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Is Gain Higher Ground A Scam? Read This Honest Review

What Is Gain Higher Ground About? Is Gain Higher Ground A Scam? If you’ve been struggling in your online business, at least you can console yourself with the fact that you’re definitely not alone. Up to 95% of all online businesses don’t actually succeed.

If you’re thinking about going into the online business niche, then that kind of success ratio should give you pause no matter how many “gurus” online say that it’s easy. You also have to worry about the proliferation of scammers out there trying to profit off you without actually providing you with anything substantial in return.

No, it’s not easy. But it can be done, and that’s what Gain Higher Ground is all about. It’s a membership site that offers a library of resources and guides to help you learn. Unlike many of its competitors, it’s also perfectly legit.

Gain Higher Ground Review

Name: Gain Higher Ground
Products: Affiliate Marketing Training Membership Site
Founder: Rob Cornish
Fees: $7 for 7 days trial and $37 recurring monthly membership
Overall Rank: 7 out of 10 (Legitimate Training Program Membership)

What Is Gain Higher Ground and How Does It Work?

Basically, it offers you a clear step by step plan on how to succeed with your online business, using video tutorials as your study materials. It covers a wide variety of topics, and the basic topics (such as finding the right niche) are covered in the crash course “15 Steps to Success”.

These study materials can help you regardless of the niche you may choose, whether your site is all about fitness, cooking, or financial trading. It covers affiliate marketing in detail, and you can use the lessons here if you want to create your own items to sell online.

The pay scheme is also affordable and simple too. You can just pay $5 to try it out for 7 days. If you like what you get for the week, you can then go on to pay for full membership at $37 a month. You also get a 60-day refund guarantee if you’re not satisfied, and of course, you get to keep all the materials you’ve already downloaded.

There aren’t any upsells at all, thank goodness. The creator also uses his real name, and he is Rob Cornish based in North Cornwall, England. He started out back in 2010 and didn’t make any money for many months at the start. Now his online business earns 6 figures a year. The lessons he learned from his struggles and eventual success are now made available to you.

Who Is Gain Higher Ground For?

This is meant for every person who has not yet made any inroads into online business success. It’s for you whether you’re just planning to take a stab at doing business online or you’ve been at it for years without much luck.

It’s great for beginners because the language and style used are clear and no-nonsense. There are very minimal jargon and techno-speak. As long as you understand basic English, you can benefit from the info here.

Gain Higher Ground Tools

With Gain Higher Ground, you gain instant access to a lot of modules that can help you with your business. It has lots of modules, although the claim that every bit of info here was created by Rob Cornish himself. They’re all original and there aren’t any rehashed materials.

The first module you need to try out first is the “15 Steps to Success”. It’s the crash course module that gives you the basics of what you need. It starts from scratch and with this course you can build a website of your own. It’s detailed, so you’ll actually know just what you have to do. Even the buttons you need to click are pointed out.

Then there’s the “Basecamp” section, where you find detailed guides to the kind of online business you want to run. There’s a guide for expert tutorial sites, membership websites, and affiliate marketing.

There are plenty more, of course. You can also find Product Creation Central for guides if you want to create your own digital products which you can sell online. With Profitable Niches, you get expert advice on which niche you should pick. The Blogging Blueprint tells you all about how to create and monetize a successful blog. Video Mastery is all about video marketing, while Technical Toolbox is all about the technical stuff when it comes to building and running your website.

Gain Higher Ground Support

The support is excellent since you can email Rob Cornish and he’ll answer your questions as quickly as he can. You just have to understand that there are limitations to this. You’re not the only GHG member so he may be attending to others that came before you. Also, the guy needs to sleep too.

If you want a more immediate response, you can just communicate with the other GHG members through the website forum. There you’ll get the answers from people who have asked the questions you have now.

The Good and the Bad

(+) It must be admitted that Gain Higher Ground is a good choice. The price is reasonable, and the info you get is outstanding. Everything’s explained in simple English, the instructions are detailed and clear, the range of topics is broad, and the price is eminently reasonable. It’s refreshingly free of upsells too.

(-) There’s really nothing bad about it, but it’s just that in some ways it’s not as good as other top notch educational courses on online business success. There’s no free trial period unless you count the 60-day money back guarantee period. There are no levels to the kind of membership you can have so you don’t have to pay for features you won’t really use. Live support is also somewhat lacking.

What’s the Alternative?

Gain Higher Ground is good, but some options may be better. Wealthy Affiliate is one such alternative if you’re a beginner. It has many of the same good features as GHG, such as step by step instructions, clear language, and a broad range of subject matter.

However, WA offers several membership levels and one of them is even free membership. You also get live support too as well as able to communicate directly from the Owners. In addition, you also get programs and tools to help you out.

What make WA so success is they already help tons of people succeed in the online world with one very simple principle – “Help people to achieve what they want first and the money will come then”. Look at their website with their Promises to Each of everyone. The only program that I Ranked 10/10 for your online business.


This is a legitimately good choice, and it rates a solid 7/10 rating for Gain Higher Ground Program. It’s a breath of fresh air among the stink of scam “educational” courses out there on the Internet.

So Now It’s Your Turn

As usual, I build this website and review the program out there to make sure your money is well spent. If you have others program that you needed me to review feel free to let me know. I will put my reader in the priority list first.

Do you try Gain Higher Ground Before? Feel free share with us your experience with your thought.

Last but not least if you enjoy reading this review feel free to share within your networks to let others benefits from it.

Thank you



Single Sale System Review – Does It Really Work Or Scam People?

What is Single Sale System about? Is Single Sale System A Scam? It’s a question that a lot of people are asking, given its claim of making up to $10,000 on a single sale. That’s the kind of headlines that grab people’s attention, but is the claim legit or is this a scam?

The Single Sale System (or SSS) is an online marketing program developed by James Presley, Jani G and Alaa Kkaasa, who heads their affiliate program.

Single Sale System Product Review

Name: Single Sale System
Products: Marketing Products
Founder: James Presley, Jani G and Alaa Kkaasa
Fees: $8.56
Overall Rank: 1 out of 10 (It’s A SCAM)

What is the Single Sale System and How Does it Work?

The Single Sale System says they will teach you a four step technique that allows new marketers to earn $10,000 or more monthly. According to their sales page, there are even members who make up to $3,000 a day.

The first step is to open a PayPal account and fill up the form. Once your account is ready, sign up for the Single Sale System to get your funnel up and ready. Here you’re going to receive your affiliate link.

The third step is to learn the program and use the tools to earn commissions. The SSS is automated and you’ll be using the same process, so there’s no steep learning curve.

There is a lot more to the program, but its creators say it is essentially a four step process that you’ll be using to make millions of dollars.

