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What Is Mobrog?

MOBROG is a survey site and app, available in more than 70 countries and languages. Survey sites and apps all tend to work the same way; you are invited to answer questions in return for rewards and incentives. In that respect, MOBROG is just like any other survey app. But how is it different? And is it a scam? Let's find out.

You can access MOBROG surveys through their website, or through their app, available for Android and iPhones. After you complete the registration process and successfully sign up, you will get email invitations when a new survey is available that you may qualify for. The survey will tell you before you begin how much it is worth. When you complete the survey, the amount is credited to your account.

MOBROG surveys are usually related to market research, although they also have surveys about science, and they pay $0.50-$3.00 each, with longer surveys paying in the higher end of that range.

Of course, you can also make money on MOBROG by referring friends to use the site. If you invite friends, and they use your affiliate link to sign up for MOBROG, and complete three surveys, you can earn $1.25.

Unlike other survey sites and apps, MOBROG doesn't offer additional rewards or incentives. Some survey apps also have coupons or games or other activities, but MOBROG does not.

MOBROG is highly unusual in that it has an extremely low payout threshold. It requires just $6.25 (approximately, based on your region and currency) before you can cash out your rewards, and reward cash-out requests are processed through PayPal every hour. That's both an extremely low payout threshold and an extremely fast payment process compared to other survey apps.

Before you sign up for MOBROG, it is important to take note:

What is MOBROG about
  • You can only earn money on MOBROG in the country you registered in. You will not be able to earn money on MOBROG while on holiday or traveling
  • You will only be able to get paid by PayPal if the email address you use for PayPal is the same as the one you use for If you use a different email address for the site than for PayPal, it will cause a lot of problems. It's better to just re-register with the matching email address

You will only get credit for referring your friends if you invite them through the MOBROG website and they click that specific link to register. There isn't an opportunity when they sign up for them to credit you for the referral.

Who Is Mobrog for?

MOBROG is designed for those who want to earn a few extra dollars here and there. It doesn't have high enough rewards or frequent enough surveys that a person could predictably earn real money through the app. The best case scenario with MOBROG is that you could earn an extra $5-$10 per month, and most people will not earn that, even if they are very attentive to emails with survey invitations.

However, the questions are simple and it's not a difficult way to earn a few extra dollars.

MOBROG have no different with others Survey Site that I review before:

Mobrog Tools and Training

MOBROG doesn't offer any tools or training, because the process is so simple. All you really need to do is answer questions about yourself and give your opinions.

Mobrog Support

MOBROG has a good FAQ and is active online and on Facebook for contact and help. They are also extremely attentive to their online reviews and reputation, to a degree that is perhaps questionable.

For example, they have extremely high ratings on TrustPilot and Net Business Rating, and extreme reviews on the iTunes store and Google Play store. G

enerally speaking, positive reviews are so brief and vague that they are almost suspicious. Some people give positive reviews because they have received $12 - $15 in rewards from the app.

Negative reviews tend to be longer, more specific, and more in-depth, which is true of negative reviews in general.

However, MOBROG does a good job of reaching out and offering support to those who give public negative reviews and offer resolutions.

If nothing else, this may be a good way to get additional support or achieve good results with them, since they are so active on review websites.

Pros and Cons

The Good

MOBROG has a low payment threshold and a super-fast payout time, which is great if you want to pick up a few dollars here and there and not wait forever to get credited your rewards. The site is legit and actually pays out.

The Bad

The vast majority of complaints about MOBROG are about the survey qualification process.

A user gets an email notice that there is a survey available, logs in and spends a long time answering questions, only to get excluded because they don't meet the survey criteria or the survey is full.

People get frustrated because they feel like they do what's asked of them (in the sense of being attentive and responsive to surveys, and answering qualifying and demographic questions), only to get messages, over and over again, that they don't qualify or won't be paid for the answers they have already given.

It is this behavior...

  • Asking users to complete a survey
  • Allowing users to spend a long time answering questions
  • Then disqualifying users and telling them they won't be paid for the survey

... that makes people claim that MOBROG is a scam, and gives rise to a large number of complaints and negative reviews.

Final Thought

MOBROG isn't a scam, but if they truly care about protecting their reputation and getting good reviews online, they need to do a better job of qualifying/disqualifying people earlier in the process, so that their time is rewarded appropriately.

As mentioned above, $5 a month is about the best that anyone is able to earn off of this app, which just isn't a very good use of anyone's time, no matter how quickly they process payouts.

I personally feel that you can utilize your time better and spend it somewhere have more return.

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