A Mannatech Review: Is Mannatech a SCAM? (Be Ready for the Truth!)

 “Advance your wellness!”.
“Changing Lives”.
“Your Opportunity”.

These are some of the catch-phrases they are using on their website. Their purpose is to grab your attention and to keep you glued on what they have to say, and eventually offer.

This is Mannatech. A seemingly promising networking company. If someone from your circle recently introduced you to this networking company and now you want to know if embarking to this allegedly profitable opportunity is worth your while, I can help provide to you the valuable answers you are looking for.

This company may be listed on NASDAQ and may have been among the pioneers in the industry with their 25 years of experience, but this will not take away the fact that there are a few things you need to consider first before making any decision to join them. This measure is for your own good and an effective way to keep scam companies at bay.
Let me add this also that I am not in any way associated with Mannatech or with any other networking companies. Therefore, you can trust that this review and analysis of the Mannatech opportunity is impartial and not biased, with the intention of steering you in the right direction you need to take.

My Mannatech review is completely devoid of any prejudicial notions. I intend to present to you every piece of valuable information that I find as they are, so you can judge for yourself if this networking company’s business opportunity for you is worth your time, money, and effort.

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Mannatech Summary Review

Website:  https://us.mannatech.com

Founder:   Samuel Caster

Price:  $49.99/year to join the network as an independent distributor

Best For:  People with exceptional talent in recruiting people and networking. 

What is Mannatech Ambrotose

Summary:  This networking company knows exactly what it is doing, otherwise, they wouldn't survive the industry for 25 long years. They are a legitimate networking company and thus can earn from here real, good money -- that is if you know how. Everything about this networking firm is good, except that they are still typical MLM company heavily relying on recruiting. If you don't have any flair or penchant in talking out people to join you in this opportunity and become part of your downline network, you may not want to sign-up with their program. 

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No. 


What Is Mannatech?

Mannatech is just one of the manifold of networking programs in the MLM sphere. They are involved in the health and wellness industry and are primarily selling nutritional supplements and even essential oils. In addition to this, the company is publicly traded after their stocks got listed up on NASDAQ. 

 All these points we mentioned above are actually good. They are indicative signs that the MLM opportunity they are giving to us might be the profitable venture we are looking for.

What is Mannatech.com

It is also giving us good reasons to line them up with the other networking firms we reviewed in the past such as USANA, LifeVantage, and others.

However, if you will dare take a closer, more in-depth look into this company and their structure, you will figure out they also have their own share of “not-so-nice-facts”.

Over the years, Mannatech has on several occasions found itself embroiled in several lawsuits. There are varying reasons for these lawsuits but the most common of which is lodged against the claim made by their distributors that the company’s product offerings can help cure the incurable like cancer, which of course we know is not true.

Such tall claims are not unusual in the MLM world. If you are not aware yet, there are a handful of Herbalife distributors who also claimed that their nutritional drinks can help in alleviating heart ailments. They even made claims that women having difficulty in conceiving a child can get pregnant with their product offerings.

These lawsuits rendered Mannatech to spend millions upon millions of dollars just so they could remain in business. However, this MLM company never admitted they ever did something wrong as a company.

One would argue that if this networking company was indeed never guilty of any wrongdoing, why did they agree to settle the lawsuits lodged against them by compromise agreement and eventually paying their complainants a hefty amount of money?

Should you want to check out any of these previous legal quagmires Mannatech has been embroiled in, you may want to visit this page. On the other hand, things have been turning out smooth for Mannatech as is shown in this Google Trend mapping.

A Mannatech Review

What is Mannatech Ambrotose? 

The motivating force behind every action that Mannatech takes is geared towards its commitment to battle global malnutrition. The company believes that it can effectively carry out this mission with their Real Food Technology Supplementation. 

Is Mannatech a SCAM?

Hence, they came up with their flagship product which they called as “Ambrotose”. The vast majority of Mannatech’s product offerings are based upon this. They come to us in powder and sugar pill form, and are made from glyconutrients which they claim can help support and promote cellular communication inside the human body.