What is the Single Sale System For?

The Single Sale System is for anyone who wants to make a six figure salary. According to its creators, members make up to $10,000 a month and some members say they’ve made $7 to $10 million a year.

The Good

  • One good thing about the service is they make good use of videos. The first thing you’ll see at the official website is a video pointing out the benefits of their system. The layout is also well-done and easy to navigate.
  • You don’t need a website to use the tools and techniques given here, and you don’t need to use a specific product either. This means less expense on your part.
  • No technical skills required. One of the most common complaints with marketing affiliate programs is they’re applicable only to seasoned marketers. According to the SSS, no experience is necessary for their system.

The system sounds very enticing, doesn’t it? Yes, it does, but a closer look will show there’s something not right with the Single Sale System.

As I’ll show, the Single Sale System has all the traits of a scam.

The Bad

(-) The first sign that something is amiss is the privacy policy page is that of Aspire, the company that built the website and not Single Sale System. You’re going to get the seam result when you click Terms and Conditions, and those should send off warning bells. If the SSS doesn’t have a clear privacy policy/terms and conditions, how can you trust them with your personal information?

You will unable to click on Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy. There is no reason for being disable. Just a simply crap. The things is you still able click on affiliates with their JV affiliates referral program.

There are other anomalies with the Single Sale System.

#1 A lot of the buttons and links on the website don’t work, and those that do redirect you to other links that don’t have the info you’re looking for.

#2 At their affiliate sites you will find statements like “only 1 copy left” or something similar, but if you check back weeks later, there is still 1 copy left. This is a ploy to get people to join as soon as possible.

#3 The pricing is inconsistent, with some links saying it is $11 and in others, it is $8. What they all agree on is that the original price is $97, so SSS is offering a 90% discount, which doesn’t make business sense.

#4 The lack of transparency is disturbing. If you read the “reviews” (more on this later) for the SSS, the only thing you’ll get is a teaser about how people have made millions from it, but no particulars.

Just who are the people behind the Single Sale System?

Jani G, one of the brains behind it, is a notorious scam artist and has been exposed repeatedly as a fraud. His Trio Profit system is similar to the Single Sale System where you’ll learn “secret” steps to making thousands of dollars a day, but doesn’t explain how it works.

If you google the names James Presley and Alaa Kkassa, they won’t turn up anything related to marketing. In fact, the only info you will get from them is what is on the Single Sale System.

So two of the people behind the Single Sale System have no information available online, and the other one is a known scammer. With these kinds of people running the Single Sale System, you should think twice about availing of their service.

But what about those Single Sale System reviews online?

They’re fake. I have read most of them and they do nothing but heap praise on the system without explaining how it works. The “reviews” don’t even deserve to be called reviews because they look more like promotional pieces. They don’t tell you anything specific about the product or the people behind it.

My Final Opinion of the Single Sale System

My rating is 1/10, and I can’t recommend this. There are too many suspicious elements in the system and I’m convinced this is a scam. The claims made are too good to be true, and the people behind the product are suspicious, to say the least.

Bottom line: the Single Sale System is a scam and should be avoided. The people behind it are saying you can make $10 million a year doing essentially nothing since their system is automatic, and anyone with common sense should know it’s not possible.

I would suggest you look at Wealthy Affiliates. WA isn’t offering a get rich quick system, as it is more focused on teaching you the fundamentals of digital marketing with beginner and advanced video tutorials. WA also has thousands of helpful community members and offers free membership, so you have nothing to lose by trying it.

Read Below the success stories WA members has been applying the training and make the sales from their website. The same method I use for build this website you are reading now.

So now it’s your turn

Do you have more to comment? The purpose I build this site is to help as much as I can to help people like you to avoid those scams out there. If you have any program that needs me to write the review please feel free to let me know and I would put my reader in the priority list.

Last but not least, If you have any feedback towards this program do let me know your thought by leaving the comment below.

Is Instant Products Now A Scam? Does It Worth Your Time?

What are Instant Products Now About? Is Instant Products Now A Scam? Have you ever met someone who’s attractive, nice, brave, and intelligent, and with a great sense of humor? That person seems perfectly right? Then you look deeper and realize that there’s a rot within that person. Perhaps they’re a sadistic psychopath or an intolerant racist. Maybe they’re actually a greedy bastard who cares only about money and who doesn’t mind if people get hurt in the process.

A lot of Internet scams are like that. They present an attractive offer so it seems like you’re going to get a lot of valuable stuff. They then say that the cost is virtually nothing. So the deal is so obviously good that it’s just stupid to say no. But you eventually end up realizing that you were really stupid to say yes to something that sounded too good to be true.

That’s the essence of Instant Products Now. It may not seem like it at first, but it’s really worthless.

Instant Products Now Review

Name: Instant Products Now
Website: Main:  VIP Membership Site:
Products: Internet Marketing Products
Founder: Bill Guthrie
Fees: $27
Upsells: VIP Membership : $9(Monthly Recurring) Or $47 (Yearly Recurring) Or $97 (Lifetime)
Overall Rank: 1 out of 10

What Is Instant Products Now and How Does It Work?

Essentially, Instant Products Now is just what it says in the name. You get lots of materials that can help with your online business venture. You can read them and be guided by the tips contained in these materials. Or you can sell them if you want.

There are at least 762 different products here. These include various ebooks, reports, WordPress themes, templates, and plugins. There are even a few video courses. All these you can get for just about $27.

Once you’ve bought this, you’ll be then invited to a VIP membership. Monthly fees cost $9 buy pay in advance for a year for just $47. A trial membership is just for a dollar while a lifetime membership costs $97.

Who Is Instant Products Now For?

This is great for those who despair of having to churn out content for blogs and subscription sites on a constant basis. This also works for people who like to sell digital products on their site. In an instant, you have hundreds of downloadable content that you can sell at any price.

Instant Products Now Tools and Training

So what do you get for your money with these products? The selling point here is that they become yours—in every sense of the word.

#1 You can sell these things and put your name to it on your website. You can modify these materials so they come off as the original. This makes you an instant authority since you’re an author and a creator.

#2 You can also sell them the way Instant Products Now is selling them. That is, you sell these items to customers at whatever price and tell them that they, in turn, can sell it to others.

#3 You can use the content for your blog, so you’ll have lots of materials ready to keep your site fresh and updated. This also works for a membership site.

#4 You can use it as a prize for people to sign in to your email list, to get them to complete surveys, or even as a bonus item included with your other items.

#5 The materials can also be transformed into other forms. You can take an ebook guide and then make a series of video tutorials from the content. You can collect several reports into an ebook.

