Is Penny Clicks Academy A Scam?- Worth To Buy or Waste Of Money?

What is Penny Clicks Academy about? is Penny Clicks Academy A Scam or legitimate? Let’s find out in this review. Penny Clicks Academy is a surprisingly good product that actually delivers on its promise: how to operate a good Facebooks ads campaign.

There are a dozen ways to make money in online marketing. One of the more ignored facets of it is pay-per-click advertising. This is because a lot of people pooh-pooh the idea of earning pennies from every click. It isn’t as sexy as earning large commission from affiliate marketing.

However, you can earn just as much or even more from PPC campaigns. This is exactly why you should give Penny Clicks Academy a chance. Surprisingly enough, this particular Internet marketing product is a good investment. Though it does engage in a bit of exaggeration in its advertising, it does manage to deliver on most of its promises and gives you a good grounding on how to get your Facebook PPC campaign off the ground.

Penny Clicks Academy Quick Review

What Is Penny Clicks Academy?

Name: Penny Clicks Academy
Products: Facebooks ads campaign
Website: www.pennyclicksacademy.com
Founders: James Sides and Sam Finlay
Fee: Upfront $47
UpSells: Yes – $47,$77 and $197
Overall Rank: 7 out of 10
Status: Decent and Legitimate

What is Penny Clicks Academy and how does it work?

When you buy the base product, it’s around $47. That’s pretty cheap for an Internet marketing product. What you get for this investment is a pretty good series of instructional videos to turn a Facebook fan page into a revenue generator. The idea is to use Facebook’s social media capability to channel traffic into your pages.

After the initial purchase, there are three upsells you can potentially buy. The first product has a pretty steep price. It’s $77, which is two times the original price of the product. However, that price is pretty alright considering it is a done-for-you advertising campaign template. You’ll want to get this if you just want to fill-in-the-blanks and start rolling. It even has some case studies on how to implement it properly.

The second upsell at $47 is a Facebook Ad creator software bundle. It’s essentially an image editor and a template editor. You’ll probably want to skip this and get something for free or flexible.

Finally, for $197, you will get access to a mastermind group. This gives you direct access to personal advice from the guys behind Penny Clicks Academy. I’d recommend getting the mastermind group if anything. This will give you access to the people who created the Penny Clicks Academy training program. This is like talking to the teacher after class for extra tutoring. It will make your marketing career a lot easier and cut down on any mistakes that you might make.

Who is Penny Clicks Academy For?

The Penny Clicks Academy is basically for Internet marketers who want to get that sweet Facebook revenue. One of the big problems with Facebook marketing is that it seems so easy. The social media platform lets you connect with hundreds of people easily.


However, turning all of those connections into actual money has always been a struggle. With this product, you’ll be able to ensure that you generate revenue. Though it advertises $1,000 in seven days, that is a bit of an exaggeration. You’ll eventually be grossing that when your Facebook campaigns are all properly set-up and you’ve put in the work.

Penny Clicks Academy Tools & Training

Here’s the deal, the Penny Clicks Academy delivers on the value it promises. The basic product will get you a full series of videos. They will teach you the basics of building a Facebook ad campaign that will generate revenue constantly. The videos are all rich in details and have a good way of explaining what you need to know.

The basic strategy behind Penny Clicks Academy is very low-risk and is very strategic. In the initial video, the product tells you to target a popular niche. Unlike other Internet marketing products that advise you to go for a new niche where you are the pioneer, the target here is not to own the entire pie. Yes, that approach is very profitable but also very risky.

With the PCA approach, you’ll at least have a constant revenue stream. It is also a lot easier because popular niches like sports or hobbies already have a solid base to build on. The product also teaches you on how to do proper market research. This ensures that the niche you want to go into can support the healthy competition and products that you want to advertise. After the initial introduction, you can actually see the PCA approach in action as the video shows how a Facebook ad campaign comes into existence from scratch.

Besides all of the info that the product gives you, it also gives you honest advice about the business. It advises you to forget about get-rich-quick schemes here. You’ll only get money if you spend the time and effort to earn it. It also is pretty honest about the calculating outlook that it takes to make money in the business. Nothing about making your passion work for you, unlike other marketers that claim your hobbies can turn into cash machines.

