EZ Money Team Review: Definitely Not Easy

What is EZ Money Team About? Is EZ Money Team a scam? EZ Money Team claims that it will give you the chance to make easy money. However, the reality is far from that claim. People are naturally lazy. They like the idea of easy money with doing only the minimum work.

This is why we get products like EZ Money Team. This marketing system promises you a million dollars in the next 12 months. The kicker is that the only thing you will need to do is copy and paste.

If that doesn’t make you suspicious, then nothing will. This product should already be setting off alarm bells to any savvy marketer. So it should not be surprising to know that EZ Money Team is all about exploiting you as much as possible. This is definitely a product that you do not want to buy or waste money on.

EZ Money Team Quick Review

What Is EZ Money Team?

Name: EZ Money Team
Products: So-called “Affiliate Marketing Training Course”
Website: www.ez-moneyteam.com
Founders:  Jeffry Hart (Anonymous Scammer)
Fee: Upfront $67
UpSells: Yes – $997/Year and $197/Month
Overall Rank: 0 out of 10
Status: YES!! 100% SCAM

What is EZ Money Team and how does it work?

When you check out the EZ Money Team site, you will notice there are only additional two products on sale. One of them is the EZ Money Team Platinum Membership Access and the EZ Money Team Gold Membership Upgrade. These are pretty much just upgrades on the EZ Money Team experience.

The surprising thing is that the seller both upsells and down sells them. They encourage you to buy the packages and if you say no, the link sends you to discount page for the upsell you just said no to.

There is persistence and it is irritating. By the time that you actually reach the EZ Money Team purchase page, you will have gone through multiple pages. You will also notice by the time that you are done that the upgrades cost only a fraction of the cost. The desperation to sell is a very bad sign about their value.

The real warning sign is the price. The EZ Money Team product sells for $67. That is over double the price of more legitimate products. The marketing for this products puts out that the $67 is just a small investment to getting millions of dollars down the line. However, you will more likely only earn a fraction of the amount you paid for this product.

The primary way this product works is via a series of training videos. Watching these videos and following their advice is the main way you are to earn money. However, this is a really bad idea.

Who is EZ Money Team For?

EZ Money Team targets Internet marketing newbies and that is why it gets so much business. A lot of people are curious about earning passive income and the Internet is the main way to do that.

However, this means that there’s a lot of opportunities for cheats and grifters to cook up their schemes to take their money. This product is an excellent example of how people can lose their money.

There are few testimonials from every program and this same goes with Ez money team. I expect this before clicking on their landing page. Look at below Fake Testimonial from Jane Smith? For a newbie, I am sure you will get confused about this wether is legit or scam.

I have “news” for you then. After research from google the testimonial I realize there are few images that are not Jane Smith. This image is from “stock image” used by several websites as well.

So conclusion? I believe you have better answer now.

EZ Money Team Tools & Training

The product features several training videos that are to train you about Internet marketing. However, the training has a lot of problems. One of these is the fact that a lot of the training is crap.

First of all, on the surface, it looks reasonable. However, all of the methods focus on the short-term. This stems from the fact that this product is essentially not to make money for you. It is to earn money for the sellers.

EZ Money Team advocates a creating a crappy website as your landing page and filling it with affiliate links. You then send as much traffic into it hoping to earn money from affiliate revenue.

That is a seriously bad idea. With today’s emphasis on SEO and quality, this method will only be a waste of money. You are not going to generate any revenue from this method. The only one who will make money is the make of the EZ Money Team.

Second, traffic generation is an important part of modern Internet marketing. It is not surprising then that this product will teach you its own methods of traffic generation. However, all of them are bad, bad, bad. The product even advocates you to pay for advertising to generate traffic.

Another tactic that it advises is to lure in traffic by using clickbait headlines like “earn a million dollars in 24 hours.” This is the sort of thing that ruins the reputation of any Internet marketer.

With the importance of building relationships in affiliate marketing, these traffic generation tactics are the sort that sabotages your efforts.

When people visit your site thanks to that link and you don’t deliver, they will leave and start spreading bad word-of-mouth.

Finally, EZ Money Team is not all about you. Any good Internet marketing product will at least focus on helping you grow your business. However, this product is more like an avenue to advertise EZ Money Team.

They advise you to talk up EZ Money Team as a way to generate traffic and to put up links to it. This is bad because even if you never make any money, the people behind EZ Money Team are still making money.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

(+) Zero. Seriously, there is nothing good to say about EZ Money Team. It is essentially there to bilk you of your money and you should avoid it as much as possible.

The Bad:

(-) Bad Lessons.  All the training that you get from these videos is highly suspect. Ranging from short-term business strategies to self-destructive traffic generation tactics, the only thing that you will learn from EZ Money Team are lessons on what not to do to succeed in online marketing.

(-) Low Value. You pay $67 for a series of video lessons and as of guides. All of these video lessons and guides give you low-quality advice that will ruin your Internet marketing efforts. You are definitely overpaying for advice that you could learn on your from freely available online resources.

(-) Money Sink. This product is a money and tries to squeeze as much of it from you as possible. Avoid this product as much as possible if you don’t want to throw your money away.


At the first glance, the programs presenting convincing videos and promising fake testimonial that seems legit and sounds decent. But when take a closer with their system I have found the creator of this products is just wanted to suck your money out of your pocket.

Your time and money better invested elsewhere. 

You should avoid this program be it upfront, upsells or down sells at all. Though Ezy Money mentioned there are 60 days money back guarantee but I have really doubt so.

There is only ONE program that I highly recommend you to join if you wanted to build your online business legitimately. Click here for the exact formula I followed.

Now It’s Your Turn

Do you have any experience with Ez Money Team o stories from your close one? Let me know what is your thought by leaving your comment below. I would like to hear from you.

Thanks for stay safe in venturing your online journey.

Till we meet up again.

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  • It's 100% A Scam
  • Loads Of Up sells and Down Sells
  • Full Of Craps
  • Fake Founder Name
  • The Products Your Are Promoting Are Scams
  • Overhyped Claims
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