#6 You can even use snippets from these materials as tweets or other social media content.

Of course, you may as well read some of the guides yourself and maybe you can learn a few tips. Also, these materials cover a lot of topics. The materials offer guides and tips for websites that focus on:

  • Online businesses and home-based income opportunities
  • Online and local marketing
  • Hobbies, crafts, and sports
  • Self-improvement
  • Physical fitness
  • Sex, romance, and dating
  • Food and cooking
  • Personal finance

The Good and the Bad

(+) On the face of it, Instant Products Now is all good. It seems like a very generous offer if you’re presented with 762 products for just $27. Some sellers even offer a 5-ebook package for the same amount of money. Now you get 762 products instead!

(+) If you’re wondering what to sell on your site, then the digital items here make a wonderful stock. The materials also ensure that you never again have to worry about writing another blog post yourself.

So what’s wrong with this picture? In a word, the products are crap. The guides are simplistic and generic. There’s really nothing here of substance. It’s as if everything’s just fluff.

(-) These are just variations of the various crappy articles you see online. They’re not all that well-written, and the tips aren’t really all that helpful.

(-) Put these materials on your blog, and you’ll alienate your audience. They’ll think that you’re taking them for fools, and they’ll be right. In the end, your name and brand will be tarnished.

(-) The upfront fees just a crap. You will need to subscribe recurring fees if you want to become their VIP membership.

(-) These things won’t even help much with SEO. Duplicate content simply doesn’t really rank all that highly in Google. People will also see that even on the Google listings that your content looks very similar to the content on other sites, and they won’t bother to visit your website.


Now if you really want to go about earning money properly, you have to learn properly. That means taking a  Proper Training Course like Wealthy Affiliate. That course will give you a clear step by step plan on how you should go about building and growing a website.

With this, it’s a f track to nowhere. Sure you get lots of materials, which is why it still gets a rating of 1/10. At least it’s cheap. But it sure does waste your time, especially if you’re trying to grow your site.

All these materials offer useless generic content that many will recognize as worthless crap. Once your name is associated with crap, you’ll find that succeeding in online business becomes that much more difficult.  Do yourself a favor and avoid Instant Products Now, and get properly trained instead.

In case you still doubt whether if there is Legitimate Training Program that you can believe? I would say “YES”. Below is the prove one of the Member of

Below is the prove one of the Member of Wealthy Affiliate improve his traffic and boost his website ranking following the training he learned. The same program I Joined to built this website you currently visiting.

Not convincing enough? Or maybe you have doubt in whether Affiliate Marketing can make Genuine Money from the Internet? Can make a sustainable income that supports your lifestyle. Below is another member Colton make his Income and quit his job thereafter. And his income increase to 10K per month by the time of this writing.

So from what my experience is not whether we can succeed in internet marketing. Is all about whether we find a trustworthy product that able to help us achieve our goal. If you read more about my

If you read more about my experiences indicate in about myself you will know that before coming into the legitimate program I have caught and spent more than few thousand in Scams. So I truly understand what the feeling being scammed and that’s why I built this site to help out as much as I can.

It’s Your Turn Reach Out To Me

Let me know if you have any doubt regarding in Internet Marketing as well as leave your comment the thought of your towards this review. I will make sure to response an answer to your reply as soon as I can.


Is Blogging with John Chow Really Work? Is It Worth Your Money?

What is Blogging with John Chow About? Many of us have heard about how some people have started out with simple blogs and then eventually became huge financial successes. However, there are a lot of us who have heard the same stories, so the competition online is fierce.

We find out eventually that finding that kind of success online isn’t exactly easy. We also discover that the entire process is actually time-consuming and a lot of work. You have to create a website, put in good content on a regular basis, attract people to visit your site, and become effective in convincing them to spend money.

It’s not easy to learn how to do all these things correctly so that you maximize your chances of success. But you can learn from John Chow. He’s actually one of those guys who achieved impressive levels of success online. He was just another blogger in 2006, but by 2008 his blog was earning up to $40,000 a month.

Now he can show you how he did it so you can do it too—at least that’s the claim. Is it an accurate claim? Let’s find out.

Blogging With John Chow Review

Name: Blogging With John Chow
Products: Affiliate Marketing Training
Founder: John Chow
Fees: $37
Upsells: $97+$47
Overall Rank: 7 out of 10
Status: Overall the rating for John Chow as high as 7/10. I would say his training materials is worth the time you invest in but of course there is still some cons that need to reconsider before you hit the buy.

What is Blogging with John Chow and How Does It Work?

Blogging with John Chow is an online course that includes texts and videos. It mainly contains 9 modules that discuss and cover just about every topic and situation that you will encounter in your blogging venture.

You even have a daily action plan that outlines what you’re going to need to learn about each day. By following this action plan closely, your blog should be good to go in just 30 days.

The price for this online course may change at any time, and it doesn’t help that it’s not prominently displayed. But it should cost $37, and that should be a one-time cost.

However, you’ll be offered additional upsell materials that will cost you more money. You’re offered a ready-made blog and new content each month for $47. The Blogging Automation Empire is also offered to you for $97.

Who is Blogging with John Chow For?

This is an excellent online course for blogger beginners. It’s a newbie’s guide that shows you each and every step of the blog-making process.

Beginners may easily feel overwhelmed with all the things they need to do to get things going with their blog. This online course organizes all these things so you can learn more effectively and systematically.

Blogging with John Chow Tools & Training

Let’s take a quick look at what the modules are all about:

Module 1 This is about determining what you should be blogging about. It’s also about defining your specific brand.

Module 2 Now you learn about building your own blog in WordPress. You learn about using themes, plugins, and graphics.

Module 3 Here you examine what kinds of habits a blogger should develop to become successful. You’ll learn more about branding, about carving a particular niche for yourself, and about when to post your content.

Module 4 This module helps you come up with content that generates actual interest among your readers. You’ll be able to learn how to come up with new ideas that can attract attention and comments, and you’ll also find out how you can manage your content properly.

Module 5 Here you find out how you can make your readers do your bidding. First you learn about how you can provide the info that your readers want. Then you discover how you can use that so your audience will do what you want. You can learn how to build an email list and how you can create a page that can convince people to sign up or subscribe.

Module 6 So how do you earn money? There are various ways, and this module explores all these ways. One way is through affiliate marketing, in which you become the middleman between seller and consumer. Another way is through ads on your blog.

Module 7 Here you learn about fostering relationships, whether with other bloggers and with others on social media. This part also introduces you to RSS feeds and keyword research.

Module 8 After keyword research, you delve more deeply into various SEO strategies. The key is to get your log to rank highly on Google for your chosen keywords.

