Is Javita a Scam? Can Your Javita Coffee Beverage Bring You Closer to Your Financial Wellness?

The health and wellness industry is actually teeming with a sundry of products that are allegedly helpful in inducing weight loss. All of them have high claims that they can help anyone to get their bodies back in shape by helping them  lose unwanted flabs. However, it is my first time to hear of a coffee product that is said to have this attribute also and is coming for Javita.

What is the Javita coffee? Have you ever heard about this kind of product before?

We know for a  fact that an infinite number of people are hooked on coffee, right? Tapping into this market is lucrative as it is, but if you can offer something not found in the market yet,  then it is bound to become a huge hit.

But people with discerning minds like yourself know better than this right? Before you venture into anything, it is imperative that you gather as many information as you can. This is one effective measure to help keep yourself from getting involved in scam organizations and pyramiding schemes.

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Javita Summary Review


Founder:  Stan Cherelstein

Price:  $99 (Wholesale Program fee) or $599 (full compensation program) + autoships (monthly basis), depending the level you choose to be in

Best For: For individuals who are avid coffee drinkers and are interested in selling them to their own circle to earn some money on the side. 

Is Javita Coffee

Summary: As a typical MLM company, Javita is offering the coffee product lines in what can be considered as slightly overpriced products. Of course, their selling point here are the benefits they bring, particularly in the area of weight loss. However, people who used to patronize their products before are making an assertion that Javita products are nothing but a waste of time. They are simply overpriced brand of coffee beverages and the promise of helping your body in the aspect of losing some weight is just a myth. 

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No


What Is Javita?

Javita is a networking company founded by Stan Cherelstein in 2004. Unlike the majority of networking companies that either sell  skin or health care products, Javita instead is involved in the marketing and selling of coffee and tea products. It is also the sister company of Waiora, another less known MLM company.

Javita comes with a strong line of coffee product range, which includes burn+Control, Energy+Mind, FocusFusion Cocoa and many more.

What is the Javita
What is Javita coffee
What is Javita Weight loss coffee
What is in Javita coffee

The lineup of coffee products they have on offer is not the usual coffee mix you regularly see available in supermarkets and retail stores. But they do contain several ingredients that make them extra special, and as they claim, will aid the body in losing weight.

Javita’s Product Line

As stated earlier, Javita is offering to the market different kinds of coffee, but they’re not just the typical coffee we know. What makes their coffee lineup offerings distinct from commercial-grade, mass-produced coffee is that they’re mixed with supplements. Supplements that are usually found in the vast majority of weight loss products. 

1. ActiveBlendz Products:

This particular product lineup is fruit-based drinks. The working idea behind them is to quench your thirst and suppress your appetite while supplying your body with all the vitamins and minerals that are useful to your body. Basically, this lineup of thirst quenching fruity drinks is aimed primarily to support your health. 

What is Javita coffee about

​2. Burn + Control:

When Garcinia Cambogia and Yerba Nate are melded together in a one of a kind unique coffee blend, the resulting product will help accelerate your body’s metabolism. Any food craving you will have for that day becomes manageable, too. 

www javita com

3. Energy + Mind:

A coffee blend with a mix of powerful antioxidants, Bacopa Monnieri, and Gotu Kola can help you become more alert and attentive. It will help you gain your focus and clear your mind of any distraction. Hence, helping your mind to optimize its learning ability. 

Is Javita a Scam

4. Herbal Cleanse Tea: 

When you need to improve or maintain a healthy digestive system, which in effect, help promote weight loss, this product is going to be of significant help. 

What is the Javita

5. Lean + Green: 

The idea behind this sachet of green tea is to provide you help in controlling your body’s sugar level and to reduce your appetite. 

Javita weight loss coffee

If you will delve deeper into these products and try to find out what they are comprised of, you will figure out that the common denominator in all of them is the Garcinia Cambogia. This herb is quite well-known for its property to aid in weight loss by suppressing your appetite.

Is Javita Coffee Good for You? 

We are not going to hide the fact that a good number of people who have previously tried Javita’s coffee product offerings have positive experiences with the product, but there are also who, unfortunately, have a not so pleasant story to tell.

Try and go to the Amazon website and make some research on the Javita products there. You will realize that a lot of people who tried Javita products for the very first time complained of some issues like having an upset stomach.

