Is Inbox Dollars A Scam Or Not? Here’s My Genuine Review

What is inbox dollars? Is it A scam? Is it worth your time to earn the money? Why are so many people fall into this program and gave up eventually? I personally join this program and found out the payout is the penny and not worth your effort into it. That’s why I m writing this. Read below for more details from my point of view.


Program Name: Inbox Dollars
Overall Ranking: 2 out of 10 stars
Price: Free to join
Owners: Daren Cotter


What is Inbox Dollars? Did you hear about Inbox Dollars before?

I believe yes, as long as anything related to online survey program Inbox Dollars is in the list, try to search “top online survey company” in Google. You will see. I DID THAT MYSELF at first.

So is Inbox Dollar a Scam? Nope. But you will not get rich by doing this. NO. ? Why? Cause they pay too little, how little? Read further

Indeed, It is a legitimate program and pays you once your account reached their threshold amount- $30. In fact, the membership is free too. Sounds good?

Once you cash out for the first time and the system by default will upgrade to gold membership which entitles for more benefits such as faster payment, some loyalty reward, referral benefits so and so.

Where the money come from to pay you?

Well, Inbox Dollars has existed in the online survey for a long time with the popularity of 1.6 million facebook follower and more than 25 million active membership and still growing days to days.

Wonder how customer service handles their customer well which such number with only less than 50 employees at the point of this writing.

24/7 Customer service equal to no customer service at all, you get my point?

Inbox Dollars pay member mainly from its advertiser and associated with big companies like eBay,, Netflix, Target, H&R Block, Walmart and PCH (Publisher’s Clearing House) etc.


How do you make money with Inbox dollars? How does it work?

Join them as members and start the work. A lot of work to do?

Well, they offered you to play their games, taking online surveys, reading emails, shopping cash back from your merchant purchases and referring friends.

Excited? Feel so cool and easy going?

The main things you are wasting hours trying qualify for a survey. It’s a trick 

Or Maybe you are lucky enough and go through 15 Mins survey and the system will say ” You are not matched for the survey or the system has reached maximum participation” It’s another trick.

See? Sounds frustrated? Yes, I am

But you still haven give up for being trying. You believe in just do it and dun give up damn, last shot. Yes, this time, you made it after few attempts.

What happened, this time, you earn your 25cents and spend hourly for trying break the system “trick”.

Let’s calculate 1 hour for pass through all the tricks PLUS 1 hour for completing 4 surveys of 15 min survey. You earning  $1 bucks for the 2-hour workload Seriously? How if you take more time to complete 4 surveys?

It could definitely take up to few month for you to Cash out your first payment from Inbox Dollars.

By the time you wanted Cash out your $30 threshold not forgetting they charge 3 bucks processing fee too.

This 3 Bucks might take you more 6 Hours to earn back this income. This should not the case. Sadly this is what the reality.


A conclusion of Dollars Inbox

Inbox Dollars indeed has very strong background since they founded the year of 2000 and award-winning company recognized by Inc. 5000 for outstanding growth.

It claims that pay out more than million to membership BUT in the same time’s company revenue also increase to MILLION. So you know why your hard work didn’t pay off and those rewards went to?

Indeed, its generate income to membership but I personally not feeling this is the way for earning extra income.

This type of sites offering a different kind of survey and sometimes that topic could be not related to your interest at all. You are just taking the survey sick of pennies money.

This add up is not worth of your time at all and I BELIEVE you can do better with the time you spent in Inbox Dollar. There are genuine ways to earn genuine money online but Inbox Dollar definitely is not on my consideration list at all.

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Inbox Dollar’s at a Glance

Program Name: InboxDollars
Overall Ranking: 2 out of 10 stars
Price: Free to join
Owners: Daren Cotter

Verdict: NOT RECOMMENDED, Not worth your time

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Thank you for reading this. At last, if you have more thought and question please comment below and I would like to hear from you.↓↓↓


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