Module 9 Finally, you learn about Google analytics so you can find out whether or not your SEO tactics are working. You also learn more about marketing through social media.

Blogging with John Chow Support

While this is an online course, there really is no sense of support or community at all. Keep in mind that this online course was introduced way back in 2012. John Chow did promise to answer emails, but you’re better off finding another source for answers to your questions.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 It’s extremely comprehensive. It does cover the basics of what beginners need to know about.

PRO #2 The videos are informative and entertaining. You’ll learn and you won’t feel bored.

PRO #3 The daily schedule offers a good learning pace.

PRO #4 The price is actually reasonable. Some people actually charge thousands of dollars for similar courses, would you believe?

The Bad:

CONS #1 It hasn’t been updated since 2012.

CONS #2 The upsells can be annoying.

CONS #3 There’s no real support, so you’re basically on your own.

CONS #4 You can’t try it for free.

What’s a Better Alternative?

Wealthy Affiliate is perhaps your better alternative. With WA, you still get the step by step training you need to start making money off your site as well as fully support the Owners and the community. You won’t believe that WA has the amazing community. The weaknesses of Blogging with John Chow aren’t there at all.

It’s easy to get help and even private coaching is available. You also get more assistance, such as web hosting and a keyword research tool.

My Final Opinion of Blogging with John Chow

This may have been excellent way back in 2012, but 2017 is now just around the corner. To put it more simply, the data you’re offered are all outdated. It’s a different playing field, and you need a different playbook. You get that with Wealthy Affiliate, and not so much with Blogging with John Chow which earns the 7/10 rating.

Is Affiliate Titan 2.0 A Scam? Read This Review Before Buy

What is Affiliate Titan 2.0 About? Is Affiliate Titan 2.0 A Scam? Affiliate marketing is one of the more popular ways of making money online. Basically, you have a blog or website that convinces your audience to buy a particular product. The reader clicks on your link to the seller to reach the seller’s website. If the reader then buys that product on the seller’s site, you get a commission.

On the face of it, it’s a win-win-win situation. The seller gets a free salesperson and they only give you a commission when the purchase pushes through. The buyer wins by having a handy link to a product they want to buy, and your blog has recommended it. As a blogger, you win by being able to actually make money off your blog.

It’s not that simple, however. For every particular item, there may be dozens or even hundreds of other affiliates like you trying to do the same exact thing. You have to succeed in listing highly in Google, you have to convince your reader to check out the item on the seller’s website, and you better hope and pray that your seller’s site is successful in actually convincing your reader to become a buyer.

Now how do you succeed as an affiliate marketer? Affiliate Titan 2.0 claims to be the answer to that question.

Affiliate Titan 2.0 Review

Name: Affiliate Titan 2.0
Products: Affiliate Marketing Training
Founder: Chris and Ken
Fees: $19.95
Overall Rank: 3 out of 10
Status: Legit but Not Worth Your Time. I will still recommend people to buy if they insist on doing so. Just be careful with their approach – buying link which can affect your SEO.

What is Affiliate Titan 2.0 and How Does It Work?

It’s well known that affiliate marketing is a lot of work, right? It’s hard. But to make it easier for you, you have Affiliate Titan 2.0. This is a suite of programs designed to make it easier for you instead. Since this is designated 2.0, it has just been recently upgraded a few months back.

The purpose of these programs is to boost the traffic to your website. You get more visitors from Google and YouTube searches, and that should help you out. Even if only 5% of your visitors use your blog to buy items from seller sites, the greater traffic means more money for you.

Imagine if you get $2 for every sale, and you have 100 visitors each day. With your 5% success rate, that means 5 visitors become buyers and you get $10 each day. That’s not exactly minimum wage.

But what if you boost your traffic to 1,000 people a day? That means 50 people become buyers and you get $100 a day. That’s $36,500 a year, and that’s not bad as a supplement for your main job.

How much are the program makers charging? It’s just $19.95 for the moment. It was charging at $7 back then when the product is just launched.

Who is Affiliate Titan 2.0 For?

This suite of programs is for those who are having SEO and traffic problems. It’s supposed to help you attract more people to your website. Presumably, you’re already good at convincing your audience to buy the stuff your promoting.

SEO can be a rather involved procedure, and even if you do succeed it can take a very long while. These tools can make it easier for you to find the traffic you require.

Affiliate Titan 2.0 Tools & Training

Are They really 2 Million System?? What makes them claimed this BS? Here are some facts about the tools offered:

#1 Launch Pulse. This program tells you about upcoming products that are scheduled for launch in various markets (like JvZoo) and networks. It also displays the products that have just been recently launched.

This program tells you who made the product, the cost of the product, the commission you can earn, and if there are sales promos and contests. You also get sent to a page where you can become an affiliate.

#2 King of the Zoo. The name of the program is a hint. It’s designed to find the products on JvZoo that are the most profitable for you. You can sort the products by earnings per click (EPC), or by the number of units sold so you can make your determination.

#3 CB 100. This time the program searches for profitable affiliate programs on ClickBank. These affiliate programs can be sorted by niche or by product to make it more convenient for you. You can also arrange them by the amount of commission you can earn.

#4 1-Click Affiliate. Do you need a good landing page? This page can make or break a website. This program can do this for you in just a matter of seconds.

It pretty much uses a generic template with a white background, with text in black and red. You enter your keywords and the program inserts them in the proper places in the template.

The Good & the Bad

(+) Yes, it’s cheap. Also, the programs are certainly easy to use. That’s it. Those are the only good things you say about Affiliate Titan 2.0

(-) It’s not really cheap because the services they offer don’t have to cost you anything at all. Seriously, you can go on the JvZoo and ClickBank websites and get the same info. What’s more, you can trust the info on those official sites.

(-) As for the landing page generator, it’s a joke. It’s like something a 3rd grader may come up with. It’s generic, uninteresting, and pretty much unprofessional. This program isn’t just useless. It’s really just bad for you—you may end up turning off more of your traffic from exploring your website.

What’s the Alternative?

So instead of a joke like this, get an affiliate marketing training tool that really teaches you what to do and how to do them. You can try and read this highly recommended Affiliate Marketing Training Ranked at 10/10 and it’s much more useful than this Affiliate Titan 2.0 will ever be. With Wealthy Affiliate, you get Serious training and support so you can actually make money online.

What’s more? You will amaze with the support from the community and the owners. Yes, You are right. Personally, support from the owners Kyle and Carson. See below how member apply what was taught in the training and get results. This is real 100% success stories, real result and real achievement and Making real Money.  Not from anonymous I guaranteed.

