Is Profits Unlimited A Scam? Can I Trust This Investment Training Program?


Investment has been the buzzword in today’s vast financial world. We always hear a lot of individuals who have gained their money and their wealth thanks to the varied investments they had in the past. And one of them happens to stock. Yet, only a few are able to dissect the stock market most especially with regards to analyzing it technically. Not to mention there are a lot of stocks and companies in the financial market and studying each one can be a chore. No wonder stock market recommendations and newsletters are selling like hotcakes. Take for instance Profits Unlimited.

If you are a busy individual would not enough time to spare reading trends in the stock market, having a newsletter emailed to you with stock recommendations can be a lifesaver. Simply imagine the amount of time you can save going through technical and fundamental analysis! Furthermore, you will absolutely get glued to this if the recommendation came straight from a stock market expert who have generated their wealth out from this investment tool.

What Is Profits Unlimited and How Does It Work?

Profits unlimited is a newsletter for its members. One will have to pay for this on a monthly basis. The member can be able to get information straight from the founder Paul Mampilly. In here, Paul shares stock recommendations and a number of hot stock picks under the healthcare category. Furthermore, Paul would also recommend when to buy with strategies and even projections for the stocks he recommends.

Paul Mampilly worked on Wall Street for over 20 years. And he has worked for an array of well-known companies such as RBS or the Royal Bank of Scotland and also a number of Swiss investment banks. He has been known to handle billions worth of investments with positive and great returns during his stint on Wall Street.

After retiring from this international financial system, he started writing for Banyan Hill Publishing where he shares content primarily focusing on investment. It is at this time that he created the Profits Unlimited newsletter way back in 2016. To date, it already has 80,000 subscribers filled with successful stocks too. He might not be in the healthcare industry before yet he pinpoints companies that are on its path for medical breakthrough and in turn can help make millions to its investors.

Who is Profits Unlimited For?

Profits Unlimited is for people who are into stock market trading but don’t have the time to assess each stock and study them. This is ideal for individuals who do stock market trading in their spare time. The value of the membership is $47 for the digital version. There’s a deluxe version of $129 where a member can get to have both the digital and the print versions of this newsletter. This is also for those investment savvy individuals who are looking for alternative investments.

The newsletter also comes with a 365-day refund policy. This means you can have a full refund should you find the newsletter not ideal for you. In this newsletter, Paul recommends stopping your losses at 8% to 12% every trade. This is an ideal percentage to cut your losses without affecting much your stock portfolio and securing your money from greater demise.

Profits Unlimited: The Good & the Bad

The Good

  • This is an alternative investment for individuals who are looking for ways to beef up their money or add new items to their investment portfolio. The medical industry is a booming and promising industry and you can be able to ride its potential because of Profits Unlimited.
  • There’s no need to study the stock market diligently as stocks are picked and recommended for you. This removes hours of worry and flipping through each stock or company going through technical and fundamental analysis at the same time.
  • This is designed mobile hence you can do trading with just about any handheld device you might have, be it your smartphone, laptop or desktop.
  • You can get a full refund in case Profits Unlimited is not working on your end. This is absolutely 100% money back guarantee without questions should you be unsatisfied with the purchase canceling your subscription right away.

The Cons

  • Profits Unlimited might be a stock recommended but of course, with any investment, there’s always that risk. This does not guarantee that you will get millions overnight and you might lose your entire money too. It is important to identify your risk appetite and the percentage of loss you can be able to accept. Paul would recommend cutting your loss at 8% to 12% yet all he can do is recommend from his end.

My Final Thought of Profits Unlimited

If you are investment savvy and would like to add your current investment portfolio, having Profits Unlimited can be a timesaver and a stock-saver too. Not only this recommends medical industries and companies but this also couples Paul’s extensive stock market knowledge and experience. If you don’t have the time studying the stock market and basically just a stock freelancer, having this newsletter sent to you can help you save time.

But then again as a smart investor, you shouldn’t just have Profits Unlimited in your monthly library. You must also be smart enough to study its recommendations and understand the kind of investor you are. If you are the conservative type and not confident with the medical industry, getting Profits Unlimited can be a waste of your money. Yet, if you are a risk taker and would like to venture to healthcare and its breakthroughs, having Profits Unlimited is a no-brainer.

You as the investor in the first place must be comfortable with the stocks and the companies you invest your money in. You must also be smart enough when to cut your losses and when to pick up again. Profits Unlimited can only recommend stocks that are worth investing in at this time, it is still up to the investor whether he accepts Profits Unlimited recommendations or not.

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