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Is Ameriplan a scam? Is it legit? Can you really take advantage of this business opportunity so you can have a consistent flow of income?

If you are looking for an unadulterated review about this company, and wanted to know if this is the suitable work at home opportunity for you, then you have just landed to the right page. 

I am not  associated with Ameriplan in any way. Hence,  anticipate a neutral analysis of this company from me. I will present to you the way things really are, without any trace of bias or prejudice, whatsoever.

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Ameriplan Summary Review


Founder: Dennis and Daniel Bloom

Price:   $24.95 to $269.95

Best For: A limited number of Americans

Summary:  Ameriplan is a multilevel marketing company centered on recruiting people into their program. However, their coverage of services is limited only to certain US states. So, even if you are keen to join this MLM company, if you are outside US territory itself you won't be able to. 

Rating:  20/100

Recommended: No


What Is Ameriplan?

They provide a wide array of discounts on many services, but most of which are within the medical industry. In order to avail their discount services, you need to become a member first and thus pay membership fees.

Ameriplan was  founded in 1992 by twin brothers Daniel and Dennis Bloom. The original  plan is to offer it as a “discount-fee-for-service” plan  and intended to use it for dental visits.

Ameriplan Founders

Over time, the coverage of their discount services expanded to other fields of healthcare which explains the reason why they now include chiropractic, prescriptions, visions, and medical.  The brains behind this company decided to stretch out their wings and venture into other forms of services, this included ID protection down to assistance on the road.

To set the record straight, they are not an insurance company and they don’t offer prescription drug plan. If you will visit their official website, you will see that they are putting emphasis on this in fine print on the Web. They can also provide you with a long list of providers you can choose from. All these establishments have agreed to be included in their program.

Think of it this way, it works pretty much like having a coupon card for a specific attorney, doctor, or dentist. You are still going to pay them their professional fees when you avail their service, but you will be entitled to a  discount when you pay.

Simply put, Ameriplan is  a Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO) and their manner of operation is under the MLM or multilevel marketing structure. The vision of the company is to extend a hand to those who are looking for medical services that are easy on the budget.

But above all this, they are also giving people an opportunity to build their own business by  sharing and promoting Ameriplan services to others.

How to Get Started with Ameriplan?  

Ameriplan is offering us 3 product packages to choose from:

1. Ameriplan Dental Plus  Membership

The most basic Ameriplan membership is Dental Plus,  which have you shell out $24.95 a month. In addition to this, you will also need to pay $20 registration fee. You will only learn about this registration when you are set  head for check out.

With this type of membership plan, you are entitling yourself to the following:

Prescription – Discounts on Prescription Drugs, etc.

Dental Work – Oral Exams, etc.

Chiropractic – X-Rays, etc.

Vision – Eye Exams, etc

You need to keep in mind that in order to avail these discounts, you need to pay a visit to the participating clinic. It is unfortunate, though, that we can’t find any good resource that shows all the Ameriplan accredited partners.

2. Ameriplan Med Plus Membership

With this type of membership, you are required to pay $24.95/month. On top of this, you will also need to settle a $20 registration fee.

Even if there is a cross between this and the Dental Plus fees, the services offered are quite different.

The nature of Med Plus service revolve around consultations. You may use a hotline to phone a doctor or a specialist and he will address your question via phone, too. This is referred to as Tele-Medicine.

Bill Negotiator is another type of service they provide. Its purpose is to help you find nothing but the most practical solution  you can use to pay your medical bills.

3. Ameriplan De Luxe Membership

By combining the two memberships, the company came up with De Luxe Membership. Aside from the services entailed with each type, Ameriplan also added some more services to this.

It is a combo deal and will cost you  $39.95/month. It also comes with a $30 registration fee.

With De Luxe membership, they got you covered on a wide array of medical issues. Moreover, with this type of membership Ameriplan also included a number of non-medical services such as determined amount of discount on leading computer brands such as Dell and other companies.

