Is Evergreen Income Machines A Scam? Legit System or BS?

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  • It's Legitimate
  • Suitable for complete Beginner
  • True and Proven Strategies


  • Too Many Upsells
  • Not for Advance level Marketer
  • Basic Training
  • Missing Some Information etc: Traffic?

What is Evergreen Income Machines about? Is It A Scam? Whether or not a training course online is a scam is always the important question. That’s because the truth of the matter is that there is a frighteningly high number of scam training courses and tools out there.

This is especially true for the online business training course niche. It’s an industry with a horde of self-designated “gurus”. Their shtick is simple: “I’ve made millions doing business online, and I can tell and show you precisely how I succeeded. This is only available for a very low price because it’s my way of giving back”.

Right away this kind of thing should seem like a scam to you already. But not all of these tools and training courses are scams. As an example, we have the solid Evergreen Income Machines.

Evergreen Income Machines Review

Name: Evergreen Income Machines
Website: http://evergreenincomemachines.com
Products: Affiliate Marketing Training
Founder: Andy Brocklehurst
Cost: First: $47 then there’s are 3 upsells with $17, $37 and $37
Verdict: Legit and rank at 7/10

What Is Evergreen Income Machines and How Does It Work?

Evergreen Income Machines is a training program that helps you get started online. It’s designed for newbies, so if you’re a beginner you will learn what you need with this piece of software. It comes with a $47 price tag, but you do get a bunch of bonus guides with your purchase.

With this program, you may be able to produce a rather simple and modest website. It may earn you maybe an average of $10 a day. That’s obviously way below minimum wage, but then again you’re not really working each day. It’s mostly passive income, which means that the website keeps earning you money even if you don’t really do a lot. It’s kind of like a vending machine.

Now what really should interest you is that you can use this program to make as many 10 websites. What that means is you can earn $100 a day, and that’s $3,000 a month. So potentially, you’re looking at an income of $36k a year. Now that’s serious money.

You can even improve the system with some upgrades. You can pay for a couple of software tools. One writes effective headlines and the other creates a “done for you” monetized download page for your site.

Another upgrade costs $17 and it promises to boost your website traffic. Then there’s a tool that creates follow-up email sequences for you, and it costs $67.

Here is the screenshot of the upsells:


Upsells 2

Upsells 3

Who Is Evergreen Income Machines For?

This is a training program designed for beginners who don’t know much about making money-generating websites. You really don’t have to be an expert before you start your training, but you’ll be expert enough to make websites that make a small amount of money.

You just need a bit of perseverance so that you can create up to 10 websites. That will turn your income stream from “modest” to “decent”. It’s not the thousands of dollars you’re supposed to earn every day, but then again those products that make those promises don’t deliver on their promise. This one does, if you’re the sort of person who can persevere.

Evergreen Income Machines Tools and Training

Let’s break down the kind of education you’ll get with Evergreen Income Machines.

Module 1. Revving Up the Machine. This gives you an overview of the program and explains the various scientific explanations for how the program works even for beginners. It also starts on how you set up the program.

Module 2. Surefire Niche Profits. In this stage, you’re taught to convert your potential customers into actual customers. It’s not about trickery. Instead, it’s about creating trust by actually providing good value for your customers.

Module 3. Tune-Up the Machine. Here you learn how to attract traffic to your site, how to foster a relationship with them, and how you can get them to buy stuff from you.

Module 4. EIM Tools and Extras. This makes sure that it’s easy for your buyers to actually buy stuff from you.

Module 5. Autopilot the Machine. This shows how automation is the secret to online success.

Then there are the bonus guides that will supplement your core training:

#1 EIM Cash Cannon. It’s a 30-minute system of earning income.

#2 Facebook Live Authority. How you can set up and use your Facebook Live account.

#3 Discount Motivator Pro. This is a programming tool that uses discounts to motivate people to buy.

#4 WP Engage+. It’s a piece of software for making polls. Not only does it let you discover new intel, but it also lets you interact with your audience.

#5 Affiliate Contest Secrets. You learn how you can use even a small email list to earn commissions.

#6 100 AutoResponder Marketing Emails. These 100 emails can convert in any niche.

#7 Supersonic List Machine. Another way to build a massive list.

#8 Pro Copywriter. This teaches you how to write effect copy for your site.

#9 Make 1K to 3K Per Sale. A step by step guide into another profit generating scheme.

#10 Six-Figure Blueprint. A video course plan to make money online.

#11 InstaProfit Machine. This shows how 15 minutes a day can lead to hundreds of dollars a day.

The Good and the Bad

There are a lot of advantages to buying the Evergreen Income Machines training program. It offers a very clear and concise strategy for newbies. It’s also very honest when it says that offering value for your buyers is the true way of consistently earning money online.

All the essential areas are covered, from website creation to marketing and selling. With the tips you get here, there really is a good chance for you to earn good money online.

On the downside, it’s also a bit too “bare bones” in its approach. That’s why it cautions you about how a single site won’t do much for you, and why you need a lot of websites to generate real income.


If you want a more comprehensive approach, you may want to try out Wealthy Affiliate instead. This offers live support and a community so you can get the guidance you need even after your education. But Evergreen Income Machines is also good, and it’s totally legit with a 7/10 rating.

Below I also listed down the complete comparison Evergreen Income Machines towards the program I have been using so far. If you spend time on this Evergreen products might as well you join the one which you can benefits you in long term. Read the A and B comparison to find out more details.

It’s Your turn now

Is there any question you wanted to feedback or thought after reading my review towards Evergreen Income Machines? Please feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best do assist you for your question. No question but wanted to learn my online success? Reach out to me too.

Have a great online journey to you. 

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  • Matt Janowski says:

    I’m always curious, and cautious, when it comes to training sites that promise thousands of dollars. By the sounds of it, Evergreen Income Machines delivers on the training but may lack on substance.

    Based on your side-ny-side comparison (which is a great visual btw) it would definitely seem more logical on almost every level to take a free look at wealthy associates.

    Thanks for the in-depth look at Evergreen and comparing it to WA so the masses can decide for themselves.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Matt, Thanks for dropping by. No problem at all and I really wish others able to see the big differences through this comparison.

      Let me know if you need a hand from me.

  • Geek Hibrid says:

    I can’t stand products that have upsells like crazy. It just sends the wrong message. To me it’s a tacky way of saying that you’re just another sales prospect in a sales funnel. I’m all for people making their money, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Geek, this is very tacky especially for newbies who is looking for making money on the internet. Provided that they do enough of “homework or “research” to prevent such upsells product like Evergreen Income Machine. Those little efforts will end up save them (newbies) huge money.

      Thanks for your time dropping comments here.

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