Is OpinionCity a SCAM? Do They Really Need Your Honest Opinion or What? Here is the Shocking Truth Now!

On your quest to find a strategy to help you make some passive online income, you came across OpinionCity instead. If you will just scrutinize their website, you won’t believe what your eyes will see.

This website is pointing you to check out some other dubious online money-making programs, which I think they are partners with. The thing is, the integrity of these supposed online programs for earning passive income is highly questionable. Such a website exists, and that is none other than OpinionCity.

Before anything else, if your main goal really is to find an online money-making opportunity that really works, you might not want to miss my number 1 recommendation here.

OpinionCity Summary Review


Founder: Undisclosed

Price: Free to join

Best For:  Even if you are amenable to commit your time to answering survey questions in exchange for some money, this platform is NOT suitable to you. You will find out why!

Is OpinionCity a Scam

Summary:  There are many reasons why I can't encourage anyone to consider this site in as far as making another stream of online income is concerned. First, they serve as a portal site for legitimate market research companies they're partners with. Second, their website is riddled with deceptive schemes that aim to establish their credibility. Discover also how they are making use of stock photos to deceive you into believing that they are a reputable site. 

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: Absolutely not!


What Is OpinionCity?

What is OpinionCity about? For the record, OpinionCity is not the usual survey website that we are accustomed to seeing. They don’t even qualify as a marketing research company. If you go and visit their website, you will know what I mean. So what are they then?

OpinionCity is a website that shows you where exactly you should go when looking for paid surveys. So that means to say you will need to head yourself to those websites they recommend and sign up for a separate account there, which you may do after you have created your profile in OpinionCity.

As a matter of fact, I tried it myself and to my surprise, things became even weirder and strange in the sense that even when I am in the member’s area already, I don’t see the account profile which I thought I have just created.

We usually see this in the upper right-hand corner of our computer screens, but with this website, it is just not there. There is nothing in there. 

OpinionCity a Scam

OpinionCity website did not indicate anything that I am signed in to my account. There are no account settings that I can see or anything to that effect that will tell me I am in my profile.

Hence, it made me feel like I just volunteered my personal information in vain. It brought to my mind my worst fear, did I just endanger my personal data just by doing something like that?

I also observed that a handful of the survey websites that OpinionCity recommends are quite well-known GPT (get-paid-to do) website while there are also others that I have not heard of before. Thus, their integrity for me as a safe GPT website is questionable.

It is hard to believe that there is a website like OpinionCity that will put you in harm’s way by recommending to you an array of GPT websites whose integrity can be put into question.

I have actually checked out and reviewed a handful of other survey websites before such as Click 4 Surveys, Time Bucks, Survey Absolute, etc. And what is the denominator that these GPT websites have in common?

They write and put some structure into their reviews. Send them to your profile and encourage you to take active participation in their survey panels, subsequently their systems will give the proper credits to their accounts.

The trouble with OpinionCity is that they will not direct you to those similar survey panels, just like how it is supposed to. What they do instead, as I emphasized above, is carry you to highly questionable “opportunity” websites that are entirely different from legit GPT websites.

This brings us to the conclusion that you will not actually earn from the OpinionCity platform, but could be a possibility in their partner sites. With respect to OpinionCity founders, such details are not indicated and nowhere to be found on their website. 

How OpinionCity Really Works?

It is understandable that the primary goal of OpinionCity is to earn good amounts of profits for itself, and that is something we don’t want to put into question. A business entity like them exists for that purpose alone.

In order to carry out their goals, they are employing the affiliate marketing method to help them earn from the survey websites they are recommending you to consider and try. Still, this part is legitimate and there is nothing wrong with that part yet.
In case you decide to sign up for 10 paid survey websites, OpinionCity is bound to earn at $1 to $10 per website you chose to create an account in.

I honestly feel there is nothing wrong with recommending to you websites that are online opportunities, too. But only if these websites that they are carrying you to consider and try are reputable.

However, the OPPOSITE is true. The online opportunity websites they are recommending you to go to are known scams or have highly questionable integrity. This brings us to this conclusion, that they will bring to your attention to these platforms from which they know they can earn money from when you sign up.

Who Can Join OpinionCity? 

​​​​In all honesty, I think nobody is fitting to join OpinionCity. This particular get-paid-to site is riddled with lots and lots of loopholes that puts their credibility on the line. Loopholes that are glaringly tell you that they are not very much worth your while. 

With this I suggest the better alternative you might want to consider as opposed to spending your time on completing survey tasks. In GPT sites, you can only earn a measly amount of money whereas in affiliate marketing by Wealthy Affiliate way, you will have your chance to achieve the elusive financial independence for yourself and your family. 

The Ugly Truths About OpinionCity Revealed 

They are Partnered with Possible SCAM Sites

Please take extra caution if you will give the programs they are recommending a shot (which I suggest not to try at all). Not all the programs they have on there are legitimate, reliable or trustworthy.

Therefore, you may want to carry out a cursory check on those platforms first, if ever you decide to proceed anyway. Doing a fact check on your own will help save you from future, unnecessary trouble and hassle.

