Is PrizeRebel a Scam? Can They Offer Us Decent Rewards from Answering Surveys?

To the unaware and the inexperienced, the prospect of earning some money on the side by taking online surveys is an attractive and an enticing opportunity. Who wouldn’t like the idea that by just answering random survey questions you’ll soon be compensated for your efforts and honest answers?

Ideally, that is how things should work, right?

Before anything else, I must commend you for trying to know the truth first about Prizerebel. Educating oneself about a seemingly good way to earn money online is an effective way to keep yourself from getting victimized by scam companies and programs.

I also want to add that I am not in any way associated to Prizerebel or any other similar money-generating opportunities. Therefore, you can expect that my analysis and review of the Prizerebel opportunity is impartial and not biased.

My reviews are always devoid of any prejudicial notions. It is because there is no conflict of interest on my part, as I am not associated with any of the online money-making opportunities I am evaluating. What you are bound to get is just pure, unadulterated review and analysis of the subject at hand.

If you are seriously looking for another stream of passive income online, I suggest that you consider becoming a marketing affiliate first. Out of the various strategies I tried before, it is only this platform that helped pave the way for me to become financially independent today.

PrizeRebel Summary Review


Founder: Not disclosed

Price: Free to sign-up

Best For: People who are amenable to carry out simple tasks such as taking surveys for a small amount of cash incentive. 

what is PrizeRebel about

Summary:  I have concluded that PrizeRebel is indeed a reputable GPT (get-paid-to) website. From the mouths of those who tried this platform and are still engaged with it, and from many people on the Web, they only have good words to say about them than bad. But like many other online money-making opportunities, your income potential here is not at all that impressive. Perhaps what this platform need to improve on, which will benefit many interested parties, is if they will give more opportunities to members outside US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. 

Rating:    55/100

Recommended: No. 


What is PrizeRebel?

Prizerebel is a qualified market research company but is coming to us in the form of a get-paid-to website. They are currently headquartered in San Diego, California, USA and was established in 2007.

So that makes them 11 years in the business and counting.

Prizerebel panel members are given the chance to earn rewards by letting them take active participation in various activities and task they offer online, and this includes survey tasks.

Their platform is available in all the four corners of the globe and is accepting interested parties, but must be 18 years old or above. Word has it though that panel members who are based in Canada, UK, USA, and Australia are likely to receive more tasks invites from the site.

The Prizerebel platform has over 8 million panel members worldwide. From the time the company was formed in 2007, it has paid a whopping amount of $16 million worth of rewards to its members.

Is Prizerebel legit? Yes, they are. With respect to the rewards systems they have in place at the moment, we can say that they are a reputable GPT website. 

The PrizeRebel Sign-up Process

The Prizerebel sign-up procedure is a pretty straightforward process. You just need to fill out their online sign-up form, accomplish it and you are good to go afterward.

Alternatively, you can just choose to link-up your personal Facebook account. Soon after you completed the sign-up process, verifying the email address you associated your account with is a must. This validates to the system your ownership for that particular email address.

You may hit the “Start Making Money” button as soon as you are all set.

Please keep in mind that the minimum age requirement that Prizerebel requires you to have is 18 years old or above. If you are under 18 years of age but not below 13, you may need to provide the platform with parental consent document to prove they will not be held liable for your responses to whatever delegated survey tasks they might send your way.

Unlike some other survey websites, you will like Prizerebel a lot more in the sense that they allow you to have immediate access to various paid tasks and survey assignments. Therefore, their platform has actually taken away the drudgery of having the need to complete a few tasks first prior to getting access to paid activities like survey projects. 

Right off the bat, the system will delegate to you survey tasks that may necessitate you to volunteer your information with respect to your buying habits or current maintained lifestyle. 

You are actually encouraged to fill that up right away, since the information you provide there is paramount to identifying what type of survey projects the platform should be sending your way. 
So, this means you need to remind yourself not to skip a survey question you recalled you have already answered previously. This is exactly how the Prizerebel system works in terms of their paid survey tasks. 

Another important thing to remember with respect to Prizerebel survey projects is that they are among the survey platforms that do not implement survey exclusivity. This means to say that panel members from across the world can accomplish survey tasks without having to be mindful that they are from Asia or Europe. Anyone is allowed by the system to take it up. 