In order for you to further understand how Ambrotose works, and how it can actually impact the human body as explained by Mannatech distributors themselves you may want to check out the following video:

Mannatech Products List

The Mannatech product line is based upon Ambrotose, and is classified into the following categories:

Mannatech Products List

Integrative Health

This is Mannatech’s range of nutritional supplements. The general idea behind this product line is to help its customers achieve overall health improvement. 

Targeted Health 

The name itself for this product line is a giveaway already. This is a line of supplement products that are formulated to address a few very specific needs of the human body. This may have something to do with the heart, immune system, cartilage and joints, bones, stress or digestion.

Weight + Fitness

Mannatech’s array of supplements, sports drinks and shakes fall into this category. They are formulated to assist the body in burning its unwanted fats, flush out toxins and eventually help you get back into shape.


This is just a typical skin care product line with nothing really extraordinary and consists of the usual facial skin care products like creams, moisturizer, facial cleanser, etc.

Home Living

What they have in this particular product line are essential oils.
After getting yourself acquainted with Mannatech’s product range, what comes next would be the business opportunity they have in offer for us. 

What is Mannatech a scam

How to Get Started with Mannatech?

Much like in any other MLM companies, joining Mannatech’s network of independent distributors is not free of charge. The joining fee for anyone who is aspiring or wanting to be accepted as their product distributor is valued at $49.99 annually.

After joining, you need to purchase any of these 3 product packages since your membership does not come with any product. Therefore, you need to choose and buy any one of the 3 product packages they have on offer.

  • Basic Pack – Price $99 to $169
  • Premium All-Star Pack – Price $999
  • All-Star Pack – Price $499

From the above prices for joining, we can glean that Mannatech fees are not the cheapest program in the MLM sphere. However, we are not also going to say that they are the most expensive one either.

How do these product packages differ from one another? Each package comes with a different set of products which also determines the possible income you will have to yourself soon after you sell them.

Therefore, you can also anticipate that their product distributors would make a tall claim about these product package offerings that the more expensive package you choose, the higher income potential you will have which is a good headstart to your business.

Now, coming from a different perspective, I can see that this strategy they employ is pretty much like forcing interested parties to pay first in order for them to earn.

This brings us to this conclusion that in Mannatech program, the amount of money you will possibly earn as a product distributor is directly proportional to the money that you will pay them.

Am I making any sense on that part there?

Is Mannatech a scam or what

The Mannatech Compensation Plan

Perhaps what can be considered as the most exciting and interesting part when reviewing an MLM-business opportunity is analyzing their compensation package. This part will give you a rough idea of how much you can possibly earn from the company if you will decide to join the team.

The compensation plan will also give you a glimpse of the system really works, and give you good notions also if it is going to work to your advantage as well or not. Additionally, you will learn from here how many levels from your downline teams can you earn passive income and commissions from.

Basically, Mannatech is employing the Unilevel compensation plan. If you happen to have prior experience in the MLM industry, you will understand when I say that the best way for us to describe their compensation plan is that they are always complicated and roundabout to understand.

In Mannatech, you will need to get yourself acquainted the various different ways in which you can get compensated. There is a total of 18 different ways for you to earn your bonus, commission, or incentive. Here are the basic ways in which you can earn from the Mannatech program.

Retail Profits

In retail profits, you will get the chance to earn the difference between a product’s retail price and wholesale price when you sell them up to retail customers

Direct Bonus

You get yourself to earn direct commissions when your downline makes a purchase with any of the offered sign-up packs.

Team Bonus / Team Development Bonus

These are the bonuses and the commissions earned when you recruit other people to join your team, and eventually giving them a hand in building their own teams also. 

Leadership Bonus

These are the earned commissions based upon the collective sales performance volume your downline network.

The video I have below will explain to you the full details of Mannatech’s compensation plan. 

The Ugly Truths About Mannatech Revealed! 

Expensive Startup Costs

While most people find the $49.99 fee for Associate Membership affordable to get them started with the business, things will start to get sour with the costs of their product package, which are undeniably expensive.

Very Low Income Potential

The Mannatech Review

The image shown above is Mannatech’s income disclosure statement.

It clearly indicates the percentage and the number of people with their ranks with their respective income. And it is not really very hard to see that these distributors are really struggling to earn a thousand income in a year.

