Is Optavia a Scam? It Is Not But There Are Better Opportunities Than This!

First of all, let me give you a pat on the back because you are researching now about Optavia before giving this alleged online opportunity a thought or a try. This is the most effective way you can really keep scammers at bay, and eventually come across a legitimate way to earn money from the Internet.

If this company is indeed a scam, this review I am making will help you see that and understand the why. Otherwise, I will just help you understand how this company conducts its business to the core. And if getting yourself involved with them is going to work to your advantage or not.

Please be reminded that I am in no way associated with Optavia. Therefore, you can count that this review is nothing but an impartial take on this company, absolutely no bias to their business interest. This is pure, unadulterated, objective review about the company.

Optavia Summary Review


Founder:  Bradley T. Macdonald  & Dr. Wayne S. Andersen 

Price:  $199 to start +  costs for program/package 

Best For:  People who are interested in losing some weight using Optavia's meal replacement with the potential of earning some money on the side. 

Is Optavia a Scam?

Summary:  Optavia is a legitimate networking company that caters to the needs of the health industry. Considering that they have been doing this business in the industry, it is unreasonable to qualify them as a scam or as a pyramid scheme firm. Otherwise, they would been shut down long ago and ceased operations already, but no they didn't. It only goes to show that everything in this company is right and in proper order, at least with respect to how they conduct their business. The one thing that concerns me most about them is the exorbitant price tag that their products come with. 

Rating: 30/100

Recommended:  No. 


What Is Optavia?

Before we even try to delve deeper to this company, we need to have some level of familiarity with a few important facts about them first.

1. Optavia is a rebranding from another company.

Optavia was formed in 2016-2017 but it was eventually rebranded into "Take Shape For Life, which was originally created in 2002/2003/.  If you will try and make an online search about Take Shape For Life, you will be redirected to the Optavia website instead.

Optavia and Take Shape for Life are basically the same because they are offering the same line of products and services. What sets them apart is that Optavia is now an independent company, as for Take Shape for Life it is now a part of another firm, Medifast

2. The Optavia Products (Meal Replacements)

The goal of Optavia with its product offerings is to promote awareness on healthier life. Hence, they are giving us meal replacement products.  

Much does Optavia cost?

Meal replacement products come in the form of

  • Nutritional Shakes
  • Soups
  • Bars
  • Healthy Pancakes
  • Etc.

In order to enhance the Optavia experience for their customers, the company has created their own community centered around weight loss concerns. Set in place in this community is a “coaching system”, which will allow members to help each other out.

Is Optavia a Pyramid Scheme?

Optavia as a Multilevel Marketing Company

The business model of Optavia is multilevel marketing (MLM). Sometimes, it is also referred to as network marketing or direct selling. 

This type of business model veers away from the traditional use of retailers or middleman in marketing and selling their products. What they do instead is to take advantage of their own people to market and sell their merchandise. Most MLM companies refer to their members as “independent distributors”.

This only signifies that you will hardly find their products anywhere else. They are scarcely found in supermarkets, retail stores, or specialty shops. But you can only purchase them through their members or independent distributors.

Therefore, if you are wanting to purchase any of their products, it would help if you are in touch with one of their network members who can help you with that.

If you are somehow interested with this opportunity, you need to pay their distributor fee valued at $199.

When it comes to these Web-based money-making opportunities, we need to take caution since many are out there to scam you. However, the Optavia networking system is legitimate business model.  

How to Get Started with Optavia?  

How much does Optavia cost in terms of becoming a member? As mentioned above, joining a networking company like Optavia does not come for free. You need to purchase their "Health Coach Business Kit"  which is valued at $199. 

Normally such training kits contain the basic marketing and training materials and paraphernalias you will need so you can get started.

The purchase of Optivia Business Kit makes you an official Optavia Health Coach.

So, if you are under impression that Optavia Health Coaches are experts in human health and wellness, no they are not. Since there are no qualifications to become a health coach in this company and anyone can become a coach, we should not confide in them our health issues.

Of course, your main goal in joining Optivia is to eventually earn from their offered business opportunity, right? And they are actually offering 3 ways to earn.

  1. Business Coach Income - Referring new distributors for the purpose of making them members of your downline team. 
  2. Health Coach Income - Your role here is to sell and promote products to your own circle (family members, friends, neighbors, etc.)
  3. Business Leader Income -  Developing a team, eventually becoming your downline and lead them to success in the business.

Can You Really Earn Big Time in Optavia? 

While we don’t qualify Optavia as a pyramid scheme, the easiest, fastest, and seamless way for you to earn significant amounts of money is to recruit new people to the business opportunity.

Climb the ladder of success in Optavia first, this will help you become entitled to more rewards and bonuses. Recruiting more people to the company gives you better chances to earning more.

Basically, this is how networking companies work. If you have any interest to look into the Optavia compensation plan, you may want to check it out from here.

One important skill you need to acquire to become highly successful while you are involved in a networking company is how to leverage the power of the Internet in recruiting interested parties to the business.

You can also choose to recruit people using the Internet and have everything about it  on autopilot.

What is the Optavia Diet?

The working idea behind the Optavia diet is to eat several meals a day. They call this practice "fuelings". The purpose of which is to keep your tummy full while at the same time helping your body shed excess pounds.

Depending upon your weight loss goals, Optavia is offering us three diet programs to choose from:

5&1 Plan.