However, task survey offers may be dependent upon your geographic location and demographics. Therefore, the level of your survey and other task-related experience will be greatly affected by your country of origin. 

If your location is somewhere in the USA, Australia, UK, or Canada, chances are high that you will receive a considerable amount of survey and other tasks. 

How Can You Make Money with PrizeRebel? 

There is a variety of ways you can make money with the Prizerebel platform. Below are some of the options you can try.

1. Survey Tasks

Survey tasks offered by Prizerebel is available and can be participated in by their panel members from around the world.

It is my personal observation though that Canadian and US panel members are earning most of the points while members in random countries are, more often than not, being screened out from most of the offered survey tasks.

2. Video-watching Tasks

Watching video is an alternative way to earn some points from the Prizerebel panel. Initially, this will sound enticing to do but upon realizing that you will need to watch a ton of videos in exchange for a few pennies, you may eventually want to check out the other options you have instead. 

3. Tasks 

By taking active participation in a number of simple tasks such as picking the best name for a service or product, or choosing the most appropriate description for a picture will, later on, earn you a few cents.

Such tasks are usually carried out in another partner site of Prizerebel, called Figure Eight. Formerly, they were referred to as Crowdflower.

4. Paid Offers

As a panel member, Prizerebel is giving you the full liberty to choose and take active participation in paid and free offers. In paid offers tasks, you will be asked for some money but they are, by far, more rewarding and more fulfilling compared to free offers. 

Is Prizerebel a scam

5. You can also get paid by playing some games on your phone.

This option is made possible by Prizerebel partner site, Offertoro. This allows you to play mobile games on your mobile device and eventually get rewarded for it.
In this option, you are expected to play a particular game for 10 minutes. There are games in this option that will have you reach a certain level first before you can earn some points.

What is about

Each game comes with its own set of rules and requirements. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you read the game's description first before proceeding with the game proper.

6. Raffles

With this option, you can actually use your accumulated Prizerebel points to enter raffle draws. Such an option can get you a chance to easily triple your earnings in no time.
However, take great caution when availing this option. There are only two possible scenarios that are likely to happen when you enter a raffle draw. Either you lose all your accumulated points that you will put in as a bet into the raffle draw, or they will be doubled or lady luck is on your side it can get tripled.
At Prizerebel raffle is every week. In order to join, you need to shell out 10 cents. This will earn you a chance on winning a $5 - $10 gift card.

7. Lucky Numbers

With this opportunity, again you need to have some luck on your side here. 

What is Prizerebel about

In this option, you are necessitated to buy yourself a lottery ticket (valued at 20 points) and then wait upon the draw to be made.
Should it happen that your chosen numbers match those of the draw results, then it only means to say that you’ve just won the jackpot prize. 

8. Referral Program

This is not exclusive to Prizerebel alone as many other reward websites are offering this as well. I think this feature they have is far more profitable compared to the other options they offer.

Check out the following video if you want to go further into the details of how you can earn money through the Prizerebel program. 

The Ugly Truths About PrizeRebel Revealed 

Some Countries are Given Limited Opportunities

As much as Prizerebel wants to provide equal chances for everyone who want to money online, your chances of actually obtaining these opportunities from them are directly depending upon your geographic location.

This translates to the fact that if you are not a resident of Canada, USA, or if you are outside the UK -- then, most likely your chances of getting a substantial amount of tasks would be very limited.

Prizerebel scam

It is also likely that the tasks the system would assign to you are not going to match your area. Take a look at the screenshot from above. A panel member received a task that is in the Russian language. Naturally, there is no way for him to decipher what the task is all about since it is in a foreign language.

Credit Card Offers Can Spell Your Doom 

This kind of issue is not exclusive to Prizerebel alone. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of GPT sites with paid offers necessitate their panel members to volunteer their credit card information to their system.

The logic behind this is their system will automatically charge your credit card soon after the trial period has lapsed.

It is a good habit of mine to be always leery of GPT sites that are necessitating me to offer to them my credit card details for a free trial for products or services they offer.

If you will give such offers a try and in case you forgot to cancel out the subscription, you’ll have no other choice but to reach out to your credit card support team to carry out the cancellation for you. It is always a hassle doing that. 

