Is Lifevantage a Scam? What is Lifevantage About? Heed this Warning Now!

What is Lifevantage about? Did someone from your circle try to recruit you into Lifevantage? Or did you happen to see one of their ads on TV?  If you are looking for some reliable, impartial, and unbiased perspective regarding this networking company, then you have come to the right place. Since I am not, in any way, associated with Lifevantage, you can expect to receive from this review neutral feedback regarding their conduct on their business.

Most of the time, people will intentionally go to multilevel marketing review sites in the hope of finding answers that will help clarify their mind and make a decision whether to join a particular MLM company or to veer away from one, such as Lifevantage.

If you are looking for an MLM company with a structure that will help you realize your dream of having financial independence, I must be straightforward in telling you this. There is no such thing in the MLM realm. All multilevel marketing firms are designed in such a way that they will earn much from your work with minimal returns to you.

While it is true that a few hundred members of every MLM company have successfully reached their dream of attaining financial freedom, keep in mind that they are just a small percentage of the group compared to those who are still dreaming to attain the same.

In short, with respect to the structure of most MLM companies, it is going to be an uphill climb for you to reach financial wellness.  There are better more effective ways for you to earn online. My top suggestion here is to consider becoming an affiliate marketer 

Lifevantage Summary Review

Website:  https://www.lifevantage.com

Founder:  Darren Jensen

Price: $50 and upsell product packages amounting to $1,250

Best For:  Women in general.

Is LIfevantage a Scam

Summary: In our modern age when women are more preoccupied with their looks,  the use of anti-aging products is a necessity. Lifevantage is offering us a seemingly powerful range of products. But there is a shadow of doubt behind their offer, putting into question the integrity of their products in terms of quality and effectiveness. 

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No


What Is Lifevantage?

Lifevantage started first as a retail business back in 2003. But in January of 2009, under the direction and leadership of David Brown,  the company shifted to a multilevel marketing model and direct sales.

Lifevantage made good progress as an MLM company. With this new found success of the company, the brains behind the firm envisioned for it to create science-based products that will help promote human health and wellness.

Lifevantage produced their flagship product Protandim after their transition from being  a retail-based company to a networking business model. Until now, this patented product they have has remained as among their most in demand,  top-selling brands.

The working idea behind every Lifevantage product is to promote human health and subsequently by improving our well-being help us live longer. The company's top decision makers says this can be made possible by creating products that  are centered on the reduction of oxidative stress and thus promote healthy living.

What is Lifevantage About?

Are you familiar with the term Nrf2?

Lifevantage is making an assertion that they are the pioneers in this technology. It is an activator that unleashes a potent protein that is dormant inside each cell of the human body.

But who really is familiar with Nrf2? Is this a legitimate term in the scientific realm? Or they just coined up this word to create a scientific vibe and associate it to their products for their company’s sake? So, let us try to delve deeper into this and let us see what we can uncover.

As the human body ages, it becomes susceptible to degeneration in form of various health issues and concerns. This is actually part of our aging process, however, it can be exacerbated by pollution and external factors by creating oxidative stress in our bodies.

This is what the Lifevantage products is expected to do, to mitigate our body’s oxidative stress levels, consequently elevating our state of well-being. The million dollar question now is, can their products deliver what they say it does?  The answer? No. 

How to Get Started with Lifevantage?

Anyone can join the Lifevantage networ. And like any other MLM companies, this can only be made possible if you will be enrolled in their program under the guidance of an existing distributor.

When someone from Lifevantage network recruits you to their network, this means to say that you will work with them but not for this person. Becoming a member of Lifevantage comes with your purchase of their $50 Starter KIt. It contains all the necessities you will need to get you started in the business.

Is Lifevantage a scam

In addition to paying for your Starter Kit, you are also necessitated to buy their products. This makes sense simply because how would you effectively promote and sell their items without you having a firsthand experience of their products.

After making a purchase of your Starter Kit, they will present to you the following product packages from you which you can choose from.

  • Gold Performance Pack ($650) - 25% savings
  • Gold Pack ($650) - 25% savings
  • Platinum ($1,250) - 30% savings
  • Silver ($350) - 20% savings

Almost all MLM companies work pretty much in the same way. For instance, Lifevantage, in order to qualify their members as active, they are required to maintain a minimum product purchase volume per month.

