Is Purium a Scam? Here is the Surprising Truth About Purium Health Products

Welcome to My Purium Health Products Review!

I came across this multilevel marketing company, Purium, a couple of months ago. But recently, they are making noise again and are getting much attention than it previously did. This made me curious so I decided to check things out and to my dismay, I found that it’s all about the company’s notoriety. 

But don’t take my word for this. Let us try to get into the meat of the issues surrounding Purium and then, later on, decide if this money-making opportunity is indeed worth trying or not. We will find out if they are just victims of negative publicity being blown out of proportions. 

If you are planning to join Purium or any other networking company anytime soon, you need to know everything there is to know. This way you are keeping yourself from falling prey into scam companies and in the end find an effective, surefire way to make money online. 

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Purium Summary Review


Founder:  Dave Sonovan

Price:  $199 to start + Monthly recurring autoship cost

Best For:  People who want to look slim and take on a healthy style of living while earning extra on the side. 

Summary:  Unlike other MLM companies out there, Purium does not rely solely on traditional recruiting but makes use of discount cards instead to entice people to join. Ideally, you should be able to make money with Purium, but the sad truth is not many people who joined this networking company was even happy with their decision. 

Rating: 40/100

Recommended:  No


What Is Purium?

 Purium is like any other typical multilevel marketing companies out there. They are primarily involved in the health and fitness industry. Their overpriced  Purium health products make them stand out among others. 

The company has a flagship project called 10-day transformation program. Purium touted it as one of the fastest, simplest and healthiest weight loss program ever. It promises to help anyone lose and shed off 5-20 pounds of unwanted body fats in just 10 days while resetting your body’s natural metabolism. 

To help you understand how their 10-day transformation program really works, here is an animated video infomercial about it. 

With respect to their product line, as to how the video suggests the core of Purium’s business is centered upon mitigating the potential health hazards brought about by the various processed foods we eat. 

Product-wise I will say that Purium is a  legit company. But if your motivation in joining a multilevel marketing company like this is not to miss a seemingly good online business opportunity, then you better consider affiliate marketing instead. 

We see that the vast majority of health issues plaguing us today has something to do with our food choices. To make things worse we have also developed the habit of eating “food-like substances” which are also equally detrimental to human health.

In the long run, our bodies will slowly deteriorate. This is made more evident by pronounced symptoms of certain illnesses, from diabetes, obesity, autism, allergies and many more.

Purium founder David Sonovan though is making high claims about his 10-day transformation program.

He asserts the program will help anyone build muscles sans exercising.

It will help anyone lose 5-20 pounds of fat, all in 10 days max.

Visible results can be felt and seen from day 1.

 Common sense will tell you that it is just too impossible for all that to happen in just 10 days. Assuming that losing 20 pounds is achieved within the time frame, won’t it have an adverse effect on your heart and blood pressure?

Yes, they are high claims and honestly, they are too good to be true.

How  to Earn from Purium?

Like any other multilevel marketing companies, Purium offer members two ways to earn.

By directly promoting and selling their products to their circle. 

By inviting others to join the network and build his own downline team, making him eligible for commissions and bonuses.

In order to become a member of this networking company, you have two options to choose from. 


With the Basic Pack membership, you are entitled to receive the electronic starter kit. Unfortunately, this package membership does not include any product. 

After settling the upfront membership fee, you also need to concern yourself with a minimum of 50 unit volume worth of products purchased every month.

This will render your membership as active and entitles you to receive commissions. 

I did the math for you -- this would cost you $65 expenditure every month. Unless your monthly sales figure hits or exceed the quota, there is no reason for it to be waived. 


This particular Purium launch pack offer new aspiring members 3 pricing options.

If you have no interest in purchasing a product, the regular price is $199

Make a  purchase of $250 worth of products to reduce the pack price to $99.

Make a purchase of $500 worth of products, and this pack comes to you for free when you sign up.

It is easy to see that by the looks of it, Purium is actually encouraging you to buy more of their products if you want to join their network. And what would you get after signing up as a member?

You are entitled to the following after your sign-up:

$50 Gift Cards, unlimited for 1 year.

You receive your own copy of “The Green Foods Bible” (Authored by David Sandoval)

Web-based back office with a matching mobile app

Your copy of  Essential marketing & training materials for starters.

Compensation Plan

The Ugly Truths About Purium 

If you are a discerning person, you will agree with me in saying that choosing to become a member of Purium networking team is not the best thing to do if you are looking for an online business opportunity.