My Final Opinion of Affiliate Titan 2.0

When you have a set of programs created by Chris and Ken with no readily available last names, you should already have your Spidey sense tingling. Then when these people start telling you that you can earn thousands of dollars each day with just a few minutes of work, your scam radar should really be going off.

So is it legit? Sorry, Affiliate Titan 2.0 earns a legit score of 3/10.

So It’s your turn now

Feel free to comment your thought below towards affiliate titan 2.0 products. Have your try and bought recently?

As per usual, I write the review so that people can avoid those scams there and find a legitimate way to Earn money online. If you find this useful please share to your networks too. I will much appreciate that.

If you find this useful please share to your networks too. I will much appreciate that.



Is My Home Job Search Legit? Or Just A Scam?

What Is My Home Job Search About? Is My Home Job Search Legit? As the name implies, this service offers members with links and resources for home based work. But does My Home Job Search really help you land a comfortable, home based job? I’ve heard a lot about this and decided to do some investigating.

My Home Job Search Product Review

My Home Job Search is an online service that gives you access to companies willing to pay you to work at home. There are a lot of companies that accept full or part time home based work, and according to the website, all the jobs offered on the site are verified.

Name: My Home Job Search
Products: So-called “Home Base Work”
Founder: Michael Anderson
Fees: $29
Overall Rank: 1 out of 10 (Red Alert)
Status: SCAM!!!!!

What Is My Home Job Search and How Does it Work?

This is an online home job search system that allows you to search for online work, but to use the service you have to sign up. You can opt for the free account but to avail of the job search function, you have to apply for Platinum membership which costs $29.

Once you’re logged in you can fine tune your search and look for the type of work that suits you. The money you can make depends on the job, but the rates range from $14 to $56 or more.

What is My Home Job Search For?

My Home Job Search is for anyone who wants to work from home. There are no specific requirements and anyone can apply. If you are tired of commuting to work, My Home Job Search says they’ll give you an opportunity to find Internet-based work.

The Good

(+) Their database is updated and detailed, and with a few clicks of your mouse, you can find a lot of job openings.

(+) The site is well maintained and the layout makes it easy to navigate.

(+) There is some legitimate job offers here. If you meet the job requirements, you can work from home and get paid.

A lot of people naturally are becoming attracted to this site, and the idea of working at home is appealing. But as I will explain in the following section, My Home Job Search isn’t exactly what it claims to be, and there is really no reason why you should use this service.

Read This to Find Out The Best Work at Home Jobs that are Not Scams

The Bad

You’ll see logos of large companies on its home page like Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Samsung and so on. Above it you’ll read “Companies Who Need Your Help”, implying that you’ll be able to work for them at home.

The truth is these companies rarely offer work at home job opportunities. If there are openings, they will be advertised on the company’s official website and not at My Home Job Search.

But that’s not the only problem with the site.

(-) You don’t need to pay $29 to find home based jobs. In fact, you don’t have to pay anything at all because there are free job search engines online. These services have the same features as My Home Job Search and they’re free, so why pay? I have written an article on how to spot an online scam so perhaps this will really benefit you in choosing the right and legitimate program online.

(-) When you sign up, you’ll have to get in touch with one of their startup specialists, whatever that is. Then you’ll be asked to join survey sites which don’t help you find a job at all. Only then can you download the ebook and watch the video tutorials. Both the ebook and the videos do provide useful information about working at home, but it’s nothing you won’t find for free on the web.

(-) My Home Job Search claims they’ll offer a personal coach for members. Again this is unnecessary and a waste of money. If you’re applying for a job online, you just have to read the job description and if you qualify, submit your resume.

(-) If the company is interested they’ll contact you, so there is no need for a personal coach. The inclusion of this service is just a way to try and justify the membership fee.

(-) Some of the job offers are scams. Yes there are some legitimate companies but there are a lot of people who say they’ve been scammed by the job postings, i.e. they did work but were not paid the amount promised or not paid at all.

(-) Another worrying aspect of My Home Hob Search is the testimonials posted on the website. There are a lot of these posted and at first, they look impressive, with detailed pictures and accounts of how My Home Job Search helped them find work.

(-) Those are pictures of real people, but they’re not members. Those images were actually taken from Shutterstock and other photo stock websites, and the ‘accounts” were penned by a ghostwriter.

Look at this member claimed that earned 18/Hour from home.

Then look at this screenshot I have taken from Shutterstock. Similar person?

In other words, My Home Job Search bought those images from Shutterstock and placed them on the site and added some text promoting the site. If there are real people who have benefited from this service, why use fake photos? This only proves that there aren’t a lot of members who have found jobs.

The website also doesn’t provide any clear information about who owns it. I did some digging and found out the owner is one Michael Anderson. As you might expect, you’re not going to find a lot of information about him online, and it’s probably just a fake name anyway.

My Final Opinion of My Home Job Search

My rating for My Home Job Search is 1/10, and there is no way I will recommend this to anyone. There’s no reason for you to fork over money to find home based jobs, as you can do that for free. This is plain and simple a money grabbing scam and should be avoided. Can it help you find work? Maybe, but there are free and better options.

If you’re looking for a legitimate way to make money, I suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliates. It’s an online marketing platform and also a web-based business community. The site has more than 100,000 members and you can join for free. You’re not going to learn any shortcuts to making a million dollars a day, but you will discover how to legitimately earn passive income.

So Here I also show you some proof that this program that I used really work. No scam no Bullshit. Just success if you stick to your Goal. Below results are 100% legit.

If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, you’ll be disappointed. But if you want to know how to run a successful business, give Wealthy Affiliates a try.

So It’s your turn Now

As per usual let us know your concern by leaving your comments below.

I built this blog with one purpose- To assist you in avoiding those scams out there and helping you find the legitimate Online Program that could give you some freedom to accompany your loved one. Doing something related to your passion instead of 9-5.

Thank you


What Is $5,000 From Scratch About – Read This Review Before You Buy

What Is $5,000 From Scratch? Is $5,000 from Scratch A Scam or Legit? This is the most common question in my head when hitting the BUY button.  In business, the basic principle is simple. You spend time, effort, and money so that you earn more money. So on the surface, spending some time and just $17 so you can get $5,000 from scratch seems like a great deal. That’s even the name of the educational resource we’re talking about: $5,000 from Scratch.

It does sound like a scam, doesn’t it? You just give someone $17 and you end up with $5,000. That’s actually %5,000 a month! If it’s not a scam, wouldn’t more people go for it? Yet strictly speaking it’s not a scam. On the other hand, you shouldn’t really expect much from it.

$5,000 From Scratch Review

What Is $5,000 From Scratch?

Name: $5,000 From Scratch
Products: Online Business Training Material
Founders: Ewen Chia
Overall Rank: 3 out of 10
Fee: $17
Status: Legit

What Is $5,000 from Scratch and How Does It Work?

