Is Modere a Scam? Is Modere a Pyramid Scheme? (Can You Handle the Truth?)

In the past few months, Modere has been making waves in the social media sphere. Those who have tried out their product offerings and are extremely happy with the results are curious about the business aspect of the company. 

They believe joining Modere is a lucrative business venture they shouldn’t just let pass.

The million dollar question here is, are these people correct? Or are they up for disappointment eventually.

Is Modere a scam?

Is Modere a pyramid scheme? 

 If you are among those people who want to invest time and money with Modere,  pause for a while and read on. 

Carefully digest this Modere review and know what the truth is. Other than multilevel marketing, there are surefire better ways to earn passive income, here is how you can learn about it. 

Modere Summary Review

Website: www.modere.com

Founder:  Thomas and Leslie D. Mower

Price:  $29.95

Best For: Ideal part-time work for people who are interested in having a home-based business. Ideal for mothers and even professionals.

Is Modere a Scam?

Summary:  It is crucial that you assess your options when planning to engage yourself to work in a multilevel marketing  company. Modere is among those MLM firms that will let you earn a decent amount of cash. They offer their deserving product distributors attractive remuneration packages. 

Rating:  60/100

Recommended: No


What Is Modere?

Modere is a multi-level marketing company, formerly known as Neways. After the company renamed itself into Modere in 2013, its operation came into full swing after that. Although they are relatively seen as a new player in the MLM industry, they are not exactly new because they have been in the business for over 3 decades prior to the name change.

Is Modere a Pyramid Scheme?

Modere company slogan and female model.

Back in the day when they were still known as Neways, they may not be the best networking company out there yet they are already raking in annual revenue of $300 million. Changing the company name into Modere caused them no harm.

Proof of which is the graphical research I did on Google Trends about Modere as shown below:

Graphical representation of Modere performance as per Google information.

Perhaps, the underlying reason behind Modere's indomitable strength despite the name change can be attributed to the brains behind it.

It is surprising to know that Robert Conles, who assumed the position of CEO in 2012 was also the CEO behind other equally successful and big names in the MLM industry like Xango and Nu Skin.

This as a positive sign from the company that moving forward things are going to be okay for them.  

How to Get Started with Modere?

Like any other multi-level marketing company, you won’t stand a chance of earning good amount of money from Modere without selling their products or recruiting others to join. 

Joining a multi-level marketing company like Modere means you need to shell out a certain amount of money as your membership fee. In Modere, your membership will cost you $29.95.

Normally, when you join an MLM company like Usana or Amway, you’d get a product package that you can use as your starter kit and begin offering their products to your prospects right away.

But things are different with Modere because you will not get any product. Instead, you will need to make a separate payment for their Builder Collection Package which will cost you $399. 

Modere offers wide array of products.

Compared to the other MLM companies out there, startup cost with Modere is relatively cheaper. However, $400 is still a significant amount of money to many people.

Modere distributors only earn 3-6% commission from their downlines. They are also required to make product purchases every month.

This is actually a stumbling block for newbies. They still need to learn the ropes of the trade and know about their customer base and yet they are already required to meet a certain quota even in their first month as a distributor.

The Ugly Truths About Modere Finally Out!

Poor quality of products.

This is one of the biggest downsides a newbie must deal with after joining Modere. As a very young company,  they don’t have solid information yet that will help back up their claims of reliable and high-quality products. 

In line with this, the company has a dire need for decent and proper Modere products reviews. Decent and proper reviews will significantly help in building product integrity.

Modere product range.

Modere is known to have a questionable product line.

The lacking or the wanting of scientific investigation and background is a common issue with most MLM companies, except for Usana.

Poor support and training structure for members.

Considering the fact that Modere is relatively new, it is understandable they're lacking n this area. Modere encourages their members to take advantage of the social media in promoting and selling their products, although they don't give out clear structure how to carry that out.  

The vast majority of people joining MLM companies fail and never succeed.

95% of people who are joining multi-level networking companies fail and never make it. It is because people's natural tendency is to treat their venture as a hobby, not as a  business. A hobby is something that you do when you feel you most like it.

If you are motivated to build your business with Modere or any other MLM company for that matter, you'd get things done. When trying to grow your business, your burning desire to succeed fuels you to pursue it. 

Overly Competitive and Saturated Market

Modere is an MLM company. Their area of concentration is the health and wellness industry, which we know is highly competitive and saturated. Another common mistake of many is that they are not very selective enough when choosing a network to join.

A haphazard decision to join a multilevel marketing team runs the higher risks of not gaining success in your venture. 

What I Did Like About Modere?

A clear sense of company transparency.

Despite the fact that they are indeed a relatively new MLM company, Modere is very transparent in what they have on offer.

Their official website contains a manifold of useful information about their product offerings. Members of this networking group can utilize that information in promoting Modere products to their prospects.

Is Modere offering us better way to earn?

Modere linear income vs. residual income.

What consumers need nowadays is a good sense of reliability in the products they buy. They are likely to purchase any product that shows valuable information about the item. 

Generous bonuses and incentives to members.

Unlike other MLM companies, Modere is very generous in giving incentives and bonus offerings to their members. Lifetime Experience incentive is given every month to top-performing product distributors.

