Copy Paste Income Review: Can You Really Make $3K In One Weekend?

Copy Paste Income















  • Easy To Follow Training
  • Low Entry Price
  • You get 10 Ebooks by paying $37
  • Claims are outrageous and suspicious


  • No Customer Support
  • Only Suitable For Newbies/Inexperienced Marketers
  • Outdated Training

What is Copy Paste Income About? Is this another scam or legitimate internet marketing products out there? You will find out here. There are a lot of ways that you can earn money online. There are websites that encourage you to create your own online sites and promote other company’s products through affiliate marketing, and these are probably the most common.

Before you read on I wanted to let you know I have not included any of affiliate link for Copy Paste Income as I only will recommend to my readers the best out of the best.

Of course, people are enticed to sign up Copy Paste Commission because of the promise of earning lots of money every week almost without lifting a finger.

Copy Paste Income is one example of affiliate marketing programs that promise easy money. It can be found on

The program claims that all you have to do is copy and paste certain e-mails and messages, and you will generate huge amounts of money like you have never seen before.

Yes, that’s it. Because the whole thing sounds too good to be true, it’s not surprising that Copy Paste Income has earned suspicion from all over the internet.

But is it really a scam, or is it worthy of your trust and money? Read on and you will find out.

Ewen Chia Copy Paste Income Review

What Is Copy Paste Commission?

Name: Copy Paste Income
Products: Online Business Training Material
Founders: Ewen Chia
Overall Rank: 4 out of 10
Fee: $37
Status: Legit but Not Recommended

What is Copy Paste Income and how does it work?

Copy Paste Income is a relatively new affiliate marketing program founded by one Ewen Chia, an “internet marketing guru”.  Right off the bat, the entire thing sounds ridiculous because of its outrageous claims of helping you earn money just by doing what he says: copying and pasting. And that is, of course, after spending your money on his system.

This is not a first time I know about Ewen Chia, I came across while reviewing his another $5,000 from Scratch products.

Copy Paste Income wants you to pay $37, a fair price compared to how much other affiliate marketing training programs charge nowadays. Once you have settled that payment, you will be given ten eBooks available for download.

These are supposed to teach you the ways of building a successful business on the internet.

Each of these eBooks contains advertisements and products sold on Clickbank. If you are a member, you can insert your Clickbank ID and you can also make money when someone clicks on the links in the eBook.

All you have to do is copy and paste these eBooks, rebrand them, and spread them around in any method you choose to do so.

Copy Paste Income will also teach you these methods through the three-hour video tutorials included in the package you will be purchasing. These tutorials are created by Ewen Chia himself.

Also, everything you earn will supposedly be deposited directly to your bank account.

Who is Copy Paste Income for?

Copy Paste Income is the perfect business opportunity for those who no longer wish to work regular jobs. If you are getting tired of having to wake up early every morning and going home late at night for little overtime pay, you can try Copy Paste Income and earn money without having to leave your home.

Of course, Copy Paste Income is not the only affiliate marketing product available out there. Some might be legitimate, but some can be a scam. When taking a risk at these kinds of businesses, it’s better to be cautious before spending money on anything.

Copy Paste Income Tools & Training

Once you have settled the initial payment of $37, you will receive access to downloadable content. These are 10 eBooks that contain educational information on how to sell, make money, and be successful in affiliate marketing.

These eBooks are:

  • Subscriber Secrets
  • Internet X-Factor
  • Email Profit Maximizer
  • Ezine Secrets
  • Easy Content Cash
  • Secret Marketing Formula
  • Preselling Secrets
  • Effective List Building Secrets
  • How to Boost Your Online Sales
  • How to Create Affiliate Bonuses

Read these eBooks in order to learn how to effectively sell products online, and then you simply have to give them away.

These eBooks contain links that will generate money for you if you insert your Clickbank ID in there. It’s as easy as one, two, three.



You will also gain access to three hours worth of video tutorials made by Ewen Chia, where he teaches you everything that you need to know about the business, and how to earn millions like he did off the internet.

Copy Paste Income Support

But what if there is something you don’t understand in his eBooks and videos? What if you want your money back? What if you want to talk to a customer support representative? Sorry, but that is not possible.

Looking through their website,, you cannot find any contact information that can help you reach out to anyone in Ewen Chia’s company. Apparently, $37 does not give you the privilege of having someone to help you.

If Mr. Chia is serious in growing his business, maybe he could consider improving his customer support department?

I think so.

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

(+) It only costs $37 and is a lot cheaper than the price of other affiliate marketing products

(+) It is very easy to earn money with Copy Paste Income

(+) What you earn will be deposited directly to your bank account

(+) You get a lot of product (10 eBooks) for only $37

(+) You will get three hours worth of video tutorials on how to succeed in the affiliate marketing business and how to sell products to as many people as you can

The Bad:

(-) Copy Paste Income’s claims are outrageous and suspicious

(-) There is no guarantee that you can get a refund if the system doesn’t work for you

(-) There is no customer service/support whatsoever, and no contact details where you can reach out to them if something doesn’t go right with you


Ewen Chia claims that you are able to earn up to $3,000 if you followed his ebook strategies? Think about it? Is it possible? Make sense?

What if I tell you if you want to succeed in the online journey there are much more to master. So I will NOT RECOMMEND Ewen Chia products for you. Even others program own by him. Not even one close to what my expectation.

Perhaps if you are subscribed to their monthly subscription from others products, you might want to unsubscribe preventing receiving more crap in the future.

You better spend your effort and money somewhere else. 

I have been in internet marketing quite a few years and I learned all my knowledge through the honest and legitimate platform. Don’t lose hope because I have been what you having now. Being scams all the time. Don’t take the “shortcut”. Read this the exact formula I followed.

It’s Your Turn Now

What is your thought after reading Ewen Chia products? Are you still will proceed to Buy ONE? Do you experience with him? Feel free to share with us.

Do you any experience with him? Feel free to share with us.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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