad

So let’s tally the pros and cons, shall we? Here are the benefits:

(+) The theory behind the rotator system seems ideal. Who doesn’t like the prospect of getting free referrals—and getting paid for it?

(+) The commission is also nothing to sneeze at. You can’t get any better than 100% commission.

(+) So theoretically, even a beginner can earn as much money as more experienced marketers.

However, there’s a longer list of drawbacks, and each one of them is more serious:

(-) You can’t try it out first before you shell out money.

(-) You don’t really get much info as to what these packages are.

(-) You have to buy the packages first before you can sell them. They’re expensive too.

(-) You don’t really know how long before you get your sales on the rotator system. It can be a week or even an entire year.

(-) If someone on your downlink buys a package that you don’t already own, then you don’t earn a commission at all.


When you’re forced to purchase items before you can earn commissions on them, you have to right away feel wary about that online business venture. It doesn’t matter if the Residual Profit Machine offers a great rotator system which earns a 3/10 rating. In the end, it’s still Not Recommended. You have better prospects out there, which are more effective helping you earn money—and they certainly won’t cost you as much!

What’s a Better Alternative?

As you can probably see by now, the drawbacks to the Residual Profit Machine readily outweigh any advantage you may gain. So what should you go for instead?

Perhaps you should instead do the hard work and learn how to conduct an online business properly. You can learn every step of the affiliate marketing and blog business process from a more reputable source, such as Wealthy Affiliate. Here you only spend a reasonable amount of money for your education, and you can apply those lessons to just about any online product you want to sell.

The main advantage here is, of course, you’re not required to buy expensive items that you then sell yourself. See below what others members are doing with this system applying what has been taught in the platform. As what you can read below Colton work at

As what you can read below Colton work at the gas station and he still study at the college at the same time. He works hard, very hard I could say. Today he achieved the effort he put in and work as affiliate marketer as full time. By the time of this writing, he has already achieved 5 digits of monthly consistent income.

So do you still think of not possible in earning income from online? Perhaps you might already disappoint from being scam and upset. This is the main reason I attached above testimonial proof to you that it’s possible in earning online.

This is not a get rich scheme and the most amazing part of this system are they are not showing off you shiny cars and shiny object to con you. The system has already existed more than 10 years. By the time of this writing has surpassed 11 years. Helping thousand of online entrepreneurs successfully quit their job and achieved their passion dream.

You might ask what so different with others program out there? Why am I keep promoting them? Because I see the result myself. I built this website and others project are going on using the method they teach me. Step by step. Yeah, they seriously built the amazing system that helping Everyone of us to start our online career be it you are

Yeah, they seriously built the amazing system that helping Everyone of us to start our online career be it you are a beginner or experienced. They care about OUR Success, not just bullshit and taking out your hard earn money.

You not even need to pay a dime to try out and before you join I highly urge you read my Wealthy Affiliate review. The only #1 recommendation if you want to pursue your online career.

So It’s Your Turn Now

Do you have any thought of this review article? Do you have any experienced with Residual Profit Machine or National Wealth Center? If yes, please leave your comment below and let’s talk about it.

Last but not least, before putting off my pen off I would like to thanks for sticking this post till the end and of course your time. I hope this post useful to you and if you have the further question in others topic feel free to reach out to me. I am more willing to help you to achieve your online journey. Together we make this happen.


What Is Usana About? Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

What is Usana all About? Is it another Scam or Legit Opportunity? Let’s find out in this Usana Review. The dietary supplements industry is one of the biggest industries in the United States, even in the world, because people obviously want to enjoy the benefits of a long, healthy and happy life. Among the companies in the global industry, Usana Health Sciences, Inc. (USANA or Usana) is among the largest multi-level marketing organizations.

USANA Review


Product: Multi-Level Marketing(MLM)- Variety of Products from Nutritionals, Diet & Energy to Personal Care

Founders: Dr. Myron Wentz

Overall Ranking:  4 out of 10 (Expensive Products + Pyramid Scheme)


3 Enrollment Packages: Professional Pack-$1,250, Entrepreneur Pack-$624.95 and Basic Business Pack-$305

How Does It Work?

What is Usana about? Based in Utah, the multi-level marketing company manufactures, markets and sells a wide range of nutritional products and nutraceuticals (i.e., nutritional pharmaceuticals). Most of its products are manufactured at its West Valley City facility before being distributed in more than 20 countries and territories worldwide. The three product lines are Usana Nutritionals, Usana Diet & Energy, and Sense personal care.

