Is Life Leadership a SCAM?

I’d like to assume that the main reason you are here is that someone introduced you to Life Leadership and the seemingly good business opportunity it has for you. And now you wanted to make sure if venturing to this is worth your while, right?

Making some research about a seemingly good business opportunity first before you dive into it will help keep scam companies at bay. The Information Highway is a trove for a manifold of online money making opportunities, but not every single one of them is legitimate and reliable.

This is the reason why doing some research first is paramount not only to secure your success but also to ensure your safety and security.

Don’t let yourself get into the habit of jumping into every opportunity right away. For your own, you need to probe about the opportunity first and the team behind them. Are they reputable enough? Are their claims realistic and attainable? Who are the brains behind it?

I am not associated with this MLM program or any other networking company for that matter. And for that reason, you can count that my Life Leadership review is objective, truthful, and not biased.

If you are seriously looking for ways to develop your online passive income, I suggest you consider ​affiliate marketing instead. I myself tried a manifold of online opportunities before, but this is the only platform that worked for me.

​Life Leadership Summary Review


Founder:  Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward

Price:  $99 for you to have their Business Starter Kit + monthly subscriptions.

Life Leadership Scam

Best For:  Individuals who are extremely well-versed in selling self-development products similar to what Life Leadership is offering. 

Summary:   Even if Life Leadership team is a legitimate networking company selling professional and personal development programs, I will still not encourage anyone to even consider joining this platform. If your main goal in trying to find a good online money-making opportunity is to develop for yourself another stream of online income -- this may not be that kind you are looking for. First, you are likely NOT TO EARN anything from their program. Another concern is that there is no clear definition as to what specific personal and professional development programs they are wanting to sell. And finally, this business niche is highly saturated already which means to say that the competition is more stiff than you will ever imagine. 

Rating: 30/100

Recommended:  NO. 


What Is Life Leadership?

​The very first thing that comes to mind after being introduced by someone you know to this business opportunity is to ask this question to yourself, “what is Life Leadership about?”. Not unless you have a good idea of what exactly you are heading to.

Never allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the prospect of earning huge amounts of money when a business opportunity is before you. Practice taking things in a stride and take caution all the time. This measure will help keep scam companies at bay.

As for Life Leadership, this business organization is involved in the niche of professional and personal development. For that reason, their product offerings would naturally revolve around development coaching programs and they are leveraging on the MLM business model to create awareness and sell their products and services.

This business is quite different in the sense that its product offerings are not tangible. You won’t see them promoting physical products. What this company provides instead are training and mentoring support services so you can become professionally, personally, and financially successful.

Life Leadership is similar to WorldVentures in some aspects, but they have taken some aspects in their business a notch higher -- which makes them more unique and distinct from other similar organizations with similar niche.

What Life Leadership is About

Orrin Woodward, together with Chris Brady, founded Life Leadership in 2011. The company is currently headquartered in Cary, North Carolina.

Now Woodward and Brady are both renowned global speakers. Their combined years of industry experience is 110 years. With them on board, it is easy to think that they will make the entirety of the business organization a formidable team to reckon with, right?

In recent years, this company has undergone tremendous growth. Even more surprising is the fact that they are able to do it without any debt. And now they are currently expanding their reach in the international market.

Life Leadership Products

The Life Leadership team is in the marketing and selling of educational products. They offer them in the form of video materials, books, and audio CDs. Every year, they also host 7,500 live events in different locations from around the world.

​The product lines they offer are patterned upon the teachings of both Brady and Woodward, from which they earned awards. They were able to make it not just in the NY Times Bestseller list, they’re also Gold ADDY Award for Design recipient. The line of recognition in mentoring and coaching included Illumination Book Awards, Living Now Book Awards, Reader’s Legacy Choice Awards, and the eLit Awards.

​Furthermore, the organization is also selling leadership and motivational programs and their offering comes with the following three categories:

  • Professional Development
  • Financial Development
  • Personal Development

Corporate/Professional Development

These works are obviously intended for professional development. They are based up the bestselling book authored by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward, the “Launching a Leadership Revolution.

Subscriptions for these are valued at $64.95 and is good for 6 months. The product package would include 4 audios and 1 book every month.

Personal Development

This product line has something to do with personal development and is presented to us in the form of monthly subscriptions. They are valued from $11/month up to $82.50/month.

These products offerings will help their customers learn more about personal growth, the working principle behind success, if you are a Christian it will also touch on spiritual growth. Moreover, their personal development products also cater to other demographic groups like the teens and those who are in the pre-teen years. 