The $5,000 from Scratch training course comes from Ewen Chia, who graduated with a Management degree from the University of London. He has, since the turn of the millennium, been selling lots of learning materials for online businesses. So at least you have someone with an actual name and an actual history. It’s not from some no-name guru.

So what is $5,000 from Scratch? It’s mainly a guide on how you can find the right niche for you to make money. You’ll learn how to first identify the right niche. After that, you’re taught how to find the most relevant and most useful materials for that niche. Then you learn about how to really exploit that niche effectively for maximum profits.

All the information comes to you through video tutorials. There’s also a 60-day guarantee, and if within that time you don’t find it useful then you can get a refund.

However, we are talking about Ewen Chia product, and this guy is notorious for his upsells. It seems as if he will make full use of your email by offering you various upsells. After all, he has a lot of educational training courses in his library. He will find a way to try to sell each and every one of them to you.

Also, don’t expect any sort of support at all despite any promises you may have been given. Perhaps you may get some support during the first 60 days. After that, all bets are off. You’re not paying a membership fee, so there’s no real incentive to provide you with any support at all.

Who Is $5,000 from Scratch For?

This is designed for newbies. This is meant for those who can’t think of the niche they want to work on and then how to proceed from there. Newbies can make use of the info here to help boost the chances of success for their site. Just make sure that you keep in mind one thing—it’s not a “get rich quick” scheme

It’s not really designed for those who have more experience however. The topics and info covered here are very basic. If you’ve been in the business for some time now, then you’ll just get the same info you already know.

$5,000 from Scratch Training

Here’s an overview of the material you can expect.

#1 There’s 30-minute introductory video that gives you tips on finding the niche that can make profits for you.

#2 After finding the right niche, the next video is about finding the right products to promote. Here the emphasis is on high ticket products. The reasoning is simple: the commission on the sale of a single expensive item can equal the total commission amount on the sale of many units of a cheaper item. The thing is that it’s much easier to sell a single expensive item than to convince lots of people to buy a cheap item.

#3 The next several videos are about how you can create and use a Facebook group to promote your items. You also learn about how you can add value to the group.

#4 You also a video on other methods of making money.

There are many vendors for $5,000 from Scratch, and depending on the vendor you may get lots of bonuses too.

$5,000 from Scratch Support

Supposedly you can receive “priority access to the customer-only support”, but that’s a bit too iffy. Basically, you’re expected to get all the support you need from just the video tutorials. There’s no private coaching and no forum for members.

The Good and the Bad

(+) Admittedly, $5,000 from Scratch is not totally worthless. There are some decent info regarding marketing and the use of Facebook groups. The real plus factor is the ClickBank refund guarantee, which you’ll probably use if you’re thinking straight.

(-) The downsides are quite serious, however. Let’s start with the Ewen Chia upsells. If they weren’t so annoying you’d be amazed at the chutzpah. You watch the videos on the membership area, but before you can enter that area you will have to go through a couple of annoying upsells.

(-) One of these upsells is so obnoxious that your entire monitor or screen will have a video promoting yet another product. Astonishingly, it’s one of his old videos that’s been rehashed to sell another product.

(-) After that, you will have to suffer at least 7 more upsells. They may even be characterized as part of $5,000 from Scratch that you have to pay for!

For example, you can get the Complete Business Setup for $297. There’s also an Inner Circle Membership for $27 a month. You can even join their MLM program called Million Dollar Alliance, but the cost of that can range from $45 to thousands of dollars.

(-) Aside from this insufferable upsell tactics, there are other problems too. There isn’t anything about other important aspects, such as SEO and email marketing.


The $5,000 from Scratch program earns a low score of 3/10. It doesn’t really give you all the info you want, and some of the info the program does offer can seem a bit on the iffy side. It’s much different from a real educational training course like Affiliate Marketing.

The upsell tactics are atrocious and spammy, and that alone should tell you to lay off this educational program.

Click Here To Know How To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business

What’s the alternative? The only way I earn genuine money online is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing allows you earn money by promoting their products in their affiliate system based on your own opinion. You are not going to stick with promoting one product only with affiliate marketing. You are free to choose different products in different companies to promote as long as the products gave you a good experience. Wouldn’t that be great and awesome?

I would like to show you how others entrepreneur success in affiliate marketing using this platform as I do called-Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s your turn Now

What are your thoughts after reading this? Have you tried before? Let us know by commenting in blank box below.

If you found this article useful to you feel free to share to your social network so others can benefit from this.

Last but not least I appreciate your time reading this.


What Is Video Titan 3.0 About – Is It Really Work? Read My Honest Review Here

What Is Video Titan 3.0? Is Video Titan 3.0 A Scam or Legitimate? Should you really buy it even though the price is an affordable or low cost? Let’s find out more in this review.

The power of video for advertising and marketing has long been known in the business. That’s why so many companies pay lots of money to get some time for their commercials on TV.

But it was the Internet and the phenomenal success of YouTube and social media which have really opened the eyes of so many marketing specialists and entrepreneurs. Billions of people use YouTube daily, and videos can become viral that it can be seen by millions in just a few days.

So how do you take advantage of this? One possible answer is to make use of Video Titan 3.0 for your business.

Video Titan 3.0 Review

Name: Video Titan 3.0
Products: DIY your own Marketing Video
Founders: Chris & Ken
Overall Rank: 4 out of 10
Fee: $25
Status: Legit

What Is Video Titan 3.0 and How Does It Work?

This is a package of programs which you can use for your video marketing strategy. This new upgrade is very recent, having been made in 2016. It costs you $25, although this price may depend on who the seller is.

In exchange for your money, you get various programs that are meant to make things easier for you to create effective videos for video marketing campaign. Also, you may receive various PDF files and training videos that illustrate how to make optimal use of these programs.

Plenty of sellers may also offer various “bonus” materials to go along with the core Video Titan 3.0 materials. Mostly these consist of other helpful materials for your online business, such as guides and instruction manuals.

Who Is Video Titan 3.0 For?

It’s mainly meant for those who have the time and inclination to use video marketing for their business. You can make use of YouTube to increase the visibility of your brand through videos, and these videos can also contain helpful informative or instructional materials for customers.

It doesn’t really teach you how to make effective videos for marketing, however. These programs just offer various tips and tricks can make it easier for you to come up with a video.

Video Titan 3.0 Tools and Training

Part of your purchase includes a PDF file that provides the instruction manual for the various videos. Then you can try out each of these programs to make videos of your own.