One thing commendable about the Ameriplans membership package is that they cover your entire household. It is not just yourself, but can include your entire family, too. This is making things pretty much cost-effective with regard to this aspect.

But if your main purpose is to earn from Ameriplan, you will still need to shell out $24.95 Annual Enrollment Fee (AEF). And on top of that you will also need to pay $20 registration fee.

Ameriplan is giving us 2 ways to earn from them: 

  1. By selling the company’s health care packages and thus earn retail profits. 
  2. By inviting others to come and join the team, signing them up to become Benefit Consultants and becoming your downline.

Since Ameriplan is a qualified multilevel marketing company, you are necessitated to pay the sign-up fee first. After which, they will refer to you as Benefit Consultant. Essentially, your function here is act as  the company’s salesperson.

After you become a full-pledge BC, you’ll undergo some training and resource materials will be given to you so you can jumpstart your business as soon as you can.

  • BC Business E-Kit - This is your Digital Starter Package. It will provide you with the step by step procedure on how to kick off your MLM business.
  • 5 E-commerce Enabled Websites - This essential in help you build your brand and generate relevant leads. In the absence of good leads, you will have a hard time making sales.
  • BC Back office - You take advantage of this platform to monitor exactly how your business is performing. It will give you access to tools, training materials and other relevant resources.

Ameriplan exemplifies what a multilevel marketing is about. The company is going to compensate you via commission rate and this will be based upon volume of sales output of your downlines.

How to Make Money with Ameriplans and Compensation? 

The amount of money that you will make with Ameriplan will greatly depend upon the membership type that you decided to sign up for. The Ameriplan business comes with several price points, you can choose to start first with as low as $50 every month. 

Or you can opt to go high to a max of $150 a month. For you and other IBO’s, this is your ultimate goal.

There are sever price points with the Ameriplan business but you can get started for as low as $50 a month. Now the price also can go as high as $150 a month, which is the ultimate goal for you and other IBO’s.

Commission Payout Breakdown

  1. The Platinum Plus. This entitles you to receive 20% commission across all sales you get under your name. You are necessitated to continuously pay $50 monthly until such time that you accumulated enough membership signup under your name. After which you begin getting paid after your commissions get over $50 a month.

  2. $75 Total Platinum- It is a $75 per month plan. This gives you a  chance to receive 30% off  from the people you referred to Ameriplan. But you need to exceed the $75 benchmark sales for a month in order to qualify here and start earning.   

  3. Platinum Freedom Pass – If you decide to enroll under this package, you will get the highest commission percentage of 40% on all sales that you will make. A monthly sales over $150 a month is the qualifier here and as soon you exceed that, you will start to earn money.

In order for you to qualify for commissions, you either need to make a sale or you purchase a subscription plan for yourself. In simple terms,  you need to buy first the product that you are intending to promote.

In the Ameriplan compensation plan, there are two important key points that you need to keep in mind:

  • You are entitled to receive 40% commission with every successful sales you make

  • You earn commissions from downlines down up to the 5th generation. This  explains the reason why Ameriplan is a qualified multilevel marketing company, it is multilevel indeed.

The Ameriplan Ugly Truths Revealed 

You have to make friends with your phone. 

In order to secure some good level of success with the Ameriplan Work at Home opportunity, you need to make sure you are a telephone person. What I do mean to say by this?

You have to make sure you are well-versed in doing cold calls even in the midst of the boisterousness of your own home. As for my case, I just find this not very feasible in the sense that I have kids with me at home and that means background noises every now and then.

If you’re not a telephone person, the Ameriplan Work at Home opportunity may not be the best for you.

Daily Pay Policy

The second thing that concern me also is their Daily Pay Policy. I actually find this idea very good and thought that it will work to the advantage of members but there are instances that this is not just going to be feasible.

Like for instance, when someone you referred to the company eventually decided to back out and cancel his membership, Ameriplan will deduct the money they paid you in your upcoming commission or earnings. This is certainly going to become an inconvenient situation for anyone concerned, right?

This is also one of the reasons why I opted to find another money making opportunity, which is way better and more effective than anything else -- to become an affiliate marketing person.

