Is Organo Gold a Scam? Can You Drink Your Way to Financial Wellness with this Company?

Welcome to my unbiased analysis and review of the  Organo Gold opportunity!

It won’t matter if the reason you came here for is that a good friend in your circle introduced you to the business opportunity from Organo Gold or you came across with one of their ads in a  social media site, and now you are keenly interested to get to the truth about them.

Good for you because my Organo Gold review will provide you all the answers you are looking for. And since I am not in any way associated with Organo Gold, the information presented here are not biased, they are impartial and are completely devoid of prejudicial notions.

There are a handful of Organo Gold reviews on the Web now. At a single click of your mouse, you can access this trove of valuable information, but nothing is as comprehensive and as detailed as what I am presenting here.

Before anything else, I must commend you for the simple reason that what you are doing now is the right thing to do. Educating yourself first about an MLM company and getting yourself familiar with all the information there is to know about them is the most effective way to save yourself from becoming the next victim.

Eventually, this will help pave the way for you to find the best online money-generating opportunity. And it is going to show you how to really create a stable passive income so you can experience what financial freedom is really like.

You are a rarity because most people would haphazardly jump in right away to the opportunity, most especially if what you present to them is a seemingly very good one. Many remain oblivious of the fact that there are a handful of scam companies out there. And that the likelihood of them becoming the next victim is still as high as ever.

Organo Gold Summary Review


Founder:  Bernie Chua with Shane Morand in 2008

Price: From  $49.95 (Starter Pack) up to $1,300 (Gold Pack)

Best For: For coffee drink lovers interested in making some money on the side. 

 Is Organo Gold a Scam?

Summary: We don't classify the Organo Gold network as a scam company. They are also not fitting to be called as a pyramid scheme, simply because their definition is not fitting into the activities of this company. They are offering us real and tangible products, and are not heavily relying on recruitment for their network members to earn. The hard pressing point of concern with this networking company is you will hardly make money. As a matter of fact, it is impossible for you to even stand a chance of breaking even for your investment. How? Continue reading this review, and you will be up for some shocking truths! 

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No. 


What Is Organo Gold?

Organo Gold is a multilevel marketing firm founded in 2008 by its visionary leader, Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand. Their main goal in putting up this company, as they said, is to provide the world’s coffee drinking population a better coffee beverage.

One may argue that the coffee business is already a highly saturated industry. So, with that, how can Organo Gold products manage to penetrate a highly stiff competition. With the likes of Starbucks coffee, can Organo Gold stand a chance with them?

Organo Gold Reviews

Bernie Chua

Organo Gold Reviews

Co-Founder of Organo Gold

The Pros and the Cons of the Ganoderma Lucidum

Now, after realizing that Organo Gold coffee blends are mixed with Ganoderma Lucidum, the next important thing that you need to know exactly is what makes it really special?

What are the special characteristics of Ganoderma Lucidum that when combined with coffee powder will heighten up its health-giving properties? 

The Pros and the Cons of the Ganoderma Lucidum

Now, after realizing that Organo Gold coffee blends are mixed with Ganoderma Lucidum, the next important thing that you need to know exactly is what makes it really special? What are the special characteristics of Ganoderma Lucidum that when combined with coffee powder will heighten up its health-giving properties? 

Perhaps you are aware that traditional Chinese medicine is not just very old but is also expansive, too, right? In China, Ganoderma,  known as LingZi, has been used as one of the most important ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine. It is actually referred to as the “King of the Herbs”.

Ganoderma can help improve your body’s well-being, particularly in the following areas:

  • Enhances your immune system
  • Prevention and  cancerous tumors
  • Regulate your blood pressure
  • Alleviates skin allergies
  • Mitigates inflammation
  • Enhances your digestion


However, these health benefits they can allegedly bring are still not reliable since they are not backed by any scientific study or investigation. Therefore, extreme caution should be observed when consuming Ganoderma.

On the other hand, studies are indicating that long term consumption of Ganoderma (3-6 months) is not advisable as it may have an adverse impact on your health. Here are some of the potential side-effects or dangers of Ganoderma to the human body:

  • Rash
  • Upset stomach
  • Nose bleed
  • Itching
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth 


Pregnant and nursing women are also discouraged not to consume products containing Ganoderma as it may induce bleeding when giving birth,  increasing their chances to have blood clots.

For your own safety, it would be best to consult your physician first prior to consuming any products with Ganoderma in it. It is clear to see that even though Ganoderma, for centuries, is believed in the traditional Chinese medicine to have a positive impact to the human body, it is also likely to have its own share of adverse effects, too.