Program 1 The 1-Click Video Creator Extreme. Here you can come up with a video animation file simply by picking one of the video animation templates. As of the last count, there are a hundred of them. The videos can be designed to explain your products, act as sales letters or function as affiliate video reviews.

Program 2 Tube Titan. This program identifies the most popular keywords and videos on YouTube. It basically shows you what kind of videos you’re aiming for, as well as the keywords you need to focus on.

Program 3 Titan Theme. This is simply the premium theme you can use for your WordPress blog. It’s already configured to feature videos more easily.

Program 4 1-Click Video Page. With this program, you can choose from any of the 10 available video pages.

Program 5 Tube Traffic. This is meant to attract more people to watch your videos and to use the videos to go directly to your site. It enables you to add various images to the video.

Program 6 Video Explosion. This allows you to insert text subtitles to your videos. Search engines like Google can detect these texts, so it helps with your video SEO.

Video Titan 3.0 Support

If you have any questions, you may send the makers an email and they’ll get right back to you. You may have to wait a while, however.

You’re also given a 30-day guarantee. If for any reason you don’t like it, you can just send the makers an email within 30 days and you get a refund.

The Good and the Bad

(+) What’s great about the Video Titan 3.0 programs is that they’re all easy to use. They’re very simple, and newbies shouldn’t have any problems with them. There’s an obvious emphasis on “1-click” results so you don’t really waste a lot of time.

(+) In a way, the price is also affordable. At least you’re not being asked to pay hundreds of dollars. But at the same time, it’s too much, because this really isn’t the right answer for many online businesses.

(-) The main problem here is that you tend to get very simplistic animated videos, as well as simple tricks like subtitles. The end result smacks of something that’s hurriedly done and these videos don’t seem professional at all.

(-) They also don’t tackle the deeper issues. Is video marketing actually right for your business? If so, what kind of videos should you make? It’s all about the surface tricks, and not about the root questions that need to be answered.

So sure, these may help you somewhat. But you’re wasting your time with these tools. You’re going to spend a lot of time and effort and the end results won’t actually help your business at all.

What’s the Alternative?

The best alternative is an actual training course that teaches you about each step of making money online. Take Wealthy Affiliate as an excellent example. It offers a step by step guide on how to succeed as an affiliate marketer. It starts with creating a website and with web-hosting, and then it discusses various topics such as SEO, landing page effectiveness, and squeeze page tactics.

Click Here To Read My #1 Recommendation Program for Your Online Business

Below are the student and proven results that Join this program. True stories and true results. Just to share with you.


Part of the job of the review is to take a stand. Can this product be recommended? In the case of Video Titan 3.0, no it’s not.

You have to understand that there are no shortcuts to online success. You have to learn what needs to be done, and then you have to work hard to get things done. Affiliate marketing is a competition, and others are learning and doing hard work. You can’t beat them with these simplistic tricks.

You have to know what you’re doing, so that involves proper educational foundation first. With the right foundation, you can learn all the aspects of online marketing, and that can include video marketing too.

Drop Me A Comment

Let’s this discussion keep going and make it fun by leaving comments below. We will do our best to help you in your success and as always we love to connect with our readers, our fans. Thank you for your time reading this review article.


What Is Global Test Market About? Is It Legit or a Scam? Read This Before you Join Up

What Is Global Test Market? Does Global Test Market Scam People? Lots of people simply like to “putter about” online instead of doing something actually useful. They just want to pass the time online flittering from one thing to another like they’re changing channels on the TV.

Maybe the first answer their emails and check Facebook. Then they check their favorite news and gossip websites, watch amusing videos on YouTube, play a few simple but diverting online games, or just solve some online quizzes and puzzles.

However, if you’re prone to answering surveys for free to pass the time, then you don’t really have to go unrewarded for your efforts. You can actually get paid, and you make your time more profitable with Global Test Marketing.

Global Test Market Review?

What Is Global Test Market?

Name: Global Test Market
Overall Rank: 5 out of 10
Reward: 1000-1200 points = $50
Fee: Free
Status: Legit

What Is Global Test Marketing and How Does It Work?

Global Test Marketing allows you to get paid just a little bit for every survey you complete. First, you join Global Test Marketing just by registering on their website. The registration form asks you a bunch of questions about your interests so that GTM knows which types of paid surveys are best for you. It’s free to join, so there’s no nonsense about how you have to pay money to earn money.

Here you are offered the surveys you can fill out, and then you’re awarded MarketPoints. Different surveys offer the different number of MarketPoints, which you can then exchange for gift cards or cash.

Often the points are higher when the survey information is more urgent for the company who needs the info. You also usually get more points if the survey is much longer. You also have to be demographically qualified for the surveys. If you’re not the right age or in the right location, then you’re probably going to receive fewer points (if you receive any at all).

In general, you’ll need to complete about 25 surveys (more or less) to reach about 1000 to 1200 points, which you can then convert to about $50. The precise number of points that can be converted to $50 depends on the country you’re based in.

You just have to convert these points within 3 years of receiving them, or else they’ll expire.

What should assuage any worries here is that of all the paid survey membership websites you can join, Global Test Marketing is the most reliable and the most well-known. It has about 5.5 million members based in 49 different countries all over the world. Even teens who are 14 years old can participate since the youth demographic is obviously important to a lot of companies.

However, if you’re in the US you may have to wait about 4 to 6 weeks to get your money through PayPal. In other countries, it may take even longer.

Global Test Marketing Support

The Global Test Marketing FAQ section is quite informative, so most of your questions should be answered quickly. It also comes with a Help Center that can answer any question you send in.

There’s no forum for members to discuss their problems and experiences, however. For the companies, that’s a good thing because they would like to avoid any possibility of collusion. Still, it would have been nice if members can share their problems about the money or about not getting enough surveys to answer.

The Good and the Bad

(+) You can summarize the two main benefits of Global Test Marketing easily enough. First, you can get money and rewards for something that you probably wouldn’t mind doing for free. Even if you do insist on getting paid, answering surveys won’t require any sort of special knowledge or training.

(+) The other main benefit is that Global Test Marketing is totally legit. The surveys will be available. You will get paid. This website won’t scam you at all. That’s always a relief since so many scam websites abound all over the web.

On the other hand, there are quite a lot of negatives you may have to deal with.

(-) This will take a very, very, very long time to make you money. It’s so time-consuming that some people may take an entire year to reach the requisite amount of points for your $50.

(-) There will be some days when you don’t get too many surveys to complete.

(-) Some of these surveys can be so boring!

(-) It takes a lot of time to get paid. Some of the more impatient ones may even say they’re not paid at all.

Basically, Global Test Marketing is not how you make real money online. Getting $50 every 2 months is difficult to achieve, and that’s way below minimum wage.

