Is ClickWorker a Scam? Would You Take Micro Payments for Your Time and Effort?

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​ClickWorker Summary Review


Founder:  ​Alexander Linden​​​

Price:  Free to join

Best For:  People who are willing to perform menial tasks and get rewarded for their efforts with measly amounts. 

Is Clickworker legit?

Summary:  While we consider ClickWorker as among the legitimate microjob, we uncovered a number of downsides if you will make work for this site. If you are a non-US base worker, then most likely you will have a hard time finding opportunities in the high paying tasks they offer. My best recommendation for this opportunity, keep your expectations on the financial rewards on the low due to stiff competition in getting jobs. But then again, there are far better opportunities than this. ​ 

Rating:   50/100

Recommended:  NO!


What is ClickWorker?

Is ClickWorker legit online money making opportunity?

I have come across a number of GPT or get-paid-to websites before. But none of them is comparable to ClickWorker. Although you can this platform can supply us with a number of menial tasks and get paid for accomplishing them, they are much different from  GPTs.

ClickWorker is a micro job website and has been operating in the online world since 2005. This platform can provide us with various online tasks and get paid for it such as product categorization, surveys, web research, checking links, and sundry of other tasks that an online business may require based on their specific project or business needs. ​

The tasks they usually delegate you with are simple and you can accomplish them in no time. However, you can’t expect to have high earnings, but only a measly amount of a few cents per task.

This online platform for freelancers was founded by Alexander Linden in 2005 and is currently headquartered in Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.

How to Get Started with ClickWorker?

​It is free to sign-up for an account in ClickWorker. Aside from your personal details, their system will require you to provide as well your current hobbies and skills. The type of tasks that will be sent to your profile will be based upon that information you give them.

Although, their system will not require you to have or possess any particular skill if you will provide them any additional information it will help them qualify you to more survey tasks or projects.

The threshold amount for withdrawal in ClickWorker is $10. However, please know that this is not easy since the frequency and interval of tasks assigned to user profiles may not come on a regular basis. Therefore, it may actually take a while for you to earn this amount.

As for the payment instrument that can be used for your withdrawals, you can either choose your Paypal account or bank account.

Members may promote the platform and in the process of doing, they can earn $5 provided after their referrals earned their first $10 on the system.

And finally, if you are a full-fledged member of the ClickWorker platform, you may also get access to the UHRS or Universal Human Relevance System. They are a third party platform and they can grant access to ClickWorker members.

This may depend on several factors like your country, native tongue, and other similar personal details. By virtue of your access to their platform, your potential earnings will dramatically increase.

How Much Can You Actually Earn?

Every single task you will have in ClickWorker comes with a corresponding amount of earnings. And they will be based upon the level difficulty, knowledge, skills or the estimated amount of time it will take to complete them.

If you have serious plans of joining this platform, the best approach that anyone can have on here in as far the earning potential is concerned is to take it with a grain of salt.

Know that not everyone in this platform will have access to their high paying survey task, or would have the capability of completing each project that will be sent to them.

Therefore, the income per member may vary due to those factors.

The Different Types of Jobs Available Here

Product Data Digitization

The type of tasks involved here will have you extract product information from an assortment of files such as Excel files, PDF files, illustrations, and catalogs.

The ClickWorker com Scam Reviews

​Writing Jobs

This type of task in the ClickWorker platform may provide you with the highest earning potential. Anticipate that with this type of work in their platform, you may be required to write a composition in any or all of the following:

  • Glossary or definitions
  • Company Profiles
  • Search Optimized Texts
  • Translation texts
  • Traveling destinations

It is not easy to land a writing job in their platform because you will need to qualify first for this role by virtue of completing a writing assignment first. 

At stake here with every writing job is a $3.00 for every 250-word article. Needless to say that this is such a profitable venture for those who are gifted in writing

Each writing job pays out at $3.00 for a 250-word article. If you can write 250 words in less than an hour, then you probably make a decent amount of money.

Video and Image Tagging

This set of tasks entails you assigning relevant phrase or words to information nuggets. This may include video, image, or text.