But for those who did not experience any serious negative impact, they seem to have something lighter to complain about. The appetite control expectation they have with their Javita coffee drink convinced them that it is just a myth. A fabricated benefit solely intended to make the product market and sell well. 

what is Javita for

The mere fact that a handful of Javita’s customers raised an issue of this kind, which can’t be taken lightly, and knowing that they are actually melding into their products a number of exotic herbs, we can surmise that the problem has something to do with how they are blended together. It may not have anything to do with an individual having a weak tolerance for caffeine.

How to Get Started with Javita?  

Generally speaking, most MLM companies are offering their members two opportunities to earn money from their system. Javita is a qualified MLM company and is therefore not an exemption to this.

1. First, you can work on making a retail sale. Sell their products as many as you like and in doing so, you will garner a commission for every single, successful sale transaction that you make.

2. Second, if you have the gift of gab and the power of persuasion is also in you, then you can easily recruit other people and convince them effortlessly to join this business opportunity. In doing so you will earn commissions, bonuses, and incentives.

Like any other networking companies out there, joining the Javita team to become one of their product distributors is not free. There are two fees you need to mind about if you seriously want to join this networking company.

A one-time joining fee of $99 will entitle you to become part of the company’s wholesale program.
Another one-time fee you need to settle is valued at $599. This will make you eligible to partake in the full compensation plan for Javita’s product distributors.

On a side note, personally, I find these fees as pretty expensive even if they are just one time fees only. But if you are anxious about the joining fees, then brace yourself for something more. In order to keep your distributor account active, you need to comply with the company’s prescribed monthly volume of product purchase. 

Javita’s Compensation Package

Javita is currently employing the unilevel MLM structure. This networking company has come up with a number of ways to compensate their product distributors. We are going to outline a few of them here to give us an idea if joining this MLM company is somehow worth our while.

1. Direct Sales 

This is the most common way to compensate anyone in any networking company. Obviously, this involves you, the product distributor, selling Javita product/s directly to your customer.

There are 2 ways you can carry this out. First, make a purchase on stock items, then market them. Offer them or sell them up to others, say in your circle of friends, relatives, or neighbors.

This method to make money obviously revolves around you directly selling to your customer. You can do this in 2 ways. The first way is to purchase stock and sell them directly yourself. If you buy Javita’s products at a wholesale price, you’ll make a profit that is the difference between your purchase and selling price.

The other method is by taking advantage of your Javita website. You can also choose to supply your ID number to any person you know is going to buy some Javita coffee blends.
By this measure, you’d be able to make some 30% commission on every Javita product that you will be able to sell successfully. 

2. First Order Bonus.

At stake with this type of bonus is a weekly pay for product distributors who, provided of course, that at least one of their downline member made a product purchase in a given week. Successful sale for any of the following categories of products will make you eligible for this type of sales.

Silver Pack $299 – Entitles you to a $50 commission
Gold Pack $499 – Entitles you to a $100 commission
Platinum Pack $999 – Entitles you to a $250 commission

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3. Star Level Bonus

Now, this part may present some confusion to some. This can get into the picture after accumulating on your account 1600 PV (purchase volume). This is done when you are able to recruit 4 people and have them purchase the gold package.
You need to carry this out within a matter of 30 days. This will entitle you to a $100 commission together with your other recruits. Plus, you also become a Star Level in the Javita network. 

4. Team Development Infinity Bonus (TDI) 

You don’t readily qualify for this type of bonus as you need to reach first the star level status. In essence, this type of bonus works out like a team commission where members are given different ranks. Their respective ranks will determine the number of commissions that you are designated to get from your downline members.

So, above are just 4 of 10 ways in which Javita networking company can compensate you. Like much how Market America is (another MLM company), we can’t really qualify Javita’s compensation plan as something like a walk in the park.
If you are keen on becoming a Javita product distributor anytime soon, this is actually one of those aspects in which you need to be able to wrap your mind around. Below is a Youtube video for Javita’s compensation plan, you might want to check it out for further details. 

The Ugly Truths About Javita  Revealed  

Ineffective Products

Perhaps what can be considered as the most complained about aspect of Javita products is their effectiveness. Overhyping a product and failing to deliver good, expected results is a common issue among the vast majority of companies in the MLM sphere. Hence, you need to carefully evaluate the products you are choosing before making a purchase.

