Is Plexus a Scam? Does Plexus Really Work? (Uncover the Truth Now)

Plexus is a multilevel marketing business involved in the health and wellness industry, a very profitable industry. Hence, a manifold of businesses today cater to this market. This explains the reason why many people show so much interest in Plexus despite being controversial. 

Plexus is an Multi-Level Marketing company that focuses on their weight loss products. . But many people today have doubts if joining this networking company is good for them or not.  Does Plexus really work?

I am making this  review to help you decide if joining this networking company is going to be a boon or a bane for you.

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Plexus Summary Review

Website:  www.plexusworldwide.com

Founder:  Tarl Robinson 

Price:  $34.95 membership fee + $99/$199 product package to start + $100 PV points/month

Best For:  Not for you.

Is Plexus a Scam?

Summary:  This networking company as an enterprise is doing really well in the MLM sphere. However, they keep failing in one important aspect of their business. They are having hard time bringing value to their products and customer service. 

Rating: 30/100

Recommended:  No. 


What Is Plexus?

They are a multilevel marketing company involved in the health, diet and wellness industry. The business is headquartered in Arizona, and was founded by Tarl Robinson in 2006.

Plexus gained stellar market dominance right after launching their flagship products in 2011, the Plexus Slim and Accelerator. The launching of this product is paramount to the company’s success because it helped pave the way for them to reach their current status.

What is Plexus Slim about?

Plexus Slim, as the name itself suggests, is a dietary supplement that will help your body lose weight. The company also asserts that, so far, their product is the most natural way anyone can use to  lose weight. 

The supplement comes available in powder form and is mixed with water and thus is supposed to be taken as a drink. It is more popularly known as the “pink drink” because the supplement powder once mixed with water turns it into a pink solution.

The active ingredient in Plexus Slim is chromium. Besides losing weight, it is also helpful in lowering blood sugar, and is helpful in keeping your blood pressure in a healthy range.

Over the last 10 years, the company has had an impressive growth rate. This is actually an auspicious sign that this networking company does have a positive long term outlook.

​How to Get Started with Plexus?

Like all the other companies in the MLM sphere, you will have to shell out some money in order  to join the Plexus network and earn. The annual membership fee will cost you $34.95.

But if all that you want is not just to order Plexus products but start your own business using their product line, you  will need to purchase product packages that come either in $99 or $199. 

Once you become a member, you’d be referred to as an “Ambassador”. See to it that your annual membership fee is up-to-date and you have 100 personal volume points every month, exclusive of the monthly Welcome Pack PV.  Otherwise, you will not qualify to receive bonuses, commissions or earn points.

An ambassador can sign up other people to join the Plexus network as distributor or sell Plexus products to customers. This will help you commissions from your retail sales.

In Plexus, members are given a variety of ways from which they can earn money.

  • Personal Volume and Retail Profit
  • Diamond Re-Entry Position
  • Fast Start Achievement Bonus
  • Diamond Pool Bonus
  • Preferred Customer Program
  • Achievement Bonus
  • Business Building Bonus
  • Emerald Pool Bonus
  • Personal Volume Override Commission
  • Sapphire Bonus
  • Plexus Points

For a more detailed explanation about them, here is a video I sourced for you.

The Ugly Truth About Plexus

Trouble with the FDA

The company has been under the review of the FDA and they were also being the subject of investigations by the Environmental Research Center. The  majority of the MLM companies involved in the health and wellness niche, in order to hasten up their growth, would make unsubstantiated claims.

From that time onward, Plexus decided to slow down and have their products undergo some testing first. This action became imperative after allegations that their items contain the noxious lead.

To date, there has been around 600 complaints lodged against  Plexus network. More than half of these formally filed complaints have something to do with their products or services.

Requirements for Distributors

Another major issue that makes me frown at Plexus is their list of requirements to qualify their distributors for payment. Almost all companies in the MLM industry have this autoship system which members need to sign up for so they can qualify for bonuses and commissions. This makes it challenging for any aspiring member who happens to only have a casual interest in the business, but would still like to join Plexus as an ambassador.

Aside from the  $34.95 sign up fee in Plexus, another turn off to an potential distributor  is the cost to finally become a “Qualified Ambassador”.

Products Has Side Effects

While Plexus took on the initiative of having some of their products clinically tested and tried on, issues on their side effects still come to surface. Here are some of the common issues complained about by customers who used some of these products:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Heartburn
  • Shakiness
  • Upset stomach
  • Constipation
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dull chest pain
  • Stomach pains
  • Nervousness
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety
  • Constant headache
  • Nausea

The itemized side effects listed above is a growing concern of serious matter. They are not made up. This puts to ask this very question that others have raised before, “does Plexus really work”? 

We simply can’t afford to just condone them because what is involved here is the general health and well-being of consumers.

Distributors Will Do It All to Get a Sale

As far as making a sale is concerned, distributors are willing to do everything even to the point of setting the wrong expectations about Plexus products. Typical example of which is if a customer complains about having abdominal pains after drinking Plexus Slim juice, they’d assert that it is pretty normal reaction of their bodies and nothing should be worried about.