As of this writing, Organo Gold is not offering variants for their coffee products yet. The product line they are offering to the market includes personal care products, nutraceuticals, and different kinds of beverage drinks like hot chocolate.

The common denominator they have with their product offerings is that they are all infused with Ganoderma lucidum. This brings me to this conclusion that Organo is actually a Ganoderma firm.  They are guised under the cloak of coffee products company

How to Get Started with Organo Gold?

Organo Gold classified their network membership in levels or business packs. This is the usual norm in the USANA’s industry.

1. Business Entry Kit ($49.95) - Starter Pack

Most MLM companies would require their entry-level or aspiring new members to purchase their Business Entry Kit. The business kit will give you access to your own OG online back office and a replicated website.

  • Besides those, you are also entitled to receive the following 
  • Distributor Binder
  • Brochures & Applications
  • Coffee Samples
  • Access to wholesale purchases

But I also found out that not everything about the OG business kit is all good, there are some drawbacks too that you ought to know.

You are granted free access to your back office for only 1 full year. After which, there are going to be subsequent fees.

The replicated website Organo Gold is giving to their independent distributors are intended to help you in growing your business online. But the mere fact that they are replicated, distributors are likely to have a hard time finding success in the online world. This is especially true for distributors who do not have any prior Internet marketing background or experience.  

Besides the Starter Pack, there are many other things you need to purchase so you can run your business with OG seamlessly good.

The Organo Gold Starter Pack is your ticket to becoming an OG Independent Distributor. However, with the following business packs, you are actually entitling yourself to various compensations and commissions.

2. Bronze Pack

  • $50/month autoship
  • Receive up to 10% compensation
  • Initial cost: $150

3. Gold Pack

  • $100/month autoship
  • Initial cost: $1,300
  • Receive up to 20% compensation

4. Silver Pack

  • Initial cost: $450
  • Receive up to 15% compensation
  • 100/month autoship
  • The Organo Gold Compensation Package

When it comes to writing reviews on MLM business opportunities, this part is the one that I detest the most. These companies are structuring their remuneration plans in such a way that it will emphasize the huge earning potential of the business with the purpose of enticing people to join the network.

However, most of the time people are oblivious how difficult it is to reach the highest earning potential in this line of business. Organo Gold’s compensation plan is very much similar to that of USANA’s.

It follows a binary structure, therefore, your pyramid has a left and right arm. You fill these up by recruiting people and have them join the business. Your ultimate goal now is to have as many new members into the team and become your downline.

For a more detailed analysis of the Organo Gold compensation plan, you may want to check out this Youtube video I sourced for you. I am endorsing to you that you try this opportunity. This video link I am sharing here now is for educational purposes only:  

Who Should Join Organo Gold?

Considering the complexity of the business, it is safe to say that the Organo Gold business opportunity is best suited for experienced multilevel marketers. Normally these people already have established a solid and huge network.

Building a large and solid network entails hard work, a lot of follow-ups, and cold calling expertise. Hence, we can surmise that this is not for everyone to try. Therefore, if what you are looking for is a stay-at-home business opportunity, this may not work well for you.

If a work-at-home opportunity is what you are looking for, you may need to start your own online business today. With this platform I am recommending for you to consider and try eliminates the hassle of recruiting, no cold calling, and no hard selling.

If like everyone else, you’re not okay with being out and talking your way to people and sell to them your business opportunity, then truly you are not fit to join any network marketing company.

Organo Gold Ugly Truths Finally Revealed! 

Income Potential for Independent Distributors is Extremely Low

This is actually not uncommon. I honestly think that this is the most complained about aspect in most networking companies today. The very reason why people are attracted to join networking groups, in the end, fails their best expectations about it.

As can be gleaned from above, 86.34 of all independent OG distributors are only raking in less than $600 a year. I don’t want to do the Math for this now because I know it is going to be pathetically very low. I don’t even want to consider this amount as compensation, for me it is very insulting.

In order to join OG network, you need to shell out $800 for the first year, right? So, think about this now, is it enticing to earn $600 a year when you initially joined the company with a membership fee valued at $800 for your first-year membership?

It is very obvious to see that you won’t even stand a chance of breaking even with your investment for the first year. Organo Gold and many other similar networking companies are doing their best in order to make their percentages look more attractive, but a closer look, everything is just empty false hope.

Hence, only a handful of network members will be capable of making a full-time income.

OG is trying to make the percentages seem more enticing but in reality, it's just like many other MLM. Only a very small percentage of people will be making a full-time income.

Organo Gold is Not a Member of Direct Selling Association

This agency is the governments regulating body for multilevel marketing companies. Naturally, the agency is implementing a set of standards and rules. Companies that are being accepted by this agency are in compliance with those rules and standards, which render them as trustworthy and increases credibility, too.