Lifevantage members tagged by their system as inactive are not eligible for any commission. This is the very reason why joining up an MLM company is a crucial decision to make.

In Lifevantage, you need to make sure that you can sustain on your own their required volume of product purchase if you are challenged in selling them to others. Some members, in desperation to keep their memberships active, would resort to buying the products on their own, either planning to have them for personal use or to be sold at a later time.

Often times, this measure of members leads to stockpiling of Lifeventure products. Even worse, some members inevitably get themselves into a great amount of debt, thinking that they could settle the amount they owe from their first  or upcoming commissions, which most of the time doesn’t really happen.

Lifeventure Product Pricing (They Don’t Usually Come in Cheaper Price)

As of this writing, the following are the market price range for the following  Lifevantage products: 

  • Protandim: Regular retail tag is $50.

This can be offered at  $40 value for preferred customers (under the discretion of the distributor). 

  • Canine Health

$30 is the regular price per bottle and can be reduced to as low as  $25 for distributor’s preferred customers. 

  • TrueScience

You can offer this for $211 for the whole set and you can choose to lower the price to $160 to customers of your choosing.

What is Lifevantage about

By agreeing to become an accredited Lifevantage product distributor, you automatically get a reduced price for their items of your choosing which will then be shipped monthly to your specified address.

My honest opinion regarding Lifevantage products? They don’t come in cheap because each bottle of their product can be fairly consumed in a month’s time. This renders you or your prospects to buy again sooner than you are supposed to.  

So, doing the Math here suggests that the costs of consuming any regular Lifevantage product of your choosing will be quite high. If your intentions for joining Lifevantage network is to earn some money for yourself, then this puts you into thinking that how come you need spend so much when you're intending to earn?  The action that Lifevantage wanted you to take contradicts your purpose. 

The Ugly Truths Revealed?

If you will delve deeper into their products and find out what is so special in them, you will figure out there is nothing really extraordinary about them. They contain the usual herbal plants and extracts that promote health and wellness, that's it.

Their marketing efforts are making a buzz that it is a panacea, a cure-all product, which really is not true. A sham claim intended to boost sales.

In 2017, the office of the US Food and Drug Administration issued a statement warning the public about the misleading health claims made by some members of the Lifeventure network. Lifevantage as an MLM company is plagued by a number of controversial issues which I will enumerate here. 

Inability to Cancel Out Monthly Shipment of Products to Your Address

This is another point of serious concern for many Lifeventure distributors who figured out being a member of this MLM company is not their thing. As soon as they realize that things are not going well for them here and wanted to opt out of the autoship program for their preselected Lifevantage products to their address, they are not able to cancel it and thus were automatically charged for the said autoship.

If you are new to the world of multilevel marketing business, this practice of MLM companies will shock you to your soul. Worse, it is pretty normal in the industry. Always the losing end is at their innocent members whom they are actually preying on due to their being unaware.

Their Offered Free Websites Don't Serve Its Purpose

Lifevantage membership entitles new and aspiring members to receive a free website where they can offer Lifeventure products on and sell it from there. They just need to bring traffic to the site, and things will work on its own from there. 

The idea behind this free website to Lifeventure members is that for every valid product purchase made through it, the member-owner gets compensated from the sale and earn a commission from it.

The company added that those free websites don’t come with a recurring fee for the domain. But do you know the reason why it is marketed to members as free?

It is because they are duplicated subdomain websites. Therefore, they are not actually original and, hence, no recurring fee. 

The gray area here is that Google won’t let a duplicated website obtain any free organic traffic. The best way to funnel traffic to such type of website is through:

  • Building your brand by virtue marketing on social media sites   
  • Subscribe to have paid traffic. 

           This usually becomes a very expensive option to many and necessitates you to have some good level of expertise in it otherwise it would not amount to much.

The second thing to consider here is branding. Branding will require you some good amount of time to build. It is not an overnight success.

  • Word of mouth.

        This part here is unreliable. You need to make a buzz about it in order to have your product become the talk of the town, especially in social networks.  Sometimes, in a drastic move to increase awareness about a product, distributors would resort to stirring up controversies about it.

Is Lifeventure a pyramid scam


I will put some emphasis on this now, it takes a discerning mind to identify MLM companies that are guised under the cloak of multilevel marketing system to conceal their pyramid scheme operation.

