Is Instant Products Now A Scam? Does It Worth Your Time?

What are Instant Products Now About? Is Instant Products Now A Scam? Have you ever met someone who’s attractive, nice, brave, and intelligent, and with a great sense of humor? That person seems perfectly right? Then you look deeper and realize that there’s a rot within that person. Perhaps they’re a sadistic psychopath or an intolerant racist. Maybe they’re actually a greedy bastard who cares only about money and who doesn’t mind if people get hurt in the process.

A lot of Internet scams are like that. They present an attractive offer so it seems like you’re going to get a lot of valuable stuff. They then say that the cost is virtually nothing. So the deal is so obviously good that it’s just stupid to say no. But you eventually end up realizing that you were really stupid to say yes to something that sounded too good to be true.

That’s the essence of Instant Products Now. It may not seem like it at first, but it’s really worthless.

Instant Products Now Review

Name: Instant Products Now
Website: Main:  VIP Membership Site:
Products: Internet Marketing Products
Founder: Bill Guthrie
Fees: $27
Upsells: VIP Membership : $9(Monthly Recurring) Or $47 (Yearly Recurring) Or $97 (Lifetime)
Overall Rank: 1 out of 10

What Is Instant Products Now and How Does It Work?

Essentially, Instant Products Now is just what it says in the name. You get lots of materials that can help with your online business venture. You can read them and be guided by the tips contained in these materials. Or you can sell them if you want.

There are at least 762 different products here. These include various ebooks, reports, WordPress themes, templates, and plugins. There are even a few video courses. All these you can get for just about $27.

Once you’ve bought this, you’ll be then invited to a VIP membership. Monthly fees cost $9 buy pay in advance for a year for just $47. A trial membership is just for a dollar while a lifetime membership costs $97.

Who Is Instant Products Now For?

This is great for those who despair of having to churn out content for blogs and subscription sites on a constant basis. This also works for people who like to sell digital products on their site. In an instant, you have hundreds of downloadable content that you can sell at any price.

Instant Products Now Tools and Training

So what do you get for your money with these products? The selling point here is that they become yours—in every sense of the word.

#1 You can sell these things and put your name to it on your website. You can modify these materials so they come off as the original. This makes you an instant authority since you’re an author and a creator.

#2 You can also sell them the way Instant Products Now is selling them. That is, you sell these items to customers at whatever price and tell them that they, in turn, can sell it to others.

#3 You can use the content for your blog, so you’ll have lots of materials ready to keep your site fresh and updated. This also works for a membership site.

#4 You can use it as a prize for people to sign in to your email list, to get them to complete surveys, or even as a bonus item included with your other items.

#5 The materials can also be transformed into other forms. You can take an ebook guide and then make a series of video tutorials from the content. You can collect several reports into an ebook.

#6 You can even use snippets from these materials as tweets or other social media content.

Of course, you may as well read some of the guides yourself and maybe you can learn a few tips. Also, these materials cover a lot of topics. The materials offer guides and tips for websites that focus on:

  • Online businesses and home-based income opportunities
  • Online and local marketing
  • Hobbies, crafts, and sports
  • Self-improvement
  • Physical fitness
  • Sex, romance, and dating
  • Food and cooking
  • Personal finance

The Good and the Bad

(+) On the face of it, Instant Products Now is all good. It seems like a very generous offer if you’re presented with 762 products for just $27. Some sellers even offer a 5-ebook package for the same amount of money. Now you get 762 products instead!

(+) If you’re wondering what to sell on your site, then the digital items here make a wonderful stock. The materials also ensure that you never again have to worry about writing another blog post yourself.

So what’s wrong with this picture? In a word, the products are crap. The guides are simplistic and generic. There’s really nothing here of substance. It’s as if everything’s just fluff.

(-) These are just variations of the various crappy articles you see online. They’re not all that well-written, and the tips aren’t really all that helpful.

(-) Put these materials on your blog, and you’ll alienate your audience. They’ll think that you’re taking them for fools, and they’ll be right. In the end, your name and brand will be tarnished.

(-) The upfront fees just a crap. You will need to subscribe recurring fees if you want to become their VIP membership.

(-) These things won’t even help much with SEO. Duplicate content simply doesn’t really rank all that highly in Google. People will also see that even on the Google listings that your content looks very similar to the content on other sites, and they won’t bother to visit your website.


Now if you really want to go about earning money properly, you have to learn properly. That means taking a  Proper Training Course like Wealthy Affiliate. That course will give you a clear step by step plan on how you should go about building and growing a website.

With this, it’s a f track to nowhere. Sure you get lots of materials, which is why it still gets a rating of 1/10. At least it’s cheap. But it sure does waste your time, especially if you’re trying to grow your site.

All these materials offer useless generic content that many will recognize as worthless crap. Once your name is associated with crap, you’ll find that succeeding in online business becomes that much more difficult.  Do yourself a favor and avoid Instant Products Now, and get properly trained instead.

In case you still doubt whether if there is Legitimate Training Program that you can believe? I would say “YES”. Below is the prove one of the Member of

Below is the prove one of the Member of Wealthy Affiliate improve his traffic and boost his website ranking following the training he learned. The same program I Joined to built this website you currently visiting.

Not convincing enough? Or maybe you have doubt in whether Affiliate Marketing can make Genuine Money from the Internet? Can make a sustainable income that supports your lifestyle. Below is another member Colton make his Income and quit his job thereafter. And his income increase to 10K per month by the time of this writing.

So from what my experience is not whether we can succeed in internet marketing. Is all about whether we find a trustworthy product that able to help us achieve our goal. If you read more about my

If you read more about my experiences indicate in about myself you will know that before coming into the legitimate program I have caught and spent more than few thousand in Scams. So I truly understand what the feeling being scammed and that’s why I built this site to help out as much as I can.

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Instant Products Now













  • Low Start up Cost
  • Offered 762 Products that fits you
  • You Can Resell Those Products
  • Fully Covered DIfferent kind of Niche


  • Recurring fees for VIP Membership
  • Products Information Too General
  • Upsell with Downsell
  • You will get lost in A Way
  • No Support that Help you
  • Waste of your Precious Time
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