Independent non-salaried distributors, known as associates, market and sell these products with the expectation of income earned in various ways.  Associates can sell their products offline, such as via direct sales, and online through their own websites resulting in commissions from two sources:

  • From their own product sales; and
  • From new associates recruited, known as downline in multi-level marketing parlance

But here’s where things become tricky. The company’s compensation plan requires the acquisition of commissionable point based on sales volume – a certain number of points must be reached before the associate can be paid his commission.

In case said associate doesn’t achieve the payment threshold, the points are accumulated for next week.  But when the monthly minimum threshold isn’t reached, the points accumulated yet unpaid will be lost. Below case is based on 3 BC (Business Centre) that you working on.

The result: About 87% of associates fail to earn sufficient commissions to recoup their investments for the qualifying purchases, while 67% will not earn commissions at all! More than 72% of the commissions are earned by the upper 2% of the associates, too, leaving the rest to eat their dust.  In 2011, according to Usana’s records, the average yearly income of the majority of the associates was a measly $617 while the 2% earned nearly $860,000 a year.

Indeed, very few of Usana’s associates will become wealthy from the activity. These can be attributed to several factors including:

  • Most members will be unable to recoup their initial investment to participate;
  • Members at the top of the upline-downline organization will make more than those at the bottom, oftentimes a thousand more times with little effort on their part;
  • Members will have an increasingly harder time to recruit others as it grows; and
  • Members must continually recruit because of the high turnover rate.

Like many multi-level marketing companies, Usana hides behind the cloak of the legitimacy of its operations while actually running a Pyramid Scheme. Even its products have been subjected to criticisms for unverifiable and unrealistic therapeutic claims, such as the nutritional products touted to cure a wide range of ailments including cancer.

Associates will even make the claim that the Usana products have superior qualities than their competitors’ products, thus, the higher sales prices. In fact, the products cost two to three times their equivalent items from pharmacies, health food stores, and the like! Yet there is no scientific evidence that will prove Usana’s products are of better quality to justify the higher prices.

This early, we have to say that Usana already has two strikes against it – its pyramid compensation scheme and its average products. You shouldn’t believe claims made by the manufacturers of dietary supplements that their products are akin to the miracle pill, the fountain of youth, and one-pill-cures-all because these aren’t true, far from it.

Dietary supplements are just that – products formulated to supplement the body’s possible deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, among others, which can be due to an illnesses or injuries. Claims made otherwise, especially as cures for chronic degenerative diseases, are pure hogwash.

Who Is Usana For?

Usana is targeted toward adult men and women who want to earn part-time or full-time income from selling its nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals, as well as from recruiting others into the organization. The company classifies its associates into two categories for this purpose, namely:

  • Associates who earn their income by selling and recruiting; and

  • Preferred Customers who buy the products at wholesale prices but use them for their own personal purposes and, thus, aren’t allowed to receive commissions.

Aside from the Associates and Preferred Customers, Usana also targets its products for the consumption of men, women, and even older children.

Usana Tools and Training

Usana provides its veteran associates with advanced DLM training, usually coupled with a database management program, which has a Custom Query feature. New distributors without prior selling experience can avail of the SOW Sponsoring System.

Usana Support

Usana maintains several offices across the world as well as an official website, all of which will answer questions about the company as well as its compensation package, products, and policies. Its corporate offices are in Salt Lake City, Utah while its customer service hotlines are in several languages including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

The Good and the Bad

Usana has its good aspects, too, although there are only a few including:

#1 The products have been proven safe for consumption by humans.

#2 The compensation scheme can result in thousands of dollars income in a single year although there are qualifiers for this statement.

#3 The brand is well-known in areas outside of the United States and Canada, especially in countries where multi-level marketing hasn’t yet been exposed as pyramiding schemes.

But the bad aspects outweigh the good including:

#1 The compensation scheme demands its new associates to sell more products and recruit more people, while the associates in the upper echelons earn the income accruing from their efforts (see above).

#2 The products are so expensive in comparison with similar products that selling them will be a great challenge, especially for the general masses.  These are also touted as superior in quality yet when associates are asked for scientific proof, none can be presented.

#3 The brand has gained a negative reputation for being a pyramiding scheme masquerading as a legitimate multi-level marketing company. Establishing a profitable network becomes even more difficult.

My Final Opinion of Usana

With that being said, I suggest steering clear of Usana, both as an associate and as a preferred customer, even as an ordinary consumer. You will be buying into a pyramid scheme otherwise, which means that you have been conned of your hard-earned money.

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