Cloaklinks Email Processing Scam Review

Cloaklinks Email Processing Scam Review

The term “email processing” has been associated with scams since the early 2000s. That is the reason why we are doing this Cloaklinks Email Processing scam review. We will examine whether it has the traits of a scam and try to find out whether the platform offers anything of value for the customer’s money or none at all.

What Is Cloaklinks and How Does It Work?

The core concept is simple: the Cloaklinks team offers users a home-based job opportunity, promising a certain amount of money for each email processed.

Email Processing System

Email processing systems, also referred to as EPS, are pyramid recruiting schemes where you are required to pay $25 to join and get the opportunity to recruit others. A common way to attract gullible users is through offering “privilege” or “premium” positions.

Through the years, the scheme has undergone some changes, which have done little to none to make it more legitimate. Nowadays, due to the rise of social media platforms, you would be urged to go to Facebook and SPAM on groups and friend’s walls to lure them into joining the scheme. The $25 would be paid directly to you and once you get paid, you re required to send an e-mail where you explain what you just did and how they could do it as well.

As you can see, it is a very simple scheme, with no merit in the long term. You might be asking yourself at this point: “What is in it for the people behind the scheme if users pay other users?” Well, fear not: they have their “admin fees,” which account for a 25% cut out of the commissions you earn.

How You Get Paid

It is important to highlight that many platforms like Cloaklinks have been banned from PayPal and as a result, are counting on engines like PaySpree that charge $2 fees on every transaction. What this means is that for every $25 you make, you will get $16.75 after the admin feels and the PaySpree tax.

If this was a legitimate business opportunity, registered with the Chamber of Commerce, there would be nothing wrong with being charged a percentage of a sale of a legitimate product or service. However, there is nothing of value exchanged in this scheme since there is no product and service, but simply a recruitment chain that fuels nothing else but the people who created it.

Terms and Conditions

One final catch that you are not going to read about in most places is that when you sign up a part of the terms and conditions is that Cloaklink is not responsible for any potential violation the CAN-Spam Act on your side. This is, of course, because they expect you to be spamming as a part of your quest for attracting new people.

Aggressively spamming people on social media is, although not illegal, quite unethical. Even if you have a well-established social network, pursuing people intently to get into your pyramid scheme is bound to ruin it eventually. It is not going to help you in any way to achieve long-term sustainable growth for your business.

The fact that the system is focused on mass recruiting without selling tangible goods and services puts it in a limited lifespan. There are simply not too many people who would be willing to join something like that, which puts a timer on the whole thing. Thus, if you are considering joining, it would have to be fast and preferably to a new scheme that has an updated offer which more people would be willing to follow.

In addition, there is one more area of concern, which is the disclaimer that Cloaklinks is not responsible for any sort of virus infections and dangerous malware that you may incur while using their platform. It is definitely a suspicious thing, given that there are no downloads or redirection involved of any kind.

Who Is Cloaklinks For?

As it always is with such schemes, Cloaklinks is targeted towards people with a gift for persuasion and large, established social networks. Well, in truth, it aims to attract anyone who has $25 and is willing to lose them, but when it comes to who can actually make money, those would be the people who are great at networking. However, it is not a sustainable income and definitely doesn’t help most of the members to make money like that.

Tools to Be Used

After a thorough Cloaklinks Email Processing scam review, we have already discovered a lot of pitfalls in the model. If you are still looking to try it out, without spamming, then there are some tall barriers you need to consider in order to make it work. Most of all, you are going to need targeted traffic. Without getting people in front of your idea, even if it is a great one, you will simply achieve nothing.

The only tools those people are teaching you to use is to post links on social media, go to Craigslist, and so on. It is not only something that will dub you a spammer, but also an almost impossible way to make money. Social media is all about adding value and the various tools that can be used for that would yield no help for an offer that offers none and has nothing to do with a product or a service.

The Good and The Bad


  • small signing fee of $25


  • No product or service is actually sold
  • Presents danger to your social networks
  • Time-consuming
  • Has an expiration date
  • Not sustainable in the long-term
  • Relies on new members to make money
  • Very high taxes and fees

Cloaklinks Email Processing Scam: The Verdict

We have not hidden from the very beginning that we find Cloaklinks and all other email processing platforms to be scams. The system is not one that we would ever recommend in good faith. On the upside, the loss is not so big since you only pay a $25 fee once. However, the true risk lies with the damage you can do on your reputation by trying to sell pyramid schemes to your friends and colleagues, not to mention the time you are going to lose to mindless posting on social media.

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  • Renton says:

    Thanks for the scam alert. The name Claoklinks doesn’t exactly conjure up the most positive of images. However, since most people know better than to judge a book by its’ scam infested cover, many people might still fall over the strategically placed tripwire.

    The worst thing about schemes like this is that they turn you (an otherwise upstanding citizen) into a scammer as well!

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Renton, Well said and I hope you enjoy the reading of this review. let me know if you need a hand in your online business. 

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