Fabricated Urgency on Survey Projects

It takes a discerning mind to take notice of this, but OpinionCity is actually on the habit of making claims that the GPT websites they are promoting have limited slots, and are, therefore, filling up fast.

They are suggesting that you take action right there and then and sign up for an account in any of those GPT websites before it is too late before you lose your chance for an added source of income.

If you will take on the bait, you are up for some discovery -- there is no urgency at all for additional panel members. All left for you to do is join that particular platform anyways. If I’d be in your shoe, I won’t even bother. 

OpinionCity Founders are Nowhere to be Found

With respect to the various online money-generating opportunities I came across within the past, knowing who exactly founded the business; who established that company helped in putting my mind at ease. That alone gave me an assurance that their platform is not likely a crooked one or unscrupulous. Not likely a scam!

But how would you feel or take it if you joined an online money-generating platform whom you have no idea who put them up in the first place? No information is accessible to you if you want to know who is or who are the brains behind the business.

In the worst case scenario under these circumstances, when things in the business go for the worse and you are caught in the bad light, whom do you think will be held accountable for that and for your loss? Nobody, simply because you don’t know who the company’s founder is.

That is how OpinionCity is.

Now I want you to meet Alyssa. Allegedly, she is a spokesperson for OpinionCity. 

What is OpinionCity about

As a spokesperson for OpinionCity, she will naturally make you buy the idea that their platform is really offering everyone a great online income opportunity. But what if I tell you that she really is not a real person.

As a matter of fact, her picture above is a stock photo from somewhere. See the images similar to that one they have on their site. These are the original stock photo they sourced from somewhere. So much for the effort in building their credibility right, but is still a fail, big one!

OpinionCity Review

They Fabricate Their Facebook Page Likes

If you will go to the OpinionCity website, particularly in their homepage, take note of their Facebook page link found on the upper right-hand corner. It clearly says they have 23K Facebook page likes already, right?

Take a look at the screen grab I have for you:

OpinionCity surveys

Now, I went to the Facebook page to make some verification on their actual FB page likes and they have less than 10K FB likes.

OpinionCity a Scam

Now is there any way we can understand why would opt to take such a move? Most especially when discerning people could just check things out if their claims are true or not, at the single click of their mouse.

The only motive I can see here is that they wanted to establish their online credibility. To give their unsuspecting audience that the global online community is trusting their brand, and if you are a first timer in their platform you can trust them, too.

Is OpinionCity a Scam?

While I don’t qualify OpinionCity as a scam, I would not encourage anyone of you to try them out. What this website do is act as an affiliate for various different companies which are not necessarily in line with the survey panels they advertise.

Another issue I want to put some emphasis on here is that OpinionCity is one of those affiliate  websites (for other legit and non-legit GPT sites) who does not really mind about the quality and integrity of the websites they are endorsing to you to try.

They don’t care whether the websites they are promoting to you will eventually put you in harm’s way and cause you to lose money in the end. For these reasons,  in my honest opinion you should veer yourself away from OpinionCity. You are far better off without them.

If your main goal really in wanting to know whether OpinionCity is worth your while or not is to finally find an online money-making opportunity that delivers, I say that taking paid surveys is the right way to do that.

There are various ways to earn money online. Some will have you an easy to money, with seamless procedures and all, but are not stable and can’t be relied on. This actually bring me to my recommendation to you.

How I Make Money Online?

To be honest, I am not in the habit of encouraging anyone to consider and try get-paid-to websites like OpinionCity. I suggest that you take into account something else that we can qualify as a far better online money-generating opportunity.

While there are a handful of legitimate GPT websites and are compensating their panel members really well, I need to point out that what they offer you is a very little income opportunity. What you can get from them will not help pay up your bills.

If you are amenable to spend some of your time answering survey questions for measly amounts of money, would it not be better if you will commit instead to an opportunity that will help you take a step closer to your own financial freedom.

Top Recommendation

My best recommendation is for you to try affiliate marketing, the Wealthy Affiliate way.

There is a manifold of market affiliate programs on the Web, but why Wealthy Affiliate? What makes them stand out from others and what is in them that makes them an exceptional provider of affiliate marketing strategies?

They are a far better option because:

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  • You get ready access to reliable Web hosting services.
  • Assistance on your domain registration
  • Access to premier keyword research tool - Jaaxy
  • Step-by-step training (regardless if you are a newbie or an experienced marketer)
  • 24/7 technical support for all your concerns. 
  • 24/7 community support if you have any doubts
  • Weekly live webinar

Most importantly, this is the platform which enabled me to become financially independent. I am now earning a 4 figure passive income per month.  If I was able to do it, then so you can, too. What is your excuse why you can’t have this kind of success I am enjoying at the moment? 

This program helped me and others Make A living Online and some of it even quit their Full Time Job. You will learn how to build a Thriving Online Business step by step so stop making excuses and Join Me Now

With the points I emphasized in here, would you agree with me that OpinionCity and other similar get-paid-to websites are not helpful in building you another stream of online income? What are your thoughts about this company? Do you have any bad experience about GPT websites in general? Please write them in the comment section below. 


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