Here are some of the most glaring reasons you need to know:

Purium is not accredited by Better Business Bureau.

The office of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has not accredited this MLM company. Moreover, the agency gave them a low rating of “F”, due to the company's deliberate failure to address and resolve various customer complaints and issues. 

Based on 12 reviews on BBB, they received an average rating of 2.1 stars out of 5. This does not reflect well for Purium as far as their reputation as a business is concerned. Additionally, they are not also receiving stellar feedback on unlike other companies offering similar product range they have on offer.

Safety concerns in their 10-day weight loss program. 

Their flagship program 10-day transformation strategy to lose weight is not backed by any scientific or medical study. Hence, there is no guarantee that this weight loss scheme will indeed work.

This is aside from the fact that enrollment here with this program is way too expensive (costing anyone interested a whopping $200 plus).

Another point of concern also is the level of safety that this diet program comes with. Otherwise, Purium would not encourage anyone to seek medical advice first prior to trying their weight loss program, especially if they had a history of medical or health concerns.

Looking closer, this only raises the level of doubts that we should have about their weight loss program.

Issues on the side effects of Purium products. 

A handful of people who previously tried Purium products complained of experiencing various side effects, ranging from stomach cramps, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, low blood sugar, insomnia, reduced electrolytes, fatigue, extreme thirst, and many more.

There are also documented cases where victims required hospital care due to extreme side effects they were having. Others actually collapsed for no apparent reason while undergoing through the 10-day transformation program.

Low Income Potential. 

I don’t intend to dampen your high hopes that Purium products will help you earn more. But I don’t see the likelihood that anyone here will earn significant amounts of money.

The image above is Purium’s income disclosure statement for 2015 ( this is the only version you’ll get when you search Google). 

Look closely and realize that the majority of their distributors have an average yearly income of $2,400. Again, I did the math for you and that makes it $200/month for their distributors.

This is only for a small fraction of their distributors.

Would you believe that more than 50% of their distributors earned an insulting amount of  $5.79/year? Is that even a decent amount?

While it is true that there are a handful of people getting rich through MLM networking schemes, not everyone has the same luck. The vast majority fails.

What I Do Like About Purium?

They offer 60-Day Unconditional Refund

You read it all right! Purium is surprisingly offering a 60-day money back guaranteed in case you are not satisfied with any of their product offerings.

The only exception here though or where you can’t avail a refund from is their business builder packs.

A handful of satisfied customers

It is such a relief to know that not all about Purium is detestable. A decent amount of their customers are actually happy and satisfied with their products as shown below. 

The screen grab image above is a clear indication that Purium health products are working good. Nonetheless, it may not be for everyone.

It might be a case of trial and error for some people in as far as Purium effectiveness is concerned.

Is Purium a Scam? Is Purium a Pyramid Scheme?  

I have two main reasons for writing a thorough review of Purium health products. First, I want to increase the public’s level of awareness about its safety and effectiveness. Second, I want to emphasize that success in Purium or any other MLM company for that matter does not come overnight.

Success in the multilevel marketing industry has something to do with your marketing skills and confidence level. Your inability to surmount the snags or failure to properly market and generate sales clearly indicates that engaging in a networking company may not be the best opportunity for you.

Now, back to our main concern, is Purium a scam? Is Purium a pyramid scheme?

No, with respect to how this Purium review goes, it is clearly showing us that this multilevel marketing company is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme.

Although, one thing is worth commending about them. They just don’t rely on traditional recruiting to grow the business but instead makes use of a gift card to help increase the level of interest of a member’s prospect.

But in as far as seeing Purium as a good online business opportunity is concerned, I will not encourage anyone to really see this company as a lucrative venture. First of all, based on their income disclosure statement, they have a very low-income potential.

The figures we have in this review suggests that only a small fraction of Purium network members are earning a decent amount of money.

How I Make Money Online?

If your main purpose for considering to join a multilevel marketing company is the prospect of having extra money, it is best that you consider instead establishing multiple streams of income.

It really takes a discerning mind to go beyond the surface of multilevel marketing companies and see what is in store for everyone joining their network. On the outside, you are given the impression that they are your best bet when it comes to making an extra income. Yet, you are mistaken without you even knowing it.

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Do you know  anything about Purium or have tried any of their products before? Do you have anything to share about this company? If there is anything about Purium I failed to discuss here, let me know about it so I can look into it for you. Go to the comments section below and drop me a message or two. I will get back to you sooner than you think. 

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