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Is Vindale Research a Scam? Is this a Good Survey Site that Makes You Money?

Welcome to my Vindale Research Review!

First of all, Thanks for visiting my page to find out more about this review and I strongly believe this will help you making the decision. 

We all always wanted to make money online and avoid the scam and so I have did the research and reveal the most honest and transparent about Vindale Research review. 

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Vindale Research Summary Review

Product Name: Vindale Research

Founder: Nate Ehrich

Price: Free

Category: Paid Survey

Vindale Research Summary Review

Summary: Misleading Survey Site to join others website that require to pay joining fees. 

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No

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Is Covert Commissions a Scam? What is Covert Commissions?

Hi Welcome to my Covert Commission Review. First of all congratulations landing here for finding out more about Covert Commission.

This will definitely not taking you long time to finish this review. I have listed down all the details for you so you can make you decision before considering paying. So Let's Get Started. 

Covert Commissions presents itself as a program that is able to provide more traffic and more sales with minimal effort from you.

It essentially creates a sales funnel that drives customers to make a purchase from you in order to solve a problem.

These types of products are designed to create more sales through tactics that could be called manipulative in some cases, driving potential customers deeper and deeper until they realize they are going to need to spend money in order to get what you're selling, and it's made to keep things simple for you.

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What is Moocash? Is it Worth Your Efforts and Time?

Hello my friend, welcome to my Moocash Review. In this Review, we are going to find out What is Moocash? Is it Worth Your Efforts and Time?

This is another mobile app that very popular now and it claims that able to earn money by downloading this app to your mobile.

The concept of Moocash (Previously known as Moolocker) is actually very simple. You download an app and make a small amount of money every time you unlock your phone to use it.

It may seem too good to be true, but there actually is a reason why you earn the money, and it isn't just for using your phone!

What happens is the app places ads on your lock screen that you'll have to look at when you unlock your phone. The payments are there to motivate you to deal with those ads.

Keep in mind, that this isn't something that is going to make you rich in any way.

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What is Is it Worth Your Efforts and Time?

Hi, My Friend. Glad to see you here and thanks for visiting here. You do a research about and that's why you are here to find out more. Right? I promise you will not regret reading this review. So let's go started below.

So What is Rev or Is it a Scam or Legitimate work from home opportunities? is a website that allows for the possibility of making money through a variety of at-home jobs including translating, transcribing and captioning.

While this opportunity is potentially a decent one for the right people, it isn't going to be ideal for everyone, so it's important to make sure you correctly set your expectations.

There are plenty of variables to consider with this option. While many people are willing to jump at the opportunity to work from home, it is worth making sure that you consider carefully.

The ability to work on your own schedule can be very appealing, but that doesn't mean there aren't any downfalls.

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Is MOBROG a Scam or What? Read This Honest Review

Hi Welcome my Friend and I believe you are doing some research on MOBROG Review and that's why you are here to find out more. So What is MOBROG about? Is it a Scam or another time waster?

It is good to find out more before spending time participating in any program especially online surveys beforehand.

You need to make sure your time well spend and whether worth it or not. So...Lets get started immediately. Go

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What is Legendary Marketer? Is Legendary Marketer a Scam or What?

Hi Friend, Welcome to Legendary Marketer Review. I know you are very curious and would like to find out more about Legendary Marketer and that's why you are here. Should you spend your money on this program?

No Worries, rest assured I am going to reveal this review at the best I can for you. Let's Get Started

It's difficult to research Legendary Marketer without researching famous founder David Sharpe.

And it's difficult to research David Sharpe without researching one of his most famous endeavors, Empower Network. Empower Network was an online MLM (Multi-level marketing)/affiliate marketing scheme that went through a very public online heyday in 2013-2014, and then a very public meltdown in 2016 with a final dissolution in 2017.

David Sharpe left the Empower Network that he had co-founded in 2015.

At the time, it was said that he was stepping down from the company to focus on his health, although it later came out that the co-founders had been in a dispute about money.

David Sharpe wanted to cash out his value in the company, but the cash wasn't there. He had to settle for a lesser amount.

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What is BigSpot About? Is it a Scam or Legit?

Throughout this review, we are going to find out what is Bigspot about? Is Bigspot Scam?

Does it really worth your time? Let's find out more out together in this post.

At first glance, BigSpot is yet another survey site, where you get paid to offer your opinions on products and services. There are a number of these sites, many of which are legitimate.

It is the reputation of these other, legitimate services that encourage people to sign up for BigSpot, assuming that it will work the way these other sites do.

However, BigSpot is NOT itself a survey site. BigSpot simply takes your contact information and emails you offers from other survey sites.

You will never earn any money directly from BigSpot, regardless of how much time you spend on their offers, or what questions you answer.

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Change Now Cryptocurrency Exchange Scam: Whats the Truth?

Welcome to Change Now Review and today I'm going to reveal the truth for Change Now. What is Change Now about? Is Change Now a SCAM? We are going to find out soon. 

You need to deal with the Cryptocurrency exchanges with caution, as there are genuine as well as scam exchanges out there.

This is natural whenever something gets instant popularity especially online since many scammers also want to take advantage of the rising interest of people as well as lack of knowledge.

That said, we will try to answer a similar question about Cryptocurrency exchange, and that is "Is Change Now Cryptocurrency Exchange a scam?"

