Does Quantum Cash Machine Scam People? Unbiased Review

What is Quantum Cash Machine About? Is it a Scam Or another BS? Quantum Cash Machine is a software for binary options auto trading. It is also a trading signal generator that was created in October of 2016. It is quickly gaining popularity in the industry but is reported to be a scam.

Their website, quantumcashmachines.com assures their visitors and prospective customers of earning at least $12,000 every week. This alone may already raise some red flags for rational people. Of course, it never came through. This is where scams profit. They deceive you with promises of massive income after you invest your own hard-earned money, which will then disappear without any profit made from it.

Binary options trading can be a great investment nowadays, but there are a lot of scammers that produce low-quality software. And that software’s only goal is to drain your bank account on the first day, and then you gain nothing in return. Quantum Cash Machine is one of this software by scammers. It is made of a poor algorithm with improper technical analysis, proven by a lot of negative feedback from actual users.

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Name: Quantum Cash Machine
Website: quantumcashmachines.com
Products: Auto Trading Software
Founder: Chris Barner
Verdict:   Scam Alert – 0/10

What is Quantum Cash Machine and how does it work?

Quantum Cash Machine is created by someone named Chris Barnes. According to him, for a starting investment of $250, you will gain a daily profit of $1,500, and a weekly profit of $12,000. (Are this all Bullshit?)

This alone will make you suspicious of the software. In reality, you can aim for 10% to 30% of profits, and that is a pretty realistic goal. This statement very much sounds like a scam.

Another thing that you would want to know is that Chris Barnes, the CEO, and founder of Quantum Cash Machine (It Should be Founder of Scam Company), is most probably an actor who doesn’t know anything about what he is talking about in the company’s sales video. This guy is the exact same person who claimed to be someone named Douglas Ward in another scam, Profits 4 Patriot.

Speaking of fake people, here are a few more examples of them fabricating names and testimonials. On their website, you can see testimonials by fake people with fake reports.

Photos and identities were stolen to make these, and a simple investigation will reveal that these faces used on the website were from different people who probably don’t know anything about Quantum Cash Machine.

Now let’s take a look at this: the domain name registration is only valid for a year. For a company that is supposed to earn a lot of money from what they do, you would think they would have enough to register their domain name for long.

Moreover, the people talking in their sales video claim that they started their software over a year ago, but the website went up just last October of 2016. This turns out to be another one of their lies.

$100 Bonus rewards to you?

Chris Barnes also offers a welcome bonus amounting to $100 for new traders. At first, you may think, “So it isn’t a scam after all because they’re giving out $100 to newbies!” But if you think about it, this is just another classic scammer trick that they practice to make their scam look legit.

Accepting this bonus cash will add more complicated terms in your withdrawal process. You will have a much harder time withdrawing your money if you accept bonuses from the company, thus, making it a lot harder to get out of the scam.

Who is Quantum Cash Machine for?

Absolutely no one. Quantum Cash Machine is a scam itself, and I advise everyone to avoid it at all costs. It will not help you earn any money, and instead will only end up draining your bank account.

Quantum Cash Machine Tools & Training

The website doesn’t offer any instructions or free tools for training once you sign up as a trader.

Quantum Cash Machine Support

Quantum Cash Machine doesn’t have any of their contact information on their website. No addresses, contact numbers, or email address. There is a link that you can click at the bottom of the page which is supposed to take you to “live support from their team” but it only takes you to a signup form. This means you will have to sign up first before you can get any help.

The Good and the Bad

The Good:

(+) NONE of it. I simply can’t think any good for them.

The Bad:

(-) Fabricated personas and fake testimonials made with stolen pictures

(-) Not much information on their website

(-) No access to their support team

(-) No contact details so it’s impossible to communicate with them

(-) Proved to be a scam

Final Opinion of Quantum Cash Machine

If you still haven’t figured it out yet, Quantum Cash Machine is a scam. First off, the testimonials are fake, the people making the testimonials are fake, and the guy who is supposedly their CEO and founder is a fabricated persona played by an actor (Hollywood Award), or most likely the scam artist himself. If you compare it to actual binary options trading profits, there is no way that you will gain the amount advertised with realistic growth. You will only end up losing your money.

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It’s Your Turn Now

What is your though from Quantum Cash Machine I reviewed above? Did any of your closed one participate this auto binary scam before? Please share with us your stories.

If you like my article please do me a favor. Share it your networks so that others can benefit from it. Together we help the internet world become a better environment, a scam free culture. Although I believe this will take very long time. But as long as I do my part, I know the one day will come.

Thank you for sticking the post till the end and I appreciate your time. Let me know if you need a hand from me in your online journey.

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  • Monica Bouteiller says:

    Im glad you wrote this review. I have never heard of Quantum Cash Machine.

    The fact that there are no instructions, no contact information, no address, etc. definitely point to this one being a scam.

    Sounds like there’s absolutely nothing good about this scary to know these people are fabricated. Lol, I guess they would have to fabricate testimonials.

    I definitely will stay away from this one. thank you for this valuable information!

  • Patrick says:

    Thank you for the honest and clear assessment of Quantum Cash machine. It’s amazing to me how many people get sucked in to forking over money to get rich quick. I’ve heard of Quantum Cash Machine before but never looked into it. Thanks for your great review and warning to stay away from it.

  • George says:

    Thank you for sharing this useful review because it helps many people from online scam. There are many scammer outside looking opportunity to steal your hard made money from your pocket. They use tons of images and video with luxury cars, planes, mansion to tell you their successful story and invite you to invest money on their trading software or products. It is not difficult to find out if they are scammer as long as you google related review online. This post also shows us what is legit and useful way to make money online and coming with example there. Hope you keep posting some genuine ways to make money online for us.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi George. You are very right, scammers always tried their best to for out money from your pocket by using luxury goods. Or either how success they are. in order to convince you that you could become one of them. But this always not the truth.

      Try this Wealthy Affiliate if you want to make genuine money online. Which they offered useful advise and training but never NEVER show off their luxury items. What they did is purely help you to achieve success in your online journey.

  • Arta says:

    It is great there are people like you unmasking scammers. I just wish people were more cautious and did some research before joining any program. It would save a lot of nerves and even more money.
    I guess there are so many scams online so when I found Wealthy Affiliate that is not only legit but also very valuable and helpful community I knew that I will stick with it as long as possible. I do like the useful training, helpful people and outstanding support that I even don’t want to look for anything else.

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