The final admirable thing about this product is its advocacy of the slow and steady approach. A lot of Internet marketing products advocate a go big or go home strategy. With this product, you can spend $5 a day to get some campaigns going and watch them grow. None of that “spends thousands to earn millions in days” BS that often comes up in other Internet marketing products.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

(+) Value. You’ll get a lot of value from this product. The basic product alone should prepare you well enough to start a few profitable Facebook ad campaigns. You can probably earn back your initial investment in a few weeks. The great value of the training series is all because of its detailed approach to instructions. You won’t be wondering about what to do with the concise instruction that comes with this product.

(+) Upsells. Though it is a part of the business, the upsells can be a bit of disappointment at times. With this product, you won’t be. All of them have definite good value and are more than worth the money you pay for them.

The Bad:

(-) Still Updating. It’s not perfect though. You’ll probably want to come back for more when the makers update it to the changing marketplace and fill in some more info about revenue generation.


I would likely say Penny Clicks Academy is a product that you might want to consider if you wanted to expand your business via social media (Facebook). Of course, you are able to do it on your own but with Penny Clicks Academy you are able to reach your goal more even faster without wasting you too much effort. As you can see there is proven testimonials from the student (Which I find out all the testimonials is genuine).

With their video training provided in the products, beginner and sophisticated able to equip with their easily. This is the reason I have given them ranking at 7/10. Decent and legitimate to boost your business and reach more audience through facebook campaign.

Thought you will find our few Upsells available but this offering is definitely worth your money and time to grow your business to another level.

It’s Your Turn Now

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I wish you all the best and wish you have a nice day ahead.

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  • Courtney Sanders says:

    This sounds like a really good educational subject for me. I did not think there were PPC campaigns with Facebook. I am right now trying to advertise my own products on Facebook and I have not really had any interest in purchasing, but some “Likes”. Not sure if more has to be done on my end or not. However, it’s good that this is not a scam since there are so may other scams out there. Can this also work for sites like Google and/or Twitter?

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hey Courtney Sanders, at the point of this writing Penny Clicks Academy only works for Facebook. Though this programs is still improving I have no doubt they will make it works for Google and twitter. Who knows?

      Once again appreciate your time leaving your comment here.

      Take Care

  • James Harvey says:

    I never heard of penny clicks before. But I am always looking for new ways to make some online income from the comfort of my home. Is this similar to google Adsense and media net? Or is it more strictly for leveraging a business through social media type deal?

    Thanks for the wonderful review!

    • Maxx Tan says:

      No problem at all and I am glad you like the review.

      At the moment Penny Clicks Academy is strictly for leveraging business through social media only and perhaps more feature will coming in the future as the makers keep updating their products from time to time being.

  • Phil says:

    Hi – thanks for your details review of The Penny Clicks Academy.

    There are so many products out there that are seeking to scam the unwary buyer that it’s nice to see such a clear review explaining the pros and cons of a product.

    I particularly liked your clear screenshots showing the upsells and your comments about their worth.

    One thing that struck me about the product that I’m not sure you mentioned was that you’re going to need a product to sell in the first place – otherwise, where are all those clicks going to? Maybe I misunderstood the product though. 🙂

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Phil, thanks for the approach. The purpose of Penny Clicks Academy is teach you how to target your audience (Stranger) and aware about your ads / campaign. So after you use the method has been taught in the program you might want to bring your traffic from social media into your website and thus generate income from there. If you have one.

  • Taq'uee Hicks says:

    First off, let me just say that I really do like the name of your website. How to make genuine money online has a very nice ring to it. Until now, I had not heard of penny clicks Academy. The fee is nice however, the upsell seems normal. From this article I can see that this seems to be a pretty legitimate company. With so many marketing products out there it is hard to choose a legitimate company so this information is very helpful. Thanks for sharing

    • Maxx Tan says:

      No Problem at all my friend. I am happy that you like my website name and indeed when I first chosen this name is wanted to give a genuine advise to readers and help them out.

      Let me know if you need a hand from me in the future and I am more than willing to help you out.

      Take care.

  • Karlo says:

    thank you for sharing a very interesting article about program called Penny clicks academy. I have to admit, you really explain in detail everything that we need to know about this program. That’s why I am really glad that I ran into your website. Thanks a lot.
    Have a great day

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hey Thanks Karlo for the praise and I am glad to know you like all of my effort. Inspiring me. Lol.

      Anyways take good care.

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