Is Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 A Scam? Updated Review

What is Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 about? Is Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 worth your money? Or just a Scam? Let’s read my honest review to find out further. If you want to gain a decent amount of income without leaving the comfort of your own home, look no further.

Affiliate marketing websites like Niche Profit Classroom 5.0, found at nicheprofitclassroom.com, is one of the best options out there. It is basically a training course website that teaches you how to create websites that will help you earn money. Through their tutorial videos, you will learn how to create content to get enough traffic.

This newly updated version is said to have improved a lot, but is Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 a legitimated way to make money on the internet, or is it just a scam made to dupe its customers? Let’s find out together.

Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 Quick Review

What Is Niche Profit Classroom 5.0?

Name: Niche Profit Classroom 5.0
Products: Internet Marketing Training Course
Website: www.nicheprofitclassroom.com
Founders: Adam Short
Fee: $1 for 14 Days Trial
UpSells: Yes – $497 One time payment Or $67/Month
Overall Rank: 7 out of 10
Status: Legitimate

What is Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 and how does it work?

Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 is an affiliate marketing training course website. It was founded by Adam Short in 2003 and it teaches you how to create websites that will sell niche products. Niche Profit will also teach you how to sell them. If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, it is basically promoting products from certain niches and getting paid for it.

You have probably noticed by seeing its name that this specific program isn’t its first version. Niche Profit Classroom has been around for almost 15 years and this is its fifth version that we will be talking about today.

Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 offers tutorial videos that will teach you all about building niche websites that will earn you some passive income.

Through these videos, you will learn how to research profitable niche markets, how to analyze your competition, how to find the right products to promote, how to create your own products, how to get lots of traffic on your website through the use of proper SEO techniques, and how to increase its profitability.

Adam himself is behind every tutorial, and he will teach you how to select the perfect niche that is the easiest to generate income in. He claims to be very successful in this field that he has earned millions of dollars, so he knows what he is talking about, and he is willing to share it with you for a fee of $67.00 a month.

However, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee if you take advantage of their lifetime membership, which costs a one-time payment of $497.00. They also offer a 7-day trial for those who want to try the service out first. If you do not find the tools and training any helpful, there is a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days.

With Niche Profit Classroom 4.0, you can sign up with them for website hosting, but the 5.0 version does not offer domains anymore. Now you will have to sign up with a third-party web hosting service for that.

That is good news for customers like you because you do not have to let go of your ownership of the domain even after you cancel your membership with Niche Profit Classroom. You can also transfer your sites to another service if you want to.

This means that after you learn everything you need to learn about affiliate marketing, you can move forward on your own. This definitely makes Niche Profit Classroom a worthy investment.

Who is Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 for?

Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 is for anyone who is tired of working 9-5 jobs. If you want to stay at home and earn money easily with websites that will generate income while you sit comfortably at home, Niche Profit Classroom is the perfect service for you. Adam Short will teach you everything you need to learn about internet marketing and earning profits online.

Niche Profit Classroom Tools & Training

You will be trained only through video tutorials that will be available after you have settled your first monthly payment of $67, or after you have settled the membership fee of $497.

Tools like Niche Profit Press, Content Generator, E-mail Campaign Creator, Moneyword Keyword Tool, and Market Profile will also be available for use while you are in the training program.

Niche Profit Classroom Support

While Niche Profit Classroom Support offers decent and helpful tutorials, they aren’t that good with offering member support. You can create support tickets to be sent to them if you have any questions, but from members’ experiences, you are likely to not hear from them soon.

This is one department in the Niche Profit Classroom Program that they should really improve at.

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

(+) The program has helpful and high-quality tutorial videos on their website

(+) You will learn a lot about affiliate marketing and its basics

(+) There is a 30-day money back guarantee that you can take advantage of if you do not find the tutorials or the service satisfactory

(+) There is a 7-day trial period

(+) Video tutorials are a lot easier to understand than any other form of training materials

(+) There are a lot of tools available to you that you can use for better marketing and learn more about the affiliate marketing

(+) $497 is a huge amount of money, but for a one-time lifetime membership fee, it is pretty reasonable

(+) You can transfer your website/s to a different web hosting service if you no longer want to be a member of Niche Profit

The Bad:

(-) The monthly fee of $67 is quite a lot of money

(-) Their customer service needs improvement

(-) You will have to sign up with a third-party web hosting service for a domain because their latest version no longer offers this


After reviewing Niche Profit Classroom 5.0  is not a scam be it the latest version or the earlier version. Instead Adam short is an expert and created amazing training since the internet boom. On top of that, he is well reputable if you google more about him as he has helped many people in succeeding in the online journey.

Of course, there is always pros and cons on every product which I have listed down above for NPC 5.0. The only thing that I would like to highlight is their support system. I realize NPC seriously lacked this and this is the Main Reason that pulls me off and reconsiders. Others than this, I would say overall is a top notch training program.

With the much lower price, I would consider others program which the path I followed to become a success in affiliate marketer. If you wanted to know more, Click there the exact formula I followed and this is the only #1 recommended Affiliate Marketing Course I suggest to you.

Let me help you and trust me, you won’t regret and confirm stop looking for better one. Because this is the best so far.

Below is what Colton have achieved so far after joining. Yes, he is earning full-time income since 2015 and the time I’m writing this he is achieving 5 digits income from his internet business.


Here another success story from Edward who learns how to increase traffic significantly.

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Thank you again for reading this and I wish you all the best in your online journey.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need a hand from me. I would like to help you out.

Niche Profit Classroom 5.0















  • 100% Legit Training Program
  • Experienced and Existed Since 2003
  • Valueable Information To Kick Start Your Online Business
  • Not Hype Program
  • Straight Forward and Honest Presenter (Adam Short)
  • Offer Money Back Guaranteed


  • Upsells Available - $67/Month
  • Lack Of Customer Support
  • Some Information Are Outdated
  • Private Labelled Rights Products
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