Instant Commission Profits Review? Is This Another Scam?

What is Instant Commission Profits About? Is Instant Commission Profits a Scam? There are many opportunities to earn online. Lots of websites entice you with the idea that you can make a passive income that you can add on top of your 9-5 job salary.

However, it’s important that you make sure that what you’re getting into is legitimate and is 100% fool-proof. As with real life, you’ll find yourself shuffling through hundreds, if not thousands, of online income opportunities that turn out to be money-grab scams. I’ll make sure that you’ll be well informed with one of the most popular programs today: Instant Commission Profits.

Instant Commission Profits is a system created by Mosh Bari. The program makes a strong claim that you don’t need to strategize with your SEO approach or plan out your PPC budget to make $100 to $200 a day.

This supposedly simple method is enough for someone without any background in online marketing to do. Does it sound too good to be true?

Is it a scam? Read the rest of the review to find out how it works and what your $97 will get you.

Instant Commission Profits Review

What Is Copy Paste Commission?

Name: Instant Commission Profits
Products: SEO
Founders: Mosh Bari, Srijan Bhardwaj and Idrees Farooq
Overall Rank: 2 out of 10
Fee: $5.95
Status: Not Recommended

What is Instant Commission Profits and how does it work?

Mosh Bari’s Instant Commission Profits is straightforward with the approach that it’s trying to sell to you. You will make over $100 a day from free traffic that you’ll get.

That means that you won’t have to shell out any amount of cash for SEO and paid to advertise. However, you will need to pay $97 for the method itself.

After three attempts at upsells, you will be told that the price has gone down to $5.95 only for today. This is already a big red flag. You can clear your browser’s cookies and keep coming back every day to get offered the “special sale price”.

There’s also a fake countdown just above the “Add To Cart” button to give you the sense of urgency. The majority of the online income programs that do this technique turn out to be scams.

There are many reviews on the internet from dodgy websites claiming that the Instant Commission Profits program works 100%. They also claim that they were able to make at least $50 in the first hour.

None of these websites were registered or created before Instant Commission Profits surfaced on the web.

Authentic blogs that have been in existence way before Instant Commission Profits all point to one thing: it simply does not work.

I like to think that the newer websites were used by Mosh Bari and his co-founders to give you the illusion that the program works. If that’s the case, then that’s one big reason to not go on further with your purchase of this program.

If you decide to continue with Instant Commission Profits after the multiple upsells and blatant affiliate marketing tricks, you’ll get an email to the member’s suite.

There, you’ll be told that you only need to do three steps to make $100 a day: create your Instant Commission Profits niche, use their software to drive traffic to your niche website and watch as you make easy money from your newly created web page.

It sounds very easy on the surface. Though Instant Commission Profits does give you basic instructions on how to do many of the things they claim to work, there’s no concrete path onto the money itself.

You are going to be linked to multiple affiliate marketing websites where you have to register under their username. This leads me to believe that they’re trying to make money off of you even though you’ve already paid for membership on their website.

For only 15 minutes a day, Instant Commission Profits claims that you’ll be making $100 easily. They also claim that if you don’t make the desired amount of money from their program that they’ll give you back all the payments you’ve made within 30 days. No questions asked. This was not the case for many users that were not satisfied with the program.

Who is Instant Commission Profits For?

For folks who are tired of working in the office, Instant Commission Profits sounds like the ideal substitute. You don’t have to wake up at 7, take an hour commute to and from work and answer to anyone.

The program is supposedly designed to work 100% with only little to no effort in under half an hour a day. If you are thinking of trying the program, it’s in your best interest to not quit your day job yet.

Instant Commission Profits Tools & Training

The majority of the tools provided in the Instant Commission Profits program are found on their website. You will be able to autopilot your earning strategies through the main user control panel.

You will also be able to track how you get traffic without the need for SEO or any type of advertising scheme. There are many step-by-step tutorials provided to the right section of the tools.

Apart from the guides provided for their homegrown tools and some basic reiteration of what they already state on their front page, there are no further training resources in their member’s suite.

All of the information that you’re going to read work in theory, but there are also websites that go in depth with the info provided for free.

Instant Commission Profits Support

If you ever need help with this money making an opportunity, you can attempt to contact them through their Contact Us page. It supposedly gives you a direct line to Mosh Bari himself. Many user reviews claim that they never received a manual response.

It seems that there’s an auto responder that was set up that reads the keywords found in your email. Further proof of this is provided when a blogger only sent the word “money” and received a full step-by-step instruction that looked like a rephrased version of what’s on their front page.

The Good & the Bad


The Good:

(+) The guides that they provide can actually work in driving traffic to your website provided that you work hard enough to practice them.

The Bad:

(-) Their money back guarantee doesn’t seem to be legit. No proof of refunds has ever been made.

(-) The autopilot software that they claim to do the job for you requires more monitoring. You’ll be spending more than the 15 minutes they claimed you only need of.

(-) Many of the reviews pointing out that the Instant Commission Profits program works seem to have been rephrasing of each other. This is the standard strategy for many viral marketing scams.


Honestly, I understand the low-cost payment. With just only $5.95 and there is nothing much to lose, right? But if you were to think again is this worth your time? How about things doesn’t work out as promised. I also did some online research towards them and I can’t find more positive about their products.

So if spending money that didn’t bring any results to your business why invest it? Your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

What’s Now

I have been involved in internet marketing for a period of times. I see tons of crap and Online scams out there. Those are not really cared about your online business but just wanted to con money out of your hard-earned money. I hate that. That’s why I am writing this review here to give you the right info before you invested your money. Be it work or not for the programs I reviewed.

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