Likewise, it is also not a good practice to just jump into a networking company and become a part of it without making any assessment of how things really are within the company.

Unless you are willing to take the risk which is kind of costly, then you may join Javita in a haphazard fashion.

Is Javita a Scam

No Income Disclosure Statement 

I tried to search out the Web for their present and previous income disclosure statement but there is none that I can stumble upon. For me, this is a gray part of any networking company.

Deliberately denying access to this important document is a telltale sign that you should not make any attempt to join that particular networking company. IDS or income disclosure statement is a formal declaration to the general public about the income possibilities that members can possibly receive from them. 

Expensive Product Line

I am under the assumption that probably the underlying reason why their product offerings are so expensive is due to the perks they come with. But no, your expectations about their coffee being able to help you lose weight is bound to become a big disappointment.

Even if we give credit to Javita that their lineup of coffee products are indeed delicious, without the perks giving them a  high price tag, much like how they are at the moment, will not justify their pricing for those. 

Very Stiff Competition

We have established the fact that Javita products  are pricey. And in the eyes of an ordinary consumer earning a minimum wage, it is not absolutely practical to make a  purchase on their products.

With that, what compelling reason are they giving us, the public, to make that decision of making a purchase of their products and patronize their brand?

What I Do Like About Javita?

Compact Products Makes Them Easy on Storage

The boxes in which Javita coffee sachets come in are relatively small. This will work to the the advantage of their product distributors in such a way that they will not have much of an issue in as far as storage and inventory space is concerned.

Their convenient box packaging design makes them easy to carry around with you, most especially when you are going to have your product presentation. 

People Like the Taste of Javita’s Coffee Range

Despite the various negative points I pointed out in this review, I won’t hide the fact that a handful of people are indeed liking how their coffee tastes. Some people actually enjoy them over other brands.

This is regardless if these people are getting the supposed beneficial, which is basically the selling point of these products. 

Javita Has Been in the Business for a Long Time Now

Javita has been in the business for 14 years now, and counting. There are no indications whatsoever that they might slow down on something, or what not.

The longevity of this business is a good indication that they know exactly what they are doing and are up to. Where other businesses would start to fall apart after such a span of time, it may not be absolutely true with this company.

Is Javita a Scam?

We are going to qualify Javita networking company as a reputable business organization in the coffee industry. Therefore, we are not considering this business as a scam, simply because they are not.

But this does not mean to say that even if they are not a scam company, it is okay for you to join them right away. Please note that there are many aspects in this company that are not working well for their product distributors. Unless you are wanting to take that risks, the decision is up to you.

It is worth mentioning here that their product line is not actually living up to what they claim are capable of doing, that is to help you lose your unnecessary weight.

Besides that, there is a manifold of complaints from people who tried their products before. Some would assert they experienced negative side-effects when they drink Javita coffee. Their negative experiences with these coffee beverage would range from upset stomach to insomnia.

Second, the coffee industry is way too saturated already and thus it would be extremely difficult or challenging  for their product distributors to really shine and become highly successful in this niche.

How I Make Money Online?

My primary reason for not encouraging people to join a multilevel marketing company is simple, there is no way you optimize your earning potential from this kind of business model.

However, have you ever paid thought what could be the great possibilities ahead if you will just make things on your own?

Reassess the amount of time you need to have when promoting a Javita product line or when selling them up to people in your circle. Gird your loins because you will also get emotional aches in this business, people are likely to reject your offer which is pretty normal in the MLM industry.

Are you willing to take those risks? Sometimes, it can even put your personal relationships on the line, even.

My best recommendation here in as far as reaching your financial goals is concerned is to try affiliate marketing above everything else. And not just any affiliate marketing program will do, it has to be the programs and techniques prescribed by Wealthy Affiliate.

Why Wealthy Affiliate? 

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Avid coffee drinkers are usually delighted at the prospect of them losing some weight by drinking Javita coffee products. The underlying question here is, are their products really that effective? Does it deliver? Do you know of any similar coffee products? Honestly, I find it hard to believe, even preposterous, that by drinking specially formulated coffee you can start losing some weight.  What are your thoughts about this? Please share it in the comments section. 









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