Is Ariix a Scam? What Does this Opportunity Company Really Hold For You?

Welcome to My Ariix Review!

I assume that the primary reason why you are here is because you are trying to look for an opportunity to have another source of income, right? And for some reason, you came across Ariix or someone from your circle introduced you to it.

Now you are thinking, ‘Is Ariix a Scam?’ Perhaps this is the very first thing you have in mind about this company. It is very likely also that this thoughts you are having is exactly what is trying to hold you back from joining them. Otherwise, you would have already hopped in on this opportunity they have on offer.

But I must commend you on that. Finding relevant information is essential if you want to veer away from trouble and save yourself from falling prey in scam or pyramid scheme companies.

When it comes to making a passive income off the Internet, my best recommendation is to try affiliate marketing first.  It is way better than multilevel marketing opportunities because:

  • You will not recruit or refer people to the business
  • You can start right away for free
  • You can promote any product you want and you are most passionate about

As of today, when it comes to making good amounts of passive income from the Internet, affiliate marketing is second to none.

Ariix Summary Review

Website:   ariix.com

Founder: Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson, Jeff Yates, Riley Timmer, Deanna Latson, Harry Zhang, Ian Chandler

Price:  $294.95 all the way to $2,098 and other fees.

Best For:  Those who have patience in  recruiting people to the business and doing cold calls to their prospects. 

Is Ariix a Scam

Summary: Ariix is  your typical MLM organization. Compared to many other networking companies, this MLM business is offering its aspiring members a higher earning potential, which can be generous compensation plan. One drawback that is pulling me back from giving them a good thumbs-up sign is their expensive startup costs and their heavy reliance on traditional way of recruiting new members. 

 Rating: 45/100

Recommended:  No. 


What is Ariix?

Ariix is another multilevel marketing company headquartered in Utah. The company is involved in the health and wellness industry and they are selling typical dietary supplements, weight loss products,  personal care items and many more.

What sets them apart from all the other networking companies out there?

They call themselves the “Opportunity Company”. They are putting their network members on the edge of their network marketing efforts by giving more focus on them than the product itself.

They have an impressive leadership team because the majority of their founders were ex-senior executives and top decision-makers from another well-known MLM company, the USANA Health Sciences.

The company was founded in July 2011 by five co-founders with extensive backgrounds in the  MLM industry: Mark Wilson, Deanna Latson, Dr. Fred W. Cooper, Riley TImmer, and Jeff Yates. Initially, the company had a slow pace of growth but within the next two years, the business picked a good momentum and eventually became one of the most competitive networking companies in the health and wellness niche.

Perhaps the reason why they founded another MLM company of their own is that USANA Health Sciences was then and until now beset by controversies, left and right. Consumer complaints and lawsuits plagued the company, and these 5 souls found their circumstances too overwhelming for them to stay. So that thought prompted them to exonerate themselves from the seeming inevitableness of a “sinking ship”.

Much like other networking companies, if you join Ariix and you are unlikely to make it big anytime soon if you are unable to form a large downline team for yourself.

If after joining Ariix network you are unable to form a downline team, you are unlikely to make it big anytime soon. Or if you are not among the pioneer members of any MLM company, you are likely to grope your way to financial wellness if it is indeed at all a possibility.

Since your chances of getting yourself to the topmost position in the network of an MLM company is very slim, it comes to follow also that you will have very low-income expectations from it.

The main reason why a business entity, such as Ariix,  chooses to take on a multilevel marketing business model is for it to save up on its expected costs, particularly in its advertising costs. By making use of an MLM approach, they can distribute their product and service offerings to a far wider reach of relevant buyers. Usually this is made possible by word of mouth.

The Ariix Product Line

If you will look into each of the Ariix’s product line, it is obvious to see that they are targeting multiple markets. They call each of their product offerings as  “brand”.  Currently, they have the following on the market.

Nutrifii - A series of supplements to help your body meet its basic nutritional requirements.

Nutrifii Line
Puritii Line

Puritii - Purification product line, intended for water and air filtration.

Slenderiiz - This is an array  of weight management products line. They help increase metabolism your body metabolism and control appetite.

