Is BigSpot a SCAM? (Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You!)

​One look at their website and the first impression you’ll have about BigSpot is that it could be a great website to earn some money from by answering their survey tasks, right in the comfort of your home.

You might be among the many people who are being lured into it courtesy of its TV commercials, making a huge claim about ​the possible income potential ​in answering their survey tasks.

But like many other online money-generating opportunities out there, many people are asking “Is BigSpot a SCAM?“. Many people are also wondering if this site is legit or if they can really get paid for their opinion.

Well, let us try to delve deeper into it and find out. But before we do that, I just want to remind you that get-paid-to websites like BigSpot are not the best way you can make for yourself another stream of passive online income.

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​BigSpot Summary Review


Founder:  Not Disclosed

Price:  Free to Join

Best For:  The BigSpot team and the owner/s. 

Is BigSpot a SCAM

Summary:  It is not so much of a relief to know that BigSpot is not at all a scam. ​Nevertheless, you are  still up for an even bigger disappointment with them because they are just another survey affiliate website. This means to say this website will just direct you to other get-paid-to (GPT) websites where you can possibly earn some money. It just so happen also that BigSpot is also exactly the same as SurveySay. 

Rating:     10/100

Recommended:  NO!


​What is BigSpot?

​I resonate the question of many people who recently came across this platform and have this question to ask, “ What is about?”. If you will check out their website, you will feel that “cozy, uncluttered” atmosphere first and that draws you in.

What the website masters initially present to you is a clean and pleasant looking page first. At the right side is the sign-up menu.  Pretty decent, right?

What is about?

​However, after trying out so many GPT (get-paid-to) websites and having reviewed a handful of other online money-making opportunities before, I came to realize that​ it always pays to take a closer look at everything first before allowing myself to get too excited.

It is disappointing to know that this website​ is not disclosing much information about it to its site visitors. So, you will hardly learn what their website or platform is all about or what they have on offer.

To cut it short, you don’t have any access to valuable information ​which could actually help you make-up your mind​. It is paramount in your decision-making process.

Personally, I will take it as a bad sign when there are no information available about what the website is all about or the business. But I proceeded with the sign-up anyways, just so I could check things out for myself and get on with evaluating the sites for this review.

Only after I created an account in this platform did I realize why you won’t find any nugget of information prior to sign-up.


Usually what happens when you join and sign up for an account in a GPT website is that you will be taken to a particular page where you can start taking in surveys. Or some would have you select other ways ​you can earn.


Instead, what you’ll have on your screen is an array of other survey sites that you can choose to join. You are not even given any information about what these websites are all about, not even a single review on any one of them can be found.

And if you choose any one of them, you’ll have to sign up again on that platform.  So, basically, BigSpot serves like an intermediary site to other survey websites, if they are legit or not is another story to tell.

So, basically, you will not earn anything from Instead, this website tells you where you can possibly go to for that.

At the back of your mind the big, underlying question about it all is why would the owners of this website go through the hassle of building up a website only to show its site visitors how to get to ​other paid survey sites?

The answer to that is simple. The brains behind the BigSpot website are earning commissions each and every time their site visitors join a particular website they are trying to endorse and promote.

How Do You Get Paid in

For the record​, while the website itself is implying that you can indeed earn from them, is not going to pay you for anything. You ​won't have this chance from their platform because ​they don't have any survey task to give you.

They don’t offer us any survey projects or tasks, all they will give us are places on the Internet where we could find them and possibly earn. And if you will decide to give those alternatives a shot and signed up for an account in any of those, that is the time that BigSpot will earn from you.

So, clearly, it is the other way around. BigSpot will earn from you! You won’t earn money from their platform.

​The Ugly Truths About BigSpot?

​BigSpot is an Affiliate Website to Other Legit GPT Websites

If you are not aware yet, the links that BigSpot have on their pages, which directs you to paid survey websites they are endorsing, are actually affiliate links. The moment that you signed up for an account using any of those will earn for them a commission.

So, basically, it is the other way around. Instead of  you getting a chance to earn money from them,  BigSpot will ​have you to make money for them. And you're not even aware of it!

BigSpot is Definitely is Not a Survey Website

We have established the fact that BigSpot is not to be trusted as a get-paid-to website. They can’t provide us an opportunity to earn money from their platform. All because they serve as an intermediary website to other possibly reputable paid survey websites or legitimate marketing research companies.

In layman’s term, BigSpot is a “middleman”, a nexus between the interested survey participants to marketing research firms.

BigSpot is Similar to SurveySay!

While trying to evaluate the structure of BigSpot, it dawned on me that it is pretty much having a close resemblance to that of SurveySay site.  You can dive into my SurveySay review here, and see how exactly the same their structure is to that of the BigSpot.

Otherwise, just check out these screenshots I made from both websites.

What is BigSpot?

​By delving deeper into this, you will figure out that these two are not just similar in their sign-up page, but every individual page on their website are exactly the same. The only difference though is their color theme and the company logo.

If you will dare to check out their Terms and Conditions page, you will realize that they are exactly the same also -- and also understandable because both websites are from the one and the same company, "Varsityplaza, LLC".

what is a scam

What I​ Do Like About BigSpot?

​I am not at all very much surprised that there are a lot of loopholes in the  BigSpot platform. I actually anticipated some of them, to say the least. But for fairness sake, I will enumerate the positive points about this platform, although I have to admit that these will not in any way overshadow the gray areas of this supposed to be GPT website.

First of all, I find this service easy and quick. There are no complicated tours and the website is pretty ​much navigable.  

Second, the service is free of charge. Sign-up in BigSpot does not entail you to pay up some fees or another. In other online money making opportunities, particularly in the MLM sphere, you are required to pay a certain amount of money as a joining fee.

Third, they ​present us with a list of survey websites where you can possibly earn ​through their survey projects. However, this entails one possible risk. Those GPT websites they are promoting have may not been scrutinized. Therefore, there​ runs the risk they may not be legitimate GPT sites.

Keep in mind that  BigSpot team will earn a commission from you when you sign-up for an account from any of those websites they’re endorsing to you.

Is BigSpot a Scam?

​While I may not qualify BigSpot as a scam, I highly suggest that you abandon any intentions you have with this website for good. First of all, ​the only way to engage with them is by volunteering your personal details on their website and that entails a lot of risks.

Always make it a point to protect your identity at all cost and entrusting your personal information in exchange for a list of survey websites is just not worth it.

We are not certain yet if BigSpot is in the habit of selling their member’s personal information to third parties, but that is likely. If that happens, it is going to put you at risk of receiving spam emails and other similar unnecessary advertisements, to say the least.

If you are seriously looking for ways to earn some money online, please be aware that there are actually far better options you may want to consider.

As a matter of fact, you can even build up your own online business. That is going to be more worthy of your time and effort, as opposed to taking surveys, right?

​How I Make Money Online?

​If you are lacking in experience or when you are totally clueless on how to make money from the Internet, your natural tendency is to experiment and try out every possible good opportunity that will come your way. That is exactly how I did it, learned it all the hard way.

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​At one point in time I also took chances on paid survey websites and tried to see if I can really earn from their platforms, even for a measly amount. But I grew impatient with the frequency of survey tasks being sent to me. Thus, I realized it is just a waste of time. Did you happen to try your luck with GPT or paid survey websites before? If it is not BigSpot, it could be​ something else.

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