Modere is also giving non-monetary incentive to members in the form of concert tickets, personal stylists, sports events and so on.

Highly satisfied customers.

The business is relatively new. This is the reason why you won’t see many Modere product reviews on Facebook. Their efforts have not let them reach that far yet. 

Environment-Friendly Business.

Modere is promoting itself as a highly environment-friendly company. What more could be better to prove this than by having a  manufacturing plant running solely on pure wind power! 

Their product packaging materials are also completely recyclable. 

No Hardcore Selling

If you are looking for a multi-level marketing team that is not solely focused on the traditional way of selling, then Modere is your top choice.

They encourage members to center their efforts on promoting and selling products through social media. This helps them reach a wider breadth of market right, increasing chances to make sales. 

Is Modere a Scam?

With all the points I have given there, we are not able to establish a solid proof that Modere is scam company nor is a pyramid scheme. 

Their business model is MLM, admittedly having a pyramid structure. But this does not constitute they're a pyramid scheme. Another key point thing that disqualifies them as a pyramid scheme company are the tangible products they are selling and promoting. 

They are taking advantage of social media to promote and sell their products. This works best for people who hate traditional selling, or face to face selling. 

Modere, as a company is still very much new in the industry with great potential. Hence, they are seen by many as a game-changer in the multi-level marketing sphere.

If they will only find better ways to improve their training programs and provide better support structures to new members, aspiring distributors will not have a hard time finding success here.

How I Make Money Online?

I have seen hundreds of success stories after people joined a multi-level marketing company, strove hard, worked and eventually reaped their rewards. I have no reason to stop people from joining any networking company. 

However, I personally believe that there really is a better way to earn a passive income than joining an MLM company and that is through affiliate marketing.  Why is it more advantageous to become an affiliate marketer?

There are many reasons why affiliate marketing is way better than working under an MLM company. Here are some things you need to know:

  • It is free to get started
  • You don’t need to have upselling skills
  • You have access to a website builder
  • You are given Web hosting
  • You have domain registration waiting
  • Access to powerful keyword research tool (Jaaxy tool)
  • Step-by-step, thorough training
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 24/7 community support
  • Weekly live webinar
  • Very helpful, kind, active & engaging community overall

The most important thing I want to emphasize here is that this is the same platform that enabled me to find the true path to financial independence.

Right now I am actually earning a whopping 4 figure passive income every month.

Why don't you grab your chance now? 

This program helped me and others Make A living Online and some of it even quit their Full Time Job. You will learn how to build a Thriving Online Business step by step so stop making excuses and Join Me Now

It's Your Turn Now.

Do you have a prior experience with Modere and you are dying to share it?  Whether it is a good or a bad experience, I would be very happy to hear your feedback regarding this networking group. Or with any other MLM company for that matter.

Why don't you send me a message about it now or you can jot things down first in the comments section below. I will get back to you sooner than you think. Let us talk about it, it is sure to become an exciting and enriching discussion for everyone here. 












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  • Salim says:

    Selling products alongside being a member in any Marketing business cam be so annoying. Moreover, thank you for providing us with this wonderful review on Modere, I’ve heard about Modere lately but i didn’t get convinced to try it out until now that I’m seeing your review on it. Well, as I’ve seen it’s not recommended, I’ll share the news with friends.

    have a nice day

  • Riaz Shah says:

    Hey Edmon,

    I’ve seen Mary Kay go MLM, travel agencies go MLM, and now even Modere’s an MLM, wow! Makes me really worried about the direction companies are going for today, it affects the overall quality of the product and I was right too, Modere has a lot of product complaints everywhere. 

    Personally, I wouldn’t buy products that are strung to MLM elements, I have a bad experience with them and I’m tired of the drama. Plus it helps with MLM items having a heavy price tag and all. What would you think about these MLM products?

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Riaz Shah, When I first heard about MLM from my friends I have a strong disagreement but yet they will you encourage you to be one of them by showing them their luxury cars, houses and etc.

      Luckily I am given the opportunity to venture into Online Business and earn a genuine income without being pushy. And now I am revealing all of the MLM schemes and hopefully able to help more people. 

  • Babsie Wagner says:

    Thank you for your honest and very thorough review of the Modere business opportunity.  I have heard some about it, and I am very glad I saw your review before investing in it.  I don’t think it is as good an opportunity as Wealthy Affiliate, and what I like about Wealthy Affiliate is you can get totally started for free and only upgrade when you’re ready.  I upgraded to the Premium for only $49 a month, and I’ve never looked back. 

    I keep my eye out for new programs, but whenever I see them they always seem to pale in comparison to the Wealthy Affiliate.  I’m glad you wrote this review.  You saved me having to figure it out.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      You are most welcome Babsie. I am glad you found WA and be part of it. Trust me you won’t regret and eventually you will reach the income you worked for if you follow the training. 

  • Fiona says:

    There are so many MLM’s out there! I’ve heard of Usana, but not Modere. It really is all about leveraging the people that you know to build up your team to make money. I admit to joining a MLM company, because I love the products. It definitely helps to believe in the product you sell, but even then, it is hard to earn real income with MLMs. 

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Fiona, Good to hear from you that you love Modere Products. Yes, Modere is relatively new and as this is the reason you rarely find their reviews yet. At least not so popular compared with Usana or other reputable MLM. 

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