Is InboxPays a Scam? (Are They Really Paying Up Or Just Another Scam in the Corner?

With the proliferation of unscrupulous online money making opportunities out there, it makes it  imperative that we take all the recommended precautionary measures first before embarking on any of them. This is the only way we can protect ourselves and avoid falling prey into scam organizations and other shady online schemes.

The cyberspace is a trove to a myriad of GPT (get-paid-to) sites. They are supposed to compensate you with monetary rewards after you complete an action or task they require, which can be varied such as completing out a survey, watching an advertisement, or just by visiting a website. The most complained about aspect  in the vast majority of GPT sites is when they need to pay you after completing their tasks.

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While there are multilevel marketing companies that will allow you to earn good money from their systems, there are many loopholes in their structure that only a discerning mind can decipher. In other words, their business structure is designed primarily for the company to have optimal profits while leaving behind the financial interests of their network members.

InboxPays Summary Review


Founder: n/a

Price: Free to join 

Best For: Anyone who can spare some free time they have to carry out simple tasks. 

What is inboxpays about

Summary:   We are able to establish that InboxPays is a legitimate get-paid-to reward and survey site. However, by taking a closer, a more in-depth look to them we can see that members can expect nothing good from them. While a handful of their members seem happy with what they are "getting" (if indeed they are getting compensated for their efforts in their tasks), the vast majority of their panel members are not happy and whining. 

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No


What Is InboxPays?

What is Inboxpays about? InboxPays is a typical GPT site where you need to complete a set of tasks for them before you can get paid. This online money making opportunity is a subsidiary of A&A Marketing Group with its headquarters in Houston, Texas. They are also the same company which owns many other GPT sites.

InboxPays is a new player in the market research sphere, so they are basically fresh in this field. Members in this get-paid-to site are supposed to make money from them with any of the following activities they undertake:

Read Emails

You are supposed to receive a maximum of 3 email messages with this set. At stake here is from 2 cents to 25 cents per email. Take caution on this option as not to do it on a mobile device because their system won’t recognize it. Therefore, you are not likely to get any credits if you do this task on your mobile phone or tablet pc. So make it sure to use instead of a laptop or a desktop computer instead.

Is InboxPays a scam?

Another important thing you need to be aware of is that their system is likely to send to your email a myriad of spam emails. So, it is better that you use a spare email address you have for this purpose alone.

Play Games

 “Spin the Wheel” is a game you can play on InboxPays website. At stake here, you can win a jackpot price. You automatically get a chance to have 2 wins right after you signed up for an account. Additional spins can be earned if you will their cash offers.


Cash Offers

By accepting tasks under this category, you can get a chance to earn anywhere between 25 cents to $75. Most of the time, these type of tasks are going to be a “trial” offer, which means to say that you have an option to cancel them within a specified span of time. This type of tasks necessitates you to provide your credit card information or Paypal details.

Is InboxPays a scam?

Use Coupons

Now, this is one gray area on their site, I can’t find any good reason why they need to have it in there if it is not going to help you make any money. Anyhow, you can print out the said coupons to get yourself a few cents off from your purchased grocery items and many other necessities you need on a daily basis.

 What is inboxpays about

Referring Other People to the Business

If you are seriously considering this opportunity, this is the best direction for you to go. This option gives you a hyperlink you can use to distribute to your circle, and use that link to sign-up as well. It will entitle you to receive of whatever amount they will cash out in the future.

Is InboxPays a scam?

How to Get Started with InboxPays?

Most of the time, the signup process for GPT sites like Inboxpays is always free of charge. You probably know the drill if you have prior experience in other survey sites, that is you provide your full details when signing up like home address, full name, email address, date of birth, etc.

Soon after you signed up for an account, the system will credit your profile with a teaser incentive of $5. The next ones will depend upon the efforts you will exert.

However, take extra caution when providing your personal details, particularly your phone number. It runs the risk of having this personal detail distributed to third parties sans any consent from you.

Who Can Join InboxPays? 

If you are a US resident and at least 18 years old, you can sign-up with InboxPays and become a member of their panel. Unfortunately, aspirants from outside the US are not allowed to join. Therefore if you are from Asia, don’t even bother.

If you are a legitimate resident in the US, but you opted to provide inaccurate information in your profile, like falsifying your email address, name or any other important piece of information you will run the risk of your account being abolished by their system.

How the Inboxpays System Work? 

Make it sure that you have your Paypal account ready when you join Inboxpays. This is the payment instrument you will use to withdraw your earnings.

And instead of points, their system lets you earn cash.

Payments to your account can be done via $50 increments. Meaning, the minimum withdrawal amount you can make is always a multiple of 50.

Say for example that you have $75 balance in your account. In this case, the system will only allow you to withdraw the $50 threshold amount. After which you can withdraw the remaining balance, $25, after accumulating $25 more to make it $50.

Or if you have accumulated $200 in your account, then their system will let you withdraw the full amount because it is a multiple of 50. Please keep in mind that you need to observe several stipulations while trying to accumulate funds in your account.

So, $50 is the minimum amount to transfer funds to your PayPal account. But there are certain aspects here that can be confusing to first-timers:

      1.   The only time you can cash out to your PayPal is when your fund amount is a multiple of 50. Anything in excess can be withdrawn when your funds become a multiple of 50 again, that is $50. 
      2. $25 of your earning should come from paid offers or Spin-the-Wheel game.
      3. The system will not allow you to cash out more than $25 from paid emails.