  • Life Leadership ($22/month): Your subscription here entitles you to receive 1 success magazine plus 2 audios every month. 
  • The Edge Series ($11/month): You entitle yourself to receive here one audio monthly.  
  • Rascal Radio ($22/month): This is supposed to be Life Leadership’s first online personal development radio station. You get to hear from this package live talks from life coaches and motivational speakers themselves.
  • The Freedom Series ($11/month): This personal development package comes with only with one audio every month with which they are making high claims will help you learn what the principles of freedom are all about and how you can have a hand in keeping it alive in your immediate community.
  • All Grace Outreach ($30/month): This one last category within the personal development entitles you to 1 book and one audio every month.
  • Financial Fitness/Development

Needless to say, this product line of the Life Leadership team deals about financial development. 

Subscription to this product range would cost you $11-$22 every month. Included with this product package are savings tips and financial tracking suggestions. They will also help you know and learn about various tools you can use to build your good wealth habits.

They also offer master classes here and charge you with just a one-time fee of $109 for up to $246.99. They are intended to help you learn about what personal finance and financial fitness are. Until you have a clear definition of what they really are, they’re saying, you will always struggle with the financial aspect of your life. 

You can find in this category the following products: 

The Financial Fitness Program – The digital version of this product is valued at $120 for the digital version or you can opt for a digital + tangible version which costs $60 more making it $180. With this product package, you will get 1 e-workbook, 8 audios, and 1 e-book. All of which are structured to help learn how to better manage your finances. 

The Financial Fitness Master Class – This goes with the same price as the Financial Fitness program. What you will get here is 6 online videos with 14 audios, all of which are primarily designed to help provide people with a deeper understanding of how they can make the principles of finances work to their advantage.

Beyond Financial Fitness - This product is priced just the same as the previous two programs. You have in here 1 audiobook, 2 online videos, 1 e-book, and 4 digital audios.

​​Do Their Products Work as Advertised?

There is a certain level of insurmountable challenge that you will come across with if you will try to determine whether these product offerings of the Life Leadership team are working good or not.

If you will check out their BBB (Better Business Bureau) profile, you will have a hunch if their product offerings are indeed acceptable or not.

Is Life Leadership a SCAM?

​If you will skim through the complaints hurled against Life Leadership, you will see that the nature of the issues of their customers revolve around the poor customer service they received from the company, particularly in areas of cancellation and refunds.

While the company is proactive when it comes to addressing these issues that have something to do with refunds and cancellation is not working to their favor. It will tarnish their overall integrity in the eyes of the public.

​How to Get Started with Life Leadership?

Much like how the other MLM companies work, in order to get started with Life Leadership, you need to formally join the company and sign up to become a member. 

Before making any decision to join the Life Leadership opportunity, familiarize yourself with the following

  1. Membership fee – $19 per year
  2. One time fee for Business Starter Kit  valued at $99
  3. Monthly product subscriptions valued at $50 to $100
  4. Optional: One-time fee for  Life Training Marketing System valued at $121.49

Compared to the joining fees of other networking firms, membership fee for Life Leadership is expensive. But they really don’t have any monopoly for this. There are many other multi-level marketing companies that have a high cost of joining/membership fee such as Zija and Voxxlife, valued at around $200-$400.

Initial fees in Life Leadership are cut in half plus the $50 monthly product subscription, which is not at all too bad. Especially when you know that many other networking firms are requiring their members to pay for a minimum of $100 autoship fee -- just so for them to remain eligible for bonuses and commissions from their sales output. 

Doing the Math for this, the estimated year-round fees you will have to pay for after joining Life Leadership is around $718. 

While some people would not qualify this amount as expensive, I personally think that you don’t need to spend that much for an MLM membership. A whole lot of better opportunities are still out there for taking.

Check out the following Youtube video. This will explain to you in details the Life Leadership compensation plan.

​The Ugly Truths About Life Leadership

Lack of Transparency

One important thing that caught my attention with respect to the training materials they are endorsing you to use is the absence of exact details as to what really the company is offering to their market.

The mere fact that this company is not putting so much details about what exactly they are offering -- for me is a red flag already. If you are going to take a discerning mind here, you will have  a hunch that not everything here is right.

The company doesn’t put into exact details what they offer in their training materials, and to me, that’s a red flag in itself.

What I mean here is that the company is involved in the personal development niche, with that you need to define exactly what your products are and how they can be of help to you in your needs,

This actually explains the reason why everyone in this organization is having a hard time making a sale on these products.

The possible only way for the members of this networking firm would learn a great deal about the products is for them to pay up on subscription to the products. I don’t know about you but I actually find it preposterous and insane.

Extremely Low Income Potential

If you are prospecting to join a networking group, the best way for you to know the income potential of their members is to look into their income disclosure statement or IDS.

What is life leadership?