Slenderiiz Line
Jouve Line

     Jouve - skincare products

NuCerity - This is a newly launched skincare product line. They assert that this item is having a  more advanced technology

Nucerity Line
Reviive Line

Reviive - Personal hygiene product line. This includes body wash products, toothpaste shampoo, conditioner. 

ARIIX Travel -  This is travel rewards program is intended for the business partners to give them another good reason why they should make it a goal to build their business in exchange for a visit to some of the most beautiful scenic tourist spots.

Now the next thing we should concern ourselves about is how effective and good these products are. Naturally, when people try and use them, their bodies will have varied reactions to each single one of those. It can either have a good effect to them or it could bring about something adverse.

But after making some research on this aspect, I found that a handful of those who have tried Ariix products have experienced dramatic health benefits, while others did not experience or observed anything significant in their use.

From my research based on the customer feedback people have about various Ariix products, they are more or less having a placebo effect to many users. This is something I anticipate.

How to Get Started with Ariix?  

As a networking company, you can only become a full-pledge Ariix product distributor  after you have purchased their so called “Enrollment Packs”.

But there is something crazy about their enrollment packs, which is kind of deceptive and tricky in a way. They have a total of 9 enrollments packs from which aspiring distributors can aspire to have

The tricky part about this is that they have 9 different Enrollment Packs for you to choose from and the price would range from $294.95 to $2,098.The assertion they make about this high starting cost for their product distributorship is that the more enrollment product packages you purchase, the more earning potential you are having to yourself. 

But the truth here is, the more money you spend on these so-called starter packs, the more money they will earn from your purchases. Simple as that!

And it is not just the starter packs you need to concern yourself about. In order to make yourself qualified for commission earnings from your sales output, you have to maintain  100 product purchase volume per month. This is valued at $150 worth of product purchase.

To learn more about their Activ8 compensation plan, you may check it out from this on their website.

Usually, new members who’ve just joined the Ariix networking team have two course of actions to take. Some of them would sell their purchased products to their circle of friends, relatives, or colleagues while a handful of them would have their purchased items to themselves instead.

For those who are just starting out in their Ariix business but are lacking skills in sales and recruitment,  they will usually resort to shouldering the required monthly product purchase, valued at $150. This measure is paramount to keeping their product distributor profile active, and thus remain qualified for any upcoming sales commission.

On top of this required monthly product purchase after joining, you will also need to mind about your profile’s annual renewal fee which is valued at $25/year.

For someone wanting to have another stream of income, it does not make sense why he should regularly shell out  $150 a month and a string of other expenses, right?

Can You Really Earn from Ariix? 

Ariix is a well-structured company. On top of that, they are also using a highly effective marketing strategy. And who will not find their commission and remuneration system attractive?

At first glance, Ariix seems to have laid out the foundations for their network members to succeed in their networking company. Unfortunately, their journey to success is never going to become an easy road to take.

Should you decide to venture into this business, you must get yourself prepared and get ready to recruit people, engage yourself in doing cold calls. And if you are not used to, getting constant rejection, it will dampen your soul every now and then.

The Ariix Compensation Plan    

Ariix, as an MLM company,  is taking so much pride in the compensation package they offer which they proudly call as “patented Activ8 Compensation Plan”. This makes use of a multiline, seven generation structure.

If you have been to several multilevel marketing companies before, you will notice that most MLM firms only make use of a single linear structure. Others would have a matrix that comes with a two or three other means to earn good money. However, their Activ8 system is very innovative in such a way that it gives Ariix network members 8 different ways to earn.

If you go and visit their website, you will figure out that they are making high claims that they are the only networking company in the world that truly and genuinely pays out $0.50 to every single dollar that Ariix is earning. Thus, giving their members an opportunity to find their unlimited earning source.

To learn more about their Activ8 compensation plan, you may check it out from this page on their website.

The Ugly Truths About Ariix Finally Revealed

Startup Costs Does Not Come Cheap

As mentioned earlier, trying to join a networking company is not as breezy as one might think. You need to shell out a good amount of money to cover some fees and allot some  of your monthly budget for the monthly required sales volume (that is, you are not really very good in sales, you can purchase the products for your own self-consumption.)