This simply translates that independent product distributors of Mannatech are likely to find themselves in great debt due to the high maintenance costs of keeping this business.

Let us presume that the sustainable income would be around $30K a year.

With respect to their given income disclosure document, it is telling us that there are only 44 people who successfully made $30k per year in that year 2017.
And how many thousand members does Mannatech have under their umbrella? Out of which only 44 lucky souls from these thousands of members were able to have a sustainable income.
Now, this clearly shows us that the business opportunity in Mannatech is not really worth our while.

Lawsuits and Complaints Against the Company

When it was just a budding company in the MLM sphere, Mannatech was able to start things right and had smooth sailing in its first few years. But things were bound to have a 360 degree turn when they started receiving complaints and lawsuits.

Mannatech made a pretty good start during their first few years in the business until numerous lawsuits hit them. One of the major reasons why the company was bombarded by numerous legal complaints was due to the false health benefits that their independent distributors claimed.

In Texas alone, Mannatech needed to shell out a close to $7 million dollars in an effort to settle all the lawsuits lodged against them.

If there is anything positive that came out after Mannatech was plagued by lawsuits, the fact that they are still in business up to this day is a marvelous feat in itself.
Now the burning question we have here is, would you be willing to associate yourself in a company whose integrity is always put into question?

Business is Centered on Recruitment

With respect to the collective experiences of their independent product distributors, we can glean from those narratives that Mannatech is a typical MLM company. This translates to the fact that the bulk of earnings in this networking company will come from recruitment.

So, this means to say that if you will ever decide to join this networking company, anticipate that you will have a constant need for a list of prospects. Usually, you will start with your family and then you will extend your outreach to your circle of friends and so on.

I am not saying that an MLM company that is heavily centered on recruitment is not good for you but not everyone joining these kinds of business opportunities are well-versed in oral communications, particularly in the area of persuasion.

Simply put, unless you know how to effectively convince people into buying your idea, joining a networking company may not be a good idea to consider.

What I Like About Mannatech?

Long History in the Business

Established in 1993, Mannatech has been leading the industry for 25 years now. Therefore, should this networking company has been qualified before as a scam or as a pyramid scheme company, then proper authorities would have had shut them down long ago. But that didn’t materialize even, right?

Reliable Product Lines

It looks like Mannatech line of product offerings in the health and wellness niche is more reliable compared to those of others in the same industry.

Why their product offerings are above and beyond all others?

  • They have over 100 patents to their name.
  • They offer you 180-Day Money-Back Guarantee and is not just to one or select products but for all their offerings.
  • They have published 17 human clinical tests.
  • The company made a close to $50 Million in investment to research and product development. 

Is Mannatech a Scam? 

No, they are not. They are a legitimate business which employs the multilevel marketing scheme to promote, distribute, and sell their products. Their 25 years in the business speaks volumes about them as a company. We don’t even qualify them as a pyramid scheme since they are selling tangible products and are not relying solely on recruitment to generate income for members.

But let me take you back to the reasons that will keep me from joining this company, and focus only on one aspect. Mannatech, with respect to their income disclosure statement, is offering us a very low-income potential.

If our primary reason for considering to join a networking company is to find another stream of passive income from the Internet, embarking on a “seemingly” good MLM opportunity is not the way to go. This brings me to the most exciting part of this review. 

How I Make Money Online?  

 As someone who used to try his luck in networking companies before but opted to try a different route, I can vouch that there really is no hope for financial wellness in the MLM sphere.

True, there are multilevel marketing firms that are generous in compensating their members, but did you know that networking programs are designed exactly to optimize the organization’s profitability -- but leaving behind their member’s financial interest?

I have nothing against MLM companies, but you have to open your eyes to this truth. Their marketing programs are self-serving to their interests, not yours as their independent product distributor. Hence, the vast majority of people who ventured into networking firms are often struggling in this kind of business, only to fail at the end.

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What is it about these MLM companies that people are still being enticed to join them, despite the fact that most of these programs offer a low income potential? If someone you know is thinking of joining a networking company anytime soon, be it Mannatech or something else, please share these article to them  so they can be enlightened of what lies ahead should they give it a shot. In doing so, you will save them from future disappointments and unmet expectations. 









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