Change Now, which was founded as, serves as a Cryptocurrency exchange with some unique features.

So what makes it unique? Well, it allows you to exchange the Cryptocurrencies in unlimited amount while keeping your identity anonymous, as you don't have to provide any personal information for verification purposes.

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Blockkonnect Scam: A Detailed Review

What is Blockkonnect about? Is Blockkonnect a SCAM? I am going to reveal them in this post and sit tight. 

As the name reflects, Blockkonnect is an attempt to use blockchain technology to connect people interested in Cryptocurrency and blockchain using a social network platform.

It is a blockchain technology that promises to provide users with extensive features and an opportunity to connect and share knowledge and earn money at the same time.

However, some people wonder if there is a reality in Blockkonnect scam claims.

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ATK Coin Scam or Not?

ATK Coin Scam or Not?

In the growing world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, new currencies and ideas are coming out every season. However, many are just money-grabbing schemes that do not have any truth to them except for a fancy website and a futuristic idea. ATK Coin is a cryptocurrency in the making, but before you get your hands on it, it is essential to answer the question “Is ATK Coin scam or not?” in detail.

As the website shows, ATK is in its ICO phase. The idea behind this so-called cryptocurrency is to provide a marketplace for sellers and buyers where the de facto currency for the transaction would be the cryptocurrency ATK coins. Obviously, right now, they need funding to realize this project.

What Is ATK Coin and How Does It Work?

ATK Coin is supposed to be a marketplace that is different from traditional online markets. The difference is that it uses a decentralized payment system as it is based on the blockchain. The ATK blockchain would allow clean and transparent dealings, and users will be able to create shops and sell stuff, while buyers will use cryptocurrency to buy this stuff.

There will be a reward point system as well that will add points to your account every time you buy or sell something. These points will be in the form of ATK coins which can later be used for shopping on the same marketplace.

Sellers will also be able to advertise their products, and this is how most revenue will be generated for ATK. This revenue will also determine the base value of ATK Coin Token.

In order to start, you will be required to sign up and create an account. You will be able to use the Trust Wallet App to send or receive ATK Coin Tokens. The initial price of ATK coin is 0.0001 BTC, and according to their website, there were over 310,000 ICO participants.

This is all the information on the website which may look promising but does not confirm if it is a legit cryptocurrency platform where your investment will not go to waste.

Who Is ATK Coin For?

ATK Coin like most cryptocurrencies is for those who have the know-how of how blockchain and cryptocurrencies work. It is designed for people who may want to start acquiring cryptocurrency by selling stuff. The idea is of a marketplace that uses digital currency and blockchain to record transactions.

ATK Coins will be entered in popular exchanges as well as the whitepaper states that 5% of the ICO will be kept for this purpose. Perhaps those who want to get in on trading cryptocurrencies can also start accumulating these ATK coins.

Are There Other Tools or Training?

There are no tools as such or training required, and in order to begin, all you need to sign up. Nevertheless, if you want technical information, you can take a look at the whitepaper of ATK Coin. There is also a presentation about the concept on the website.

What about Support?

For supporting access to ATK coins and buying more, the ATK Coin plans to launch an app, which is still in the development phase, that brings everything together. It will give you mobile access to the marketplace anywhere at any time. It will also act as a bank where you will be able to convert the ATK Coin into any other currency or gold.

Your dashboard will also be available on the app, and everything can be managed from there. Thus, you can sell stuff directly from your phone and handle your wallet as well.

The Good and the Bad

To help answer the question “Is ATK Coin scam or not?” let’s review what makes this cryptocurrency good or bad. This is what we have inferred:

The Good

  • Promising idea: If you just take into account its whitepaper, this system could actually work out great since it is a marketplace where the currency is digital and transactions are encrypted to provide maximum security.
  • Mobile access: The app will allow users to access their accounts on the go and exchange their ATK coins into other currencies.
  • Low ICO price: The starting price for the ATK Tokens in ICO is pretty low which makes investment very cheap. As a start, you can invest a minimal amount of money.

The Bad

  • High chances of scam: There are very high chances that this is a scam as there is no authentic information available elsewhere on the internet, so you cannot be sure that the money you are investing will ever come back.
  • Unknown people: The faces and names behind the project are unknown. There are no profiles on LinkedIn or any other social media platform, which makes it even more suspicious as to whether we can trust it or not.
  • Lack of technical details: There are not many details about how the system would make all that it promises possible. It looks good as an idea but what about the implications? It seems far from possible at this point.
  • Lack of address: There is no address detail about the project which is actually common for such websites. Nevertheless, it makes it even more unsafe. You do not know who to contact for more information.
  • No tutorials: Unfortunately, tutorials are not available on the website to help users understand how to go about it. A novice person who does not know anything about cryptocurrency will have a tough time.

ATK Coin Scam or Legit: The Conclusion

From the website and further research, it seems like ATK Coin is just another scam in the cryptocurrency world, at least from the look of it, so it would be a high risk to invest in this opportunity. The address on the website is non-existent, and the profiles of the people behind the project seem fake. Even though it sounds like a very good opportunity, it is difficult to establish its authenticity.

Whenever you are buying cryptocurrency or anything for that matter on the internet, you should investigate it thoroughly. In the case of ATK Coin, just a simple search on Google revealed that this project is absolutely unknown. There are no discussions about it on popular forums as well.