In the case of Ariix, aspiring members for this networking company need to mind about the following fees if they will decide to join:

  • Enrollment Packs: The costs here would b ranging from $294.95 up to $2,098
  • Monthly Autoship: 100PV (purchase volume) per month valued at $150/month
  • Annual Renewal Fee: This yearly fee is intended to renew your membership with the network, valued at $25. 

Let me offer my two cents here. If you are trying to look for some practical ways to have another stream of passive income, how come that in doing so and joining Ariix, in particular, would have you spend so much more in the process.

The Vast Majority of Members Did Not Make It Bigtime!

My apologies for this but I have to burst your bubble. If you think that Ariix is offering us the golden opportunity, you are terribly mistaken. Many people failed in the Ariix business opportunity. In order to understand the underlying reason behind it,  we need to carefully examine their income disclosure statement shown below.

Ariix Income Disclosure Statement

Shown above is Ariix 2014 income disclosure statement. It shows us that their distributors are categorized into 3 groups, namely: team leads, supervisors, and managers. People in these categories are actually not able to make sustainable income for themselves.

  • The average monthly income for a manager : $1,055.58
  • The average monthly income for a “supervisor : $579.92
  • The average monthly income for team leaders: $244.00

In all honesty, the Ariix income disclosure statement is, by far, the most decent for me in terms of figures. My personal take here is that Ariix may have been providing their members thorough support in terms of training them how to look for leads and prospect them.

Normally, other networking companies would leave the training part to how  their members would want to take it. Hence, the results are always not impressive because it renders the members to have diverse experience from each other.

So, the underlying question here is how come there is still a high failure rate among members when Ariix initially provided for them the right amount of support they need to succeed? As far as I am concerned, this has something to do with the mindset of the member itself.

Most of the time members would join a networking company thinking that the products would just sell on their own, without them exerting some effort. Sometimes also, they are under impression that their sponsors would take care of the selling part for them.

Rank #1:
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Joining a networking company truly is not for everyone, or anyone to join. You have to carefully assess what your capabilities are in order to set the right expectations you can have from yourself. If you admit that you are not cut out to become a sales person, then it is likely you are not supposed to be in an MLM company.

But fret not because selling MLM products is not the sole home-based opportunity available for you. The best opportunity when it comes to making a steady source of passive income is to try affiliate marketing.

Highly Saturated Market

Before you embark yourself to a decision of joining the Ariix networking team, please take note that the health and wellness industry is a highly saturated business niche with a very stiff competition.

I myself have been involved with several MLM companies before and have written reviews on a handful of them. With this relevant background I have in this industry, I can attest that the majority of the companies involved in this industry are in the health and wellness niche.

My point here is, by joining an MLM company under the health and wellness niche, you are embarking to your own doom. First, you have a very slim chance for success when you join a networking company unless you are a pioneer in the network, then your stakes are possibly higher. Second, the health and wellness industry is a super-saturated niche. Your chances of making it big-time here is very small.

You Have to Learn and Master the Art of Recruiting People into the Business

Truth be told, in the MLM business recruiting others to join a particular team and become a downline is still an integral part to earn, where most of the money can be funneled from. Therefore, if you belong to this group of people who are not good in recruiting and referring people, friends, or family members into the business, then this simply is not the right business opportunity for you.

What I Do Like About Ariix?  

Commendable Training and Support Structure

If there is one aspect by which we can compliment Ariix for, that would be the support and training structure they developed for their members. They refer to this as a Business Orientation System (B.O.S.) valued  at $29.95.

This initiative of Ariix is actually taking them a step ahead of the other MLM companies which other  MLM business entities are lacking in. This Youtube video I sourced for you will help you understand better what this B.O.S. is all about.

Attractive Compensation Plan (Patent Pending)

Most of the time, the pending patent applications of MLM companies are in relation to their product or service offerings, but this is the first time I heard of a pending  patent application for a “multi-line compensation plan". This is actually the first in the MLM industry.

Is Ariix a Scam?

Judging from how they are conducting their business, we can’t qualify Ariix as a scam nor as a pyramid scheme. It is too early for that, considering the fact that they are still a very young company having started only in 2011.