What’s the Better Alternative?

Now if you want to really make money online, you have to try something else. You can use that time you spend on surveys to actually learn about online businesses and other methods like Affiliate Marketing. Read this I have written on What Is So Good About Affiliate Marketing nowadays. Then you can actually earn real money for a change, and more quickly too.

You can try to learn from an educational training program like Wealthy Affiliate, which will give you the training and tools you need to start a website and make it grow. You get all the support you need from a real community, and you can even get private coaching.

After all that, you can earn $50 a day. In fact, that’s a rather small—some people earn a lot more than that especially if they know what they’re doing. See below-proven success story from WA member build their website and make money from it.

Click Here To Know How To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business


Global Test Marketing is a totally legit company with some serious issues. On one hand, it offers you a very easy way to earn a bit of money. It’s so easy for you that it earns a 5/10 rating.

But why not a higher rating? That’s because the money is so small and it takes so much time that you’re basically not really earning money at all. From an income-earning perspective, taking surveys for money is a joke.

So what you need to do, if you’re determined to take surveys for money, is to join other similar sites like Global Test Marketing. But if you want to earn real money, you’ll have to learn how, and then you have to do some real work. Perhaps you can make money with your passion. Read this on how to build your own website.


Is The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 A Scam Or Legitimate?

What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0 about? The Inbox Blueprint is the second version of AnikSingal’s highly successful internet marketing program. Launched on April 28, 2016, this program follows Singal’s original Inbox Blueprint released in January 2014 and which had trained thousands of students in building a successful email marketing business. If you subscribe to Inbox Blueprint 2.0, you’ll learn a lot of techniques on how to successfully build an email list of

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review


Product: Internet Marketing Program (More towards Email Marketing)

Owner: Anik Singal

Price: $1,497 or ( 3 X-Payments of $597 = $1,791) and there is Hidden charge

Overall Ranking: 7.5 out of 10 (Legit but this program is too complex for beginners)

How Does it Work?

Before you read further to understand more about Inbox Blueprint 2.0 (second version of Inbox Blueprint), Does the founder Anik Singal sounds very familiar to you? If you have read my blog recently I have just reviewed one of his another program called Profit Academy. You might want to read it here. Once you have finished the read come back to this review then.

Okay, Back to Inbox Blueprint 2.0 here. With this system, you can have the chance to earn up to $10,000 a month with a viable online business. The best part is that the system does most of the hard work for you.

The process has eight parts/steps, to wit:

#1 Addiction Meter –   Anik discusses the strategies in finding a profitable niche online. Niches can range from weight loss, health and fitness, dog training, gardening, golf, or any other subject that is popular with the masses online.

#2 The Bait – in this process, you will learn how to create an opt-in page or the web page where you’ll collect emails and build your list. You’ll learn, among others, how to word your opt-in pages and how to entice someone to give up their email address in exchange for a free gift.

#3 Thank You Page (TYP) method – this is where you will learn how to create thank you pages and how you can incorporate Click back with the intention of generating profits.

#4 The Email Machine – this is where you’ll get introduced to email auto responders which streamline your emails. These emails will be sent out on particular days so you don’t need to manually send them. However, you’ll have to pay an extra for your email auto responder service which means an additional expense on top of the fee you’ll be paying for Anik’s program and the domain name and hosting for your web page.

#5 List Relationship – this is where you will learn how to build and sequence your emails.



#6 Payday secrets – this teaches you how to monetize your list with affiliate products

#7 Easy Traffic – as the name indicates, this will teach you how to generate traffic for your site, from commenting on social media channels like Facebook as well as relevant blogs.

#8 Unlimited Success – you’ll focus on important metrics that can increase conversion rate and hike profits in your business.

Who is the Inbox Blueprint 2.0 For?

This is a program that’s designed for people who have experience in

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Machine Tools & Training

If you subscribe to this program, you’ll get the following:

  • Online training course that teaches you every aspect of online marketing.
  • A software package that lets you perform all actions in one page, from creating opt-in messages, follow-up messages, thank you messages, and even tracking results.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Support

One of the inherent weaknesses of this program is the lack of support. Unlike other income generating online schemes, there’s no online community where you can get inputs or tips from other members. You’ll have to learn things by yourself.

There’s a FAQ section where you can go to if you have problems with some of the concepts of the program. You can’t personally contact Anik unless you are in his inner circle. You may try to submit a support ticket although it would take days for you to get any sort of response.

The Good & the Bad


Pro #1 – It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Thus if you are dissatisfied with the service, you can terminate your subscription and get your money back with no questions asked.

Pro #2 – Minimal effort needed in writing effective emails

Pro #3 –  The use of videos and webinars allow subscribers to better understand the course.

Pro #4 –    the first ten days of the program are free.

Con #1 – It’s not designed for beginners. The training is too complex and overwhelming for people who have no knowledge of online marketing.

Con #2 – The initial investment may prove costly for most people

Con #3 – Too many hidden charges or expenses such as the auto email responder service and domain name and hosting for the web page. You’ll also have to pay an extra fee (about $77 a month) if you want to be part of the Inner Circle of Anik, which gives you access to support/tips from the man who came up with this scheme.

My Final Opinion of the Inbox Blueprint 2.0

While there’s no doubting the legitimacy of the Inbox Blueprint, the program just has too many hidden expenses that could shock or surprise those who are interested in availing this online scheme. Aside from the payment for the service itself, you’ll have to pay for the cost of the domains, web hosting, and auto responder service. You may even have to shell out $77 a month for the Inner Circle membership. Incurring an expense of $500 or so a month isn’t a long shot when you hook up with this scheme.

Moreover, this is an online moneymaking scheme that isn’t really built for newcomers. If you have no idea about online marketing, then I suggest that you look for Other Ways to Make Money on the Internet.

You might as well try Wealth Affiliate instead. This program is getting a lot of rave reviews online because one, it has taught a lot of budding entrepreneurs how to make money on the Internet. Two, you don’t  need to spend a lot of money for this program unlike in the Inbox Blueprint 2.0.

Moreover, the program lets you choose an interest that you can make money off online.  Whether you are into pets or gardening or sports, you can generate profits from your interest by building a website and attracting visitors. You would then be promoting affiliate products and services from which you can make money. See how Stefan Achieve this by utilizing the platform training and support all the time.

No BS, All is about results and follow the training. Have a question, ask. You will impress with the support and community are there helping you all the time. wa-income-proof-5

More importantly, Wealthy Affiliate has a very active online community where you can get a lot of support online, something that cannot be said of the Inbox Blueprint 2.0. Join Me today. Trust me, you will never regret this decision. I make the decision an never make a turning back.

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