Not User-Friendly Broker Website

I just find the Ameriplan’s training program, together with their broker website intended for this purpose, too overwhelming for anyone to take. Even if the person who is trying to win my “yes” to join him in this networking company, did all in his might to help me figure things out, I still find the training with all information that comes with it, very much overwhelming.

In addition to this, they tend to upsell you tools and applications which they assert will help you earn more, which in the first place should be given to members free of charge. It only make sense that they give them as part of the training program itself, so members can really optimize their earning potential for themselves and for the company, too.

This made me appreciate more my top recommended program to make money online. It not only helps me develop another stream of passive income for myself, but it also gives me the convenience not found in any other system.

Limited Ameriplan Partners

The company is making a tall claim that they have at least 200,000 healthcare providers working with them in their program. This is in contrast with the actual experiences of many members. One of the common concerns that members are having an issue with is that they find Ameriplan having limited partners. Hence, they can’t fully optimize or enjoy the supposed benefits and discounts for them due to the scarcity of accredited partner healthcare establishment.

What I Do Like About Ameriplan

Pioneer in the Industry

From the time that this company was founded 25 years ago in 1992, they must be doing something good in order to stay that long in the business. Had they been a qualified scam company or having a pyramid scheme of operation, I believe that they would have been shut down long ago. But, hey, they are not.

A Decent Rating by the Better Business Bureau

Even if Ameriplan has not yet earned the accreditation of the agency, it is remarkable that they were still given an A+ rating by them.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This is quite very much self-explanatory. While there are a handful of similar organizations offering the same to their market, Ameriplan is not known to have a volume of issues on this aspect. If any of their new members are finding the program not going to work for their needs, they can always process a request for refund.

They Cover Your Entire Household

As earlier stated, the program coverage is not limited to you alone but will cover as well your entire household, which makes the program great. This policy will great to the advantage of those who are raising their families.

The one price membership you paid for will actually have everyone else in your households healthcare needs covered (well, that is in terms of discounted rates!). To give you a better picture of this, if you availed a membership in Ameriplan and you’d bring your entire family for a dental visit, all of them will be entitled to a discount.

Relatively Cheap to Become a Benefit Consultant

You can become a full-pledge Benefit Consultant by settling membership fee of $30 a year.

If you want to qualify for commissions eventually, what you will need to do is either:

  • Buy yourself a Deluxe Plus package;
  • Or find someone to sell a Deluxe Plus package at least one every month.

They Tend to Focus More on Recruitment

As I’ve indicated above, Ameriplan has laid out a compensation plan for members who are bringing in more people to the company. Unfortunately, their area of concentration is not actually in selling their product which renders people to see them as having a pyramid scheme.

Is Ameriplan a Scam?  

The company has been in the business for 25 years now. This alone is a great feat for them and should put the issue of them being a scam or a pyramid scheme company out of the equation here. Had they been one in the first place, the proper authorities  would have ordered them to cease operation long ago.

But there were not and are still on the business, which means to say they are not in violation of anything. Except for some hurdles though that I mentioned above.

Perhaps the main reason why some people conceived the notion that Ameriplan is a scammer company or having a pyramid scheme in the guise of an MLM business model is because they had bitter experience with them not being able to realize what they thought they’d would have (without exerting much of an effort to work for it, pretty normal for people who vilify MLM companies).

It is safe to say that Ameriplan is a typical multilevel marketing company. And like everyone else, they tend to focus more on bringing in more people to the business rather than having their energies centered on making a sale.

They may not be a scam company, not even a pyramid scheme business, yet I would still not encourage you to try them as your work-at-home opportunity.

How I Make Money Online?

I highly appreciate the fact that you have made it this far on this review post. And I will take this as a clear indication that you are indeed seriously looking for a work at home opportunity sans the involvement of risks indicated above.

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What do you think about Ameriplans? Have you been introduced to this company before? Or has anyone in your circle joined this business? Place your comments below, I love to hear  any feedback you have regarding this company. 

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