The ClickWorker com Scam Reviews

​You will need to collect all the images you’d find with the tag “Porto Katsiki”. Your main work will come in if the pictures you find are not properly tagged. 

This type of job is pretty quick and easy. And for that reason, you can only expect to earn a measly amount from this. 

Who Should Work In This Kind of Platform?

The online money-making opportunity offered by Clickworker is ideal for everyone provided that they have the following skill sets:

  1. Can seamlessly and effortlessly navigate his way around the Web. 
  2. Not easily intimidated by Internet jargon but has the initiative to learn
  3. As much as possible, should be very fluent in English.

If your place of residence is located in a region supported by Paypal, then you should be able to join this platform.​

But if you are dead serious in developing for yourself another stream of online income, my best suggestion is for you to consider affiliate marketing. The most valuable course I have seen so far is Wealthy Affiliate.

​The Ugly Truths About ClickWorker Revealed!

​The $10 Cashout Is Disadvantageous to Members

The $10 threshold for withdrawal of funds in ClickWorker is working against its members, for the simple reason that it usually takes a significant amount of time to receive the next task after you accomplish your first.

Available Jobs Are NOT ENOUGH

This is especially true for those who are non-English speakers. In the world of GPT or get-paid-to do websites, the biggest and perhaps the most complained about issues would have something to do with the quantity and the consistency of available jobs.

Extremely Low Income Potential

As someone who is constantly scrutinizing GPT or get-paid-to do websites, I am in the position to say that their common denominator is that most of them have low-income potential.

You can earn from their platform by accomplishing tasks they assign your profile with, but these earnings are measly amounts. Most of the time, you are earning in cents.

Aside from this, you also have to take into account the amount of time it will take you to complete them.

What I Do Like About ClickWorker?

Customer Support Team is Responsive

This came to me as a big surprise. Normally, in GPT websites and on many other online earning platforms if you happen to come across an issue with your account earnings or if you have profile concerns you have no one to turn to for help or support.

This is the complete opposite in ClickWorker system. They have a responsive customer support team, if you will reach out to them for help they are likely to get back to you in a snap.

Is ClickWorker a SCAM? 

​We can put the ClickWorker platform alongside many other legitimate money-making programs. You can really earn from their system, albeit a measly amount only.

In spite of that, I would not encourage anyone to really consider this program as a good way to develop your stream of online income. The first reason I have is its low-income potential.

This is even more aggravated by the fact that this platform is seriously lacking, wanting in more jobs than it presently offers. My fear is that if they will intensify their marketing strategies and that would cause the influx of more users, then the competition to find a suitable task would become even stiffer and challenging.

With that kind of scenario, the slim chance of finding a task and earning some bucks just got even smaller. But if your goal is just to have just an extra income, regardless of how measly that it may, I say that ClickWorker is worth your while.

​How I Make Money Online? 

If you are seriously looking for the best online money making opportunity, I suggest that you try ​ affiliate marketing instead. As an individual who’s already tried both the MLM and affiliate marketing worlds, I know that I am in the position to really tell which one is the far better option.

  • You don’t need to recruit to get ahead    
  • A chance to earn bigger money    
  • No complicated compensation plans    
  • Commissions can get as high as 100%    
  • You are not required to buy starter kits
  • No joining fees    
  • Work at your own pace
  • Promote any product or brand you like to a global audience    
  • A chance to promote products or brand you are passionate about
  • Make money while you sleep    
  • A chance to earn passive and residual income    

My purpose in enumerating some of the good points you get from the Wealthy Affiliate marketing opportunity is for you to get the whole picture -- the system is designed to work in your best interest.

The Wealthy Affiliate is a community of dreamers, but these people are in touch with the real world. They understand how the world works. It is made better in the sense that you kick it off with no strings attached as it gives you an option to have a free trial.

Test the system all you want in all aspects of it, discover how it works until you are fully satisfied. Decide to try it out when you are ready.

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​Prior to reading my ClickWorker review, did you really honestly believe that this get-paid-to do website is a good opportunity to earn some money online? Well, you may but for a measly amount. Would that work for you considering the amount of time you will need to spend on their tasks? Why or why not?  Can you please share your insights regarding this in the comment section below?


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