Is Jeunesse a Scam? Find Out If They Will Steal Your Money Away!

 Is Jeunesse a scam?

What is Jeunesse Global about?

These are the usual questions you will hear from someone who is not in the know about Jeunesse.

This company review I have about Jeunesse Global is beneficial to most people, especially those who are contemplating to join this network company anytime soon.

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Jeunesse Summary Review

Website:  www.jeunesseglobal.com/

Founder:  Wendy R. Lewis, Randy Ray 

Price:  $49.95 membership fee + monthly products purchase worth $85

Best For:  Suitable for stay-at-home mothers, women in general. 

Is Jeunesse a scam?

Summary: Jeunesse is perhaps among the most dynamic MLM companies that I ever made a review for. Compared to other networking companies in the same niche, they have achieved growth in just a short span of time. It is a very promising MLM company so to speak. But their emphasis though on recruiting more people to join their network is working to their disadvantage. 

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No


What is Jeunesse About?

Jeunesse (pronounced Juh-ness) Global is a controversial MLM company. They are involved in the beauty and wellness industry and are selling an array of anti-aging skin care products as well as a line of natural health supplements.

It is safe to say that this company has been conquering the niche of skincare MLM. 

If you have tried out one of their products before, you will agree with me when I say that their marketing team is extremely talented in naming their product offerings such as “M1nd”,  “Finiti”, and “Nevo”.

What is Jeunesse about?

Choose Jeunesse products according to your skin care needs.

But the important question being raised upon this networking firm is if they are really running a legitimate multilevel marketing business. If not, are they having an illegal pyramid scheme instead? in the guise of networking? We need to know. 

If they are also into the health and wellness industry,  we need to know if there are any instances in the past that they have crossed the borderline in as far as income and health claims are concerned.

How to Get Started with Jeunesse? 

Like any other MLM companies out there, membership with Jeunesse Global requires you to pay a fee.

Initially, you need to make an upfront payment of $49.95 for you to receive your own Jeunesse “Starter Kit”.  After which nothing follows. This is the only fee you need to settle to get started in the company as one of their distributors.

However, in case that you are interested in jumpstarting your business, they will encourage you to consider making a purchase on their other product packages amounting to $1,800.

If you are not aware of how MLM systems work, the person who recruited/referred you to Jeunesse will actually earn a commission from your purchase. Hence, they will actually encourage you to make the purchase because they really have a vested interest in doing that.

Another point of concern you need to mind about after joining Jeunesse network is you need to make a monthly product purchase amounting to $85. This is their way of keeping your member status active.

Any member that is tagged by the system as inactive is not qualified to receive commissions should there be any that is upcoming.

If this is Jeunesse’s way of giving you the best opportunity for making money online, then why does it have to be so expensive to start out.

Your goal is to make money online and naturally you will need to invest some bucks along the way. But it should not feel like the company is ripping you off.

Jeunesse Product Line

Jeunesse is offering  a wide range of products, from personal care to nutrition. The most well known of these is their Luminesce product range.

Luminesce range is their flagship product with its patent currently pending. Their marketing team is promoting it as among the best and finest in the world which is pretty normal and natural. All companies in the world are biased to their own products and services, pretty self-explanatory. 

Jeunesse’s marketing strategy for Luminesce range is geared towards highlighting its unique formulation. They assert that it can help restore your skin’s natural luminosity and firmness. Regular use will result in visibly improved skin texture.

Review of Jeunesse Business Opportunity

Like any other companies that are under the MLM business model, Jeunesse Global is mobilizing their members to recruit or refer interested people to join them in their network of marketers. They get compensated for doing so via commissions from their purchased product packs.

With Jeunesse Global, they offer their members 6 ways to earn money.

  1. New Customer Acquisition Bonus
  2. Team Commissions
  3. Customer Acquisition Incentive
  4. Leadership Matching Bonus
  5. Retail Profit
  6. Leadership Bonus Pool

I don’t need to go into details about each one of them. But if you are interested to know, please watch this video clip I sourced for you.

The Ugly Truths About Jeunesse?

The people behind the Truthinadvertising.org or TINA.org was moved to take action by multiple consumer complaints prompting them to conduct an investigation about Jeunesse and their business operation protocols. This is the core of this review and you need to educate yourself about all this prior to making a decision to join Jeunesse network.

Improper Health Claims

The law does not permit anyone to promote supplements as being potent enough to help ward off, cure or prevent diseases. However, members of this MLM company was not deterred by it and thus made an assertion that their products can help in removing psoriasis, cure cancer, lower blood pressure and more.  TINA.org successfully collected 100 instances where members of this company making such a claim when promoting or selling their products.

Misleading Income Claims

The law prohibits MLM companies from making deceptive use of an unusual amount of possible income. However, for the longest time, Jeunesse has been in the habit of making tall claims about member income possibilities.

September 25, 2015, TINA.org alerted Jeunesse about this issue which subsequently issued an income disclosure statement. To say the least, it was rather confusing instead of giving a clearer picture of their member’s income possibilities.

Questionable and Disputable Before and After Photos

Members of Jeunesse MLM company were found to have been using pictures and images that were originally used by healthcare providers on their websites. A handful of these images were actually free stock images which members have recycled.

Federal and State Consumer Complaints

As of this writing, a close to 50 cases of consumer complaints have been lodged to FTC and  Florida AG’s office. The majority of the complaints involve problems in obtaining refunds, others are allegations that Jeunesse is a pyramiding scheme business under the guise of an MLM business model.