Say for example now that you have $50 in your account, $30 of which you earned from paid emails and $20 you got them from paid offers. You will need to wait until such time you get another $5 from wheel spins or paid offers before the system gives you an option to cash out again.

Unfortunately, you can’t make use of your coupons or referral bonuses to reach the threshold amount of $50.

How Much Money Can You Really Make with Inboxpays?

The vast majority of people who are panel members of a particular GPT site, like Inboxpays, figure out that it will take them a long time to reach the $50 threshold amount before they can withdraw. But it can be very disappointing to learn that they don’t have the proper breakdown to be able to cash out.

You may do great in referring people from your circle to join you in the business, however, the system will see to it that your account does have the recommended wheel spins or cash from offers before you can process a withdrawal request.

Is Inboxpays a scam

Members who've been with Inboxpays for quite some time now know and understand that completing offers here is the best way to accumulate earnings. If you seem to spend so much time on offers, you may not be earning enough from that.

It will only make sense when the offers you intend to complete are something you originally intended to sign up for.

The Ugly Truths About InboxPays Revealed

You May or May Not Get Paid

Before making any decision to join this GPT site, know first they are among the many who skirts around payment issues or compensating their members. After delving deeper in their Terms of Service, I came across this clause:

“InboxPays offers cash incentives/cash surveys to members in exchange for completing signup process for trial offers.”

Take note on the manner in which they phrased this part, rather than putting in there as an actual payment they have there instead “cash incentive”. The cash incentive is one way of saying that they will reward you for completing an offer, but there is no assurance you will ever see that money.

What is Inboxpays a scam or what?

Moreover, in their Terms of Service, they indicated that they offer “no payment guarantee” after you completed an offer. The reason behind this is that they don’t have any mechanism from their end if you completed an offer.

But as far as my understanding here goes, if a GPT site made a word that they would compensate you when you complete an offer they should leave no stone unturned to make that happen. It is obvious to see that this is really not the case here.

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Complaints Raised in Better Business Bureau

I made it a habit that before I try out any GPT site, I ensure first that they are properly rated by BBB or Better Business Bureau. It did not surprise me that there are a handful of complaints lodged against Inboxpays and that the agency did not give them a good rating.

If you will check out this BBB page for Inboxpays, you will quickly notice the disclaimer made by them that the site has received numerous complaints from users alleging them as not compensating their members after completing tasks for them.

What is even more alarming here is the fact that Inboxpays seems to be on the habit of deliberately ignoring the disputes lodged against them, having no plan at all to rectify any of them.

Privacy Concerns

In my research, I came across several issues concerning the privacy of members. More than a handful of them have received what is more like spam-like email messages.

They can’t really put the blame for this on the uptick in their emails, although there seems like a correlation to it. According to their Privacy Policy, they will not distribute your personal information to other parties, but the thing here is that it does not include third parties.

Privacy issue

High Cashout Rate

In the past, I used to involve myself with GPT sites that have low cash out minimums. Personally, I preferred those with $10 or less for cash out. I really don’t have anything against GPT sites that have high cash out rates, provided of course that they have a good reputation in giving timely payments.

Another thing to consider is they are not imposing a lot of restrictions with respect to what your earnings need to be comprised of. Unfortunately, Inboxpays is not able to be on par with this criterion of mine.

As indicated above, I really find Inboxpays very restrictive on these aspects. Hence, I won’t encourage anyone to even consider them.

What I Like About InboxPays?

When you come to understand how a supposed online money-making opportunity is failing its members in as far as helping them earn on the side, with a clear perspective on how things go wrong and there are no clear indications from the company’s end that they are doing something to rectify the issues, you won’t have any interest to bother to know what is good about their structure.

In the first place, they have deliberately and intentionally left out the interest of their panel members behind. This leaves us an impression that they are only after their own business interest, right? So with that, we can surmise they are not going to do anything in favor of their members, or at least anything that will be beneficial to them.

Is InboxPays a Scam? 

While we qualified Inboxpays as a legitimate GPT Rewards website, the nuggets of information we gathered above is clearly telling us that they don’t act like one.

Considering the fact that they really have a very low-income potential and their members persistently plagued by different forms of account and there is so much drudgery when they need to cash out their funds, these are strong reasons for us to hold back from endorsing this platform as a good opportunity for making money online.

We can safely say that this GPT rewards website is nothing but a mere waste of time. We can also imagine the vast number of people whom in the recent past had nothing but a harrowing experience from them.

And even if not all active panel members of Inboxpays are challenged with their accounts, fact remains that many of their members are still whining about it and they are not taking any action that will help improve their members’ experience of their system.

How I Make Money Online? 

Forgive me on this but I have to emphasize that if you are looking for effective ways to earn money online, a GPT reward site like Inboxpays is not likely to deliver your best expectations.

First of all, they offer us low-income potential. Second, their structure concerning their earning system and cashout options are always riddled with challenges and restrictive policies. Such elements always put the members on the losing end.

With that being said, I want to encourage you to consider and try a better opportunity instead, marketing affiliate the Wealthy Affiliate way.

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Was there ever a point in time that you thought of joining a paid survey site. With the facts given above regarding InboxPays, would you still consider joining their panel? Why or why not?  Please head to the comments section below and share your feedback to us regarding Inboxpays and other GPT (get-paid-to) survey and reward sites. 

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