How to Write Articles and Earn Money from Home?

Making money online is possible through writing. But what if you don’t know a thing about the written word? Well, the good news is, writing IS a skill which means that with constant practice you can be a good writer.


How to Write an Article

Here’s a simple and easy to understand guide to writing an article.

First, choose your topic. As much as possible, pick one that interests you. The topic should also be specific so you don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of information during your research. So instead of writing about how to lose weight, try covering how to lose weight with yoga. That’s more specific and less difficult to tackle.

Next, create a draft. It can be a very rough draft at first so don’t worry if it’s too loose and messy.

Then, know your audience and address them accordingly. Imagine you’re the reader. Pick a few words to describe your audience (single, young, busy).

Do your research. This is a very important part of article writing. Your research will give substance to your article and make it credible. Include:

  • Statistics
  • Definitions
  • Anecdotes
  • Media references
  • Videos
  • Helpful tools
  • Etc.

Fix your draft. Remember the messy draft you created in step 2? Now that you’ve done your research, you will be able to create a better one. So put together useful info you have gathered from your research and start to create a better framework for your article, using headings and subheadings.

Then try to keep your content specific. If you are writing a how-to article, check if you have included every relevant step. You want your reader to have all the information they need on the subject they’re trying to know more about. So if it’s about how to lose weight with Yoga then you have to tackle all the aspects involved as thoroughly as possible such as which poses work for weight loss, which ones to avoid etc.

Finally, re-check your article. Read your how-to article slowly. You can even let someone else read it then afterward ask them questions so you can check if they actually understood your tutorial. If they can’t answer the questions then it means your how-to article is probably not clear enough for them to understand. So polish it where necessary, or make modifications to boost reader comprehension.

And voila! You’re done!

Making Money from Article Writing

There are thousands of online writing opportunities available, and quite a few of them actually pay well. You just need to know how to find potential markets, pitch your skills and aim to build an ongoing relationship with your clients.

So how will you know which among the many lucrative markets are in need of writers like yourself? Here are some tips:

  • Check out online resources, specifically those that give you free access to listings of writing opportunities on the Internet.
  • As you go through the many job listings, simplify your search by avoiding those that do not mention how much the pay is, what their payment terms are, as well as those who ask writers to submit new work as samples.
  • Look for posts that include a reasonable pay rate. Competitive Web-based clients pay anywhere from $20 to about $200 for a blog post and $0.1 to $1/word for articles. Larger websites tend to pay more.
  • Don’t agree to a contract based on pay alone. Some articles may pay a high rate but require endless hours of research for creating a 1,000-word article. Others may pay you a little lower but the requirements are not as stringent.
  • Consider networking to find clients. You can join writer networking groups who will prove very useful for referring you to their clients.

How Much Do Freelance Writers Make?

Freelance writers like everyone else need to make money to support themselves and their families. So for anyone who’s just starting their foray into writing, you are probably interested to know how much freelance article writers make, right? It’s important to get a sense of whether this occupation can yield you enough income to pay the bills.

The truth is, it depends on how well you sell yourself. You can make a few hundred dollars or several thousand dollars every month.

Many writers dream of becoming their own boss, set their own schedule and making money doing what they love. Sadly, not every writer achieves their dreams. In fact, only a few do. So you have to play your cards right.

If becoming a successful writer requires learning new skills, do it. If an editor criticizes your work, learn from it.

Freelance writing is not an easy life but if you do it right, you can reap a lot of benefits. You need a great amount of self-discipline and you really have to hustle for gigs, deal with rejection, and rewrite your work to suit your clients’ taste.

A Good Way to Make Money From Writing Articles

Have you ever heard of Affiliate Marketing? It’s one of the most popular ways of monetizing a website. So if you have a website or a blog, you can actually make money from it as an affiliate marketer.

So what exactly is affiliate marketing? What is So Good about Affiliate Marketing?  Basically, you will be promoting a product or service and for every sale, you get a commission. You can use your writing skills to give as much information about a product to your readers. If they find your articles useful and credible, they won’t hesitate to listen to your opinions and thoughts, and they may even click your affiliate links to get to the brand’s website.

An important consideration when you opt to become an affiliate is you have to pick the right affiliate program.

Established networks like Wealthy Affiliate offer thousands of products you can choose from, and with a company that has been around since 2005, you know that they are legit.

Final Thoughts

Writing is not for everyone. But if you’re willing to learn and hone your skills as a writer, you can use it as a great way to make money online, while working from home.

Are you A Writer? So what is your thought after reading this? Let me know your thought below and share this article to let others benefit from it.

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