This puts into question how Plexus itself is educating their distributors about their products or how they should address such scenarios with their consumers.

If a distributor comes across a curious and inquiring prospect, and asked him a question “what is Plexus Slim about?”, how is he going to address that line of thinking? 

If Plexus distributors are only geared up to put on a sale, I wonder how the company would have trained them in addressing queries like that.

Misleading Claims on Income Possibilities

This is another common practice in the MLM industry. In order to lure you into their networking scheme, they will entice you with misleading claims on income possibilities.

As a matter of fact, here are some proof I gathered from TINA.org. This practice is unacceptable and is detested even by the FDA. Hence, this explains the reason why many people joining this MLM company fail.

Very Low Success Rate of Members

People in MLM companies entice you with the possibility of having luxurious lifestyle in the future after you join. Plexus is not an exemption here.

However, with reference to their 2016 Income disclosure statement, as shown below, having a life of luxury is far fetched from reality.

82.41% of their sellers (distributors) earn about $300 a year while only about 87.53% earn less than $1,707.

From these figures we have here drawn out from their income disclosure statement, can we honestly say that these people can afford to live in style or luxury?  I refuse to believe their claims.

If you will look closely, less than 1% of Plexus distributors can afford a luxurious lifestyle because they can earn more than $400,000 a year. These people are actually on the top of the organization.

What I Do Like About Plexus?  

Plexus Remains as One Dynamic Business

Despite the odds faced by this MLM company, they were able to surmount their challenges like numerous customer complaints and piles of cases lodged against them.

As a proof of this, they recently acquired a  $11.5 Million corporate building. All the more reason for them to widen up their wings and cover the world also with their network of ambassadors.

Generous Compensation Plan

Provided that distributors are in compliance with all their basic requirements, they are eligible to receive 50% commissions to all their sales. With all the other MLM firms, these can be found only on the high end of their network.

Support System

One way to help distributors is by giving them a website of their own to help run their business. Various discount cards are also given to Preferred Customers.

At stake for any ambassador who will sponsor up a new ambassador are generous bonus opportunities. This opens up a whole new level of earning opportunities for members.

Gluten-Free Products

If you are not aware yet, Plexus products are gluten-free, 100% vegetarian and non-GMO. Moreover, their Plexus Slim products does not contain caffeine.

Lastly, most of the items they offer up in the market are safe for consumption by people suffering from diabetes. This is not a common feature among similar products.

Is Plexus a Scam?

No. We can never qualify Plexus as a scam. First of all, they are actually offering legitimate and tangible products. There has been occasions also that the integrity of their products have been put into question. Or we have seen them stretching out the truth in their marketing efforts, these does not give us a license to qualify them as a scam.

How I Make Money Online?

Our natural inclination when encountering an MLM company that we don’t know so much about is to qualify them either as a scam or as a pyramid scheming organization. This should be rectified.

The only way to correct this is to educate oneself about the real nature of an MLM business model. Of equal importance, too, is get some level of familiarity with pyramiding schemes.

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Have you ever tried the Plexus Slim before? Or anyone around you? How was it? I would like to know and I would appreciate if you could share your story about it. Did it work? Did you lose weight or did you experience some side effects as many others who tried it before asserted? Please head to the comments section below and tell me about it. 












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  • Seun Afotanju says:

    Thanks alot for this informative and brilliant article, many at time we affiliate marketers jump into products without knowing its functions. I love the fact that this post explained in details about the Plexus Slim, which in my opinion is a good product but has a lot of side effects, making it not a perfect product to promote though it works perfectly fine.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Seun, It useless if the products have the side effects after consuming. This is a very serious matter and I really hope that Plexus will solve this issue as soon as they can otherwise I will advise everyone to stop buying it. 

  • Nate says:

    This was a good read and I thank you for your thorough analysis. I was looking into Plexus to help me lose weight and didn’t even know about this program from them. After reading this, I will skip that and just focus on using the product as it seems to be what I am looking for.


    • Maxx Tan says:

      I am glad to hear that Nate. If your current product didn’t give you any side effect so keep using the existing one. 

  • Kinggold19 says:

    Good review on this article, it’s quite insightful. This company has come to the limelight not by their money but by constant toiling and hard work. However, what I think they should do is to do the needful, review their product content and put more realistic ones. I think by this they will get back to how they function before. Thank you. 

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Yes, instead of the misleading claims on income possibilities to lure everyone into their pyramid scheme, I think they really have to do something about it. 

  • Melissa says:

    Hi Edmon,

    I agree with you – whilst the vast majority of people who join an MLM will never make any money, they can’t be considered a scam on that basis. The fact is that a very small proportion do make a significant amount of money. The thing for people to remember when signing up for an MLM is the people who do make loads of money are not the norm. 

    I think any company that requires you to authorship products to stay in the running for commission isn’t all that ethical, especially if you pay a fee to join. I would much rather stick with affiliate marketing thanks!

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Yes Melissa.  But unfortunately, this is how MLM works. This is how network marketing scheme works. 

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