In 2013, Organo Gold made several attempts to become part of DSA but was declined membership. No further attempts were made by the company as of this writing.


If you have prior experience in the MLM sphere, you understand to the core that the heart and soul of networking companies lie in how well-versed you are in recruiting new members into the business.

This signifies that you may need to persuade your circle of friends and family members first before you even try to recruit other people and become highly successful at it.

However, we know for a fact that this can be sabotage to your friendships and other relationships. In an effort to grow your business, you are running the risks of eventually losing a friend.

Many people are not suited to recruiting others to join the business opportunity they are involved in. Therefore, if you are in this shoe, joining Organo Gold or any other MLM company is not a practical decision to make.

Controversies Here and There

Over the years, Organo Gold is beset by customer complaints. There are so many of them that we even need to classify them according to the nature of the complaint. Here they are:

Delivery issue - customers are unable to receive their purchased products

Health concerns -this has something to do with serious health issues that only came to the surface after a customer consumed the Ganoderma-containing coffee from OG.  

Income claims - the nature of these complaints lodged against OG has something to do with independent distributors failure to get the proper compensation due to them.  

For the record, there are 55 formal complaints lodged against Organo Gold according to Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Actual complaint documents against Organo Gold can be referenced from here.

 Keeping Your Distributor Account as Active Member

This downside is almost always an issue being complained in any multilevel marketing firm. Independent product distributors need to maintain their account as active, or they would run the risk of losing their entitlement for commission pays bonuses and other forms of compensation.

In order to remain an active independent product distributor, the member will need to comply with the company’s implement monthly sales volume. This can be achieved by selling products to others and achieve monthly target sales. Or the common practice here is to make the purchase out of your own pocket for personal consumption, or for selling the purchased products at a later time.

What I Do Like About Organo Gold?

Open Access to Income Disclosure Statement

It is of paramount importance that an MLM company shares its IDS to the general public. This is the only way that people who are aspiring to become a distributor or have plans of joining their business opportunity anytime soon to have a chance to peek into their potential income. 

Involvement in Charity

After some time that I have analyzed and review multilevel marketing firms, it is very scarce that I see a business entity getting themselves involved in charitable work. Organo Gold makes an exemption in this area and sets themselves distinct from all the other networking companies. 

Involvement in Charity

After some time that I have analyzed and review multilevel marketing firms, it is very scarce that I see a business entity getting themselves involved in a charitable work. Organo Gold makes an exemption in this area, and sets themselves distinct from all the other networking companies. 

 Organo Gold Reviews

The involvement of Organo Gold in charitable works is a clear indication that the company is in pretty good shape, despite the fact that their independent product distributors are not making much from the company.

Aside from those two major points above, here are some other positive things worth noting about OG:

  • Offer distributors variety of options to earn  
  • Handful of positive product reviews
  • Outstanding BBB rating (A+)
  • They are offering us a diverse product line
  • Offers free training for Active Distributors

Is Organo Gold a Scam?

We have established the fact that Organo Gold is a legitimate multilevel marketing company, and that rules out the notions of many that they are a scam company. We also don’t want to qualify them as a pyramid scheme because they have an array of unique products to offer to the market.

Remember, one strong indicator that a business organization is employing a pyramid scheme if the only way to earn from them is by recruiting others to join the system.

Aside from which, Organo Gold also ensures that their network of Active Product Distributors are earning at least 50% profit, straight from the retail sales they are making.

How I Make Money Online?

My real intention in presenting to you this Organo Gold review is to show you exactly how this business opportunity will help you stand a chance in bringing you a step closer to your ultimate goal -- that is creating you another stream of online income.

Can you now draw a conclusion if Organo Gold is there to help you reach your financial wellness? It does not really take a genius to know the truth here.

The very structure of the MLM business model is not to uphold or to look after the financial interest of its members. They are actually structured to optimize the company’s income potential.

So, that explains the reason why working for a networking company is an effort in vain. My best recommendation in as far as reaching your financial goals is concerned is try affiliate marketing, instead. 

Wealthy Affiliate is a premier provider of affiliate marketing training programs. Even the most seasoned pros in the affiliate marketing field are finding this course offering valuable and highly insightful. ​

Therefore, you have no reason to say that it will not serve your purpose, right? 

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The prospect of drinking your way to financial wellness with your cup of coffee is very attractive to many of us. But again networking companies may not be the best opportunity for most of us, especially when we dread recruiting other people to the business. Do you find this product review valuable? Please feel free to share your thoughts about Organo Gold or any other networking company you had an experience with. Go to the comment section below. 

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