One may argue on this, that Lifeventure does have the tangible product range to offer the market, so it won’t make sense if we qualify them as a pyramid scheme. Yes, this is true. They have products, but their focus is more centered on recruiting members to join. The core of their earning opportunities for members comes from here. Hence, it is in disguise.

What I Do Like About Lifevantage?  

Not all is bad with Lifevantage. Like for instance, their products are effective, at least to some group or selected people.

How effective their products are is somewhat a subjective line of thinking. It surely does affect different people on different levels. What we need to get concerned about is, what is the percentage of Lifevantage product users that find it good? Is the majority of their users have nothing to complain about it or no?

Is Lifevantage a Scam?

Based on the points I have in this review, Lifevantage is not a scam but guised as a pyramiding scheme. They offer tangible, physical products which network members can offer and sell to their own circle of friends, but they focus more on bringing more people to join.

I would discourage anyone from joining this type of company. The system in which Lifeventure system is anchored on requires you to have more than an adequate amount of time to dedicate to it if you really want to succeed.

If you are among those people who think that by sparing a few hours of their week for this kind of business will work out, they need to reassess their options. Success won't be theirs by taking it as a part-time work. 

Second, it is also paramount to success in Lifevantage that you know their products by heart. You need to have a good feel of the products they have on offer so as to become the best resource person for it, at least from your customer’s perspective.

I am not actually a big fan of MLM  companies. It is because I have seen from another angle how their system really works, and it’s not structured to help their members attain financial wellness. This usually contradicts their taglines when enticing people to join their network. Their systems are structured in such a way that it will facilitate a greater amount of profit for the company instead. 

Rank #1:
Wealthy Affiliate

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Try to attend any MLM convention or any similar get-together activities they will hold. Normally such events are graced by at least 10,000 members. Out of which, around 250 souls are indeed benefiting from the company in terms of receiving a full-time income.

These 250 heads are the authority figures in the network which new network members are advised to emulate. But truthfully speaking, those who are belonging to the lower echelons of the network or members who are at the base of the pyramid would seldom make it to the top.

While it is possible for you to earn money from MLM companies like Lifevantage, that part though comes with a catch. You must be exceptionally good in sales.

If you are struggling with yourself in that department, and you can’t recruit people to the company or conduct a face-to-face selling with anyone, then Lifeventure may not be the best opportunity for you. 

How I Make Money Online?

My primary reason for not encouraging people to join a multilevel marketing company is that you can’t really optimize your earning potential from this kind of business model. It is true that you can earn from your sales commission, and there are MLM networks that are generous enough to compensate you in that aspect in terms of monetary rewards and non-cash incentives. However, have you ever paid thought of making things on your own?

Reassess the amount of time you need to spare in promoting a product from Lifevantage or selling it up to people in your circle. Not to mention the emotional aches you will get from people who will reject your offer. Are you willing to take such risks? Sometimes, it can even put your personal relationships on the line, even. 

People you will choose to sell Lifeventure products to would often argue that their items are expensive or have shady feedback from other customers. How do you think you can redeem yourself from those situations?

Internet earning opportunities

Become an affiliate marketer.

Unless you are properly trained, then you have an idea what to do. But what if the person who recruited you to the network is not well-versed in taking care of such situations? Then, in that case, you are doomed.

When it comes to making money online, my best recommendation really is to consider becoming an affiliate marketer instead. This is a time-proven strategy that works for everyone who is seriously interested in reaching their dream of becoming financially independent. 

Financial independence is a reality. But not all strategies out there will lead you or bring you to it. A discerning mind will help you see the big difference that affiliate marketing makes against MLM business models. 

Wealthy Affiliate is a premier provider of affiliate marketing programs. There are many others out there, but what they actually offer is good and applicable to both newbies and experienced in the field of affiliate marketing. In addition to this, you also get the chance to choose the products you are most passionate about to promote. 

This program has led me to reach my own financial independence, and I can show you how. The MLM way is not going to take you to this same direction, so please take caution if you have plans of joining Lifevantage or any other MLM companies. 

This program helped me and others Make A living Online and some of it even quit their Full Time Job. You will learn how to build a Thriving Online Business step by step so stop making excuses and Join Me Now

What do you think about Lifevantage? Have you ever laid your hands in any of their product offerings? Or were you introduced to this networking company by someone you know? In that case, how was your experience like? I am sure you have a lot to tell, why don't you go to the comments section below and say something about it. 












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