In the absence of good access to their IDS, I will take it as a sign that the company may not want the general public to have an idea of how measly they are paying their members. Or it is also a possibility that the majority of their network members are not really earning anything from their system.

So with the lack of access to it will spawn in you clouds of doubt and skepticism about the business itself and the opportunity they offer.

Now, as for Life Leadership IDS, did you know that the vast majority,  99.25%, of their members earn a measly amount of $500 a year?

In addition to that, 30% in their community earned only $27.40 not for a day or for a month but for the entirety of the year.

With that rate, they would certainly have a hard time recouping the money they spent on their business kit.

So even if this company is offering their network members a manifold of ways to earn good amount of money from their system, where could have gone wrong?

Life Leadership is a qualified networking company if you are intending to become highly successful in this platform you may need to dedicate a significant amount of time to work for them. That is to exhaust 8 hours of work, this way you are taking yourself a step closer to making a high sales volume.  

What I Do Like About Life Leadership?

Business entities that are taking on the MLM business model are usually involved in the health and wellness industry or in the personal care business. It is very scarce that you will find an MLM company that offers professional and personal development products.

They may be the only company that offers them, who knows? And that makes them unique and distinct from all the rest of the networking organizations we have, say, in the health and wellness industries such as Isagenix or Kyani.

Even if they are unique MLM company on this aspect, the business niche this company is taking on is a very crowded one and are thus having a very stiff competition. Again, this is also another reason why members here are having a hard time marketing their products and making a sale.  

Is Life Leadership a SCAM?

There is no reason for me to qualify Life Leadership opportunity as a scam simply because, as far as this review is concerned, this company has 10 all the makings of what legitimate business organization should be like.

We can’t veer away from the fact that this company is offering unique product lines. Despite all that, I will not encourage anyone to really consider joining this platform if their goal is to develop for themselves  a stream of online income.

My primary reason? Unsuspecting aspirants wanting to join this networking team are not away that this company is offering them  an extremely low income potential. Would you really like to dive into a networking company where the majority of their members recently earned a measly amount of $27.40 only? It is their entire year earning, not just for a couple of hours, for a day or a week.

With that rate, it is fairly easy to understand that you will have a really hard time recouping the money you spent for their starter kits. It might even take a couple of years for you to do so.

Another reason that I find you’re going to have a trouble with is the fact that they lack some transparency on the training and educational materials they have on offer.

In order for their members to reach that best-selling points, they need to have a subscription to these programs themselves and thus they need to  shell out some more money for that.

This is the very reason why you will hardly find anyone from their community who will proudly say that they have earned a whopping amount of money from this platform.

And finally, the professional and personal development sphere is a highly saturated business niche. You can just go out to a local bookstore in your locale and you will see that there is a sundry of hardbound books on these subjects.

They are far cheaper in price and more importantly they are easier to access. Thus, adding up to the reasons that make selling of the Life Leadership programs difficult to make.

​How I Make Money Online?

When you fully understand how the MLM business model really works, you will agree with me in saying that this particular business structure is not the best vehicle to use to reach your goal of financial wellness.

Multilevel marketing is favoring so much the company itself and it's business interests, oblivious of the fact that it also needs to promote the interest of its network members as well. So forget everything you are made to believe about MLMs.

If you are seriously looking for the best online money making opportunity, I suggest that you try ​ affiliate marketing instead. As an individual who’s already tried both the MLM and affiliate marketing worlds, I know that I am in the position to really tell which one is the far better option.

  • You don’t need to recruit to get ahead    
  • A chance to earn bigger money    
  • No complicated compensation plans    
  • Commissions can get as high as 100%    
  • You are not required to buy starter kits
  • No joining fees    
  • Work at your own pace
  • Promote any product or brand you like to a global audience    
  • A chance to promote products or brand you are passionate about
  • Make money while you sleep    
  • A chance to earn passive and residual income    

My purpose in enumerating some of the good points you get from the Wealthy Affiliate marketing opportunity is for you to get the whole picture -- the system is designed to work in your best interest.

The Wealthy Affiliate is a community of dreamers, but these people are in touch with the real world. They understand how the world works. It is made better in the sense that you kick it off with no strings attached as it gives you an option to have a free trial.

Test the system all you want in all aspects of it, discover how it works until you are fully satisfied. Decide to try it out when you are ready.

This program helped me and others Make A living Online and some of it even quit their Full Time Job. You will learn how to build a Thriving Online Business step by step so stop making excuses and Join Me Now

​Even from the very first time I looked at​ Life Leadership's product offerings, I knew right away that members of this networking team will have a hard time marketing and selling them. Based upon their IDS, which I have shown above, I am vindicated here. Would you consider trying out this opportunity if you haven't read this review yet? Please share your feedback in the comment section below. 

Life Leadership

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