Low Income Potential 

From that moment that Prizerebel was established in 2007, the company paid out its pool of panel members a total of $16 million. This remuneration is both in cash and rewards.

If you will do some Math here, that is about $1.5 million every year, and that is for the past 11 years.

From here, we can surmise also that it is very likely that no panel members have received a one-time payment of more than several thousand dollars.

The bottom line question here now is, what is Prizerebel’s average payout?
Dividing 16 million by 8 million users, this will give us a rough amount of $2 for every panel member and this has been on for over a decade already. 

What I Do Like About PrizeRebel?   

The Prizerebel Platform is Giving You a Fair Chance to Earn Online

The prospect of getting rich just by using get-paid-to websites is far fetched from reality. It is very unlikely that any user will reach their financial wellness just by their active participation in survey tasks.
But with Prizerebel, you stand a good chance of earning a substantial amount of money at a reasonable pace. It may not be a grand thousand dollars a month, but a decent amount for the time and effort you dedicated to their delegated tasks would be fair enough.
You may not get rich from PrizeRebel, but I am quite surprised that you can earn income at a reasonable pace. You may not earn a thousand dollars in a month, but it’s comforting to say that it’s easy to earn a dollar or two with their site.

They Offer Members Various Options to Cashout

Prizerebel is noted for its habit of keeping things as simple as possible. This philosophy they have is reflected also to how they are compensating their panel members by giving them the liberty to choose what kind of payment instrument they want to use to draw their earnings to.

Is Prizerebel legit

If you are a member of PrizeRebel, you are not restricted to using only one type of payment vehicle. You can make use of your Visa Card or if you have Paypal account that can be worked as well.
Meaning to say, whatever payment instrument is available in your country, it is likely that it is also an acceptable payment method in Prizerebel.

Is PrizeRebel A Scam? 

 To put a label on Prizerebel as a scam without delving deeper into how this business is being run is an exaggeration of sorts. They are a legitimate online company and they have been operating as a rewards website for the longest time now.

Prizerebel properly compensates their panel members who are taking active participation in their delegated tasks, albeit the best way to describe it is a slow way to earn some money.
Much like the other get-paid-to websites, the Prizerebel platform offers its panel members a greater amount of flexibility in terms of a member’s earning potential.

You can earn money in a variety of ways and not just by completing surveys. They have this so-called Offer Wall. From here, you can find some other ways you can earn extra bucks from Prizerebel.

But you also have to accept the fact that there are certain aspects of Prizerebel that are not commendable. There is nothing unusual to that and is pretty normal in get-paid-to websites.

How I Make Money Online? 

The prospect of earning a measly amount of money from answering online surveys from GPT or reward websites like CashCrate, OpinionCity and many other similar websites are definitely a turn-on for everyone.

But let us accept the fact that this is not to be considered as a profitable way to earn money online. 

They don't get to pay your bills!

The vast majority of get-paid-to websites are riddled with issues, and unsuspecting members who signed up for an account in their platform are usually first-timers  with no background or idea as to what they are really getting into.  

My best recommendation in as far as making money from the Internet is concerned is to consider affiliate marketing, the Wealthy Affiliate way. There is a manifold of so-called ways to earn passive income from the information highway, however, only affiliate marketing paved way for me to reach financial wellness. 

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

True, there is a sundry of similar programs on the Web, but not all of them will provide you with complete package (useful and relevant features, that is!). 

  • Free to get started
  • No upsells at all (Only Free Starter Membership & Premium Membership $49/month)
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  • Web hosting
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  • Keyword research tool - Jaaxy
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  • 24/7 technical support
  • 24/7 community support
  • Weekly live webinar

Very helpful, kind, active & engaging community overall. Most importantly, this is  the platform which enabled me to become financially independent.

Best catch is, it is free to try the program. Try it out all you want.

Even the most seasoned of market affiliates find the Wealthy Affiliate program of value to them also.

So, there is no reason why you won't see it that way too.

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Have you ever considered giving PrizeRebel or any other get-paid-to websites, a shot?  Given all the information I have gathered for this review, do you honestly think that an active participation in survey tasks is a practical way to somehow augment your income? Why, or why not? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. I'd be very glad to hear your thoughts on this. 


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