With this Optavia diet plan, you are supposed to eat 5 Optavia fuelings. You can get this directly from an Optavia product distributor. This diet should be complemented by a meal of vegetables and protein.

For educational purposes, here is a more detailed video demonstration for the 5&1 diet plan of Optavia.

4&2&1 Plan.

You will get 2 lean and green meals with this Optavia diet. This should consist of four fuelings and if you feel the urge to eat in between a "healthy snack" will do. 

The video below is a typical day for a 4&2&1 plan.

3&3 Plan.

What is this 3&3 Optavia diet plan all about? It centers around 3 fuelings.  You should meld this diet plan with 3 lean and green meals everyday. 

Ugly Truths About Optavia Finally Revealed

Anybody Can Become a Health Coach (Regardless of how unfit they are)

As I previously mentioned in this article, all members of the Optavia network is referred to as “Health Coach”. Whether they are entitled to that role, the company refers to them as such. 

This approach is very much misleading, most especially to prospective parties on the verge of joining the Optavia. It makes unsuspecting people see them as professional health coaches with expertise in human health and wellness. 

Unfortunately, 99% of them are not qualified to provide health coaching assistance because they come from different professional backgrounds instead. 

Until such time that these people become a full-fledged part of the network, only then they will realize that their ‘health coach’ is not a real coach. 

Bad Tasting Meal Replacement Products

Meal replacement products are definitely not for everyone, most especially when you look into their taste. People with a discriminating taste for food usually find meal replacement products unacceptable to have. 

Expensive Products

By far, this is the most complained thing about MLM companies. The products they bring to the market come with exorbitant price tags. If you are not aware yet, these networking companies to raise the bar for their products to help cover for the commissions of their independent distributors. 

Issues on Sustainability of Meal Replacement Products

While I am an avid supporter, believer and consumer of protein shakes, I personally believe that we should not make them the primary resource of our body’s energy and nutrition.

We should not get into the habit of replacing real food with meal replacement products. However, this idea gets into us with the introduction of these kinds of products to the market.

What I Like About Optavia?  

 Solid Company Background. 

As I indicated earlier, Optivia is a subsidiary of another well-known company, Medifast. This publicly traded company has been involved in the health and wellness industry from way back since the 1980s. 

Now, for Medifast they have actually earned the Better Business Bureau’s accreditation and were awarded an A+ rating by the agency. Additionally, medical professionals like doctors and physicians are endorsing the use of their products. 

Hence, we can glean from here that the company indeed has a solid background and this gives their product offerings a certain level of credibility and integrity as well. 

30-day Money Back Guarantee.

This is one attractive feature of MLM companies, but definitely not all networking firms are offering refunds. As for the Optavia, I surmise that the main reason why they offer refunds is that their meal replacement products is really not for everyone, especially those who have a discriminating taste for food. 

So, even if your main reason is you just don’t like their product or you find their taste offensive, then you are entitled to receive a refund if you will return your purchased item to them within 30 days. 

No questions asked. 

Their Offered Compensation Plan is Better than Other Companies.

Like how there is no perfect business organization, it is likewise the same when it comes to compensation or remuneration packages. However, compared to other networking companies, Optavia’s offer to their network members are much better. 

What makes their compensation plan a stand out among others: 

1. It is centered on extending help to others. 

2. It is less focused on recruiting. 

3. It is not confusing but straightforward.

We can glean from the other networking companies that their focus is mainly on recruiting new members to the company. But as far as Optavia is concerned, they put more emphasis on making product sales.  

Is Optavia a Scam?

So, with all these information we garnered now, is Optavia a scam? Is Optavia a pyramid scheme? No, for both questions. 

A company like Optavia with a proven solid background can never be scam nor a pyramid scheme. Simply because they don’t need to. The product range they have on offer need a special market.

When it comes to losing weight and getting your body into its ideal weight, as far as I concerned our self-discipline here comes into play also. We should not rely on food replacement products for our body’s nutrition or use it as its primary source of nourishment.

On the business side of things, Optavia is a far better choice than other networking companies as far as compensation is concerned. But even so, I still don’t think that this business with them is the best opportunity to have.

How I Make Money Online?

When it comes to creating another stream of passive income, becoming an affiliate marketer is second to none. I am not holding anything against MLM companies.

Among the reasons why I am discouraging you from joining networking programs is because there are more drawbacks for you than benefits. There are more sacrifices to make but you will not be compensated well.

If you are seriously looking for opportunities to make money online,  my top recommendation is Affiliate Marketing. And when it comes to learning this discipline, use instead the Wealthy Affiliate course. 

It is way better than multilevel marketing opportunities because:

  • You will not recruit or refer people to the business
  • You can start right away for free
  • You can promote any product you want, no restrictions unlike in an MLM setup.

Most importantly, it’s the platform which enabled me to become financially independent. I am now earning a 4 figure passive income per month. If I found success here, I see no reason why you can't.

It is only a matter of making the right decision and taking action about it.

This program helped me and others Make A living Online and some of it even quit their Full Time Job. You will learn how to build a Thriving Online Business step by step so stop making excuses and Join Me Now

Have you ever tasted a meal replacement product before similar to those that Optavia is offering? How do you find their taste? Do you find them appetizing at all? I heard from a friend before that she can't bear them in her mouth, so she stopped and refused to consume the remainder. Do you have similar story to share? Please head to comments section below for any feedback you have regarding Optavia, its products, or its business opportunity in general. 

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