The company is not even a decade old yet. Now with respect to their income disclosure document and compensation plan, we can say that they are offering a much better opportunity for those who are interested in joining their compared to other MLM companies.

How I Make Money Online?

The primary reason why most of the time I am holding people back from venturing themselves into an MLM company is because I have seen exactly how this type of business model really work. Unfortunately, most of the time they just don’t deliver.

Becoming a member of an MLM network is not the best way to go if you are looking for the most practical and lucrative online money making opportunity.

Some may offer a seemingly attractive compensation package and all, but it takes a discerning mind to really understand and see that the very way MLMs are structured, it is not to promote the interests of its members (sales people or distributors, regardless of how they call it) and help them reach their financial wellness. Most of the time, MLM companies are self-serving business entities.

Top Recommendations

If your main purpose in considering these kind of opportunities is to have another stream of income for yourself, then my best recommendation is for you to consider the affiliate marketing program as offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is the better option to take when it comes developing your own stream of passive income. It is way better than multilevel marketing opportunities because:

  • You will not recruit or refer people to the business
  • You can start right away for free
  • You can promote any product you want or are most passionate about

Most importantly, it’s the platform which enabled me to become financially independent. I believe that you can also reach this same level of financial success through the Wealth Affiliate course. 

This program helped me and others Make A living Online and some of it even quit their Full Time Job. You will learn how to build a Thriving Online Business step by step so stop making excuses and Join Me Now

What is your story about Ariix? How do you find this company in general or the product line they offer? From the last I heard, they don't have any special item or flagship product. If you bought something from this company before, what is your least liked item? 


$294.95 to $2,098










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  • Saane says:

    Ugh! Your great review of Ariix, gives me bad memories of justabout every other MLM that I had joined and left. Yes, they give a great presentation and show you all the fancy ‘earnings’ that you can achieve but once you are hooked in, you feel pressured to start losing your money very quickly. Your detailed analysis, gives me a great perspective about this company, which will help me to steer far away from it. You have mentioned WA and this program is a real honest one, which I can definitely vouch for.

  • radeetalam says:


    I did not know about Ariix before reading your review. After reading your review, I came to know that Ariix is an MLM based business and it is shows fake hope. Referring people or MLM business is not my thingy. I understood that, Ariix is not a scam, but do not worth my investment of money, time and hard work. It is really good to know about Ariix before dealing with it. I am going to share your post with my friends and family members so that they also can stay out of it.

    Thanks for such an awareness making post. Good wishes for you 🙂


    • Maxx Tan says:

      You are most welcome Radeet. it’s always my pleasure to able helping people to make their decision after reading my review. Thanks for sharing this out. 

  • Wayne says:

    Hey, Edmond, great post. It seems to be well documented as well.

    I see a lot of red flags here but the two that stuck out to me were the variety of Enrolment Packages plus more costs on top of that?

    The other one was the “Monthly Autoship” – Is this an extra monthly cost out of a members pocket and, are these their actual products that members have to sell?

    I was involved in something like this 40 years+ ago.  You have probably heard of it, “Amway”.  It, to, had its own products but the way you made the real money was to get other people to join in your downline.  I sold SOME product but I never was able to get anyone to join my downline. Didn’t make any money.

    I have to agree, Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online.  You build your niche, and traffic by writing good relevant content and, eventually, you will start to earn money and it will slowly become a passive income earner. 

    I mean, you have to stay active on your site and consistent in writing good product reviews but, really, the work is necessary for any business if you want to succeed.

    Thaks again for putting this post out there.  People need to know the truth about MLM.

    All the best,


    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Wayne, Definitely heard about Amway and very popular back then. Everyone surrounding was talking about them previously.

      Back to your concern, members are required to pay Enrollment Packages depending on the range they choose. The higher starting cost they enroll, the more earning potential. On top of the enrollment packages you, you also required to pay Annual Renewal Fees Valued at $25.

      In order to remain active after you enroll their Enrollment packages, you are required 100 product purchase volume per month. However, if you are unable to sell the 100 product purchase for that particular month you can choose to pay them $150 keeping your distributor membership account active, hence remain qualified for any upcoming sales.

      I hope this answers your question and feel free to let me know if you need more clarification.

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