Jeunesse Founder’s History of Legal Troubles

From 1984 to 1985, Jeunesse CEO Randy Ray racked 5 legal judgments amounting to $800,000. Then in 1986, he filed for personal bankruptcy.  He is also associated with several other controversial business entities such as Fuel Freedom International which is also another MLM company.

Expensive Products

Jeunesse suggested retail price for their products are pretty expensive. The prices would range from $45 to almost $300, usually a month-long supply of a particular item. Jeunesse distributors buy them at wholesale prices then sells them off to their prospects at retail prices, giving them a little retail commission.

Similar items can be easily purchased on sites like Amazon.com. Since members of Jeunesse Global, like other MLM companies, are required to make a monthly product purchase worth $85 so they can remain as active members, this inevitably results to stockpiling.

In order to dispose of their amassed product items, Jeunesse distributors resort to online selling at a cheaper price. This way they can easily finish off their stocks fast.

Pyramid Scheme in the Guise of an MLM

I had this realization after watching their compensation plan. According to FTC, they define a pyramid scheme as a business organization whose operation is centered on recruiting new members to join their network without having to offer real tangible products or services.

On the assertion that Jeunesse Global is offering real products, this part is absolutely true. But instead of educating people about their products, they are putting more emphasis on bringing in more people willing to join the group.

Recruitment is that part of their business where the most money can be generated. Thus, they put more emphasis on it rather than marketing the products. In order to determine you are dealing with a good MLM company, check the level of interest of their upcoming members. Are they motivated to join the company because they can earn big money? Taking away from the equation the money matters, will they still join the network because they love and believe in the integrity of the products being offered?

What I Do Like About Jeunesse?

      1.  Dynamic Market

If there is one aspect that is right about Jeunesse, this will have something to do with the fact that they are involved in a highly profitable niche, the beauty, and wellness industry. Experts are in high anticipation that this industry is to grow into $200 billion market this year.

     2.  Products Backed by Scientific Studies

While it is true that Jeunesse products have scientific backgrounds due to the research they made in DNA and stem cells, it is wrong to make an assertion that all their products carry this. This claim should apply to selected products only where they had conducted scientific studies, but it is unethical to include every product they have simply because it is not the case.

Is Jeunesse a Scam?  

I would not be going to consider Jeunesse as a scam (for now). While all the pieces of evidence we have here in this review are pointing us to this direction (that Jeunesse is a scam), and that there are also expert views validating our observation, we can’t declare this company as such until FTC make an affirmation on this.

For now, what we can do instead is to remain vigilant and be cautious enough when trying to join an MLM company like Jeunesse. This is the only way we can keep ourselves from falling prey into pyramid scheme companies guised under the MLM business model. So, my final word here is veer away from Jeunesse.

How to spot a pyramid scheme:

How I Make Money Online?

I want to commend you for making it this far in this review. Beyond giving you the relevant information you may be looking for concerning Jeunesse and MLM companies, I am most interested in helping you find a better opportunity to earn money online.

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Juenesse Global is one of the most controversial MLM companies I have reviewed so far. I won't be surprised if you have some feedback regarding this company, or perhaps someone  from your circle has a firsthand experience about them. Would you like to share that story you have, good or bad, it would count! I invite you to drop a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

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  • Paul says:

    Hi Edmon, I haven’t seen this one I will admit but they do look to work a lot like most others.. Like other avenues of online sales, MLM companies can be very lucative but they work in a different way to normal affiliate marketing in that they are essentially a giant pyramid scheme – even though they go to great lengths to portray otherwise.  In essence the main difference between them and normal affiliate marketing is that with MLM you are required to purchase a certian amount of thier product in order collect any commissions you may have earned.  A  monthly or joining fee is however I beleive just a cash grab and those companies should be avoided.

    The most savvy of MLM marketers use these required purchases as a ‘cost of goods sold’ setup where they give the product away in terms of adding value to potential clients.  

    Thanks for your review in this one, it does go to prove that you really need to do your homework before entering thier program.


    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hey Paul, Yes and definitely need to some research before joining any program. At least for me. And in MLM you have no choice but to purchase their program then market to your friends family members. This is totally different from how Affiliate Marketing system. 

  • Babsie Wagner says:

    I have to say I would not join anything that required an $89 monthly purchase.  That is really steep,and you would have to work like crazy to make more than that to turn a profit.  I don’t buy $89 worth of products every month, so it would be wasted on me.  It also would stress me out.  That’s why I like affiliate marketing and the Wealthy Affiliate program.  It’s only $49, but for that I’m getting a whole business operation including websites, hosting and keyword optimization, etc.

  • Paul says:

    Great post, Edmon, on the many deceptions in the MLM world. 

    I really appreciate the research you’ve done on the owner’s background. Bankruptcies and legal issues are a sure-fire sign of the need to run away and run away fast. 

    Their constant up-selling is another sign of bad things to come. 

    I like the fact that your recommended program has no upsells and a no-cost opportunity to have a good look at the program before you sign-up to invest your hard-earned cash.

    Thanks, Paul

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Yes, We have to reveal the truth and let you know before its too late about how the company works and their company background. 

  • Paul says:

    You certainly cut to the chase here… Articles like this are so important …so many people  a are searching for an opportunity and jump in to what looks great only to be dissapointed. Wealthy affiliate looks like a much better option.. I have heard some good things about this company while carrying out my research Thanks

    • Maxx Tan says:

      I do not just recommend the Wealthy Affiliate but I am using it my own. Because it has changed my thoughts about online business. I am glad you find this. 

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